UD Parking Lot remains a non starter

Staff Reporter
ITANAGAR, Mar 19: There is no sign of the chaotic traffic in Itanagar easing out any time soon; at least not for the next few months, as the ‘Parking Lots’ located at Bank Tiniali, constructed under the Urban Development Department is far from functional.
The four-leveled parking lot, inaugurated by Urban Development Minister Nabam Rebia, in presence of local MLA Techi Kaso on February 22, 2017, has a capacity of 49 light motor vehicles and 30 two wheeler vehicles.
It was speculated that the new building would facilitate in systematizing the haphazard parking in the area and bring civic sense among the people. However, the said parking lot has been facing many technical glitches even before it is outsourced to a third party.
It was reported that there was a stalemate between the contractor and department even before completion of the building over funding issues. Later, a group of local daily wage earners -mostly women, forcibly occupied the under-construction building, demanding that the authorities allow them to open shops for a daily market.
The administration turned down their demand on the pretext that the said building was constructed only for parking purposes,
and the women’s group was evicted by police forces for their illegal occupation of the building and were bought before the district magistrate to assure that such an offence would not be repeated in the future.
The four-leveled parking lot is yet to be functional as the department is reportedly mooting over the issue of outsourcing it to a third party.
“It has been fully completed and we are now ready to outsource it to a third party,” said UD Deputy Director Gyamar Tachung, before going on to add that “The process of outsourcing would be possible only after the end of the financial year, and we will be using three floors, including two basement floors”.



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