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April  -  13


AITF facilitates Joint Roing Declaration

ROING, Apr 12: A start has been made towards normalisation of community relationships in Roing with the signing of the Joint Roing Declaration on inter community relations by representatives of the Idu and Adi communities which was facilitated by the Arunachal Indigenous Tribes Forum. The AITF-led delegation which also consisted of representatives from human rights organisations and Arunachal Press Club and Arunachal Pradesh Union of Working Journalists held a series of meetings with the communities over two days and were able to moderate an agreement.

The declaration, while acknowledging that external influences and interventions, such as cultural contact and cultural assimilation, had deeply undermined the closely held traditional values among the indigenous peoples vis-à-vis Idu Mishmis and Adis which had led to inter-tribe distrust and misunderstanding.

The declaration resolved and agreed to condemn the recent violent incidents that took place on 17th March 20011 in the strongest terms and sought to encourage the younger generation to make friends with youths of others tribes in the state, thereby bridging cultural gaps among the various groups of Arunachal.

It stated that both communities have explored together and learnt the root causes of the conflicts leading to the recent incidents in our state and the linkages between the different causes. The communities have agreed to address the conflicts for a just resolution.

It also felt the need for further efforts towards strengthening and improving skills in conflict resolution and peace building, particularly the skills of listening, dialogue, cooperation and coordination, development of new ideas and networking.

The resolution also discerned a set of Common Concerns for the need for maintaining rule of law, restoration of peace and continuation of the peace process initiated by the AITF.

While fixing responsibility for the restoration of peace, the signatories strongly felt that extremist elements needed to be restrained under active action of the leaders of Adi Bane Kebang, Dibang Adi Students Union, Idu Mishmi Cultural and Literary Society and All Idu Mishmi Students Union.

The declaration further stated that as the first step towards confidence building measures for a long term solution of the recurrent trend of mistrust, both the communities would abide by rule of law and turn in the criminal offenders and agreed that henceforth, individual criminal offenders will not be sheltered by any community or such cases will not be made into a communal issue.

The declaration was signed by Kangir  Jamoh, President, Adi Bane Kebang,  Kelo Pulu, President, Idu Mishmi Cultural Literary Society, Roing, Bani Danggen, Chief Advisor, Adi Bane Kebang, Tone Mickro, General Secretary, IMCLS, Mibom Pertin, President, Adi Bane Kebang, Lower Dibang Valley, Namo Linggi, ZPM,  Bassu Perme, District President, Adi Cultural Literary Society,  Leche Mow, Senior Member, IMCLS, Jowar Moyong, Vice-President, Bogum Bokang Kebang, Paro Molo, Senior Member, IMCLS, Bishen Mepo, Senior Member, IMCLS, Israel Perme, General Secretary, AdiSU, Gibi Pulu, Anchal Samiti Member. The declaration was endorsed in solidarity by representatives of the AITF delegation, comprising of, Bengia Tolum, Chairperson, AITF, Jarjum Gamlin Ete, Vice-Chairperson, AITF, Pura Guth Tago, Mantu Mossang, Awang Lowang, Dharmawati Mongmaw, Aju Khonjuju and Sheriff Nimasow. Media representatives, Jarpum Gamlin, President, Arunachal Press Club and Tongam Rina, President, Arunachal Pradesh Union of Working Journalists as well as Bamang Tago, Chairman, Arunachal Citizens Rights and Amar Sangno, journalist. Other signatories included members of the Peace Committee of the AITF, advocates Tony Pertin and Sunil Mow.


Can we dare to dream?

Tongam Rina

There are two images that I will carry in my heart for a long time of the visit to Roing as part of the Arunachal Indigenous Tribes Forum (AITF) peace initiative. Two young men, one a mere school boy, sharing their stories of how they suffered during the recent communal clashes between their two communities. The stories were uncomfortably similar. One’s parents house was vandalized, their life uprooted and forced to shift away from a place where they hold deep memories. The other, shot in his shoulder and today, not certain if he will ever recover, not the least because his family does not have the finances to treat him at Vellore where he has been referred.

Young men who had dreams in their hearts - today caught in the middle of this communal turmoil. Yours truly still cannot decide if they are poster boys of their communities or victims of it.

One is shocked by the intolerance that has become a buzzword in the Arunachal that we live in - we can’t seem to tolerate anyone who is not in our circle.  And it is not just about ethnic or tribal identities. Politicians cannot tolerate RTI activists, bureaucrats cannot tolerate inquisitive public, businessmen cannot tolerate unaccommodating officers and factions cannot tolerate another in the same union. As we have moved on in life, on this path of ‘development’, intolerance has crept into our lives almost unnoticed.

Community and individual aspiration have always been part of our society. We have heard stories of raids on each other, conflicts and even small scale wars. But there have always been traditional institutions that have shielded and helped in conflict resolution. But given new equations, they seem to have lost whatever teeth they have had and no one seems to care - until the next major crisis!

Today we reach a point when we must realize that without cooperation, things do not move. Whether it has been resolving incidences of kidnapping, border disputes or factional rows. Time and again, we have been made to see that we must stand with each other.

We must respect, understand and tolerate the other - if we ourselves are to survive.

The initiative of the AITF is a prime example. A conglomeration of community organizations, its intervention has shown that it is still possible to nourish our aspirations yet at the same time give space to others to nourish theirs. In fact, yours truly feels this is the only way.

What will happen in Roing next is only for the Adi and Idu communities there to decide. AITF has been a bridge, but to cross it is in their hands and minds. To their credit, both communities have shown exemplary understanding in the series of meetings that were held. But will this peace hold? The stories of the two young men point to only one thing- our young cannot be damned because of our lack of foresight. And this is not just for Roing but for our state as a whole.

On the way home from the helipad, I saw a girl pillion riding on a bike  with a t - shirt which proudly said “Dare to Dream”. I smiled and yet had to wonder, are we giving our youth that opportunity?

One last thing, the person whose parent’s house was vandalized is today at the forefront of the peace efforts. Are we with the likes of him?


AAPSU to hold consultative meeting

on NPF move in state

ITANAGAR, Apr 12:  All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union (AAPSU) will organize consultative meeting on 7th May 2011 to discuss about Naga People’s Front (NPF) decision to start their Arunachal unit. This was decided after meeting of AAPSU executive body held here today.

The 7th May consultative meeting will be held at Banquet Hall, Itanagar and AAPSU has invited all elected representatives of Tirap and Changlang including MLAs and Panchayati leaders to participate. AAPSU has also urged all the head of political parties, civil society group, leading NGOs to join in this marathon discussion. Further AAPSU has requested all its former presidents and general secretaries to attend the meeting. AAPSU President Takam Tatung in a release said this meeting is being held because of NPF decision to start their Arunachal unit. “As this is a serious issue concerning integrity of Arunachal, we want to discuss it with people of Arunachal before taking any step. We appeal all the elected representatives of Tirap and Changlang to attend the meeting so that we also get their views regarding this move by NPF,” said Takam Tatung. He went on to add, “NPF entry into Arunachal is a serious issue and in days to come this can have huge repercussion. We want backing of people of Arunachal to fight against evil design of NPF and hope 7th May meeting will come out with some effective decision.”  AAPSU urged all civil society groups and NGOs to chip in with their suggestion during the meeting.


AAPSU  to shut down NEEPCO Yazali

office for 8 hrs

ITANAGAR, April 12: AAPSU has called 8 hour bandh on 28th April in the premises of Ranganadi project office, Yazali over non-commitment shown by NEEPCO management towards demand placed by union on 17th January 2011. AAPSU led by President Takam Tatung had submitted 10 point memorandum to NK Mao, HOP, NEEPCO, Yazali. The main demands of union include provision of fund for construction of anti-erosion wall at Licha, Hawa camp and Kimin area. The other major demands were changing of nomenclature from Ranganadi to Panior, which is the original name of the River over which the Dam is being built, fish ladder provision, 5% free power to all the affected villagers, 100% job reservation in C &D categories for the project affected people and 50% reservation of job in other categories for Arunachalee citizens.

However recently while replying to AAPSU demand NEEPCO officials of RHEP, Yazali put the onus on state government and higher authority at Shillong to look into those demands.  “We won’t let NEEPCO office function on 28th April. But there will be no road blockade and all. We are only agitating against NEEPCO authority for non fulfillment of 10 point memorandum submitted by AAPSU,” said AAPSU President.


Siram inaugurates Water Tank at Runne

PASIGHAT,  Apr 12: Education Minister Bosiram Siram visited Runne village, the birth place of Lt. Dr. Daying Ering, about nine kilometers away from Pasighat on April 11 last and inaugurated the newly  constructed 56,000 ltrs capacity water tank. It was constructed by the PHE department at the cost of Rs. 65.65 lakh under the central scheme Bharat Nirman. A long pending demand of the villagers to get fresh clean drinking water has been fulfilled, said the minister on the occasion.

Later, a public meeting was also organized at the village Dere (Community Hall) by the villagers under the chairmanship of DC Onit Panyang. Siram and Rtd. IAS Officer Oshong Ering graced the occasion as Chief Guest and Guest of Honour respectively. Addressing the gathering, Siram said developmental activities need to be taken on war-footing  in his constituency. He further said that he is making all out efforts to ensure that each penny is spent/used honestly and judiciously. Siram further said that provision of drinking water, electricity, ration, health and educational institutions are  basic necessities and he is working with a goal  to provide these amenities.

Responding to the memorandum submitted by the villagers for up-gradation of Runne Primary School (Estd.1965) the minister directed the DDSE to examine the matter. Siram called on the people to join hands to make Arunachal an educated state in the country. On his part, he assured his best efforts towards this mission and informed that the education department is trying its best to enhance school infrastructures like buildings, boundary fencing, teachers’ quarters, etc besides emphasizing on vocational education for students.

Reiterating the hydropower as the backbone of State economy, the minister appealed one and all cooperate the government for revenue earning as well as creation of employment avenues for the state’s people.

Among others, Er. Tapi Darang, Er. T Tebo, Er K Rina, Er. Tamoli Takoh, DDSE T. Talom, ZPM Namuk Taloh, Advisor to CM Nanom Jamoh, Anchal Chairperson (Bogong) Y Tamuk and number of other prominent persons, GBs and villagers were present on the occasion. DIPRO


NRHM review meeting held  

Efforts on  to deploy adequate staff  in health centres: Byaling

ITANAGAR, April 12: A day long review meeting of NRHM was held at Banquet Hall,  here  on April 9.  The meeting held under the initiative of Health and Family Welfare Minister Tanga Byaling, Secretary (Health & FW), Kaling Tayeng, Mission Director (NRHM) Talem Tapok, and Addl DHS Dr. K. Nishing was attended by DMOs, DRCHOs, DPMs, District Account Managers, District Community Mobilizers and Programme officers of Directorate of Health Services took part in the meeting.

Addressing the  gathering Health and Family Welfare Minister Tanga Byaling informed that all the existing health institutions couldn’t be made functional due to severe shortage of manpower. There was no possibility of further sanctioning new institutions or upgrading the existing ones before creating adequate manpower to make the existing hospitals and health centres fully functional.  The minister further said that steps will be taken this year for adequate manpower to make the Distt Hospitals fully functional.  He told that the Department has redeployed all the Malaria staff before the monsoons. Similarly, the redeployment of ANMs is on and  to overcome the acute shortage of GNMs, the School of Nursing at Pasighat for GNM with 20 seats would be made functional from this year using the existing infrastructure.

 Reiterating his commitment made to opening of new Blood Banks at Ziro, Tawang, Aalo, Daporijo, Tezu and Yingkiong, he directed the DMOs to furnish action taken reports on the inspection reports of GoI within this month. He said that the evening pay clinic model started to overcome private practice of doctors which was experimented at GH Naharlagun is quite successful. It must be mandatorily replicated immediately in GH Pasighat and in District Hospitals by the Jt DHS(T&R) Pasighat and DMOs respectively. Those Hospitals generating more internal resources for own maintenance will be supported by proportionate contributions from the Govt, he said. He asked the DMOs and DRHCOs to ensure that all the quarterly targets set for RCH and training activities must be achieved 100 per cent before the next review meeting in July.

Dr. D. Padung, Nodal officer (NRHM) made a power point presentation highlighting the performance status of the districts based on latest reports updated on HMIS web portal and also highlighted the ranking of the districts by GoI based on their performance report. Further, he also highlighted the activities that need to be implemented in all the districts during the 1st quarter with immediate effect.

Kaling Tayeng, Secretary (Health & FW) told that online and manual reporting is pathetic resulting in non reporting of activities even though they are undertaken. This was in spite of ample contractual manpower starting from Block Accountants to the Distt Programme Managers with the DRCHOs. He asked the DRHCOs to ensure proper division of work related to updation and reporting to enable fixing of responsibility on the contractual staff. The DRCHOs should without fail focus on immunization, health camps, check ups of pregnant women, consumption of IFA tablets, ORS in diarrhea, new born children care, institutional deliveries etc which are the goals of NRHM  instead of running around and diverting their energies on civil works which is only a small component of NRHM and a means to an end.  All the targeted activities of the districts need to be completed on time, he said.

The Addl DHS and MD NRHM asked all DMOs and DRCHOs to ensure that as funds for RCH activities are available, the set activities be carried out immediately. The concerned district officials should ensure proper reporting to avoid zero figures. Both of them said that the focus of NRHM which is to ensure that no Women dies due to pregnancy issues and no child dies should be targeted by the DMOs and DRCHOs.

All other State Programme Officers also raised their issues. The meeting ended with Vote of Thanks by the Secretary HFW.


AAYA calls capital bandh

ITANAGAR, Apr 12: All Arunachal Youth Association (AAYA) has called for a 12-hour capital bandh on April 15 next in protest against alleged failure of the home minister to improve law and order situation and deliver justice to the people. It said that para military and police force, ambulance, milk van, magistrate on duty and media will be  exempted from the purview of the bandh.  AAYA  said that  the HM failed to deliver justice to the widow of policemen, get the main accused in Daporijo MMS case arrested and  control the prevailing law and order in Tirap and Changlang. It also alleged violation of recruitment rules while appointing 200 police personnel.


Short delivery could be penalized

upto Rs 25, 000

LM & CA Deptt organizes

awareness campaign

ITANAGAR, Apr 12: Following the  implementation of Legal Metrology Act, 2009 from 1st April last, a team of officers and officials from department of Legal Metrology  and Consumer Affairs organized awareness campaign at different locations of Itanagar  today.

During the awareness campaign special emphasis was laid on general practice of short delivery by unscrupulous traders due to which consumers do not receive the quantum of commodities for which a consumer pays for. On the spot arrangements were made to demonstrate various techniques adopted by unscrupulous traders to deliver commodities in short through manipulation of weighing and measuring instruments.

General public present were made aware of the relevant provisions of the new Legal Metrology Act, 2009. Under the provisions of the said Act, short delivery of commodities would attract penalty upto Rs. 25,000 for first offence and upto Rs. 50,000 or with 6 month imprisonment for subsequent offences. Various types of packaged items like toys, cosmetics, baby food etc have been exhibited  during the campaign. The officers suggested people to be careful while buying such items in respect of quality, quantity and potency. Besides, special emphasis was also given on display panel of the commodities which requires mandatory information like MRP (inclusive of all Tax), net weight/content, address of manufacturer/packer, date of manufacture, expiry date.

It is mandatory that MRP printed on the items should be inclusive of all taxes. When MRP is declared on a package, it is the highest price at which the item is to be sold to ultimate consumer.

At the petrol pump, procedure of delivery was demonstrated by Inspector of Legal Metrology Itanagar. The public present were suggested to be careful about the meter reading which should be set at Zero before delivery and in case of any doubt or short delivery the matter may be informed immediately to respective district units of Legal Metrology.

The team also inspected a retail outlet of LPG where they arranged public demonstration. It is mandatory on the part of dealer to deliver LPG cylinder to each and every consumer after proper weighment. Weight of cylinder at the time of delivery should be net weight of LPG i.e, 14.2 Kg plus weight of empty cylinder which is invariably written on the body of cylinder.


Formation of political partiy will create chaos and confusion: ATSU

ITANAGAR, April 12: Stating that it has come to know about the NPF move for formation of its branches in Arunachal Pradesh only through media, All Tirap Students’ Union feels that it is not the right time to form new political parties. “We are sure that common people of Tirap district are in the dark about NPF’s entry into Arunachal Pradesh. There is no mass movement and also the party has no strong base in the district,” the Union said.

Tirap district has already beset with plethora of problems.  Development activities have come to a standstill in the district due to prevailing law and order situation.  Now it is time for all the leaders to work unitedly to find a lasting solution of the insurgency problem, the union said in a release today. It further said that this is not an appropriate time to form parties which will create only chaos and confusion in the minds of the people.

The Union further said the political leaders must keep the common people informed of their plan and policies. They cannot achieve anything without the support and cooperation of the people.

Saying that Tirap district has suffered enough, the union called upon the leaders to look for solution to the chronic problem of the district instead of indulging in formation of new political parties for their own benefits. As a federal unit, the union also extend support to the stand of AAPSU.    

Meanwhile, Arunachal Law Students Union (ALSU) has come out in support of AAPSU and urged NPF to refrain from starting their Arunachal unit.

In a release ALSU President Tadar Tarish said, “There is no doubt that NPF is communal political outfit and Arunachalee citizen should not let NPF start their state unit at any cost.” Further he added, “We are surprised by the silence maintained by state government and various other political parties regarding NPF issue. Keeping mum on this issue can demoralize spirit of people. However, NPF need to understand that ordinary citizens of Arunachal bitterly oppose their entry into state.”


APPDSU  decries reappointment


ITANAGAR, Apr 12:  Arunachal Pradesh is often called as the land of Khushi-Khushi for reason that people and government here do not bother about law of  the land. Keeping this spirit of state intact, Rural Works Department (RWD) has appointed K C Dhimole who had retired from his position as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Arunachal Road Development Agency (ARRDA) on contract basis for one more year.  Disclosing this All Papum Pare District Students Union (APPDSU) has  termed  the decision as corrupt practise and called upon the state government to immediately revoke this.  

According to the documents obtained by APPDSU K C Dhimole had retired on superannuation with effect from 31/03/2011 as CEO of ARRDA in the office of chief engineer RWD. However RWD dept in a Govt order vide No. SWRD-29/2005, reappointed him as CEO of ARRDA on contract basis for one more year with effect from 1st April 2011.

“How can government reappoint K C Dhimole after his retirement from the same post? Aren’t there any other officers to replace him or he is the only candidate left in the department to fulfil this post,” questioned APPDSU President Nabam John. Calling this appointment illegal, APPDSU urged government to remove him at the earliest and advertise the said post so that truly deserving candidates get chance.


Pong-Tu celebrated at Khonsa, Changlang

ITANAGAR, Apr 12: The Pongtu-Tu, the most important festival of the Tutsas was celebrated at Khonsa on  April 11 with enthusiasm and traditional fervour.

Speaking as chief guest on the occasion, Rural Development Minister Takar Marde, while greeting the people, passionately appealed them to preserve, protect and promote their rich traditional culture for the coming  generations. The minister appreciated the Tutsas for making sincere efforts to preserve their culture and urged them to work hard to catch-up with the other tribes. He asked the youth to challelize their youthful energy towards constructive purposes and come out from the cocoon mindset and laidback attitude and to work for all-round progress. Guest of honour, Roing MLA Laeta Umbrey while describing Arunachal as a mini India said that all the tribes of the state celebrate different festivals at different periods adding that though the mode of celebrations differs, the spirit behind the celebration is the same. He exhorted the people not to trample their traditional culture in the name of modernity.

Special guest, Seppa MLA Tani Loffa in his deliberation said that many indigenous tribal dialects, songs and dances are vanishing forever and asked the Tutsas to leave no stone unturned to zealously guard their traditional practices for the posterity.

Earlier, in his welcome address, local MLA and chief patron of Pong-Tu celebration committee Kamthok Lowang highlighted the significance of the festival adding that Pong-Tu fosters love, peace, unity and prosperity.

The chief guest and the other distinguished guests also witnessed the chicken sacrifice rituals at the makeshift Paang (dormitory). Pong-Tu folk dance, modern dance and community feast marked the day long celebration. The Governor and the Chief Minister of Arunachal extended their Pong-Tu greetings to the Tutsas. Tirap DC,SP,HoDs, Panchayat leaders and public attended the festival. DIPRO

At Changlang,  The Pong-Tu” festival of Tutsa community was celebrated with much funfair and enthusiasm.  Speaking on the occasion as chief guest, DC Opak Gao  said the Pong-Tu festival symbolizes strength and vibrancy in the society. He further said, Changlang district is one of the most peaceful district and people here are simple and peace loving. He appealed  the people to maintain peace and tranquility for all round development.

Marina Kenglang, ZPM changlang North,  the guest of honour, said the culture, tradition and festival are deep rooted in the mind set of people. She called upon  the community to preserve and promote own identity. She also advised students  pursue their study vigorously to become torch bearer in future.

SP T Amo, who was also Guest of honour, advised the people to keep themselves away from opium(kani) which is highly harmful to human health.  In the past opium was used for good cause for its medicinal value to cure various ailments. But at present, people particularly young  are using it for wrong purpose which creates bad impact on physical and mental health. He appealed  all to extend support to the civil as well as police administration to eradicate the social evils and for peace and harmony in the district.

W. Pongte,  former MLA changlang, in his speech said the Pong-Tu is an agricultural festival. Other attractions of the festival celebration were the melodious drum beating,  cultural programmes and community feast. DIPROs


Bike rally organised to mark Longte

ITANAGAR, Apr 12: Longte Festival Celebration Committee in collaboration with Upper Subansiri DC, Changs Trust  and Tamaripa Youth Club has organized Motorcycle Rally today with a theme – Save Mithun, Save flora  and fauna, Save Earth.  Around 100 bike riders took part in the rally which was flagged off by chief guest Er. N. Konia, EE PHED, at Rijo ground, Dapirijo. The rally was specially organized to bring awareness among people about the need for preserving Mithun and preserve environment. Er. R.C Sharma was the Guest of honour of the occasion.

Both  Konia and Sharma exhorted the gathering to preserve and protect environment by planting more trees and denouncing mass deforestation.

Addressing the rallyists at Gandhi market, resources person S. Timba, DPO, Daporijo delivered a vibrant speech on protection and preservation of Mithun as well as birds and animals.

Biru Nasi,  former General Secretary, AUSDSU was the resource person at Dumporijo. He also stressed upon conservation of flora and fauna. Damik Game, Chairman Tamaripa Youth Club  also stressed on preservation of environment. “Our people are being blessed with abundant flora and fauna and it should be used judiciously. It is high time we need to preserve and protect birds, animals and forest or else what happened in Japan may happen here also”, he said. Rago Duchok, secretary of the festival led the bikers and expressed deep concern about ecological imbalance.” Rampant killing of wild animals is a great threat to ecology and people should realize this sooner, he said.


Administration urged to intervene to lift road blockade

ITANAGAR, Apr 12: Inter-district boundary dispute took ugly turn as some miscreants reportedly imposed road blockade at Rupong-Bobia bridge point area along Seppa-Sagalee-Yazali-Itanagar road.

The road blockade has created a feeling of insecurity among the commuters as a number of minor incidents have been reported since the road blockade was imposed on April 8, according to All East Kamend District Students’ Union (AEKDSU).

Criticizing the Sagalee ADC and Leporiang CO for being a mute spectator to the development, AEKDSU urged the authorities concerned to act tough against the sponsor of the road blockade to bring normalcy to the area.

Describing the road blockade as undemocratic, XII-Pakke-Kessang Youth Forum demanded the authorities concerned to clear the road immediately, or else, the forum would launch democratic movement.

It appealed to all  civil societies including Nyishi Elite Society, All Nyishi Students’ Union (ANSU) and panchayat leaders to intervene into the matter for greater interest of people of both the district.


News Impact

UAEA demands recruitments in vacant posts

ITANAGAR, Apr 12: Unemployed Arunachalee Engineers’ Association (UAEA) urged various engineering/work departments to float advertisements of all vacant posts of draughtsman, surveyor and junior engineers immediately.

It also urged the authorities concerned of the newly created technical branch in education department to maintain the 50:50 ratio as per the recruitment rule.


Varma visits Tawang

TAWANG, Apr 12: Uday Kumar Varma, Secretary, Union Ministry of MSME arrived at Tawang today on a two-day official visit to the district.

Just after arrival, he had a brief interaction with district officers in the circuit House. Later, Varma inspected Industries Office and Emporium and visited Manjushree Vidhyapeeth Orphanage and Tawang Monastery and interacted with school children and monks respectively.

He will be leaving for Guwahati tomorrow after visiting P T Tso lake and Tawang War Memorial. DIPRO


AARCA calls for transparency

ITANAGAR, Apr 12: All Arunachal Registered Contractor Association (AARCA) today appealed the State Govt to maintain transparency   in the process of inviting tenders and  distribution of contract works. It said that mandatory guidelines must be followed while inviting tender for execution of projects under MLA or MP Local Area Development Fund Schemes and Special Plan Assistance.

 Demanding white paper on performance and utilization of fund, AARCA alleged that  the powerful politicians and bureaucrats have been carrying out contract works  in the name of others. Such practice deprived the genuine contractors and also   affects the quality of works, it said.


Nyishi Day

ITANAGAR, Apr 12: Lower Subansiri district unit of Nyishi Elite Society (NES) will celebrate 4th Nyishi Day on April 19 at Dullungmukh.

Dullungmukh ZPM Nido Tor heads the celebration committee as chairman while MLAs Nido Pavitra and Likha Saaya are the chief patrons.


6 houses gutted in fire

ITANAGAR,  Apr 12: At least six houses were gutted in a devastated fire at Dumporijo, Upper Subansiri district  at around 12.50 noon on  April 11.  This was informed by Madde Kangu, Chairman, Indigenous Mission, Dumporijo in a release today.  

 The fire engulfed the houses, destroyed properties and devoured domestic animal before the  fire brigade reached from Damprijo,  the release said. However, there is no report of human casualty. The cause of the fire is yet to be ascertained. The Indigenous Mission requested the authorities to provide fire brigade facilities in Dumporijo to check and prevent frequent fire mishap.


People cautioned not to touch live wire

ITANAGAR, Apr 12: The department of power, Capital electrical division has informed that newly constructed 11 KV high voltage distribution system (HVDS) line along both side  of NH-52  from Mithun gate to PHQ, Chandan Nagar  is ready for charging with 11000 volts electricity at any day after April 15. The department cautioned the public not to climb to the poles or touch the overhead conductors or the electrical equipment connected directly or directly.  Department shall not be responsible for any loss or consequence after the order issued.


VIF to organize  2 day national seminar

Itanagar, Apr 12:. Vivekananda International Foundation (VIF) in coordination with Vivekananda Kendra, Arunachal Chapter will organize a two-day national level seminar at the Banquet Hall, here on  April 16 and 17. The seminar will focus on the socio-economic, political, cultural transitions, environmental aspects of this border state.

The seminar will also dwell on the implications and its solutions. It will also witness a host of scholars and experts from various  field including  Vijay Kapoor, former Lt. Governor of Delhi  and Admiral K.K. Nayyar, former Vice Chief of Naval Staff and the Chairman of VIF Trust.


IMWA clarifies

ITANAGAR, Apr 12: The rumour of a blanket ban on selling of tobacco products like gutka, pan masala etc. in Capital Complex has encouraged black market trade.

In fact, selling of such tobacco products have been prohibited within a radius of 100 meters of various educational institutions and hospitals by district administration, clarified Itanagar Market Welfare Association (IMWA). The order did not impose any ban on selling of such items by those shops which do not fall within the prohibited jurisdiction; and they can sell such items without any hesitation, it added.



ITANAGAR, Apr 12: Ramle Banggo Welfare Society (RBWS) deeply mourned the sudden demise of ASM Binjum Bame at his native village Tene yesterday. Bame was the Anchal Samity Member (ASM) of Tene-Sido-Sipu anchal segment under East Siang district.

He left behind his wife, two sons a daughter.

Late Tene was actively involved in grassroot politics and various other social activities. His death is a great loss to society, RBWS said in a condolence message.

The RBWS fraternity conveyed its heartfelt condolence to the bereaved family and prayed to almighty for eternal peace of the departed soul.



ITANAGAR, Apr 12:  Taring Tanam, Charu Talo and Biki Tapang have been appointed as president, vice-president and general secretary of Chambang block unit under Kurung Kumey district unit of ASSATA.

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Everyone can be whistleblower

Dear Editor,

This is with reference to the letter “We are whistleblower” (April 11). I am really very much hurt by the content of the letter. Many deprived and exploited fellow of Arunachalees including me have really over expected from the SAF (Save Arunachal Forum).   Very need of the hours is good leaders and organizations who can lead the depressed and browbeaten denizen of our state to fight against corruption. I am sure thousands of unemployed and frustrated youths of our state will stand by them who dare to lead the fighting against corruption.

Anyone can unearth the illegal appointment and malpractices by the authority through the RTI, hence SAF has not done anything worthy till date. But, by reading the letter of the president, SAF, I feel that the only difference between common man and SAF is that the SAF is misusing the terms ‘Save’ and ‘Arunachal’. They term themselves as ‘whistleblower’. From this point of view, the SAF should be renamed as ‘Arunachal whistleblower Forum’ which is very much suitable for them.


Kangge Danggen




Let’s stand together against Corruption

Dear Editor,

We exist in the era of corruption. A corruption certified as justifiable by highly qualified and experienced bureaucrats and politicians who are supposed to lead the nation. They ride on the ignorance of the poor and the downtrodden citizens of the country. They are dignified as officers and leaders by the citizens of the country yet they pocket every paisa that comes in the form of schemes and funds meant for the development of the public. The people elected leaders and bureaucrats amass lion share of the wealth of the country to become billionaires overnight leaving the third-fourth majority of the citizens to perish in hunger and poverty.

Nothing strange to have known that the Political & Economic Risk Consultancy Ltd (PERC) Hong Kong-based business consultancy firm rated India at 8.67 on a scale 10 with the high end being the worst case of corruption scenario. The stories of corruption is an unending chapter once unfolded to speak of as the daily papers and television news channels tells it each day. Anyone will feel ashamed of being citizen of this corrupted nation as the world recognized and rates it. But worse is being citizen of the State where the practice of corruption is in no way lesser than the Central. Thousands of cases of corruption practiced by the bureaucrats and politicians in the State of Arunachal Pradesh are unearthed. But cases of corruption wide circulated through daily newspapers and news channels are enough for any knowledgeable individual to learn how corrupted our leaders and officers who are suppose to lead the state along the path of genuine progress and development at every sphere. We live in the era of corruption least checked by corruption free concern authorities of the government if is exists at all. The PDS scam with no substantial result up-to-date, the 2000 illegal appointments in various Govt. Dept., the MMS scandal at Daporijo Police Station to mention a few. It is not mandatory for leaders and officers of the State of Arunachal Pradesh to follow the system of corruption practiced in elsewhere of the Country. Today leaders of our State are setting such an evil trend of corruption if too late this trend can never be changed and the backwardness of the state remains from bad to worse. The hard reality of corruption is right through in every department of the State. It would be a rare of the rarest case to learn of a citizen of the state getting recruited to his/her desired job on pure merit basis. In most of the cases individual get job on high payment of bribery to officers concern to get the paper works before his/her appointment to the concern post. Like-wise today most of the registered Non-Voluntary Organizations and Civil Societies are helpless in getting funds and grants from Govt. Dept for various developmental activities just because they are not able to pay the commissions as demanded by the concern dealing officers of the departments. Crores of money gets sanctioned every financial year to various state ministries for development and expansion of Educational Institutions, Health Centres, Roads and Rural Development but where does the funds get exhausted when visible developmental works are not seen by the general public citizens of the state.  Corruption can be compared to the incurable disease cancer which gradually but steadily eats up every tissues (wealth) of the nation. This disease of cancer can be got rid of if the leaders and officers of the state begins to give up their manned selfish interest and perform their role and responsibilities.  Genuine development of the state and upliftment of the poor will become a reality only and if the present designated officers and people’s elected representatives dare to stop practices of corruption at all level.  

A wake up call to all NGOs, Civil Societies, Associations, Organizations and Forums as the Jan Lokpal Bill (Citizen's ombudsman Bill) has taken strong stand on India against Corruption led to initial victory by Anna Hazare an anti-corruption crusader of our time. Series of scams involving politicians and bureaucrats at highest places has shaken the conscience of the nation. Despite public outcry, no worthwhile investigations are going on in any one of them. This is because of several systematic deficiencies in our anti-corruption. The fight for Jan Lokpal Bill to be passed in the Indian Parliament is a campaign with no alignment to or against any political party. This campaign is against the background that every political party has misused their position whenever they have been in power or otherwise. Therefore, it is time that the citizens of this country unite to demand systematic changes. Changes that will punish the guilty and recovery the money. We are also victims of corruption for it’s our money too. Let’s be there to stand for our state against all forms of corruption.  


R. K. Paul Chawang




We need more Anna Harazes

Dear Editor,

Hats off to Anna Hazare and his brigade for their relentless crusade against corruption.  The nation-wide support for the modern day Mahatma’s movement reflects the common citizen’s abhorrence for corruption, who wants to make a change.  A change towards corruption free nation and better future for the posterity. We need more Anna Hazares, who can ignite the energy of the country men to uproot the menace of corruption, so, that the nation is saved from doom.  


Suraj Tayang,






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