Workless Chief Engineers

Dear Editor,
Some Chief Engineers in PWD do not have work due to unplanned creation.
Chief Engineer (Training & Vigilance) which is entrusted to conduct regular training of Technical and Non-technical staff of department is not able to conduct training in the past many years. Chief Engineer (CSQ) is just registering the contractual work. Most of the Highway works under PWD (Highway) has been taken over by NHIDCL, a govt of India undertaking. So, PWD (Highway) can now be easily handled by one Chief Engineer.
As three Chief Engineers are retiring by 2017, the posts can be done away with once they retire.
The subordinate posts under these offices may be shifted to newly created three PWD Circle offices at Tawang, Daporijo and Khonsa.
Mizoram and Meghalaya PWD have three Chief Engineers each while Manipur, Assam, Tripura and Nagaland have two each.



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  1. Training and vigilance is required for quality constructions mainly the new recruits need training before being sent to the field. The incumbent CE must take initiative to introduce training systems. It is the weakness of the person who is occupying the post whoever may be there. Yes, PWD has CEs in excess. Highway doesn’t need 2 CEs. No work is being given to PWD and BRO anymore since 2012

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