Rahul needs education on demonetisation

Dear Editor,
This refers to your editorial “New Round of battle” (Dec 22). Rahul Gandhi’s allegation of corruption on PM Modi clearly shows that he always rants and attacks Modi without original policies of his own. When the majority of the population supports the fight against ‘Black money’ he blames Modi.
Because of his immaturity, the Congress is failing badly in the country. Time and again Rahul has proved that he is unfit for the post he is holding which was handed over not based on his hard work but because of the family tag. The congress has all these years been sustained on the mystique of Gandhi name which is like balloon. Citizens all over India are very happy with the bold step of demonetisation taken by Modi. Though the common man has some temporary hardship, we see people standing in long queues rejoicing that Modi has taken this bold step to eradicate loads of black money stacked up in the country.
It is high time that Rahul is educated by his own party about the effect of demonetisation which is resorted to whenever the black money menace becomes unbearable and erodes the very basis of the economy. Congress is needlessly exposing itself by providing weak and baseless arguments and thereby losing whatever little support they have among the informed public opinion. Rahul must prove himself, if he can do some good for the common people of the Country. His statement on Modi calling note ban “Man-made disaster” reveals the fact that Rahul have not realized the far-reaching consequences of demonetisation and its effect on Indian economy.
Vinod C. Dixit



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  1. Rahul Gandhi is man behind congress party down fall and wipe out the party in near future. But congress party will preserve Rahul as Goose who lay golden egg. Last 10 years of congress rule all the party worker earn handsome gold coins in the name of Sonia and Rahul Gnadhis by unscrupulous corruption. Now they are side lined day by day silently.

  2. The Nehru-Gandhi’s have reasons to know of why they are so unpopular, but what makes you Mr. Dixit to say that the BJP’s fat cow Mr. Narendra Cowdi’s step is bold and popular?, did you ever think that plastic money cannot be made to function when larger section of the society are below BPL including a larger number uneducated…..bla bla bla… your type are a curse to mankind.

  3. Though demonetisation was a bold step and black money holders were shaken down below the earth but as per news report round the clock it seems that roots of black money is itself naturally attached in human mind and soul itself.inspite of all the best efforts by Govt. Machineries still black money are coming out in form of fake new currency .Human beings are too smart…..

    • Only foolish and senseless persons could have danced to the tune of the sponsors of demonetisation. Do the new currency hold any special magical power that it cannot be counterfeited? Can’t black money be generated through the new notes? How can new notes nip terrorism in bud? Yes, hard questions need to be asked before character-assassinating those who dare to call spade the spade. And there lies no doubt that India is one of the most corrupt nations of the globe. But that does not mean that all human beings or Indians are basically corrupt. The truly civilized nations like those of Scandinavia, Switzerland or New Zealand have not tried to “develop” itself or “prove their might” through Mars Mission, Bullet trains, performing mass Yoga on streets or building gigantic statues. Rather they have reached the top of the world through the scale of Human Development and eradication of corruption from the society. Also innumerable Indians are 100% honest and perform their jobs(be it of porter, scavenger, driver, clerk or police) with utmost honesty and even pay up with their lives for their “sin” of not succumbing to corrupt activities. Protest against the corrupt with your full force, but don’t tarnish all Indians and human beings of the world through the same paint of corruption.

  4. The world’s most corrupted people are Indian Indian Indian and only Indian. We are getting Rs 2000 per day, how come rest of Indian are caught with crores of money. U talking about Modi and Rahul only. Why don’t u talk about those corrupted bankers and other Indian and Indian. U too is Indian. No single Indian is free from corruption.

    • Majority of the population supporting the step of demonetisation? Have Mr.Dixit or his fellow “nationalists” conducted a national opinion poll on this subject and found out that majority is indeed supporting it? More than 100 innocent persons(including helpless kids) have lost their precious lives prematurely due to stampede in banks or after getting refused medical treatment by hospitals due to lack of “legal cash”. The irreparable loss of those hapless families are “temporary hardship”, isn’t it Mr.Dixit? Issuing sermons of “nationalism” from the safe distance of ivory towers? God forbid, but had one of your near and dear ones lost their lives in such a fashion, would you have supported the mindless act of demonetisation, Mr.Dixit? And if a certain leader is as “pure as Ganga”, he should not hold fear in his heart. Rather he needs to remain silent or calmly ask Rahul Gandhi to prove his allegation. But why are the Who’s Who of BJP acting like lunatic and character-assassinating Gandhi? Instead of diverting attention of the people from Gandhi’s comment, they should try to prove Gandhi’s statement wrong if it is indeed trash or baseless. Actually if one blindly supports demonetisation by towing with the line of BJP, he/she is “patriotic” and “enlightened” enough to realize the “far-reaching consequences” of demonetisation! And if one dares to speak about the bankruptcy of the “historic” step and the resultant Himalayan ordeals of poor and lower middle class, he/she is “anti-nationalist” and “foolish” enough not to realize the “brilliant” consequences of demonetisation! Indeed what a “democratic” “tolerant” environment prevailing in this society of “Good Days”!

      • Yes, Rahul baba always in “aggressive” mood; but the Who’s Who of a certain “nationalist” ideology are nothing but epitomes of “calmness”, “civility” and “dignity”! Actually when one is blindly obsessed about X and hold blind hatred towards Y, then he/she treats X as “God” and all acts of “devil” Y seem “aggressive” in his/her eyes !

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