Time to reward people

The year 2017 has started exactly the same way the year 2016 ended. Arunachal witnessed major political turmoil in the beginning of 2017 just like it witnessed in beginning of 2016. Just as people of state started to believe that finally political uncertainty is over, the politicians gave us huge New Year shock. Rebellion within the rank of PPA and subsequent merger of 33 PPA MLAs into BJP jolted the state.
Chief Minister Pema Khandu managed to survive the major political storm and in the process has emerged as stronger leader. He has scored major political victory and the people of Arunachal will be hoping that finally there will be some stability. Unless there is a stable government there will be no good governance. Ordinary citizens are really feed up of the constant political turmoil. Lot of time has been wasted and it’s time to really focus on the developmental aspects. Now that there is a BJP government, the central fund should not be an issue for the government of Arunachal. The people of Arunachal has paid heavy price for the political game played by various players over the last two year. It’s time BJP reward people by ushering in new era of development in Arunachal.



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