Singing legends honoured

AALO, Mar 20: The awards conferring ceremony for All India Radio (AIR) artistes of the 1970s and 1980s of the Galo community was organized at Gumin Kiin, Aalo recently.
The awards were conferred in different categories-GGL Group Lifetime Achievement Award in lyrics, GGL Group Galo Centurion Melodies (GCM), GGL Group Special Recognition Award and GGL Group Singing Legends Award.
Singers Moge Doji, Jomnya Siram, Goto Ete and Late Marto Kamdak were conferred with the GGL Group Galo Centurion Melodies (GCM) awards for crossing 100 songs in their singing career.
Mijum Lona was conferred with the GGL Group Lifetime Achievement Award in lyrics for his outstanding contribution towards lyrics of Galo songs, while Rode Karcho received the GGL Group Special Recognition Award for her outstanding singing contribution, especially in Mopin festival songs.
The GGL Group Singing Legends Award was given to first Galo AIR artiste Duri Taipodia, Late Hogmar Ingo, Tumi Bagra, Daktum Bagra, Dagjum Lollen Ete, Bamo Riram, Ragli Karso, Dr Moji Jini, Hoggam Bogo, Domin Karbak, Nyasi Amo, Tony Koyu, Marbom Gadi Yomgam, Jumbom Rina Nyori, Pebom Bagra, Toi Kato Sora, Jiri Jirdo Ete, Late Dui Lollen, Ripu Mindo and Kenkar Yomcha.
‘The sole motto of the programme was to recognize the contribution of the singing legends of the Galo community of the 1970s and 1980s’, said programme Chairman Nyamo Doji.
A book titled “The First Generation Galo Singing Legends (1970s to 1980s)” was also released during the programme.
The award function was held under the chairmanship of Nyamo Doji, a renowned social worker on March 4 last.



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