Shun the rarest of the rare yardstick

Dear Editor,
Your editorial, “SC sends out strong message” (May 6) rightly says, ~ “Hopefully strong punishment meted out to killers of Nirbhaya will send out loud and strong message.” However, very recent incidents of brutal rape and murder in Odisha and demonic gangrape and killing in Haryana’s Rohtak underscore the need to impose such strong punishment on every killer rapist. Now, our judiciary needs to think if it is time to shun the rarest of the rare yardstick for three major reasons.
First, every killer rapist must be hanged to stop the menace. Second, such incidents are always savage but not the rarest. And third, such yardstick can rob objectivity of a judgment for which Lady Justice wears a blindfold.
Sujit De,



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