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April  -  14


Army Mela enthralls Itanagar

Governor calls for Arunachalee youths to join the Indian Army

ITANAGAR, Apr 13: Breathtaking motorcycle stunt show with daredevil maneuvers by Armymen held thousands of people spellbound on the first day of the Army Mela at Indira Gandhi Park here today.

Spectators, including school children from various schools in Capital Complex thronged the IG Park to witness army’s maiden daredevil show in Itanagar.

The opening day's activities included  Dog Show, motorcycle display by the daredevil team of the army and paratroopers’ jump from helicopter.

The show also included display of various remote controlled aero models, Malkhamb, Bhangra dance, hot air ballooning etc.

The activities were witnessed by Arunachal Pradesh Governor JJ Singh, Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu, Assembly Speaker Wanglin Lowangdong, Ministers, Member of Parliament, among others.

Many spectators were seen watching the show from rooftop and upper slope of the park.

PRO to Governor adds: Earlier, Governor Gen JJ Singh inaugurated the Mega Army Exposition along with Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu.

Giving insight of life in Army and discipline in it, the former Chief of Indian Army, urged upon the youth of the state to join the armed force. Along with employment and security, it provides opportunity for one to excel in life and most importantly to contribute towards defending ones motherland, he said.

“I would like to appeal to all of you present here today to pass on the message to each corner of the state that Indian Army stands by each and every Arunachalee and will be very happy to have them amongst its ranks. Join Indian Army and be the sentinel of this Frontier State,” Gen Singh said. Underlining that with the raising of Ist Battalion Arunachal Scouts, a new chapter has been added which will go a long way in instilling pride in the youth and in harnessing their energy and capability for protecting their motherland, Governor informed that he and state government led by Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu are leaving no stone unturned to have some more battalions of our proud Arunachal Scouts.

Calling for more Sadbhavan Projects, especially in remote areas, Governor said will further strengthen the bonding of the denizens with Army. Acknowledging the contributions of Indian Army, which has earned good name for itself through their exemplary discipline and patriotism, Gen Singh pointed out that unlike other people of the North East States, Arunachalees speak fluent Hindi and credit goes to the Indian Army.

Terming the two-day exposition a wonderful and inspiring event, Governor conveyed gratitude to the Indian Army, officers and all ranks and organizers on behalf of the people of Arunachal Pradesh.

Speaking on the occasion, Chief Minister Khandu, while appreciating 4 Corps for organizing the important event, exhorted the youth of the State to join Army.

Acknowledging the huge contributions made by the Indian Army towards the development of the state including education and health sectors, he appealed to the people of the state and also to the Army to contribute towards each others’ welfare for mutual benefit. The Chief Minister also called for early positioning of Army establishments at the land allocated to Army at Sessa and Gomto.

Khandu appealed to the Army for providing job opportunity to the local youth, while underlining that indigenous populace have better knowledge of the topography. Impressed by the mega show, Khandu urged upon Air Force and Navy also to organize such exposition.

Earlier, in his welcome address, GOC 4 Corps Lt Gen Gyan Bhushan said that the army always has strong bonding with the people, especially of Arunachal Pradesh. Since long it has been standing shoulder to shoulder with the denizens and maintaining the security of the country.

On the Army exposition, Lt Gen Bhushan said, through this Mela, we aim to create awareness about Army and opportunities provided by it. Our brigades and battalions have been encouraging youth from remote areas to avail the opportunities by joining the force. Expressing his delight that such a mega Sainik Mela could be organized in the state and realizing the encouraging enthusiasm shown by public, Corps Commander credited it to Governor and the Chief Minister for giving the opportunity. He hoped that at the end of the two-day event, both Civil and Army will better understanding of each other. Lt Gen Bhushan assured to continue the endeavour of the Army to have more and more youth from Arunachal Pradesh among its ranks.

Finance Minister Setong Sena will be gracing the second day as the Chief Guest.


PDS contractors calls for release of HTS within a month

ITANAGAR, Apr 13:  Expressing resentment over inordinate delay in release of pending Hill Transport Subsidy (HTS) to the PDS carriage contractors, All Arunachal Contractors Welfare Association (AACWA) has urged the State Govt to  release  the HTS bills within 30 days.

In an ultimatum submitted to the Chief Minister, the Association appealed him to make the HTS payment as per court directives immediately.

Referring to the series of court orders which included payment of HTS bills including interest around Rs 100 crore, the Association said due to non-payment of pending HTS bills since 2004-07, the local carriage contractors have been facing untold miseries and also facing wrath of the bankers.  Non compliance of the  court order  is amounted to humiliation and murder of justice, the Association said.

The Govt has already made a payment of Rs 400 crore  under DST department (Rs 250.0 crores), department of food and civil supply (100 crore) and against the SGRY scheme (68.0 crore) without any codal formalities,  the Association said  and questioned why the Govt  failed to give justice to PDS carriage contractors. The Association claimed that the recent state cabinet decision taken in presence of Advocate General was not fair. In spite of taking decision to bail out the contractors and bail out the state Govt. property attachment and negotiate on the Rs 100 crores interest amounts, the  decision of the cabinet demoralized the local carriage contractors, it said. Why contractors should be dragged and victimized in fight between the Central Govt and the state Govt, it questioned and said that the attitude of the state Govt. towards contractors is totally humiliating and discriminating.


AITF visit a way forward in building confidence: IMCLS

ITANAGAR, Apr 13: The Idu Mishmi Cultural and Literary Society (IMCLS) has expressed it gratefulness to Arunachal Indigenous Tribes Forum (AITF) for their visit to Roing in their mission for peace.

We appreciate their timely intervention and feel that the organization has contributed immensely in building confidence between the two communities of Lower Dibang Valley, said its General secretary Tone Mickrow.

It has been a great learning experience to interact with the AITF members in building our capacity to understand and identify the problem in right perspective. We feel that the ability and experience of the organization can be used effectively for resolving conflict and peace building, it said.

We look forward to AITF for a peaceful, progressive and prosperous Arunachal and believe that the organization will in true sense create a pan-Arunachal identity, he added.

We are deeply moved by the sincerity of AITF members who went empty stomach for hours meeting people from both the communities and we express our deep gratitude to them for showing solidarity with the affected people, the message added.


Aalo STS walks away with best achievement award

ITANAGAR, Apr 13: The Station Superintendent of Aalo State Transport Services Tuter Nima  has been  conferred with Best Station Superintendent of the year award. While L R Narzari of Aalo, station won the best driver of the year award, Ngabi Potom of Namsai station was declared best conductor. The award consists of cash prize of Rs 30,000 for SS and Rs 20,000 for driver and contractor with certificates.

Local MLA Techi Kaso presented the award in an annual award giving function organized for the first time to recognize the contribution and achievements of the dedicated STS staff in the state at Naharlagun STS premises yesterday.

Kaso  advised the STS  officers  and general staff  to make all out efforts to enhance the revenue  of  the transport department. Pointing out  the  proposed Lokpall Bill and triumph over corruption by Anna Hazare,  the MLA  also stressed on the need of improved work culture and called upon the staff to perform their duty with  more dedication and honesty.

He also appreciated the present General Manager, State Transport Services, Repo Ronya, for instituting annual award.

Ronya said such award could work not only as incentive to the dedicated service of the officers and officials but also a morale booster in the years to come. He also said that the Award would be extended to other staff such as mechanics and booking clerk in recognition of their sincere and best services in future.

Highlighting the revenue achievement of the year 2010-11, he showered praises to all station superintendents for record increase of revenue collection. He advised the department officers to be more dedicated so as to earn more revenue in future and that the introduction of such annual award would go long way in this direction.


Goodwill visit infused new hope: ABK

ITANAGAR, Apr 13: A team of Adi Bane Kebang led by its president Kangir Jamoh attended the Arunachal Indigenous Tribe Forum (AITF) goodwill meeting held at Roing on April 11 and 12 last.

“Adi Bane Kebang is very appreciative of the initiative undertaken by AITF to bring communal harmony amongst various ethnic groups of Roing, it is hoped that such goodwill gesture from such civil society will surely infuse a new hope of peaceful co-existence,” an ABK release said, while expressing its readiness to extend all cooperation to AITF in bringing peaceful atmosphere in the area.

It also appreciated Dibang Valley district unit of ABK, ACLS, DAIF, AdiSU and DASU for their cooperation and active participation to inch towards bringing peace in the area.

Jamoh was accompanied by ABK chief advisor Bani Danggen and secretary general Bodong Yirang.

The ABK team also visited the affected area and extended financial help to the riot victims for further medical treatment.


Let that butterfly flutter for ever

Tamo Dadda

One of the best things that I love about our state is that, where ever you are, you are never far from butterflies. They are found every where, from the lowest plains to the highest alpine meadows of our state, even in few remaining bushes in Ganga Market to mighty migrations that they do in various parts of our state. Every morning while waiting for my office bus to arrive, the presence of butterflies hovering over few remaining bushes near by, delights me whole day and their absences on cloudy days, depresses me a lot. They have become my addictions.

There are around 1400 species of butterflies that are found in the Indian Sub- continent and our state proudly possesses around 200 species of them. Except for few surveys and expeditionary visits to various locations, there has been no proper detailed study of them in our state.  The lower valleys particularly in those areas which are less disturbed and in protected areas like Pakke Tiger reserve and Namdhapa Tiger reserves, still have a great number of species but the best place to study butterflies in the state is the areas lying between the altitudes of 900m-2000m. Any school kid who had ever dirtied their shirts in the bushes might have seen or caught caterpillars with varied patterns of colors crawling all around. It is this caterpillar which turns in to a pupa, from which the adult butterfly emerges. The main function of an adult butterfly is to mate and reproduce. The larger butterflies may have a life-span of 15-20 days, and the smaller, less than that. Some of the larger ones may even have a life-span as long as six months but there are records of some that lived for over a year.


Among the various wonders of nature, it’s the sight of migrations of the butterflies that marvels me lot. Here migration means steady movement of hundreds of butterflies in a definite direction. I have seen one such occasion in forest of Western Ghats but was surprised and honored to witness such wonders of nature in the Yambung areas of East Siang District of our state, especially along the Siding and Siring Rivers. If you are ever in that area in the months of late October to early November, you will witness thousands of butterflies flying down, long these rivers towards River Siang. The sight and buzz thousands of butterflies flying by is a sight worth dying for.

We need to immediately conserve that area and if possible, whole that area should be declared a Butterfly sanctuary. And the local people of that area should be encouraged to conserve these butterflies and a wildlife tourism model should be undertaken to help both the butterflies and the local peoples. Since areas from where these butterflies emerge are a community forest, this forest should be conserve at any cost.


The greatest threat to the survival of these beautiful butterflies is the rapid destruction of their habitat. Whenever any developmental activities are under taken, hardly any one bothers about these magnificent beings. Without whom many plants would have never bloomed for they help in the pollinations process of these plants.

Beside this, one of the greatest emerging threats to the survival of these beautiful animals is from eco-piracy. That is from tourists and bogus naturalist who illegally collect these animals and smuggle them to various private collectors and museums. The threat is also from those naturalist who collect large specimens for their various studies, undermining the vary purpose of their study, that is their conservation.

This reminds me of an incident that occurred few years back. A fellow wildlife Biologist had come to study birds of our state. I took him to Ziro, situated at around 1500 meters is an ideal place to watch wide range of altitudinal migrating birds in our state, besides also being most convenient from Itanagar. Early one morning, we went to a place called Tarin, from where most fingerlings are distributed to the farmers of the Valley. Tarin is surrounded on one side by ugly looking artificially planted pine tress and rest of it is flank by beautiful temperate oak forest.  In the midst of calls of various kinds of tits and fly catchers, there were lots of butterflies basking and flying around. But one particular butterfly caught our attention; it was a male red lacewing. Those who can identify this particular butter fly will agree with me that it is one of the most beautiful butterflies to sight in the wild. Forgetting the beautiful birds for a moment, we went after this butterfly to photograph it. But it requires a great patience to do that. As we followed the butterfly, it led us in to a beautiful oak forest. Here the call of the birds was dominated by magpies, thrushes and fly catchers. At last we were able to photograph the butterfly but that time it had become quite dark. Since the forest was new to both of us, we decided to settle down under a large oak tree. As trained biologist we were not afraid but rather were enjoying the darkness of wild. Suddenly there was a metallic sound in the dark. Hoping for worse we shouted, in the nick of that moment, some one shouted at us from the dark. He turned out to be a hunter from Hong Village, who was more shaken than us. He later told us that the metallic sound that we had heard was actually the sound of the trigger that he was priming. He saw and thought us as a pair of Asiatic Bear huddled down.

But the thought of death never bothered us, for we were so smitten by the beauty of that male lacewing that even now, I can remember his grace, beauty and dignity of presentation and his fearless take on life. (The writer is a wildlife Biologist and can be contacted on [email protected])


Governor, CM greets

ITANAGAR, Apr 13: Arunachal Pradesh Governor Gen JJ Singh has conveyed festival greetings and good wishes to all the people of Arunachal Pradesh on the auspicious occasion of Sangken, Bihu and Baisakhi.

In his message, Governor expressed his hope that these festivals, which herald the dawn of the New Year, will usher-in peace, progress and harmony in the year ahead.

He has extended best wishes and greetings to the people of of Assam on the festive occasion of Bohag Bihu.  In his festival message, Gen Singh wished that the festival would further strengthen relations between the two states.

Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu has extended his warm greetings to the people on the occasion of Sanken, Baisakhi and Bohag Bihu.

In his festival message Khandu hoped that these festivals which synchronized on the same date would usher in good health, bumper harvest, prosperity, happiness and world peace. He prayed almighty god to bless each and every sentient being on earth.

Meanwhile, rank and file of the Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) extended warm Rongali Bihu and Bhaishaki greetings to the people, especially the people of Assamese and Sikh community on the joyous occasion.

The festivals will bring peace, progress and prosperity and also spread the message of communal harmony and feeling of brotherhood among the people, APCC said in its festival message.


Review meeting of Dept of PR

Itanagar, Apr 13: A Review Meeting of the Department of Panchayati Raj with the District Panchayat Development Officers and Chairpersons of the Zilla Parishad was held in the office of the Directorate of Panchayati Raj, Itanagar on Wednesday.

The meeting was attended by Minister (PR &RD)Takar Marde who also inaugurated the newly constructed office building of the Directorate of the Panchayati Raj in presence of the Chairpersons of the Zilla Parishad and the District Panchayat Development Officers.

Addressing the gathering in the meeting, Marde, spoke in length about various issues of the PR Department. Reacting to the issues raised by the Panchayat Members, the Minister (,PR) assured to look into the genuine issues of the Panchayat Members at the highest level.  The day long discussion on various issues of the Department of the Panchayati Raj was chaired by Bidol Tayeng, Director (PR).

Many issues of the Department concerning the district functionaries and the Panchayat Bodies were discussed in the meeting. Issues ranging from Mobility Honorarium of the PR Members to issues like Devolution of Powers to the PRIs were discussed.


Thongdok tours remotes villages on foot, assures development

ITANAGAR, Apr 13: MLA cum Chairman, Arunachal Pradesh State Pollution Control Board (APSPCB) T  N  Thongdok  visited the remotest  villages  of his constituency from April 8 to 12 last.

Large number of Govt officers including  West Kameng DC R Tachi,   Panchayat leaders and Congress leaders accompanied him during his visit.

While responding to public memorandum during his visit to Lungdur village, on April 8, the MLA assured to fulfill their demands. The public in their memorandum requested  the MLA  for maintenance of existing school, construction of teacher’s quarter,  porter track, compound wall for the village Gompa, proper supply of drinking water, development of play ground and black topping of PMGSY road. While addressing the public, MLA informed that he will not compromise with the quality of work and stressed on judicious utilization of pubic money. DC R Tashi  advised the public not to hunt animals and destroy the forest resources.

At Betchelling,  the  MLA inaugurated a recreation hall. He told the BDO to redo some work to improve the quality of the recreation hall.  Reiterating his stand on quality works, Thongdok  exhorted the villagers to  take care of  public infrastructure. The DC also spoke on the occasion.

On way to Boha village, the MLA and  the DC inaugurated   two bridges  constructed under the PMGSY.

At Boha village, the MLA responded to the public memorandum submitted by ASM and assured to fulfill their demands.  Both MLA and the DC addressed the public gathering. The MLA  also inspected the school and other ongoing projects in the village and advised the public to main quality of work in the village.

On April 9, the MLA  and his team reached Angkaling. Thongdok inaugurated 30 KV Micro Hydel at Angkaling which was executed by department of Hydro Power.  Here also both MLA and DC addressed the gathering. Thereafter the team visited Dengzi village and Liphakpu.

Thereafter the MLA  and  his team  also visited Brokpalangchen and  Warrangpam.  At Samdrung,  the remotest village in the district which is not connected by road, MLA inaugurated border veterinary check post executed by PWD on April 10.

On April 11 the team toured Chingi and Kalaktang village.  They visited Samphung village, Kamalangchen and finally Shergaon on April 12.  In all the villages, the MLA addressed the  public gathering and assured to look into the grievances of the public.


Arunachal vis-a-vis presence of NPF

Taba Ajum

ITANAGAR, Apr 13:  There is a famous saying which goes like this, “Those who live in glass houses should not throw stone at others.” This proverb stands true especially for Naga People’s Front (NPF), who is on its way to spread its wings in Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh. NPF,which has been ruling Nagaland for the last many years have failed to bring in any major developmental  activities.

There is growing discontentment against NPF in Nagaland and already people of eastern region under the banner of Eastern Nagaland People’s Organization (ENPO) are demanding for separate state of ‘Frontier Nagaland’.

NPF should first set their own house in order before trying to encroach into other’s territory.  It’s quite ridiculous of them to justify their entry into Arunachal stating that they are regional party which gives them license to go anywhere in India.

In that case parties like Asom Gana Parishad(AGP) , Sikkim Democratic Front, People’s Party of Arunachal(PPA), DMK and even Akali Dal can start their unit in every part of North-East region. Will Naga people accept AGP or PPA entering into political scene of Nagaland? The obvious answer will be no and in similar vein NPF should understand that Arunachalee citizens will never accept their entry into Arunachal Pradesh.  

Claim made by NPF that people of Tirap and Changlang are being discriminated in Arunachal is absurd. Do they really know what it means to be discriminated? Successive government in Arunachal has always given special status to these two districts because of underground problems. There is exclusive Department of Tirap and Changlang to look into developmental activities. Citizen of these districts have better access to medical facilities compared to other Arunachalees because of good connectivity to nearby Assam towns like Tinsukia and Dibrugarh. Also people of these two districts have never ever openly declared themselves as Naga and tribes like Tangsa, Nocte, Wancho and Tutsa live there. Therefore, NPF need not worry for them and it is duty of the 12 MLAs of Tirap and Changlang to take care of developmental activities.

In the entire state Kurung Kumey and East Kameng is considered to be the most backward district, but there is no particular department for them. Last year Anini town, the headquarter of Dibang Valley district was cut from rest of state for around 10 months leading to immense humanity crisis. Places like Monigaon, Tali and many other areas of Arunachal do not have road connection till date. Residents have to walk 3 or 4 days to reach their villages in interior parts of state. What do NPF have to say about those poor Arunachalee citizens residing in remote areas for whom the road and electricity connectivity is still a distant dream? Are not they also being discriminated?

Does NPF think people of this state will believe their statement that “NPF has no hidden agenda” in starting Arunachal unit. It’s an open secret that NPF with tacit support of Nagaland based underground groups aspire to spread its influence in NE region and they look up to state like Arunachal and Manipur to start their mission. Naga issue is every emotive one for people of states like Arunachal, Assam and Manipur. At a time when peace has returned to NE region after decades of insurgency problem, why NPF wants to reignite the fire. This step by them can have catastrophic effect on social and political scenario of Arunachal. If NPF unit is allowed to start functioning in days to come Arunachal will never remain same.


Bandh call evokes mixed reaction

ITANAGAR, Apr 13:  The Tassar Mangha Charitable Society (TMCS) has  requested the All Arunachal Youth Association (AAYA) to withdraw its  proposed  capital bandh on April 15.   Suggesting peaceful dharna, hunger-strike and procession in place of bandh call, the Society said that such bandh call only affects the labour class and petty businessmen.

Meanwhile, the Society also appealed the state Govt to convene all-party meeting on the move of the Naga People’s Front to form its branch in Arunachal Pradesh.

Meanwhile,  Papum Pare, Kurung Kumey, Upper Subansiri and Lower Subansiri district units of All Arunachal Youth Association (AAYA) in a joint meeting held here yesterday unanimously extended their support to  the demands of its parent body and the proposed capital bandh on April 15.

While calling a bandh, AAYA alleged that the HM failed to deliver justice to widow of policemen; arrest the main accused in MMS scandal and control law and order situation in Tirap and Changlang.


Technical experts surveys

Naharlagun helipad

ITANAGAR, Apr 13: A team of technical experts from Leading Edge Adventures and Airparks Pvt Ltd, New Delhi headed by Capt Satish Pathania has surveyed the Naharlagun Hilipad today to study feasibility  of setting up Stol port. Other team members are Capt K S Gupta, Advisor and B K Srivastava, technical expert. Local MLA Techi Kaso and senior officers of the department of housing and urban development were present during the survey.

The state Govt has engaged the Company for preparation of feasibility report for construction of Stolport in the existing Naharlagun Helipad.   Setting up of Stolport will enhance air connectivity within Arunachal Pradesh and with the rest of the country, according to an official release.

Kaso, who took the initiative for Stolport has urged the company to complete the formalities as early as possible for construction of Stolport, the release said.


BJP condemns alleged cash distribution

in Assam polls

ITANAGAR, Apr 13: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Arunachal Pradesh has condemned the alleged cash distributions by the leaders of the party in power in Arunachal Pradesh for the Congress party candidates in Assam.

Pointing out the news report published in an Assamese daily on April 11, the party said that several teams of state Congress leaders campaigned in different parts of Assam and misuse of central funds meant for various development programmes and welfare schemes for the people of Arunachal Pradesh during electioneering can not be ruled out, BJP media cell said in a release.

BJP further said that the Congress Party and state Govt should  come out with explanation on the authenticity  of this news item.


Saakshar Bharat programme at Changlang

CHANGLANG Apr 13: Meet the Pradhan Campaign of Saakshar Bharat programme at Changlang district was launched on April 3.

A series of Awareness meeting were organized at Block level which started on 3rd April at Diyun and covering Bordumsa, Miao, Manmao, Khimiyang and Finally concluded at Changlang on 12th April’2011, reports DIPRO.

During the campaign PRI Members and Administrative officers participated and extended all support to implement the mission in its true spirit as main motto of the programme is to eradicate the illiteracy and to improve the low literacy rate where PRI members are to play a vital role for proper implementation of programme. In order to implement the programme effectively, all the Lok Shiksha Kentra (AEC) have been equipped with the accessories like Almirah, TV with DTH, Back books exercise books etc. supplied by state literacy Mission Authority(SLMA).

On 12th April’2011 the campaign came to an end at Changlang, DIPR


APSCW bids farewell to its

outgoing member secretary

ITANAGAR, Apr 13: The member secretary of Arunachal Pradesh State Commission for Women (APSCW)  Mamata Riba  has been transferred as Additional Resident Commissioner of Arunachal Bhawan, Kolkata, according to Women Commission sources.

Riba joined the Arunachal Pradesh State Commission for Women (APSCW) as member secretary in 2007 with additional charges of sub-divisional officer (SDO) Yupia and later promoted as deputy secretary, health and served the department till April 1, 2011. She is the second member secretary of the APSCW after Dishi Mihu, former director of Social Welfare, Women and Child development.

Addressing the farewell function held here today, APSCW chairperson Komoli Mossang  recalled the contribution of Riba in Women Commission as member secretary. The three and half year service of Riba has brought remarkable improvement towards women empowerment in the state, Mossang said.

APSCW vice chairperson Mepung Tadar  and   members Tadar Yadir and Yater Nasi also spoke on the occasion  and highlighted the achievement of its outgoing member secretary Riba during her tenure. All staff of the Women Commission wished her best on her new assignment.


RVM Mela extended for 5 days

ZIRO, Apr 13: Rashtriya Vyapaar Mela organized by North East Trade Fair Association (NETFA) in collaboration with Itanagar based Mutual Trust Organization (MTO) has been extended for another 5 days which will continue till April 17 next.

The Mela was initially set up for 12 days from April 02 but people’s demand and response has compelled us to extend it for another 5 days, said, Takhe Tatung organizing secretary.  

This time the Mela came up with a spice to spread the message of ‘Clean Ziro and Green Ziro’.


News Impact

Association welcomes decision

ITANAGAR, Apr 13: All Pip-Sorang Circle Youth Welfare Association has welcomed the decision of Kurung Kumey deputy commissioner to conduct site verification of the projects implemented under BADP in Pipsorang block. DC had constituted two member committee for site verification and asked them to submit report within 10 days of order.


School up gradation

ITANAGAR, Apr 13: The 12th Chullyu Panchayat under Yazali circle is organizing a function to mark up gradation of primary school to ME and inauguration of football ground at Chullyu village on 15th April. Local MLA and APEDA Chairman Likha Saaya and Nilla Mohanan, deputy commissioner Lower Subansiri district will grace the day as chief guest and guest of honour respectively.


Art of Living prog

ITANAGAR, Apr 13: The Art of Living is hosting a residential advanced meditation retreat (Art of Living Part II Course) at its Ashram in Jully from April 21. The 4-day course is opened to those who have already taken the Art of Living Part I workshop.


Union appeals

ITANAGAR, Apr 13: Koloriang Damin Parsi-Parlo & Sarli Students’ Union urged the MLAs of Kurung Kumey district barring Koloriang constituency to provide sufficient fund from their MLA local area development fund for infrastructure development of the district headquarter. It said that the fund given to the MLA of the Koloriang constituency alone was not sufficient.

It also urged the Kurung Kumey deputy commissioner to prepare town planning of the district headquarter and also take re-control of those Govt quarters which were  being occupied illegally by  local people.


Orientation training prog

CHANGLANG, Apr 13: Two day orientation Training on Planning and Implementation of IWWP was conducted at Changlang. The programme was organized by the District Rural Development Agency Changlang to implement the IWWP Project at Bordumsa.

The training was participated by the Block Development officer (BDO) Bordumsa WDT members, watershed committee, SHG, user group and PR members.

The programme was inaugurated  by  Manik Bui, APCS, Project Director, DRDA Changlang and Training was imparted by the officers of line department like Sericulture, Veterinary, Forest, Horticulture, Fisheries and the Nodal Department DRDA. DIPR


Social service

ITANAGAR, April 13:  The members of Arunachal Pradesh Congress Seva Dal, Naharlagun headed by chief organizer Taki Taba  have reconstructed the house of one of its office bearer at Nyokum Lapang, Itanagar through social service on April 12 last.   The house was damaged in a fire accident on March 11, the Seva Dal said in a release.   District Congress Seva Dal members also joined  the social service, it said.


Clear road blockade

ITANAGAR, Apr 13: The public of Pakke-Kessang demanded the authorities concerned to immediately clear the road blockade at Rupong-Bobia bridge point area along Seppa-Sagalee-Yazali-Itanagar road.

Criticizing the Sagalee ADC and Leporiang CO of Papum Pare for being a mute spectator to the whole episode, the public of Pakke-Kessang demanded their immediate intervention into the matter to clear the road.


Society lodges complaint

ITANAGAR, Apr 13: Shalleyi Anchal Welfare Society in a written complaint to additional deputy commissioner, Yachuli has resented illegal encroachment at School Football ground at government middle school Pistana.

Society claims that ground is being fenced by some private individuals despite it being public property. Further they have urged authority to immediately arrest the culprit and to book them under the law.


AIMSU upset at Mithi

ITANAGAR, Apr 13: All Idu Mishmi Students’ Union (AIMSU) has said that it is deeply hurt and pained by the priorities of Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha Mukut Mithi, choosing to inaugurate a place of worship instead of visiting the affected villages of recent ethnic conflict in Lower Dibang Valley district.

The union expressed its view in a correspondence, shot off to the parliamentarian this morning after learning that Mithi had consented to attend the inauguration of a place of worship in Asali village today, near Roing despite the fact that he is yet to visit, listen and reassure the victims of the ethnic conflict in the villages of Idili and Ithili.  The union said that it is deeply disturbed to realize that a respected and responsible community member as well as top notch state level political figure like Mithi had prioritized to attend the inauguration of place of worship rather than visiting the victims.

Meanwhile Malo Linggi, president AIMSU pointed that every dignitary who came to Roing had made a point to interact with the victims; starting from Ninong Ering, Member of Parliament, Lok Sabha, Eastern Parliamentary Constituency, Tako Dabi, State Home Minister, Laeta Umbrey, local legislator and the members of Arunachal Indigenous Tribal Forum (AITF).


AIPU cries foul

ITANAGAR:  Arunachal Indigenous People’s Union (AIPU) claimed that in departments like State Rajya Mission and National Rural Health Mission (NRHM)  more than 2000 illegal appointments were made without any advertisement in the run up to 2009 assembly election. AIPU stated that these appointments were made by politicians to woo voters.

Union has appealed to the concern department to re-advertise illegal appointment done in the year 2009, failing which they have threatened to take stern action.


Rongali Bihu

ITANAGAR: Rongali Bihu will be celebrated at Mopin Solung ground on 14th April.

Local MLA Techi Kaso and Dr Tejum Padu, joint director higher and technical education will be chief guest and guest of honour respectively for the day.

Various cultural troops from Assam as well as local cultural team will participate in the Bihu Sanmilan.

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Its our festival on April 15



Dear Editor,

It is in regard to the bandh called by the All Arunachal Youth Association (AAYA). Though the NERIST Apatani Students Association totally supports the cause of Bandh, however there is a humble request to the AAYA.

NERIST Apatani Students Association (NASA) is celebrating Myoko festival on April 15th which coincides with the date of bandh. As such, it will come as a great hurdle to the NERIST Apatani students after a long preparation for the celebration by inviting the dignitaries.

It is our request to the AAYA for postponement of bandh.


Kago Taja, (on email)




Dear  Editor,

We  are writing this letter in connection with a Capital Bandh call given by AAYA  on 15th April. We the Assamese residents of the Capital request AAYA to defer the Bandh call in view of our Annual festival Bihu. We will be greatful  to you for your  kind action in our  favour.


Assamese residents

of the Capital



Don’t indulge in mudslinging

Dear Editor,

We question Sango Lamte Foundation(SLF), Chairman Pai Gyadi for his defamatory act against the high profile Members of Welly Welfare Society and indulging in mudslinging game for his selfish interest and tarnishing the image of hard earned reputation for no reason.

SLF has also misled the media and general public for cheap publicity and monetary deal. Further, it is seen that the Foundation is being instrumental in the hands of a vested interested persons/leaders to take political revenge which is uncalled for. We ask the Foundation to refrain from dragging the kits and kins of our Society in their political fighting, unmindful of future consequences.

The Chairman of the SLF must be aware of the fact that on receipt of FIR, the police has already acted on the FIR.

The case has been registered and the departmental enquiry has been initiated and the incumbent has already resigned from the Govt. service to give a free hand to the department for free and fare conduct of enquiry. As such, Atum Welly is not at all liable in any way for their appointment because on the production of documents the Govt. has considered and approved their appointment. Regarding appointment in the Tax & Excise Department; it was done when Atum Welly was not inducted in the Ministry. So how does the question of his responsible for illegal appointment arises. It seems that the SLF is politically motivated by some vested interest person with malafide intention to tarnish the image of Atum Welly to take their political revenge.

It is also worth mentioning that the SLF had approached the appointees for monetary deal many a times to withdraw the case, but due to high demand the case could not be settled, as a result the SLF went to the court and misled the High Court and Media.

Therefore, the Welly Welfare Society humbly appeal to the SLF to concentrate on their specified subjects for which it was formed and exercise maximum restraint in political activities and not to be remote controlled in the hands of vested political leader for his personal and selfish gain.

It is further clarified that though the SLF is registered for charitable purpose, but it is found that the activities of its Chairman is totally different from its welfare and charitable activities for which the SLF was formed. The Welly Welfare Society has been observing that the SLF and its so called Chairman, Pai Gyadi engaged himself and his society for blackmailing and harassed the officers/Public /individuals for his own vested interest since its formation.

The Welly Welfare Society appeal to Nyishi Elite Society(NES) and other Nyshi based social organizations to ponder upon this matter seriously when its Members of the society is being harassed and defamed by misleading the people of the state through some evil force to create misunderstanding and disunity amongst us.


Bimal Welly

Apang Welly

Bhola Welly

Soyang Welly

Welly Welfare Society



The day is not far

Dear Editor

It is very shameful to see that none of our elected MLAs are coming forward to raise the voice against the ‘2000 plus Illegal appointments’. Can we generalize that all the MLAs accepts Illegal Appointments are not a major issue or they don’t believe in RTI reports or they are waiting for some agitation to come out first.

We have witnessed that how the whole nation got united to fight against corruption along with Anna Hazare. I just want to pass this message to all the corrupt Ministers , MLAs and bureaucrats  please don’t underestimate the Youth. Your days are on only till our people stand to fight for their Rights and control their emotion. When they stand against their corrupt relatives and the moment when the whole State unites together for the right cause that day will be Ours. That day is not too far’.


Youth Arunachal



Hoping for improvement

Dear Editor,

I would like to congratulate the Arunachal Pradesh State Transport Services for over-achieving its revenue target during this  financial year. And since, the STS is financially doing more than good, we hope that there will be huge improvement in the services for the public.


General public



We have suffered enough

Dear Editor,

I am not a public leader, or some influential person. But as far as NPF is concern, we do discuss it among our friends, and believe me we are not for it. No one is discriminated here, and if Tirap and Changlang is not developing it is not the fault of Arunachal govt, it is the work of our own leaders.

We don't want any more "Nagaism" in our place, we have suffered enough.


Lowang,  (on email)






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