Nurses seeks action against nurses with fake certificates

ITANAGAR, Apr 20: In a shocking revelation, the Trained Nurses Association of India, Arunachal Pradesh State Branch on Thursday informed that there is mushrooming of untrained nurses with fake certificates and documents in the state.
In a representation to the Minister of Health and Family Welfare, the Association stated that these untrained nurses have falsified their diploma transcript and certificates claiming that they have the requisite experience and registered under various state councils.
The Association further claimed that on being scrutinized, the certificates of Arunachal Pradesh Nursing Council (APNC) trained nurses were found to be forged. It was also informed that the APNC had furnished the names of candidates who are serving as nurses in the district with fake certificates. However, no action has been initiated yet.
“A nurse without proper education is dangerous to a patient”, the Association stated.
It informed that, so far, 11 untrained nurses with false certificates have been detected.
The association sought immediate dismissal of the said nurses from their services, and said that the APNC has already been notified of the cancellation of the 11 nurses whose documents were found to be falsified.
The Trained Nurses Association further feared that there may be hundreds of untrained nurses with fake certificates and added that the government should look into the matter seriously.



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