WASE opposes establishment of IMFL distillery plant at Pasighat

Staff Reporter
ITANAGAR, Apr 20: The Women Against Social Evils (WASE), a Pasighat-based anti-drug campaigner non-governmental organisation on Thursday claimed that more than 60 percent of children (teenagers) in East Siang district are alcohol or drug addicts.
This was informed by WASE General Secretary Jaya Tasung Moyong in a press conference held at the Press Club today. However; WASE did not substantiate its claims with any official data.
The anti-alcohol and drug crusaders of East Siang district had submitted a representation to Minister Industries, Textiles and Handicraft and Cooperation, Tamiyo Taga and the state Chief Secretary, opposing the establishment of Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) distillation plant at IGC Niglok-Ngorlung under Pasighat. The anti-drug women’s group pleaded to the Minister and Chief Secretary to cancel the permission given to the mentioned firm.
The group claimed that due to drug and alcohol addiction, the number of school dropouts, robberies, theft, road traffic accident and other crimes are alarmingly increasing in the district.
“Majority of children are alcoholics due to easy availability of IMFL shops in Pasighat. If the alcohol distillery plant is allowed at IGC Niglok, it will aggravate the matter”, the WASE feared.
Opposing the proposed plant, the group stated that the company may agree to prescribed guidelines by the government but it will not be able to ensure pilferages of liquor in the black market which would adverse the situation in Pasighat, WASE added.
The group informed that 11 villages of the proposed site have agreed to oppose the installation of the distillery plant. A signature campaign was also conducted, in which villagers signed on a petition that they do not want the IMFL distillation plant to be established.
It further claimed that most drugs are being smuggled into Pasighat from neighouring Assam, and the group appealed to the state government to initiate a mechanism involving Assam counterparts to contain flow of drug peddlers.



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