Travesty of justice

The issue of deputation, officiating and functional is back to haunt the government of Arunachal. The employees of Urban Development Department on Tuesday staged a dharna in Itanagar against decision of higher authorities of UD department to bring a junior engineer from PWD on deputation as Urban Programme Officer. The agitating officials termed the move as travesty of justice. They claimed that many assistant urban programme officers are awaiting promotion and the move of department to bring a JE on deputation as UPO will deprive those waiting for their turn of promotion.
The concern raised by employees of UD department is shared by many others but perhaps this is the first time that junior officers has rebelled against the decision of seniors in public forum. The practice of out of turn promotion is quite rampant in Arunachal. Many are suffering in silence and have almost given up. In February this year the then Governor of Arunachal Pradesh JP Rajkhowa issued an order directing cancellation of all officiating or functional appointments and the promotions made on ‘out of turn’ basis. The decision was widely supported by the people of Arunachal. It was seen as major victory for the injustice meted out to the employees who do not have political clout. The decision was taken during the period of president rule. However after the installation of elected government the politicians buckled under the pressure of the out of turn officers. Everything was wrapped under the carpet. But with the mass protest movement launched by the employees of UD department the issue of out of turn promotion is back in limelight. It will be interesting to see how government deals with the situation in days to come.



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