No payments for poor quality work

ITANAGAR, Apr 20: Siang district Deputy Commissioner, Rahul Singh on Thursday undertook a series of back to back inspection of various works that were executed by PWD in the previous year in Rumgong Division.
He was assisted by a team comprising of EE PWD Duggum Lona, DPO Tapik Komut, assisted by Deputy Director UD & H Sonkoli Sonam as the technical advisor and a host of other field officials and staffs of PWD.
The team undertook inspection of CC steps constructed in various villages of Jomlo-Mobuk Circle,
construction of RCC Bridge at Patum Nala, retention walls under construction at various locations near Rumgong, boundary wall under construction at CHC Rumgong, construction and extension work currently being undertaken at Jomo Middle School and the status and progress of formation cutting work for the Molom to Yosing road.
Taking stock of the works undertaken, the DC directed the department not to release payments for substandard quality work. He further directed the PWD officials to go for timely and mandatory inspection of the works being undertaken to ascertain the ground realities and also to ensure execution of quality work.
Shortcomings that were observed in the works inspected were asked to be rectified with an action taken report to be submitted to him and the concerned administrative officer was also directed to ensure that the rectification work is undertaken in letter and spirit.



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