Time to pass on the baton

The bitter feud in the Yadav family is threatening the very existence of Samajwadi Party. Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav, his father and party patriarch Mulayam Singh Yadav is engaged in intense battle for the control of party. Brother Shivpal Yadav and close confidante Amar Sing is aligning with senior Mulayam while cousin Ram Gopal Yadav is mentoring CM Akhilesh. The family feud just a month before crucial UP election is extremely wrong timed. Parties like BJP and BSP is making most of the opportunity provided by feuding family. BJP is planning big rallies and party President Amit Shah has virtually shifted base to Lucknow.
Shah is believed to be monitoring each and every move of family and is trying his best to use it for the benefit of BJP. On the other hand BSP is trying to woo Muslim voters which constitute 20% of population away from Samajwadi party and form a formidable coalition of Muslim-Dalit. It’s a worrying time for SP. The time has come for party patriarch Mulayam to accept reality and hand over the leadership to Akhilesh Yadav who has emerged stronger from the feud. The young CM has done decent job and his approval rate is believed to be quite impressive among the voters. Also there are no corruption charges against him which is a huge advantage. Majority of SP cadres and leaders also seems to be with him. Mulayam need to feel the pulse of people and act accordingly. If he continues to drag the fight on, he will only be doing harm to the party which he built with lot of hard work. All through his political career he has been known to take brilliant political decision based on his gut and instinct. But the way he is dealing with the present crisis, it is going to hurt SP very much in the coming UP election.



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