Re-conduct the JE exam

Dear Editor,
This is in response to the letter published in the Reader’s Forum column under the headline “OPEN LETTER TO THE CM” published today in your daily. In the letter the writer has clearly exposed the real motive of the engineers of WRD Department to realize their already fixed result in violation of Govt orders for recruitment of Junior Engineers. In fact had the said recruitment Exam/Interview been conducted by the APPSC, the result could have been altogether different. The poor and hard workers could have found their place. But see the result notification No. WRD/l/1338/2004(Pt- l)/c, dated 18.12.16. About 65% of appointees belongs to the two major communities of state. They are kith and kin and relatives of the officers of WRD department who managed the recruitment.
This is an open loot of Govt jobs depriving the deserved aspirants who toiled day and night and spent huge amount in their studies and coaching. This is a bad example and dangerous exercise and nobody will have faith in future interviews. As an aspirant, I too had met Chief Engineer WRD L.Angu, SE K.Borang and Exam incharge Modi sir. They told us that the result will be purely on merit and evaluation will be done outside the state carrying different Roll numbers of the Department to maintain 100% secrecy. But after seeing the result, it’s completely a different story. It is known that the exam/interview was match fixed. Either the questions with answers were leaked to selected ones prior to the examination or the selected ones were secretly arranged to re-write their answer scripts after the examination replacing their original ones. And for RTI seekers, these unscrupulous officers have already prepared and kept ready the documents in order. In the last 5-6 months they were busy in such illegal activities to cover their sins. Infact all Officers from CE ,SE, SSW to JE who conducted the exams belongs to a particular community and they appointed their kith and kins and near relatives which made mockery of whole recruitment process.
Hence, I would like to request HCM to declare the result notification as null and void and demand for early cancellation of appointment orders for JE WRD department. Since it’s a big scam, all relevant documents may be seized from concern officer and case may be handed over to SIC to unearth the truth. In addition to this, I would like to suggest for re-conduct of the written and viva interview by an independent body like APPSC.
Bijoy Techi



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  1. i curse from the core of my heart that these hopeless officers and politicians playing with the career of hapless students will die tragically very soon.go to hell……

  2. Where is so called god,bagwan,is bar,alla etc. Why these people are not getting cancer disease, road accident, murdered? If really there is god then kill these people children for whom they are snatching poor people right and bread. Give them cancer disease

  3. Well said writer, intact arunachal is being infested n led by corrupt officers and politicians. In every interview these practice is prevalant. For information to all the readers, the recently declared written interview of pgt and tgt by Deptt of education is going the same trend. Papers have been given to rewrite to kith n kins and payers aspirants, accordingly everything has been tacitly arranged or two candidates have been given the opportunity to go for viva voice on the basis of performance but result will turn out a nightmare for them, as usual. In such a plan one would be a fool to file RTI and check the result. What is only left with today’s unemployed youth is to choose the path of extremist , not against the govt but against the present officers for the welfare and betterment of our state.

  4. Offence and defence from opposite face of a coin is seeing in the recruitment issue. Argument from the two face of a coin indicates that revenge and avenge is also done by opposite face of a coin. Ha ha ha, how funny it is to learn that such evil things being practiced in Arunachal pradesh. But dis sort of trend is spoiling the bright future of students those who do not have proper guardian like minister, MLA , Chief engineer, superintending engineer, secretary and so on.

  5. The culture of favouritism imparts moral discouragement and hopelessness to sincere aspirants. There are times when one gets very low which ultimately creates extreme negative thoughts in the young minds. What can one do when power only speaks?? The only think that i could do is to hope that karmas be done.

  6. These engineers if they think that they have made their children future secure then they are wrong they are pushing their children in death trapped. Either they will be killed by contractor or die in far flung while going there. God is watching all these,will certainly punished them.

  7. Result should be cancelled. There should be inquiry in recruitment scam.police should check phone record of officer who leaked questions paper to their children. These officer want to give new year gift to their children a je post instead these should be send to jail as a new year gift from unemployed youth.

  8. Selecting their own community or favouring their candidate is also act of communal.these people are also communal. Cm should immediately interfere. Reportedly these selected people father, brother are closed friends n they fixed recruitment by providing questions paper to their kiths and kind in advance so that their children could score high marks. For should be lodged against officer

  9. That’s a hit at the bulls eye. Recruitment of JEs should immediately be handover to appsc. These working departments are worthless.

  10. Have a look in PWD dept too. Mostly the appointed candidates are from one tribe, almost 80%. The dept was quite witty with appointment process. They did not display the selected candidates name but only roll nos.

  11. I’m sure question paper was already provided to these selected people in advance because these are their children. Father is setting questions paper and children is scoring high in that paper,it is surprising. Result should be cancel immediately or oil should be file against it. If selected candidate are such talented then why they haven’t crack other exam. One should check education background of these people.

  12. AAPSC is no saint either. The member system in APPSC needs to be done away with and be replaced with promoted apcs officers or IAS.

  13. In the last phe&ws je exam, out of 43 candidates selected 35 were from a particular tribe out of which 11 candidates were of a particular clan. It is high time for Arunachal to learn.

  14. Let all the JE exams conducted during the past five years be re-conducted by the public service commission. Not only in WRD but in PHED, URBAN, HYDROPOWER, RWD, PWD etc, all were nothing but nepotism, corruption and furthering one’s own political and hegemonistic goals by those at the helms. It is high time, the group B posts are also conducted by APPSC in a free and fair manner and the best are recruited. These favouritism has led to a very sorry state of government machineries in our state.

  15. They r not only from two community but also son of wrd secretary yumge padu n baking padu is son of geba padu younger brother of secretary geyum padu…many more..

  16. yes i support you cum selectd candidate belngs to only two major tribe..dis is fraud..nt nly wrd der r sum odr engineering deptt too….arunachl goin in the pathway of manipur. ..god save us

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