Six trained psychiatrists for entire Arunachal

RGU workshop on Mental Health

ITANAGAR, Apr 20: For a population of more than 13 lakh, Arunachal has just six trained psychiatrists, a glaring example of inadequacy of psychiatrists in India.
This was informed by leading psychiatrist Dr Tame Kena while speaking at a workshop on Mental Health and Emotional Well-Being organized by the Department of Social work, Rajiv Gandhi University on April 19.
Dr Kena further said that self harm or suicide has become the leading cause of death among the youth world over.
Empirical evidence of Dr Kena suggested that suicide rate in the state is higher as compared to pan India (10.1 as compared to 8.6 per hundred deaths), while there is alarming data of 58.6 percent empirical evidence of suicides among Mishmi tribe, said an RGU report.
Senior Lecturer and Psychotherapist, Guwahati Medical College and Hospital, Dr Bornali Das discussed on risk and protective factors related to suicide, emphasizing on “hopeless, worthless and helpless” as the hallmark of suicide. She also stated that personality also plays a very important role.
Happiness Assessment Index and several psychotherapy tools and exercises were administered with the delegates.
Globally, 10 lakh people commit suicide in a year. Suicide rate is highest in Sikkim among the north east states.
Depression and Suicide, Lifestyle and Stress, Prevention of Suicide and Positive Mental Health Perspective, Gate Keepers of Suicide Prevention and Psychological First Aid were covered during the two-day sessions.
The workshop was organized with the purpose of building resilience among the youth across disciplines from Rajiv Gandhi University, said the department’s Assistant Professor, Ravi Ranjan Kumar.
The two-day workshop was inaugurated by Vice-Chancellor, RGU Professor Tamo Mibang, which was attended by Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences, Professor S K Singh, among others.
Department of Psychiatric Social work, LGB Regional Institute of Mental Health, Tezpur, Buli Daimari, Assistant Professor, Department of Social work, Tezpur University Dr Apurba Saha and Lecturer cum Vice Principal, School of Nursing, Downtown Hospital, Guwahati Angshu Lama, were the other resource persons.



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