Preserve culture, indigenous systems: Jamoh

PASIGHAT, Apr 15: Ruksin MLA Tatung Jamoh said that the rich traditions, culture and indigenous systems shown by the ancestors must be preserved by regular practices and passed on to the younger generation.
He was addressing the inaugural function of the two-day conference of 18 Sille Bango Donyi Polo Yelam Kebang (DPYK) at the Sika-Tode community hall on Friday.
Jamoh said, Hindi and English languages were essential for the modern world but indigenous language must be practiced and preserved to protect one’s identity. While advising DPYK to conduct weekly classes for the younger generation, he called for organising awareness campaign to contain drug menace and create conducive atmosphere to nurture youths to become worthy citizens for the society. Local administration would keep eyes open constantly to contain use and smuggling of drugs and would ensure peace and tranquility which is prerequisite for all round development of the society, he added. The MLA also advised the youths to be sincere in studies and to take part in sports and games.
MLA Jamoh also informed that necessary fund for re-carpeting of Sikatode-Bamin road to Oyan has already been granted and work will start soon. He also assured to extend his full cooperation for the construction of a new Ganging at Sika-Tode. DIPRO



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  1. On one hand they ask to preserve, on the other they are the one who encourage all those elements which are diluting indigenous practices. what a joke.

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