‘Withheld tender process of PMGSY schemes’

ITANAGAR, Jan 10: The Arunachal Pradesh Democracy & Anti-Corruption Peoples’ Forum (ADACPF) has demanded for withholding tender process of PMGSY sanctioned schemes of 2016-17 and preparation of revise estimate thereof.
In its representation submitted to the Chief Engineer, RWD, PMGSY CEO, ARRDA RWD, it claimed that the estimates of PMGSY schemes are often 100 times more than that of the actual cost of the work done.
The amount shown in the estimates and sanctioned so far could have covered 10kms per scheme but have been sanctioned for just 2 to 3kms per estimation and approved scheme, it maintained further adding that estimates are prepared by the works department in connivance with the elected legislators and are only awarded to their kith and kin.



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  1. Its fact that the road is only on the paper……further if it get constructed then it last for hardly 2-3 years after that again found to be jungle. Therefore my question is that who is responsible ??????? Who is victimizes .????

  2. Road contract business is the most profitable one. So all the MLAs and their kit and kin are the only in this business. So is the road is only in paper. Road funding is highest but good road is 1% only. Therefore all unemployed youth and public should involve in road work business and get lion share.

  3. really its surprise to learn that pmgsy has been sanction for village tagrung yangje… seppa which is hardly four kilometer frm highway piont wessang but heard that approaching road is going construct from rang to tagrung yangje… which will b 18 KM…. therefore it will b boon to my villagers or its other way shiponing govt. money wth nexus of RWD dept n politician…

  4. All pmgsy tenders are fixed. The commission is paid in advance before the award of contract. RWD should be rewarded suitably for being able to fix the tenders for last so many years without attracting complaints from any quarter. Cheers for RWD

  5. Arunachal Pradesh Democracy & Anti-Corruption Peoples’ Forum (ADACPF) kya hain? Is ka kya authenticity hain? kuch jan ta bhi hain kya?
    Irada nek ho to hum support karte hain.

  6. In tawang till date no one has won any tender in any department other than politicians. All tenders and money goes to one and only families of cm sir. The condition of the PMGSY road is too bad that the all culverts are collaps before cutting ribbons .

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