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Dear Editor,
The clarification given by Secretary Education regarding the Govt.’s decision to carry out 50:50 teachers’ recruitment for the posts of more than 349 PGT/TGT by resorting to one time relaxation of the RR is not at all convincing. It can at best be termed as a frank admission of violation of the laid down rules and procedures derived directly from the Constitution of India.
While it is clear even to a layman that constitutional authority vested with power to recruit all Group-A and Group-B posts is Union Public Service Commission at the Centre and State Public Service Commission in the State. By no stretch of imagination can the Deptt. of Education or for that matter the State Cabinet can override the Constitutional provisions. As per Arunachal Public Service Limitation Act 1988, the State Govt. has the power to relax the RR of Group-C and Group-D categories and that too under the rarest of the rare circumstances. But in case of all Group-A and Group-B post; it is one and only the Constitutional body of APPSC which is the competent authority and therefore the cancerous germ of snatching the powers of the APPSC by using the clause of urgency of the situation or one time relaxation of RR is nothing more than slapping Constitutional provision and the very spirit of free and fair competition.
Here it would not be wrong on the part of the guardian of the Constitution i.e. the Office of His Excellency the Governor of Arunachal Pradesh to seek clarification from the Govt. as to why the Govt. Dept. such as WRD, RWD, UD, PHE, APEDA, Education and many more have always resorted to the method of one time relaxation of RR of all Group-B posts of Junior Engineer which is a Group-B posts and are bought and sold at a varying cost of Rs. 25 Lakhs and above and the post of JT at a price of Rs.15 Lakhs and above. Therefore, to say that there are no qualified tribal candidates in Science and Maths and hence the decision to recruit on 50:50 is an absurd. The fact of the matter is that there are hundreds of tribal boys and girls who pass out every year in Science and Maths and even outshine the competitive non-Tribal candidates in both graduation and post graduation exams. In this context please refer to letter Caption “I want my answer sheets back” which appeared in almost all the state dailies of 25th December, 2016 highlighting how a Tribal girl with 1st Class in B.Com Honors exam, 1st Class in M.Com, topper in Accountancy and 1st Class B.Ed was eliminated in the written exam. The fact of the matter is that everything is fixed and exams are mere an eye wash. Since the non-Tribal are more desperate, secretive and pay more; therefore the Govt. decision to resort to 50:50.
So, what is required is the immediate realization of the error committed by the dept and handing over of exams to APPSC. Hope that the Chief Secretary being the advisor and Cabinet Secretary realizes the mistake and rectifies it at the earliest and well before somebody files a PIL against the Govt. authorities.
Mizum Lollen



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  1. One time relaxation or ending da genuine ryts of da trible pple, paving da way 2wrds doin da sme in diffrnt rcrtmnt..There is no need to cmmnce 50:50 ratio fo said post becoz as da writer hv pointed out there is no a dirt of shrtge among trble in terms of mathS n scnce grdte …Only the need of da hour is to rootout the crrpted way of recrtng that gives away the chnce to undr perfrmng n non hrd workin pple thrgh bck door n variouS illgl mns…If diS issue vil b reslvd den only da ryt pple will hv da chnce n da ryt way of workin in da concern work will b seen ..Otherwise whatS da gurntee that we’ll get gud tchr frm non-apst wid diS illgl mns still prvlnt…

  2. Haar govt job ko appsc karne se hi fair hoga, department ko karne nahi dena hai. Govt appsc member four se ten kardo aur haar dept ka post handover kardo

  3. People are fighting for CM post only to buy and sell govt. jobs bussiness, most profitable profession for political bosses. Truth is something else.
    Hence, proven.

  4. Truth is something else.
    Hence, proven.

  5. Who will bell the cat?.
    His Excellency, Governor if you too are not a BJP agent appointed by Modi ji then prove it. And kindly interfare when Constitutional power has been superseded by ignorant Legislators of the state.
    Chief justice/ Head judge/ care taker for upholding constitutional provisions in the state, Guwahati or Itanagar High Court whichever be the concern authority, Don’t you feel ashamed when Constitutional rights are being ripped apart before public such as this many ONE TIME relaxation coming up in the state.

  6. Except kV n jnv teacher, non tribal coming to our state are failure in their state, they are coming here under compulsion n push factor.

  7. Well said Mizum Lollen… Thee PK Government should give some good explaination to the points raised by you.we all know quite well that there is no shortage of highly qualified Tribal students to teach Science and Maths you gave mention even better than the non APSTs.The Govt is planing to sell each post of PGT may be at around 30 lakhs to Non APSTs😅😅😅.We need an explaination from our CM

  8. My younger brother is a 1st class Masters in mathematics from NERIST but missed the interview due to some domestic reason,hope there are more APST candidates like him.

  9. Yes, letter for every unemployed youth. The creteria for Getting govt Group B & C job in AP are Money, Political power and relative/tribe of concerned authority. In JE recruitment money and community are basic qualification.

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