Open Letter to Governor, the President of NERIST Society

Dear Editor,
Through your esteemed column of your daily, I would like to draw the kind attention of the Governor of Arunachal Pradesh, who is also the president of NERIST Society, regarding the news item published in various leading news papers of our state, pertaining to boycott of admission registration by NERIST students lead by SUN (Student Union of NERIST) and NRSA (NERIST Research Scholars Associations) for financial crisis happening in NERIST since many months.
As a parent, it is sad, disturbing and disheartening to read such news items, where students are being forced to resort to such democratic movements due to administrative failure of NERIST. We sent them to NERIST with a great hope for securing their future but such news is really unwelcome.
You being the president of the NERIST society, you have great role to play and solve the present problems faced by student fraternity by streaming the administration.
Apart from problem faced by NERIST on issues of salaries of staff, fellowship of PG and PhD scholars, Hostel accommodations, etc, it is pertinent to mention here that NERIST one of the oldest technical institute of North-East region and first of its kind in Arunachal Pradesh is still functioning like nascent institute.
The NIT which was started few years back is performing per better than NERIST in terms of Infrastructure, Administration, advancement in digital technology/administration. In fact the NERIST still don’t have its own recruitment rule (RR) to recruit it’s employees. The absence of RR is one of the reasons why failure in administration is being observed in NERIST. Without RR, a person of any qualification, caliber, post and rank can be recruited to any post at whims of recruiting agency and they are being promoted to hold the highest post of administration.
NERIST is a technical institute and hence, the persons appointed in NERIST in administrations should be a person of technical background and experience, but it is sad to inform your honor that most of the administrative head is from non-technical background and their experience in technical institute is nil. Non technical personals running a technical institute as an administrator is like a professor becoming a coach of football team.
This is very serious issues which need to be addressed by our honor, to bring sense of technical temperament in NERIST. Not only in administration but the Deans appointed are also from non-technical background. They are running institute like general Science and Arts College. Even RGU, though a non-technical university but is performing par better in terms of digital advancements. Most importantly, NIT and RGU are also funded by MHRD, Govt. of India, but till date we haven’t heard anything regarding non-payment of employee’s salaries and student fellowships. This is really a serious issues which need to be investigated.
The result of such inefficient and dull administration are reflected into failure of financial crisis owing to nonpayment or delay in payment of employees salaries and scholars; weak administrations owing to parallel administration run by student unions ; infrastructure failure owing to hostel accommodation problems.
Apart from above problems, it is also pertinent to mention here that as per UGC, NERIST should have a separate department for PG and PhD research scholars. Infact it has been made compulsory to establish a separate department of Post Graduate and PhD scholars, but it is known from reliable source that NERIST is running certificate course (Base Module), Diploma Module, Degree Module, PG and PhD under one head. And the most shocking part is teachers and staff for all the modules is also same. In such scenario the effort and efficiency of staff and faculties is doubtful. NERIST should separate the various modules immediately and recruit the required staffs and faculties for each module immediately.
Last but not the least, it is seen in various advertisement in leading papers, posters, banners wherein various private coaching centers are giving advertisement with a caption “Faculties are Professors from NERIST and NIT” as their teacher of the coaching institute. When Govt. of India is paying them so handsomely, what is need of learned Professors to indulge into private tuitions and coaching?
Maybe untimely payments of salary are forcing them to earn extra for their livelihood. But isn’t it a violation of code of conduct of central service rule? Can a regular Professor of leading technical institute run a private coaching institute?
By teaching in private coaching institute, will the true spirit, effort and efficiency of entrusted duty of teaching student of institute not be affected?
Therefore, please look into the matters seriously and bestow your wisdom on NERIST and perform your noble service to guide, nurture and lead NERIST from present shambles to new height. Lead NERIST from darkness to light.
A Concerned Parent




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