Now the focus should be on developmental agenda

Dear Editor,
While condemning the ever altering political scenario of the state, Green Arunachal Foundation (GAF) appeals all the political leaders, irrespective of their party affiliations, to stick to their pledges of serving the people of the state with honesty.
The people of the state have been intrigued and frustrated by the incessant changes of parties and shifting of allegiance to different party leaders. The state government has till now failed the people miserably and has trampled all their wishes and aspirations of marching ahead with the rest of the country. Developmental activities have been fewer too far and too elusive due to the constant political turmoil. The people have been feeling torn and worn out by the unfortunate political tug-of-war for over four years, with no refuge to look for any contentment. The state itself was on the verge of degradation. The ghosts of unfortunate political events have been ever haunting the state and its people.
However, signs of hope and optimism have started showing up with the state government merging with and opting for Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), a party that is in power at the centre. To add honey to the pie even our neighboring elder state Assam also is being ruled by BJP. Now is the privileged hour for the state government to undertake numerous important and crucial issues to place back the state on track.
One of the foremost tasks of the government should be to bring a meaningful and durable solution to the never ceasing boundary disputes with Assam. At a time when the central government and both Assam as well as Arunachal Pradesh are ruled by BJP governments, it is the most opportune moment to take up the boundary issue holistically with the neighboring state so as to end the long pending confusion. The state government needs to refer to all the available legal documents and legal experts to elucidate an acceptable solution.
Another pivotal issue tormenting the state and its people is the vexed Chakma-Hajong and Tibetan refugee issue. Frustratingly, the ghost of Chakma-Hajong refugee issue that had remained dormant for over a decade and half has again steered its head with the central government under BJP and the Hon’ble Supreme Court of Indian hobnobbing to grant citizenship to the refugees. It is the right time for the state government under BJP to convince the centre about the nature of burdens faced by the local indigenous populace due to these foreigners.
Yet another important topic to be taken up by the state government with the centre is the decade long pending Greenfield Airport imbroglio. It must not be forgotten that Arunachal Pradesh shares international boundaries with three neighboring countries. And it needs no reminding that the ‘giant red dragon’ next door never tires off from claiming Arunachal Pradesh to be part of it. In such a situation, it’s no less then regrettable that at a time when every state of the union of India has been connected by air, Arunachal Pradesh – which is deemed to be a sensitive state – , is yet to be blessed with civil aviation facility.
It is supposed that with the state government merging with the political party at the centre, Arunachal Pradesh should see rays of light after the long slumber in darkness. It is not to be forgotten that during the UPA rule the then Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh announced and aided a special package of Rs. 2000 crore to Arunachal Pradesh in 2008, and of course, the grant was put to good use for the development of the state under the leadership of the then Chief Minister Lt. Dorjee Khandu. Now, due to the uncertainty looming large over the state government in the last few years, developmental works have almost been halted. As such Arunachal Pradesh has slipped back to those many years. Therefore, it is of utmost necessity that the state government appeases the centre to grant such special packages double the last one. Probably, then only the state would be able to stumble back from its stagnation.
It’s time the elected representatives stop making fool of the people who had put faith in them. People have suffered enough. It might prove catastrophic if the electors are dragged to the point of no return.
Takam Tatung,
Green Arunachal Foundation, Itanagar



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  1. Takam ji 2009 Se aap ka soch kaha meh ta ? Aaj achanak now u r view is in development agenda of state! Anyway best of luck for green arunachal foundation.

  2. Political business is most lucrative business on earth. He who succeeded will never left the chair of MLAs. So try u r luck and be a candidature of u r constituency in coming election. Good luck evrybody.

  3. The people of the state shouldn’t complain whatever the politicians are doing. It is an open secret that the majority of the people are taking money during elections from the candidates. Their votes have been paid for and hence deemed settled. Until and unless, the people vote without enticement, we can’t blame the MLAs.

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