Questionable selection of the beneficiaries

Dear Editor,
Over the years, successive governments both at the centre and the state have launched numerous schemes to encourage local unemployed youths to take up self employment avenues including CM’s Agri-Mechanisation program, CM’s Paryatan Vikas Yojana, PMEGP etc. While all these measures are initiated with a clear cut motive to benefit the ones who are actually in need, but very sadly it has become a way to earn extra goodies for the fortunate few. One won’t be surprised to find the names of some influential ones including their kits and kin in the beneficiary list of such schemes.
In this regards, I would like to acknowledge the efforts of Pema Khandu led Govt in mitigating the rising unemployment crisis in the state and facilitating sub-sidised loans for the unemployed youths by initiating the launching of Deen Dayal Upadhaya Swalam-ban Yojana whereby loans from 10lakhs to 1 crore with 30% subsidy shall be made available. It is indeed a wonderful initiative by the State government.
However, the authorities need to buckle up and initiate strict measures at the same time so that the genuine unemployed youths are not deprived from the fruits of such welfare measures. Proper guidelines should be put in place for assessing the selection of the beneficiaries.
Arunachalees especially the younger lots have lots of expectations.
Marli Kamki
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