TVC identifies six vending zones in Capital Complex

ITANAGAR, May 18: In order to regularize the street vendors/ hawkers as per the Arunachal Pradesh Street Vendor (Protection of Livelihood and Regulations of street vending) Act, 2011, the Capital Administration has carried out verification of the proposed areas submitted by the sub-committees of Town Vending Committee (TVC) on Wednesday.
TVC members Roger Nabam Hina, Kyoda Yaji, Balo Maya, Tallam Yamang and EAC Naharlagun Hento Karga were part of the team.
In all, six locations have been identified as vending zones, of which, four are in Naharlagun and two in Itanagar.
Capital Complex Deputy Commissioner Prince Dhawan on Thursday notified the vending zones, making Itanagar the first city in Arunachal Pradesh and perhaps also the first in the North East to formally notify vending zones.
The DC further directed the EACs of Itanagar and Naharlagun to get the notified zone ready; demarcate vending area with marking of number of vends and their place of vending, and place it before the TVC.
The vending zones will be under direct administrative control of the concerned EAC/ CO and under the overall supervision of the TVC. Any vendors vending outside the vending zone or without a license will be penalized.



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