Workshop on solid waste

ITANAGAR, Jun 20: To draw up action plan to manage solid waste and make Roing town plastic free, the RIWATCH, district administration, RCE East Arunachal Pradesh and Thanal Kerala – a reputed NGO which has expertise in the field, organized a marathon four-day workshop here from June 16.
Addressing the concluding session, Additional Deputy Commissioner Ruchika Katyal applauded the enthusiasm shown by the participants to tackle the growing menace of solid waste in the town.
The workshop mainly focused on segregation of bio and non-bio degradable waste and the need for elimination of plastic carry bags from the town.
The ADC assured all support from the district administration side in setting up institutional mechanism, training of volunteers and to popularize alternatives to plastic bags.
Guiding the extensive discussions, Shibu Nair, Director, Thanal and member of the Zero Waste Management Group of Asia Pacific Region, suggested for segregation of solid waste into bio degradable and non-bio degradable at source with community participation.
The bio waste could be profitably and easily converted to compost even at the family level by using Pot composting – enzyme addition etc. In case of non-bio degradable discards, he suggested setting up of a Resource Recovery Centre (RRC) with sub units across the town. This helps in avoiding dumping grounds that emanates terrible toxics and environmental hazards. He also warned that burning and incineration results in severe air, soil and water pollution. He narrated the success stories of Sikkim and few towns in Kerala where zero waste management is being implemented.
Participating in the programme, NHPC representatives volunteered to support the efforts to make Roing ‘Zero Waste’ town.
Seeing the enthusiastic participation of various stakeholders, RIWATCH has offered to carry forward the campaign to make Roing a waste free town.
Accordingly, the International Plastic Carry Bag Free Day would be celebrated on July 3 involving shopkeepers and consumers.
The Bazar committee members have shown their keen interest to make the program a success.
Earlier, the programme was inaugurated by DIET Principal Basant Singh.
The workshop was attended by Govt. officials, NGOs, school teachers, Bazar committee members, unorganized vendors and public leaders who realized the danger posed by solid wastes, especially plastic in Roing town.



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