Publicity stunt ?

Dear Editor,
This is with regards to a letter titled “The mystery behind the Arunachal CM Bungalow” by one Rajkumar Jhanjhari which was published in your daily. Let me be brutally honest at the very outset, the letter written by Rajkumar was nothing but a way to promote vastu thing in Arunachal by directly targeting CM bungalow to gather maximum attention of innocent people of Arunachal.
Furthermore, he attempted to show superiority of VASTU over other pujas and rituals. So basically he is countering superstition by giving his notion of superstition.
Rokpen Gali



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  1. Vastu Rastu which is Vedic Ritual of Hindu which will gradually try to build it’s root in our land Arunachal Pradesh. .

  2. Yes it is a publicity stunt as far as the story of c.m bunglow of arunachal pradesh. Mr rokpen galileo has rightly said that Mr rajkumar jhanjari trying to justify his notion of superstition and looking cheap publicity in the minds of this Virgin state
    Deelip Dey

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