Swipe machine

Dear Editor,
Through the column of your esteemed daily, I would like to appeal the concern department and MLA of 24th Constituency Dikto yekar to implement Swipe machine system for fund transfer through debit card and Credit cards.
Public of Daporijo have to suffer a lot for cash withdrawals and money transaction’s at SBI Daporijo every day.
Daporijo is well acquainted with the banking problems and token system prevailing at SBI bank since many years.
I don’t understand why our Branch manager doesn’t emphasize on Swipe machine for all the business fraternity including petrol depots for cash transfer from debit and credit cards. If Swipe system is implemented, we will see no rush at banks for money transactions anymore.
I have witnessed many shops at Capital Complex Itanagar using Swipe machine for fund transfer after commodity purchase, than why we have to suffer and be deprived of such basic technology.
Every now and then ATM booths get closed due to shortage of fund and the public have to suffer for days.
Further I would also request the elected representatives to concentrate on this burning issue for public interest.
Taki Longte Tamin



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