Something to cheer about

Finally there seems to be some good news for the Indian Airforce (IAF). The depleting strength of IAF is going to get boost with induction of Rafale fighter jets which is expected to start in the next three years. Air Force chief Arup Raha has shared that within three years time India will have the first few Rafale aircraft delivered and within five and a half years IAF will have two full squadron of aircrafts in operation. These fighter jets capable of carrying nuclear weapons and equipped with latest missiles, will tremendously increase the force’s capability. India is also going to produce Light Combat Aircraft Tejas in large numbers. For years the fast depleting strength of IAF has been matter of deep concern for the nation.
India’s air force risks a major capability gap opening up with China and Pakistan without new western warplanes or if local defence contractors can’t produce what the military needs in a timely manner. Contrary to India, both the hostile neighbours Pakistan and China have been modernizing their air force. India is vulnerable in the skies because of its over reliance on a disparate fleet of ageing Russian-made MiG and French Mirage fighters, along with more modern Russian Sukhoi Su-30s. Half of India’s fighters are due to retire by 2024. If the new fighter jets are not inducted on time, it will have catastrophic effect in years to come.



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