Warning bell from Beijing

Days after report emerged that India and Vietnam are exploring possibilities of selling Akash surface-to-air missiles to the latter, Chinese media has reacted with vitriolic over the potential move. The said missile can engage hostile aircraft and drones at a range of 25 kilometres. Vietnam which shares frosty relation with China due to territorial claim over South China Sea has been boosting its military to counter the Chinese threat. In recent year they have improved relation with US and also has been vying Indian support to contain the Chinese. The Chinese media has termed such move as danger to the region and said China will not sit idle.
In an op-ed Global Times, which is part of the ruling Communist Party of China’s official group of publications said, “If the Indian government genuinely treats its enhancement of military relations with Vietnam as a strategic arrangement or even revenge against Beijing, it will only create disturbances in the region and China will hardly sit with its arms crossed.” As the view is directly coming from a newspaper belonging to ruling establishment it can be assumed that Chinese government also shares similar view about India’s move to explore possibilities of selling Akash missile to Vietnam. There is no doubt that being a sovereign country India has right to sell any kind of product to any nation. But selling missile is totally different case and that too if it has potential to antagonize your immediate neighbour. The government of India will have to rethink over it. The relation between India and China has never been friendly. Two countries fought a war in 1962 and continue to grapple with boundary dispute. However after coming to power, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made conscious effort to improve relation and resolve all the outstanding issues including the boundary dispute. All the hard work will go in vain if India takes any step which can potentially derail the relation between two Asian giants.



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