State wide protest is need of the hour

Dear Editor,
I am deeply pained to see the political instability and turmoil in one of my most beloved and sensitive border state of the Indian Republic, Arunachal Pradesh. For long the state has been running on part time Chief Ministers and MLAs who are shifting allegiance from time to time with neither any direction nor objective other than their own selfish political goals and ambitions.
I think it is time for the people of the state to protest unanimously and democratically and push the Governor to dissolve the State Legislative Assembly and ask for a fresh people’s mandate. Local politicians could not be allowed to run a circus where the long term peace and prosperity of the ordinary citizens are being jeopardized. A fresh election and fresh people’s choice is the only alternative. Else another new instable government is not going to be able to take the state forward. Enough is enough and a statewide protest is the call of the time to end this continuous political circus in one of India’s most important border state.
Saikat Kumar Basu,
Lethbridge, AB, Canada



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  1. After fresh election also, there is no certainty that mlas will not shift loyalty. Untill and unless, the voters change their mindset, the same mlas will get elected. God save Arunachal.

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