The River Murderers

Dear editor,
For a two weeks break, I came to stay with my family who resides near the pitiful scrapheap Chandanagar River. I was seriously disgusted by the sight of the river and I wondered if the people of Chandanagar were inspired by the Delhiites who “killed” the Yamuna river.
It was not surprising when I got to know that my family like everybody else living nearby the river threw their garbage directly into the river.
When I asked “why?” they replied, “everybody does it”, an answer that any typical person living near the Chandanagar River would have given.
So, I decided to go and find out the garbage pickup or any sort of proper trash collection in Chandanagar area (I don’t count that pile of trash lying near the Chandanagar market as a “proper” trash collection) but unfortunately I couldn’t find any. Isn’t it an obligatory function of the municipal corporation to provide for proper garbage pickup?
I’m sure they must be busy somewhere! Anyways, my question to my beloved people of Chandanagar is- Are you too lazy to demand for a garbage pickup? Or do you find it extremely difficult to walk a few blocks in search of a dust bin or a garbage dump? With all my heart I can say that this letter won’t make a single difference but I just wanted to make the good old citizens aware that your Chandanagar River is tardily dying.
Kago Kaku
Delhi University



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  1. There are no garbage bins anymore. Well, I used to drive 1-2 km to dispose my garbage but now I have to hit the road to main garbage dump i.e. waste management centre once or twice a month. My wife complains why not dump it wherever there is trash or in the river, everybody does that. I say no, I won’t. Why? It is so reckless. You are not going to be awarded for that, instead you are wasting time and petrol. Who cares for an award, I consider it a sin to pollute our land and rivers.

  2. People have not much other options to disposed off their garbages as you find there is no dustbin in and around the mein area and no home collection though IM announced months back so people directly dumps into river.

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