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April  -  07


Protest galore against NPF move, SAF demands all party meet

ITANAGAR, Apr 6: While the political parties in Arunachal and state Govt are keeping mum on the move of the Naga People’s Front (NPF) to spread its tentacles in Arunachal Pradesh,   the civil societies and organizations of the state are  coming out to express their resentment and opposition to the reported move of the NPF.

After All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union (AAPSU), Safe Arunachal Forum, (SAF) and All Nyishi Students Union (ANSU) have vehemently opposed the move of NPF to start their Arunachal unit.

SAF has termed NPF decision as unfortunate and urged every Arunachalee to out rightly reject such move. While Forum accepted the fact that fundamental right provides opportunity to form any union, association or organization for the interest of any party or clan. However they objected to NPF entry into state saying it will set dangerous precedent in Arunachal.

“We must clearly understand that the state of lawlessness because of the continuous conflicts between various factions of NSCN   in Tirap and Changlang districts is not because of the discrimination meted out to them in terms of socio-economic developments. Reason is for some other issues,” Forum said. It further lambasted state government for its ‘deliberate and cowardice silence’ over such an important issue. SAF further urged  the government to convene all party meeting at the earliest and take firm stand  to protect the interest of Arunachal Pradesh.

ANSU General Secretary Arjun Panye termed move of NPF as direct insult on people of Arunachal. “NPF very well knows that in Arunachal there is no particular Naga tribe and if they think people of Tirap and Changlang are Nagas, then they are doing great mistake. All the 16 districts of state are inhabited by Arunachalee tribal only,” said Panye in a release today.

 He also questioned the integrity of NPF in this whole issue. “NPF has been ruling in Nagaland for quite sometime. They have not been able to solve problems of Naga there and in recent year people of eastern Nagaland are demanding autonomy complaining about lack of development. If NPF can’t solve problems of their own state, what do they aim to achieve in other’s state,” questioned Arjun Panye. ANSU also expressed surprise over the silence maintained by Arunachal based political parties and state government over this whole issue. “All the political parties are keeping mum. Why don’t they come out in open and let us know their stand. We are shock at the stoic silence of state government towards NPF move,” said ANSU GS. Further he added, “Our government seems very weak and possibly they are scared of Nagaland based UG groups. Why are they not responding to the move of communal political outfit like NPF? Our Home Minister Tako Dabi is busy campaigning in Assam election but have no time to respond to such dangerous move from NPF.”

ANSU also warned that if NPF is allowed to start their unit in Arunachal, it can lead to communal divide which will have serious repercussion.  “Despite being largest tribe, Nyishi people had never formed tribe based political outfit. And here NPF, a Nagaland based political party catering to needs of Naga people, is planning to start their state unit. Such move will surely divide people on communal line leading to serious law and order problem,” stated Arjun Panye. He said NPF and state government will be blamed if any law and order problem take place in near future. ANSU further expressed concern over report that most of money under DoTC is being siphoned off by underground groups. “We understand that people of Tirap and Changlang are facing many problems. Our sympathy is with the people of these two lovely districts. But despite creation of DoTC there are no progresses at ground level and money is getting lost somewhere,” said Arjun Panye. He went on to add, “We don’t want to talk about other districts’ issue and limit ourselves to Nyishi areas. But we can’t close our eyes and let state government do whatever they want. Present lawlessness in Arunachal is scaring citizens and state is witnessing worst phase with no sign of improvement in law and order situation.”


Over Rs 6 crore stipend released’

ITANAGAR, Apr 6: The Directorate of Higher and Technical Education today said that stipend amounting to over Rs.6.24 crore has already been released for all the students pursuing different higher and technical education and other professional courses in recognized institutions on regular basis. Out of the total released fund, Rs.1, 47, 39, 940 has been released for those students studying in other states, the Directorate said in an official release.

While reacting to the AAPSU’s demand for early release of stipends, it further clarified that stipend of those students pursuing in distance education programme at various study centres and in such institutions which are not recognized or doubtful of its recognition by AICTE, UGC etc. and other states or central regulatory bodies had to be held up as per stipend rules.

“Those students whose stipend are held up may produce authentic documents of central or state regulatory bodies so that stipend of genuine students left out unintentionally could be released as arrear payment,” the release added.


Mopin celebrated with religious fervor

ITANAGAR, Apr  6:  Mopin, the major festival of the Galo community was celebrated with traditional gaiety and religious fervor at Seppa yesterday.

While extending his greetings to  the Galo brethren in the auspicious occasion,  the chief guest Tani Loffa, West Seppa MLA, said that Galo community is a inspiration for other tribes in the state. He further said that  Mopin should be celebrated in bigger way in  general ground and assured possible help for celebration of the festival.

Loffa also gave away the  prizes to winners  and runner up of the ‘Mopin  Double Badminton Championship to Keggo Essi PD, DRDA and Liken Koyu and  Karbia Dodum, DSO (sports) and Rajesh Neri respectively.

The guest of honour and MLA Tapuk Taku said that this kind of festival would help maintaining the communal harmony among the various tribes of the state.

East Kameng DC Tope Bam ( Pingi Neri)  while greeting his Galo brothers on the eve of Mopin traced the Myth and origin of the Mopin.

Apart from the  Galos,  Nyishi brethrens and Govt employees  also joined the celebration at Pingi Neri house with great enthusiasm.

Later in the evening a community feast was hoisted at Pingi Neri’s house. This was followed by cultural programe.  Popir party from Itanagar and Aalo and women party from East Kameng district presented cultural items on the occasion.

 At Tezu, Mopin was celebrated at the official  residence of Nyali Ete, General Secretary, Galo Welfare Society, Lohit Unit, yesterday.

  Addressing  the festival revelers on the occasion, the chief guest MLA Karikho Kri  stressed on the need of maintaining communal harmony. “We should not encourage communal feeling at any cost.  I am an elected representative and I will always respect the cultural sentiments of any community for peaceful co-existence, progress and prosperity of every community”, he added.  Kri is also the Chief Patron for Mopin celebration in Tezu.

Deputy Commissioner, Anjaw, C.S. Jeinow joined the celebration as Guest of Honor.  Public leaders, PRI leaders, HoDs and  Govt staff also  attended the celebration.

Nyali Ete  also spoke on the occasion. He lauded the  activities of GWS Lohit unit for general well being of the Galo people.  He also  appreciated MLA, DC Anjaw  and others  for their participation in the celebration.

Variety of foods, traditional drinks and cultural dances were the main highlights of the day.

At Changlang, Mopin was celebrated at district HQ Changlang.

Speaking on the occasion as chief guest Opak Gao, Deputy Commissioner  described the Galos as the most advanced community of the state. He called upon them to play the lead role in all aspects and become role model  for other tribes. He further said, time has come for self-introspection through such platform like festivals. “We should create a conducive atmosphere to live harmonious life among various tribal groups and other communities,” he said.

The Guest of Honour, John Jugli, ZPM Changlang South,  said that the ideology and belief behind every festival celebration is the same. He appreciated the Galo brothers and sisters of Changlang for organizing celebration in grand manner to showcase their rich culture and traditions. Thinghap Taiju, MLA, North Changlang and Parliamentary Secretary IPR, attended the festival as special Guest. He said, “Mopin Gidi” is being celebrated throughout  the state even outside to foster brotherhood, peace, prosperity and happiness. He further said, the month of April is the month of Festivals especially in Changlang district.

T.Amo, SP Chief Patron of Mopin Celebration Committee, Commandant 25 Assam Rifle, Marina Kenglang, ZPM Changlang North, J. Karbi, and President MCC  also spoke on the occasion. Other highlights of the celebration were community feast and cultural activities.

At Basar,  Lok Sabha MP Takam Sanjoy participated in the Central Mopin Festival  as a chief guest.

“Cultures and festivities seem to be above all religion”, said Sanjoy in his address to the gathering on the  festive occasion.

He appealed the Galo Community to think seriously for preservation of the age old tradition and cultures which we practice in form of festivals. He further said it is the Galo community from whom most of the tribes of Arunachal Pradesh have learnt many good things.

 “Religions are a faith but culture and traditions are our identity. Religion will never loose, it will go on expanding but our identity may be swallowed with the changing time”, he  said.  Ethnicity of our culture and tradition should not be disturbed rather it should be integrated and  our culture be maintained and preserved, no force should be allowed to disturb the beauty of our ethnicity, Sanjoy said.

Sanjoy also advocated for encouragement of inter-tribe marriage in Arunachal Pradesh and inter-state cultural exchange as well.

Regarding changing of nomenclature from Galong to Galo, Sanjoy  said  the matter be may included in the monsoon session  of the Parliament. The MP also appealed the state Chief Minister for early finalization of  proposed new district and it’s headquarter.

God has endowed Arunachal Pradesh with natural beauty and so many tribes with cultures and traditions, said O.T.Lepcha, Rajya Sabha MP from Sikkim, who was the guest of honour of the festival.

Stressing on preservation of flora and fauna of  the state, he  said  Arunachal Pradesh  Govt should give more  priority on tourism sector. Gojen Gadi, local MLA and Parliamentary Secretary, Tourism also wishes the people on the occasion.


AITF to launch  protest rally  in capital

ITANAGAR, Apr 6: ‘Voice in Unison for Justice’ - a peaceful protest rally is all set to be launched here against the infamous MMS case of Daporijo Police Station and other cases of the atrocities meted out to weaker sections, specially on women and children by men in uniform. The rally will be spearheaded by Arunachal Indigenous Tribes Forum (AITF) on April 9 next.

AITF was established on September 3 last year in a joint meeting of leaders of various community-based organizations of the state to constitute a pan-Arunachal body to take up issues common to all indigenous tribes of the state under one umbrella. The peace rally,  the first of kind  in the state will witness equal participation from various NGOs, student bodies and individuals from various communities, AITF stated today.

“We appeal all like-minded concerned Aruna-chalees to join us in solidarity,” called Bengia Tolum, AITF Chairperson.  Jarjum Ete, the Forum’s Vice Chairperson, said, “All participants are requested to assemble sharp at 9 am so that the rally can kick-start at 10 am positively from RKM Helipad near Ganga Market. This rally shall terminate at the Raj Bhawan, where a memorandum singed by the participants would be submitted to the Governor with an appeal for introduction of reforms in Police Administration, Law and Order in the state.”

The participants shall be addressed by few selected speakers at the starting point and at the terminating point of the rally, informed PG Tago, AITF Publicity Secretary


British high commissioner visits Tawang

ITANAGAR, Apr 6: In the last leg of their maiden five-day tour to Arunachal Pradesh, British High Commissioner Sir Richard Stagg and his wife Arabella reached Tawang yesterday. The British High Commissioner and his wife visited the beautiful lake ‘Pankang Teng Tso’ or the ‘P.T. Tso’ lake which is a tourists’ paradise located at a distance of 17 km from the township. In the evening they visited the Tawang Monastery.

Tawang is believed to have derived its name from the magnificent Tawang Monastery perched on the edge of the ridge running along the western part of Tawang township. The monastery was founded in 17th century by Mera lama Lodre Gyatso. Tawang Monastery is one of the most important  element in Social and Religious life of the Monpas. This Monastery is known as "Galden Namgyel Lhatse". It is one of the largest Lamaseries of Mahayana sect in Asia. Lamseries comprise of several sections ranging near about four hundred years, devoted to Love,  Learning and Purity of life.

This fortified complex covers an area of 135 sq. meters enclosed by a compound wall of 610 meter long. Within the complex there are 65 residential buildings and 10 other structures. The library has valuable old scriptures mainly Kanjur and Tanjur numbering 850 bundles. It is dated back to 17th century A.D.

The British High Commissioner also visited the Ani Gompa of the nunnery. Brama Dung Chung Ani Gompa (nunnery) is the oldest Ani Gompa (Nunnery) in Tawang district of Arunachal Pradesh. This nunnery is located in the lap of a far off mountain surrounded by natural beauties. It is located at a distance of 9 km from the main township of Tawang. The nunnery was established by a Lama named Karchen Yeshi Gelek from Tsang province of Tibet in the year 1595 AD.

Gyangong Ani Gompa is another beautiful Nunnery. The Nunnery is located on top of a beautiful hillock about 5 km away from the north of Tawang founded by Mera Lam Lodre Gyamtso and was consequently offered by him to his elder sister. Thus the Gyangong Ani gonpa came into existence.

On the last day of their stay in this Frontier State and before leaving for National Capital, the couple visited other important places like Tawang War Memorial etc. Going with the unique tradition of Raj Bhavan and before leaving for Tawang, British High Commissioner Sir Richard Stagg and his wife Arabella had planted saplings at the northern lawn of Raj Bhavan on April 5. PRO to Governor


Shergaon Forest division launches website

ITANGAR, April 6: The Shergaon Forest Division in West Kameng district has gone online with  the launching of its website www.shergaonforests.org. Tenzing Norbu Thongdok, MLA Rupa- Kalaktang and Chairman, Arunachal Pradesh State Pollution Control Board inaugurated the new website at the office of the Divisional Forest Officer, Shergaon in Rupa  yesterday.

Thongdok lauded the efforts of Shergaon Forest Division to disseminate information  through website and maintain transparency.  He expressed hope that this initiative will help in providing a citizen friendly service to people living in the Rupa –Shergaon –Kalaktang region and help in streamlining service delivery in the region and bringing transparency in administration.

The features of the portal include general information about the organization, its brief history, area of operation, maps, organization structure, objectives and responsibilities, basic statistics, rules, regulations and acts, standard operating procedures, contact details, information on forest management, protection, produce, various schemes including scheme wise achievements, details on Compensatory Afforestation and important links. The initiative will bring more transparency and enable efficient monitoring of government schemes,  says the Divisional Forest Officer (DFO) Dr. K.S. Jayachandran.

A special feature on forest diversion is also included for better coordination with the user agencies like dam projects and BRTF informing  the latest status of pending proposals, operating procedure at division, formats of proposals for user agencies and communications.

T.N. Thongdok, along with former Minister D.K. Thongdok  also released the computer training module designed by the Divisional Forest Office for training of frontline forest staff.


A Different Stroke

Tom Simai

For the successive state governments, the Chakma-Hajong Refugee (CHR) issue has been an absolute enigma. The convolution was so deep and obscure that it perplexed the leadership from finding any legitimate nostrum. Even after melding the strength and intellects of the state, over the years, it could not stabilize the tremor. It is still limping to find any concrete conclusion.

In the past, while dealing with the issue, our myopic and pompous attitude flared the option that could have actualized an optimistic corollary. The repudiation to find a middle way as a solution severely deteriorated the issue and hampered our social system. That deprived the local population of their indigenous rights upon land, life and property. In short, if a solution is delayed further, social upheaval is inevitable. Hence, the only option to end this saga of antagonism is a dialogue or a peace talk.

Thrashing all our differences, we should offer our friendship to CHR and start a dialogue for a fresh beginning. Earlier, by aggression, we endeavored to coerce a solution that gave CHR the upper hand, letting them to triumph over us. We dealt with the issue within the perimeter of the state and safety of our closed doors. CHR took advantage of the situation. When we were demonstrating and shouting slogan within the state, the CHR leaderships were lobbying and manipulating the central leadership and knocking the door of human right forums that defeated our initial agitation. If only we had responded more sensibly, the scenario would have been contrasting to what it is today.

It was our drawback or say egoistic attitude; we eluded the dialogue route. And the elusion cost us our indigenous rights, ancestral land and social stability. Moreover, it cemented the distances between them and us, besides enhancing the ecological devastation, encroachment, communal disharmony and criminal activities by the CHR.

Our inaptness of reacting to the butchering of locals, kidnapping, torturing and humiliating on-duty officials was the prime reason that boasted the CHR temerity. Furthermore, our muteness over CHR allegation of state atrocities witnessed sympathy wave flowing in their favor.  Our laxity to barricade their illegal expansions encouraged them to infringe the indigenous rights, wildlife act, forest act, human rights act, criminal acts etc. And finally, we capitulated, fearing the repercussion of National Human Rights Commission that was blindly favoring the CHR.

No doubt, with their mammoth population and illegal advances, CHR has been instrumental in scripting the plots that concluded in communal disharmony and glorified the path of hatred. They know that their involvement in illegality has crafted the atmosphere of abhorrence and deepened the distances between them and development. Moreover, their disregard for indigenous feelings, belief and rights shredded their affinity with the locals.

In such backdrop, I believe what aggression and isolation couldn’t do in last many decades; perhaps a dialogue blended with hope can do the miracle. Only a healing hand can regulate the CHRs ambitious expansion and criminal acts. CHR should also remember that dialogue can only herald a new era of peace, prosperity and friendship. It’s a small price for a prosperous future.

For sure, violence, aggression, isolation, hostility, animosity and coercion are not the answer of this conflict for identity and indigenous rights. Only through dialogue the generational wound can be healed. It’s a simple case of understanding and reciprocation - revere our indigenous rights and we will respect your identity. (The writer can be reached at [email protected])


Where are we heading for?  

Taba Ajum

ITANAGAR,  Apr 6: MMS scandal of Daporijo, NSCN (K) threat letter, unearthing of 2000 illegal appointments, ever green PDS scandal and now this outrageous step by Naga People’s Front(NPF) to form their unit in Arunachal Pradesh. All these and many more events in the last few months have destroyed the myth that Arunachal is a peaceful and soulful state.

In the last 10 years things have changed for bad. In the name of development corruption has manifold and hatred among tribes have intensified. Today people discuss about which tribe has highest population and which has more number of employees in that or this government department. Even a minor collision between two vehicles in middle of road can lead to big fight and that is followed with imposition of fine.   Person with criminal backgrounds are given more respect in society and on the other hand educated, well mannered people are sidelined.

When we were growing up our parents urged us to concentrate only in study and we dutifully followed their sermon single-mindedly hoping that life will get better in future. However now when we turn around and see those classmates who never put in any effort in education becoming officer, thanks to their rich and influential parents, it does makes us wonder why we wasted so much of time studying hard.

At this moment in Arunachal if one wants to dream for better future, either they should be rich or have political connection or have criminal background. Our society is setting a dangerous trend and in days to come we may have to bear severe consequences for this bad precedent.

In case of Daporijo MMS scandal, it’s shocking to know the involvement of police personnel. The two minors were like brother or sister to those tribal policemen. It’s hard to digest that our own tribal people have become so cruel and inhuman. I almost cried after watching just few second clip of that MMS and still it haunts me whenever I recall those few second clips.  

 Communal clashes at Roing between two groups also warn us that if mutual trust is not built we may witness many more such clashes between various tribes in future. Politicians always use one tribe against other for their personal benefit. However ordinary citizens can try bridge that gap, so that our children do not grow up in hateful atmosphere.

Lastly it worries to know that Naga People’s Front is planning to start their Arunachal unit. But who is to be blamed for their bold move? Is it for the weakness of our government or weakness of people of Arunachal? Better to leave these questions for our respected readers to answer. Meanwhile am wondering where are we heading for as a state?


Arunachal  RTI Activist Forum supports Anna Hazare  on Lokpal Bill

ITANAGAR, Apr 6: The Arunachal RTI Activist Forum has come out in the support of veteran social activist Anna Hazare, who is on an indefinite hunger strike demanding a comprehensive anti-corruption bill.

Hazare, a Gandhian, began his hunger strike yesterday demanding the government to draft a new Lokpal Bill, which will give more powers to Ombudsman to check corruption.

“I support Anna Hazare's fast for national debate on Lokpal Bill. People like Anna Hazare will force a people's movement against the system which is tainted with corruption only,” says Arunachal RTI Activist Forum Chairman Chopa Cheda in a press statement today.  

Dwelling on the importance of Lokpal Bill, Chopa further said that the cases against corrupt people will not linger on for years anymore, which usually happens and is a deterrent, and the investigations in any case will have to be completed in one year.

“Trial should be completed in next one year so that the corrupt politician or officer is sent to jail within two years”, he added.


Association says no to further recruitment in DRDAs

ITANAGAR, Apr 6:  The Arunachal Pradesh unit of All India DRDA Staff Welfare Association has strongly urged the authorities concerned to stop further appointment in DRDAs in any form and also to restrain from transferring and posting its staff considering the financial position of the Agency.

The state unit of the DRDA staff welfare association further hoped that both the chief minister and RD minister will grab the opportunity provided by the Central Government to absorb the existing DRDA borne employees in RD department immediately. According to the association the Central Government has assured to bear 90 per cent salary expenses of the absorbed employees to be placed in DRDA on deputation basis.

Meanwhile, the association informed that the Centre has released Rs. 9.32 crore as additional central grant for arrear salary of DRDA employees as per 6th CPC’s pay structure and Rs.1.33 crore by the state Government as part of additional state grant under DRDA administration.

It is not wise decision

Dear Editor,

The Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) depot was established at Emchi village under Doimukh circle during the year 1987 and its has been rendering service as sole distributor to the various parts of Arunachal Pradesh without any interruption. But unfortunately the IOC is now planning to increase the stocking capacity of the depot with consent of few land donors without taking into consideration the majority of immediate affected families.

The IOC depot is highly inflammable and explosive. Necessary safety measures like fire extinguisher, well trained staffs and medical facilities were not properly stationed. Its existence and establishment at such populated area is also threat to mankind.

Moreover, notification of revamping of IOC were not made known to the affected people, elected panchayat leaders, GB's and general public. The public hearing which has been conducted through local dailies was not an appropriate means to take the views of the public. The LO.C authority had never organized any safety awareness campaign in and around village to educate the villagers regarding how to tackle the untoward situation.  Besides this, the entire land donors are not the residents of Emchi village, hence their views does not represent the entire village.

It should be mentioned here that at the time of its establishment of the depot, the villagers were not known about its negative effects nor did the IOC authority impart any awareness programme.

Therefore, we the bonafide villagers would like to request the authorities to stop revamping process and remove IOC depot from Emchi village for betterment of local residents in particular and general public as a whole.


Teshi Tutu,

Emchi village, Doimukh



Students and other organizations

Dear Editor,

In reference to the article published in your local dailies on 3rd April titled ‘Reasons why illegal appointment is flourishing business.’ I being part or members of students’ union would like to clarify that the role of the students’ union is not to give punishment to the culprit but it is the duty of the authority and government to take all sorts of legal actions when the students’ union makes the issues public. Further in the absence of strong political parties in the state students’ unions are performing what so called the role of opposition party in somewhat, as there is no other organisation who could mobilized the masses when the states need us. In addition to this we the students unions are fighting selflessly for the society and state as a whole without getting any pay or salaries. We would like to know who are these little new unknown organisations and its members. Whatsoever the organisation stands for but we would like to inform everyone that when the students union raised issues we don’t have anything to lose. Whereas this unknown organisations and its members are job holders or doing some sort of business , so they have many things to lose and usually compromises when the situation becomes tense or when high level pressures falls upon them.

The problems of our state is that here everyone wants government jobs, now tell us how so many graduate students can be filled up in the government jobs. Rather what we believe is that our parents and elders should encourage their child & students for entrepreneurship, so that the state does not face the burden of unemployment. Lastly students’ unions’ identity is not bandh call, they have their own instinct & conscience when to take what sort of steps.

Arunachal Pradesh from time immoral has witnessed contribution and sacrifices of the students and we are proud of what role our students are playing for the society and state as a whole. The dictates of any individual or party will never be accepted without proper valid reason by the conscience of the student’s representative in the state. Therefore, we hope the people of the state will never lose faith in the student’s organisations and we believe the comrade students’ representative of the state will always perform their duty.


Nabam Tado



Dream fulfilled

Dear Editor,

Much to the delight of the villagers, Denka and Bogoli villages were electrified  by Naharlagun power division on March 26.  I, on behalf of 15th Denka Panchayat segment, would like to appreciate Doimukh MLA cum Parliamentary Secretary, Industry Nabam Rebia  for  his untiring efforts in electrification of villages which is long-felt dream of the Denka and Bogoli villagers. Tadar Radhe, A.E and J. Deka, J.E Power Division, Naharlagun  also deserved appreciation for their  hard work and dedication in  electrification of villages.

We expect many more development activities in years to come from the present Doimukh  MLA Nabam Rebia.


Gollo Yakin,  ASM



Nothing wrong in private practice

Dear Editor.

I would like to convey my opinion regarding private practice of doctors or teachers in the state.  It is very unfortunate that after 15 to 20 years of services doctors are not qualified to have even luxury car or home. Moreover, in spite of their sincerity and dedication in professional duties they're not given a chance to become a secretary like departmental heads of other departments. Rather the posts of director are even tried not to spare in health and education department. If the credit is not given to the baseline functionaries of health  and education  departmental officers by Govt or public, the result may be worse in the future.

Regarding private practices/private tuition,  I would like to mention here that only few doctors/teachers (say 20 per cent)  engage themselves in such thing. One should think and talk about remaning 80 per cent doctors and  teachers who are serving in the rural  and far flung area without incentive for so many years. Do they get anything other than salary?

Therefore, I appeal  to the youth association not  to go blindly against the private practice /private tuition of doctors and teachers at this juncture,since they are using their extra time (private time) and their services  directly benefit the patient/public/student.

Recently the Govt has initiated the pay clinic in Govt hospitals. Very interesting point is that under this initiative a little amount of doctors’ hard earned money money will go to Govt exchequer.  Why such initiatives are not taken in other departments too ?

I do appeal  the doctors and teacher to use their extra time but not for the cost of normal assigned Govt duties. Let’s all contribute our extra time (Private time) productively for the welfare of our people and state as a whole.


Dr Kipa Tubin

Secretary, Arunachal Pradesh Doctors

Association (APDA),

Papum Pare district

Unit, Yupia



Nguri is innocent

Dear Editor,

This is in response to the Daporijo P.S. No. Case No. 20/2011, dated 16th March 2011 in regard to shameful and unfortunate MMS case which occurred on 12th June 2009.

During this period alleged accused Kili Nguri was working as Chowkider in Textile & Handicraft Department Daporijo and he has no any close relation with Daporijo P.S. personnel.

In 2010, he being a sport loving person used to play volleyball at Police Station campus Daporijo, every evening, through which he became well- acquainted with police personnel of Daporijo PS.  One evening in the last part of year 2010 (either November or December 2010),  after a volleyball match, Nguri was asked by the ASI Boham Bo to inform  one of the victims of MMS case to meet Bo.

Accordingly Nguri along with his friend went to the victim's resident since the victim's mother is his clan sister, and informed them to go to Police Station Daporijo to meet Bo. Thereafter they left for their home.  He had no knowledge of whatever  was happen¬ing between the both parties.

Another fact that is to be given attention is that Nguri's name is wrongly  mentioned as constable in state media reports. Whereas Nguri was inducted as Police driver under sport quota on Feb 7, 2011 and he was under train¬ing at PTC Banderdewa where he was arrested on 23rd March 20l1  in connection with MMS case.

Boham Bo  also had clearly stated before the LO and O.C. that Nguri is innocent and  was not involved in the case.

Therefore, on behalf of All Nguri Welfare Society I plead that   Nguri is innocent and he may kindly be released from the custody. Investigation in the case should be done transparently and no innocent should be harassed or punished un-necessary.


Nguri Kyokam


All Nguri Weflare Society



Tali needs Govt attention

Dear Editor,

Even after it was separated from Taming constituency over  two decades ago, Tali  circle in Kurung Kumey district does not witness any development yet.

It is very unfortunate that in this age of information technology one has  to travel for  3-5 days on foot to reach Tali.   The people of Tali area are still deprived of proper road connection, health care  facilities, educational development, supply of electricity and  proper supply of PDS.  These are the main reasons why the people of Tali and Pipsorang scatter in different place like Ziro, Daporijo  and the  state capital.

I appeal to the state government to pay special attention to Tali assembly constituency as Tali is most backward constituencies in the state and  also support the developmental activities initiated by local MLA Er. Markio Tado. This is humble appeal to Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu to kindly provide more fund to Yangte - Tali road under RIDF scheme, as this road seems to be lifeline of Tali constituency. Students' and other organizations are also requested to support to cause of Tali and Pepsorng circle.



Former  GS,  RGUSU






All email and surface mails must be accompanied with contact numbers and full postal address. Do keep writing but please make sure that letters are short and to the point.  



News Impact

NHPC scholarship

ITANAGAR, Apr 6:  50 students from various parts of Lower Dibang Valley and Dibang Valley districts were awarded scholarship by NHPC under its phase –II CSR activities carried out by Dibang Multipurpose Project today.  M. K. Gupta, Chief Engineer, NHPC Ltd, DMP, Roing distributed the award in a function today. While interacting with the students, Gupta said as per the corporate social responsibility,  the project shall always extend all possible assistance  to the students.  He further said students should pursue their studies quite sincerely.


‘Allegation against BDO baseless’

PASIGHAT, Apr 6: Ruksin Anchal Chairperson along with 46 others has rejected the fund misappropriation allegation levelled against Ruksin BDO describing that it was baseless and politically motivated.

The BDO Ruksin was a senior, impartial, dedicated and efficient officer and such baseless allegation may disrupt the on-going development activities in the area, they said in a press statement.

The chairperson while expressing dismay over such unfounded allegation against a dedicated officer, demanded the intervention of the East Siang deputy commissioner into the matter and proper investigation. DIPRO.


Judicious implementation of PYKA scheme sought

SEPPA, Apr 6: The All East Kameng Students’ Union (AEKSU) has urged the panchayat leaders, general people and implementing agencies not to establish playgrounds inside school premises or school lands under the Panchayat Yuva Krida Khel Abhiyan (PYKKA) scheme in East Kameng district. Since the scheme is meant for the community, such a move might create differences between the public and students over ownership and possession of the lands in future, the Union said.  It also requested for proper and judicious implementation of the   PYKKA scheme so that  the villagers reap the benefit of the scheme in true sense.


Longte festival

ITANAGAR, Apr 6: Longte Festival would be celebrated at  Koloriang  from April 10 to 15 next with traditional  fervor of the community.   

Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu and  Member of Parliament Takam Sanjay have consented to be the chief guest and guest of honour of the festival, according to festival celebration committee release.



ITANAGAR, Apr 6: Rachung Khoda and Dolong Tako were elected unopposed as the new president and general secretary of All Capital Complex Youth Welfare Association (ACCYWA) for the year 2011 to 2013 in its annual general body meeting held here yesterday.


Union looks for  NEC stipend

ITANAGAR, Apr 6: North East Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital Students’ Union (NEHMC&HSU) has criticized the Directorate of Higher & Technical Education saying that the directorate has sent back the released NEC stipend for re-approval without the knowledge of the students’ community.

While demanding immediate release of the NEC stipend, the students union appealed to the AAPSU leaders to initiate immediate inquiry regarding the NEC stipend and the reason for sending it back.


UPC formed

ITANAGAR, Apr 6: A new organization -- United People’s Council (UPC) has been formed with Anok Wangsa and Aath Tacho Kabak as president and general secretary respectively. Council aims to function as an apolitical group and take up the cause of common masses. It further pledged to work for the unity and integrity of the state.



ITANAGAR, Apr 6: Marbam Taro, Pomcho Tapak and Tamuk Tatang were selected as president, general secretary and vice-president of All Tali Area Sports Club Welfare Committee.


NBCC conference

ITANAGAR, Apr 6: Nyishi Baptist Church Council (NBCC) is going to conduct its 39th NBCC annual conference at Bosso Baptist Church, Seppa, East Kameng district. Under the theme “Jesus is the Answer”, the conference will begin on 29th April and end on 1st May. Rev Dr Z K Rochill, auxiliary secretary, Bible Society of India, Dimapur will be the main speaker.


RGU to celebrate Arunachal Panorama

ITANAGAR: Rajiv Gandhi University will celebrate Arunachal Panorama, the festival of diversity between 8 to 10 April 2011 at the University Campus.

Takam Sanjoy, MP, will attend the inaugural function as the chief guest, which will be held on April 8 from 5 pm onwards.


Governor’s intervention sought

ITANAGAR: Arunachal Indigenous People’s Union (AIPU) sought the intervention of Governor to reduce the prescribed rate for furnishing copies of the documents under RTI Act from Rs.10 to Rs. 2 per page.

According to a notification under the Act, the rate for furnishing copies of document should be Rs.2 per page, AIPU said in its letter to the Governor.

The AIPU hoped that reduction in fee would pave the way for more poor people to use the RTI Act and improve citizens' access to information.


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