No more political turmoil

Dear Editor,
Last two years we have seen many unprecedented events in the political arena of Arunachal Pradesh. A peaceful state was brought to the attention of national media for all the wrong reasons. We have lost a dynamic leader in Kalikho Pul and all the developmental activities hampered during political tug of war, but main sufferer were common men. We lost peace of mind when such kind of uncertainty develops due to infighting amongst our elected representatives. We do not deserve more political turmoil in our state.
A new day has come, let it be showered for good governance, peace and tranquility, and over all development of our state to take it a new high in days to come. All the elected representatives should work harder with a strong commitment to compensate the lost time and to bring back the trust of public, since more than two and half years tenure has already gone.
Mihin Sambyo



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