Stalemate between ITW and govt continues

ITANAGAR, Jan 10: The stalemate between Itanagar Traffic Wardens (ITW) and the authority continues as the indefinite ‘whistle down’ strike entered day two on Tuesday. So far the authority did not react on the current agitation. In a statement ITW stated, “Despite giving six years of dedicated service, we still do not have our jobs secured”.
The agitating traffic wardens vowed to continue their agitation until the state government fulfil their demands. ITW have been demanding for equal pay for equal job and enhancement of salary, regularization of jobs, promotional opportunities along with job security. “If the state government wants us to stop our ensuing whistle down strike, they must come up with a mechanism,” ITW further added.



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  1. Equal pay and enhancement of pay demand can be understand but regularization is make man lazy. Some places voluntary services are there but in AP want regularization service is the option.

  2. Why are terms of services not being followed by Govt. & Warden? All settles if terms and conditions are in place.

  3. Decision taken by itw is very genuine they are doing very hard labour even in Rainey and in very hot Summer sun in very low wage’s so I request government to look into the matter and bless them

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