State media reaches out to Wakka fire victims, distributes relief amount

Staff Reporter
ITANAGAR, Jan 9: The state media fraternity on Sunday, managed to reach out to the fire affected people of Wakka village in Longding district with the relief amount put together by Arunachal Press Club (APC) and Tezuvian. An elderly woman was charred to death and at least 54 houses and two churches were gutted in a devastating fire at Wakka village on December 22 last.
The relief amount was collected in a two-day donation camp jointly organised by Arunachal Press Club (APC), Arunachal Pradesh Union of Working Journalists (APUWJ) and Arunachal Electronic Media Association (AEMA) on December 26th and 27th respectively. Similar camp was set up by group of youth and officers under the banner of Tezuvian at Tezu in Lohit district to help out the affected people. The total relief amount collected by both APC and Tezuvian was Rs. 2, 74281 (Two lakhs seventy four thousand two hundred eighty one).
A five member state media team led by APUWJ President, Amar Sangno, Sanjay Mosing from Echo of Arunachal, Jackson Tayeng from Eastern Sentinel, Tagu Ningee from The Arunachal Age and Raj Pradhan of Northeast Live accompanied by former Longding Zilla Parishad Member (ZPM), Yabom Lukham reached Wakka on Sunday and distributed the relief amounts equally among the affected people. The amount was handed over to Village Chief Longham Wangham who later gave away the cash amount to the affected people in presence of media team and villagers.
Addressing the fire affected people, APUWJ President, Amar Sangno informed that Wakka inferno pained the entire state and people from all walks of life stood for them. APUWJ President further added that the relief amount was love from people of Arunachal irrespective of tribe and region including the Non-APST people who generously donated for Wakka fire victims.
Wakka Village Chief Longham Wangham informed that thirteen houses have been rebuilt so far after the ravaging fire accident. The village chief also added that relief materials were still pouring in from different NGOs and they have set up a Village Committee to receive and distribute the materials to affected people. He disclosed that 11 youths have been engaged in each house in rebuilding as a part of village tradition.
Acknowledging the solidarity extended by the people of Arunachal, the Village Chief said, “We are so thankful to the people of Arunachal for standing up for Wakka in our hour of crisis, their love and support for Wakka will always be remembered.”
Representing the fire victims, Nokchap Pansa, one the fire victims, appealed to the district administration to provide mechanism to encash the relief amount provided by the government in cheque. Nokchap informed that affected people are facing difficult to encash the cheque amount as majority of victims lost their passbook in the fire.
He also appealed to the state government and district authority to restore drinking water supply in the village, informing water scarcity as a major issue facing the people of Wakka. He further sought the government to provide relief for injured person during the fire accident and also sought to make mobile network functional immediately.
A rapid rebuilding process is going on and so far thirteen houses have been rebuilt after fifteen days of the accident. Reportedly, more than 80 organisations both governmental and non-governmental have overwhelmingly responded to the tragic fire accident so far.



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