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Life sustaining spring - II

Denhang Bosai

KHONSA, Apr 3: Incidentally water scarcity, especially in winter is not an isolated problem of Khonsa. It is everywhere in Arunachal Pradesh. Its there even in developed places like Pasighat and Aalo, which are situated on the banks of the mighty Siang and Yomgo rivers respectively. It is rather intriguing as to why the authorities there have not been able to harness the water from these perennial rivers. Most of the rivers in Tirap are rain-fed so, they dry up in winter.

Today, we talk of high-sounding water treatment plants and mega water supply projects but eventually we go to the Mother Nature begging for a bucketful of water. What a shame indeed! We may talk of scientific discoveries, electronic gadgets etc but we are politely shown our place by Mother Nature when we try to undermine or despise her. This is not only in Arunachal but all the world over. People finally depend on nature for life’s sustenance. This is exactly why we must love nature and take care of the precious treasures like forests, rivers, wildlife and so on. It really pains me to see people visiting the streams hunting for a few jugs of water every morning in parched Khonsa. We must realize that water is the basic need of the people. The authorities have miserably failed to provide even drinking water. How sad. But they still talk of grand futuristic plans, giving false hopes to the gullible people. What use are these grand plans when you cannot even provide drinking water to the denizens?  In Khonsa most of the water sources have dried up. The reasons are many. But  the real villain of the piece is the large scale shifting cultivation in and around the water sources. The greenery is greatly depleted resulting in less rain and drying up of moisture. Another glaring factor for scarcity of water in Khonsa township or for that matter in all the urban centres of Arunachal is the mass migration of rural populace in the towns. Sadly, these towns are inadequately prepared to cater to the ever growing demands of the people migrating from the villages. All the district headquarters in our state resemble our state capital Itanagar wherein all nullahs, compounds of government quarters and all available empty spaces are occupied by the land encroachers coming from the rural areas. The electricity shortage is also due to this migration as many people use power illegally. Now, the time has come to take care of our natural resources like rivers, streams etc for our sustenance as high-sounding projects announced by the authorities have failed us. We must go back to the Mother Nature for help for which we must love and take care of Nature’s bountiful gifts for our own good.



BJP fires fresh salvo at State Govt

“Take corrective measures instead of fabricated claims”

ITANAGAR, Apr 3: The war of words between the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and ruling state Govt on law and order situation of the state continues.

Terming the statement of state Govt unfortunate and ironical, Bharatiya Janata Party Arunachal Pradesh general secretary and spokesman Tai Tagak today said that Congress party  and the state Govt are habitually misplacing the facts on the ground level situations of the state.

Claiming that the state had witnessed various violent activities including burning of state transport buses, ransacking of media houses in recent past,  the BJP said the government can not escape from the responsibility by categorizing names and teams under different leaderships in a same party government.

 Apart from the cancerous corruptions in the state there are incidents of multi-crore fund embezzlement cases, the BJP said and added that incidents of gross irregularities and mismanagement in Dibang Valley and Kurung Kumey districts came in limelight. Leakages of development funds reportedly pointed out by the CAG are a blow to financial health of the state, the party added.

Drawing a similarity between Taliban regime and present state of affair in the state, the BJP also mentioned the desecration of statues of father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi and Architect of modern Arunachal Late Daying Ering in Pasighat recently.

If the law and order problems raised by the BJP National General Secretary, Tapir Gao is merely ‘shooting an arrow blindfolded’ and ‘hollow criticism’, then the state Congress Government is completely ‘blind’ and  ‘deaf and  dumb’ towards the problems of Tirap, Changlang and Longding districts and Maoists expansion in Lohit district in the state. This also reflects about the government’s attitude and credibility, the party said. The innocent citizens, children and women are sandwiched between the insurgents and the security forces. The situation in these districts is distressing, terrible and the people are forced to live a terrible life. Under such circumstances, what is wrong in mentioning the deteriorated and prevailing law and order situation as Talibanization of Arunachal, the party questioned.

The people of the state have every right to dream of rule of law in the state, accountability and participation in development programmes, the BJP said.  The Party urged the state Govt to initiate constructive measures for proper implementation of the development package in grassroots level in  the trouble-torn districts and honestly initiate corrective measures to address the lacunas instead of engaging in outpouring at the opposition BJP with unfounded, fabricated and hollow claims on the ground level situations.



Rangfrah Mandir inaugurated

CHANGLANG, Apr 3:  The 67th Rangfrah Rangs-humhum (mandir) was inaugurated at Deomali  in presence of large number of devotees on April 1.

The main attraction of the inaugural function was ‘Holy water,’ a unique gift of Almighty Rangfrah through Kechu Samal. The Holy water was directly poured into the empty brass cup as a blessing to  the devotees. This is the uniqueness of Rangfrahism and this indicates physical presence of Almighty Rangfrah though  he is not visible to our naked eyes.

“This Holy water being the gift of Rangfrah has spiritual power to heal and purify the soul and body,” said Rangfrah Faith Promotion Society (RFPS) in a release.

Attending the inaugural function, Wanglong Rajkumar stressed on preservation of indigenous faith and culture and maintaining communal harmony.

Kangwang Lowang, ZPM urged the people to preserve indigenous faith, culture and tradition. He requested the RFPS to play a major role in preserving traditional heritage. Every religion preaches us to become good human being, said Deomali SDO G Singpho and called upon the people of different faith and religious belief to maintain communal peace, especially in Deomali area.

Dr. J S Mungrey,  Secretary (admn.), RFPS said that its religious movement is neither to compete nor to work against any other religious community.  The Society aims at preserving and promoting indigenous faith, culture and tradition  and to eradicate social evil practices and superstitions, and RFPS had succeeded in this endeavor.

Chapung Wangsupha, General Secretary, Tirap Indigenous People’s Society (TIPS) urged the people to draw inspiration from  the movement launched by the RFPS.

Among others, Indigenous Faith and Cultural Society of Arunachal Pradesh (IFCSAP) vice president N Changmi, RFPS president W. Zongsam, public leader K Haisa also spoke on the others.

Around 200 devotees from Changlang, Miao,Kharsang, Bordumsa, Lazu circles and Deomali area and   Govt officers and public leaders participated in the inaugural function.



Hibu promoted as IGP

ITANAGAR, Apr 3: The first IPS officer of Arunachal Pradesh Robin Hibu has been promoted as Inspector General of Police (IGP) by Union Home Ministry.

Robin, who is currently posted as DIGP in police headquarter, Itanagar, will very soon resume the office of IGP at national capital, New Delhi. An AGMUT cadre, Robin, joined the service in the year 1993. He is one of the most decorated police officers having been awarded 8 medals, including president of India Police medal for meritorious service in 2010, gold medal of Arunachal Pradesh in the year 2009 and 2010, UN Peace Medal for service in Kosovo and Bosnia. This will be his second stint at Delhi. Earlier, he was posted there in the capacity of assistant commissioner of police with Delhi Police. Besides, he was also part of UN mission at Kosovo and Bosnia at the time of Balkan crisis. Robin’s rise to fame is a source of inspiration for many Arunachalees, especially those coming from weaker section of society.

Coming from a very poor family, he did his primary education from government school in his native Hong village. Later, he did his secondary and higher secondary education from Government Higher secondary school, Hapoli. His farmer parents wished him to be a engineer so that life is secured. However, he went on to study BA (History) at JNC, Pasighat much to the disappointment of his poor parents. He followed it by completing MA in Sociology from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. Sheer determination and wanting to do well in life propelled him to reach such high in life.

While talking to this daily, an emotional IGP Robin Hibu expressed joy over his promotion.

“It’s been a long journey and I am looking forward to this new challenge,” said an elated Robin.

At a time when state is passing through a difficult period in terms of socio-economic factor, achievement of Robin Hibu will go long way in inspiring young generation. After all, he has proved that one need not be a product of A-listed school or college to achieve success in life.



Ruksin cries for development


RUKSIN, Apr 3: Eventhough the state government has spent huge amounts for development of Ruksin circle in East Siang district, the area is still lagging far behind in terms of development, which is causing a great deal of dissatisfaction amongst the locals.

Construction of drain has been one of the long-pending demands of the local people. Life becomes so miserable during rainy season due to lack of drainage system in Ruksin township. The SDO office, Ruksin police station and police quarters, Tax office, Forest Range office, PWD quarters, Ruksin branch of State Bank of India and Community Health Centre are the worst sufferers. Further, the unsuitable government quarters are adding miseries to the residents.

Ruksin Sub-Divisional OfficerYemlin Tayeng said he was unaware of providing any scheme for drain construction. Power and functions in the developmental sectors are so decentralized that I am not aware of the developmental schemes meant for the town and the villages as well, said the SDO. He, however, mentioned that Border Road Task Force (BRTF) had a plan to construct drains.

According to some officials, the district receives huge amount of development fund every year but no significant development has been achieved yet due to alleged mystification of the funds.

Ruksn block ZPM Tonggeng Panyang, said that the PRI leaders are planning to manage some amounts of panchayat funds for construction of drain in Ruksin township. He said scheme has been placed under MGNREGA for sanctioning fund.

It may be recalled that, Ruksin area has a strategic importance as it is an interstate entry point situated on NH-52 passing along the Assam-Arunachal border here. Further, it is accounted as a second gateway for the East –Arunachal districts including East Siang, Upper Siang, Dibang Valley and Lower Dibang Valley, domed with several other tourist destinations in the region.



BSNL restores mobile service in Dibang valley

Anini, Apr 3: After nearly two months disruption, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has restored mobile phone service in Dibang Valley district.

However, the land line service which is the main communication link for all the government offices has not been restored till date though the BSNL authority had given assurance to restore the service within 15 days. In fact, the BSNL authority has not initiated any step so far to restore the land line service.

BSNL telephone service was snapped in the district on February 9 last due to heavy down pour coupled with  thunder and lightning.

Another cause of concern for the people of the district was delay in launching of  “Deopani bridge” over Deopani River which collapsed in December last when a vehicle was crossing over the bridge.

It was learnt from some sources that some private parties have raised a temporary log bridge over the said river and collecting money from the users which is not only imposing additional financial burden to the people but also causing escalation of price of essential commodities in the district.

Public of this district are frustrated of waiting and believing on false assurance. They finally threaten to launch agitation against BSNL and BRO authorities if due attention is not paid to restore the services immediately.

Meanwhile, Dibang Valley deputy commissioner Abu Tayeng reminded the BSNL and BRO authorities to pay attention towards the issues.  DIPRO



Arunachal gets bonus under water scheme

New Delhi, Apr 3: Buoyed by the success of eight states, including Arunachal Pradesh and Assam, in implementing a scheme to provide safe drinking water to rural habitations, the Centre yesterday allocated additional funds to them to give a further boost to the ambitious programme.

The states which got bonuses were Arunachal Pradesh (61.01 cr), Tamil Nadu (Rs 98.20 cr.), Gujarat (Rs 100 cr), Punjab (Rs 46.82 cr), Assam (Rs 100 cr), Meghalaya (Rs 31.50 cr), Tripura (Rs 30.01 cr) and Haryana (Rs 35 cr).

The Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation has noted that these states had utilised more than 60 per cent of the funds under National Rural Drinking Water Programme till December last year.

Announcing the decision, Minister for Drinking Water and Sanitation Jairam Ramesh expressed hope that the state governments would utilise these additional resources to increase coverage in those habitations which were facing problems of inadequate quantity of drinking water supply.

Non-Congress governments are in power in Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Punjab and Tripura while Assam, Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh and Haryana are ruled by the Congress. Ramesh said the additional allocations were made "without any bias". The National Rural Drinking Water Programme aims at providing every rural person with adequate safe water for drinking, cooking and other domestic basic needs on a sustainable basis. This basic requirement should meet minimum water quality standards and be readily and conveniently accessible at all times and in all situations. PTI



Union alleges illegal collection of sand gravel from Dikrong & Pachin rivers

ITANAGAR, Apr 3: Doimukh Students’ Union (DSU) has expressed serious concern over the alleged illegal collection of sand and gravel from Dikrong river and Pachin river near Yupia village by the NIPL-ECI(JV),  a construction agency of the NF Railway.

The union said that such ‘illegal activities of a construction agency without obtaining permission from Mining department’ will lead to the collapse of the bridge over Dikrong  and trigger soil erosion.

Despite verbal assurance from the construction agency and submission of a memorandum to Doimukh EAC to stop such mining activities near Dikrong river bridge, no positive action has been taken yet by the administration, the union said and appealed to the district administration to take necessary action against the NIPL-ECL (JV) authorities for their alleged illegal activities within two days.



Eco-tourism to generate  income for rural people

PASIGHAT, Apr 3: Community based ecotourism could be a viable source of income for rural communities, stated East Siang Deputy Commissioner Talem Tapok today while attending a training cum awareness programme on ‘Community Based Eco-tourism Development’, organized by tourism department at Yagrung.

To optimize the potential of tourism, the DC said, “we have to be very careful and ensure that the negative impacts on the cultural and natural environment are minimized and mitigated. He further stressed on community participation, needs of proper trainings on various issues like lodging and waste management, hospitality, first aid, guiding and leadership etc.

Tapok said the tourists are still deprived of visiting and enjoying the real beauty of rural and remote Arunachal due to various reasons, mainly due to communication bottleneck. He said that rural tourism, if promoted properly, could boost rural economy to a great extent.

Besides Pashi Mize DFO (WL), N Taloh DTO and Veterinary officer, GBs, PRI members, tour operators also spoke on the occasion. They said people often destroy the very natural resources on which they rely and that is why the government is pursuing eco-tourism as part of the solution to the problem. Community members are being educated through such programmes with mission to improve the local economy and conservation of the environment.

Such programs were also conducted at Borguli and Oyan on March 31 and April 1 respectively. DIPRO



SAC meeting of KVK Lohit

ITANAGAR, Apr 3: The Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) meeting of KVK Lohit (under NRC on Yak) held recently at Chongkham gave emphasis on collaborative work with all the lined departments.

Attending meeting, Chongkham ADO MN Bori assured to provide all possible help to the KVK including supply of seeds and inputs for distribution to the farmers.

Chairing the meeting Dr. KK Baruah, Director NRC on Yak (ICAR) expressed his satisfaction over the activities of the KVK. He called upon the members to extend their helping hand to the KVK for overall development of the centre as well as the farming community of the district.

M. Chowlu, DTO Kherem cum PD ATMA assured to sponsor some Farm School and demonstration to be conducted by the KVK in the coming year.  

Earlier, Dr. Debasis Sasmal, SMS Fishery Science briefed the objectives of the meeting.

The meeting was attended among others by District Horticultural officer Rinchin Norbu Megeji, District Fishery Officer L. Lasa, District Vety. and Animal Husbandry Officer Dr. Hano Tama, Scientist from NRC on Yak, Secretary Arunachal Palli Vidyapith Society and members from farming community.

SLSA students bring laurels to state

ITANAGAR, Apr 3: The students of Sangey Lhaden Sports Academy (SLSA), Chimpu have brought laurels to the state by winning as many as 17 medals including a silver and 16 bronze in the just concluded 26th North East Games at Aizawl Mizoram.

The medal winners are, Anung Wangsa (5000mt rac), Gumjo Lollen (Badminton, team event), Tarak Lucky, Silver (Boxing), Dagrik Ete (Boxing), Mamta Bagang (Boxing), Samuel Wangsu (Judo), Dindu Chukla (Judo), Toku Tacho (Judo), Tai Abu (Judo), Kabin Doyum, (Judo), Rahul Mipi (Judo), Juter Tatu (Judo), Anjali Sagro (one Br each in Judo and Wrestling), Yari Maying (Judo), Ha Rupa (Judo), Madin Hina (Wrestling).


Football tourney

ITANAGAR, Apr 3: Sangram Area Youth Association is conducting a football tournament at Sangram from May 9.


Bordumsa all set for Mopin

BORDUMSA, March 3: The Mopin Celebration Committee is agog with hectic activities for celebration of Mopin, a major festival of Galo community here with pomp and gaiety.

Apart from the usual celebration of various festivals by different ethnic groups together, the Mopin at Bordumsa is unique in a sense that it is being celebrated by the Adi and the Galo communities residing in Bordumsa circle together, reflecting a matured and emotional relationship between these two different tribes.

Both these communities working hard to make this celebration a grand success is truly a treat to everyone’s eye.

The entire arrangements are being carried out by the celebration committee under the patronization of  Bordumsa ADC Kento Riba and EAC Hengo Basar.


NEEPCO Day observed

ITANAGAR, Apr 3: The 37th NEEPCO Day was observed at Pare HE Project headquarter, Doimukh yesterday.

The day long function was marked by games and sports, drawing and painting competitions besides cultural programmes.

On the occasion, NEEPCO authority called upon  all the employees of the project to work sincerely for timely commissioning of the project.


‘Cooperate  with Admin.’

ITANAGAR, Apr 3: 37th Intellectual Forum, Ruksin expressing their gratitude to district administration for apprehension of culprit(s) in connection with the desecration of statues of M K Gandhi and Daying Ering at Pasighat recently, appealed to the people to cooperate with the administration for thorough and proper investigation into matter.


Banking awareness prog

ITANAGAR, Apr 3: A banking awareness programme is being organized at Science Centre, I G Park here on April 10.  The programme is supported by Office of Banking Ombudsman, Orchid Foundation, Guwahati and Society for Indigenous Development, Pasighat.

Awareness  on ‘Banking Ombudsman Scheme, Grievance Redressal Mechanism for Bank Customers, Detection of Fake Currency Notes, Fraudulent Non-Banking Companies and Fraudulent SMS and E-mails  will be main highlights of the progamme. There will be a hands-on session on how to identify genuine and forged currency notes.

A similar programme will also be conducted at Rajiv Gandhi University Conference Hall on April 11.


Public hearing on NH project

ZIRO, Apr 3: Lower Subansiri district administration organized a public hearing cum meeting on widening and construction of Joram-Koloriang road to double lane national highway at Government Secondary School, Joram yesterday.

P K Prasun, EE (Civil), Officer Commanding 119 GREF through power point presentation highlighted the process involved in the execution and construction of road. He assured the public to provide better road connectivity.

In her address, Deputy Commissioner Nila Mohanan advised the public to extend support and cooperation for successful execution of the road project. She assured proper assessment of compensation for project affected people as per prescribed norms of the state Govt.

Land Revenue and Settlement Officer Bharat Lingu highlighted the land acquisition procedures and process involved in assessment of properties and payment of compensation.

SP P K Khrimey, representatives of the road project affected area also spoke on the occasion.

District Administrative officers, 119 RCC GREF personnel, pubic leaders, GBs, PRIs of Joram and Talo villages were present in the meeting.


Prevent forest fire, says priests body

ITANAGAR, Apr 3: All Arunachal Pradesh Abotani Nibu (Priest) Welfare Association has appealed to the Capital Complex Deputy Commissioner and Superintendent of Police to initiate steps for prevention of unlawful activities and destruction of forest in Jaami Jaate area.

Expressing  concern over the frequent forest fire in and around state capital, the Association alleged that hill top in Jaami Jaate area has been set on fire yesterday in violation of administrative order against destruction of forest.


Workshop on Business Register & local bodies accounts

ZIRO, Apr 3: District level workshop on Business Register and Local Bodies Accounts  under Twelfth Finance Commission  Grant was held at Conference Hall Hapoli, here today. NEDFi Assistant Manager G. Thaosen dwelt on the  aims and objectives of the Business Register and Local Bodies account as resource person.

Among others, Deputy Commissioner Nila Mohanan,  district heads of department,  administrative  officers,  BDOs,  and panchayat leaders attended the  workshop.  DIPRO


ASH organises blood donation camp

Itanagar, Apr 3: Border Roads Task Force (BRTF) personnel donated 12 units of blood (of different groups) in a voluntary blood donation camp organized at Arunachal State Hospital (ASH), Naharlagun on March 30.

Dr. K Ete, Biochemist and Dr. G Padu, Pathologist and in-charge blood bank, ASH, briefed about the merits and demerits of donating blood to the donors and other attended during the camp.

Chief Medical Superintendent Dr. Moji Jini, who inaugurated the camp, highly appreciated the BRTF personnel led by Dr. Kumud Kumar, deputy chief medical officer, BRTF, GREF, C/O 99 APO, Naharlagun for donating blood voluntarily. He requested the BRTF personnel to come forward and donate blood  as and when required as donating blood is saving life.

Representatives from various NGOs, community based organizations, NCC cadres and NSS volunteers also participated the camp, according to a Hospital release.


Foot & mouth disease

ITANAGAR, Apr 3: Rai Raiga ASM Choki Tatung has appealed to the Pania ADC to rush a team of  veterinary  experts to  Rai, Raiga, Ganchi, Gumbing and Tayarimpa villages of Gangte circle to prevent further spread of foot and mouth disease in Mithun.

Gangte-Tarak Lengdi ZPM also made a similar appeal to prevent outbreak of mouth and disease in Rai Raiga villages earlier on April 1.


Poppy fields destroyed

Itanagar, Apr 3: A joint team of police and paramilitary Assam Rifles destroyed 15 acres of standing poppy cultivation in an area bordering Myanmar in Changlang district.

This operation was undertaken on March 30 by a joint team of 4 Assam Rifles, Arunachal Pradesh Police, Changlang district administration and officials of Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) in Guwahati, official sources said today.

Poppy cultivation in remote areas of Khimyong circle was discovered by the troops of 4 Assam Rifles during their regular patrolling, sources said.


STS exceeds revenue target

Naharlagun, Apr 3: The Arunachal Pradesh State Transport department has earned a total of Rs.15,434,3283 exceeding the fixed target of Rs.14.40 cr during year 2011-12.

“It is a matter of great pride that the tireless efforts of the entire working force of the department, especially under the direct supervision  of the Station Superintendents, the state transport department has exceeded the revenue target fixed by Planning Commission, GoI,  Jarkar Gamlin, Transport Minister (i/c) said in a release.

“I being the Minister in-charge of the Department, express my sincere happiness over the hard work put in by all the officers and officials including Secretary, General Manager, Station Superintendents, Assistant Station Superintendents  and their subordinates. This would not have been possible without the team spirit of the working force of STS,” he added.  DIPR


ZPM seeks  public cooperation for road renovation

Yingkiong, Apr 3: Mariyang ZPM  Dukkang Pertin appealed to one and all to extend their cooperation and render voluntary service to repair the Mariyang-Pasighat road, the lifeline of the people of Upper Siang district, which is under deplorable condition due to lack of maintenance. The pathetic condition of the road and weak bridges all along the road are causing great inconveniences to the commuters, he said.

The ZPM informed that the road is being repaired by some energetic youths of Mariyang area on self help basis. They have so far rendered two week’s social service and the repairing work would be continued for some more days, even weeks. DIPRO


Teacher honoured

CHANGLANG, Apr 3:  Hipok Rime, Principal of Govt. Hr. Sec. School, Kharsang,  was conferred  Best Educationist Award  in a glittering function held at New Delhi on March 19.  The award is instituted by International Institute of Education and Management in association with I.S.C.  to encourage and recognize the outstanding  contributions of eminent personalities in the field of education.

Rime joined his service in education department as Junior Teacher on February 21, 1976. He was promoted as Headmaster in 1989 and later elevated to the post of Principal in February, 1998.

Meanwhile, the teaching staff of the school felicitated Rime  for his achievement in a function held at school premises on March 31.

An open letter to the CM

Dear Editor,

I am a youth from Etalin Village of Dibang Valley district. During January 2011, I was awarded some contact work under BADP by Zilla Chairperson, Dibang Valley, for supplying electrical items and erection of Electric Pole in and around Etalin for Rs Three lakhs only.

For this, no supply or work order was issued.

However, accordingly, I have completed the assigned work except erecting two out of nine poles. Now more than one year has passed and the Assistant Engineer (E) and JE (E) have processed the bills deducting 30% of the total amount awarded to me.

Though I have requested them to deduct 15% of the bill amount so that I as a contractor get my margin money but the officers were adamant, so I requested the Executive Engineer (E) to intervene but to my utter surprise even he was not helping. Even Zilla Chairperson requested them but nothing happened.

After waiting for more than one year, I took back the money I have invested.

As a civilized citizen of the state, I am requesting you (CM) to intervene here or else the money coming for development of the district will be pocketed by these kinds of corrupt officers.

Therefore, it is requested to kindly initiate necessary action against the executing agencies, if the Govt. wants proper development of the State.


Athupa Mano


Dibang Valley



A Govt that destroys public property

Dear Editor,

Respective state governments in Arunachal Pradesh have systematically dismantled assets and public properties worth of crores forgetting their constitutional duties to protect and preserve it.

For instances, the MLA cottage build during 80’s at ESS-sector, Itanagar was dismantled and  the Assembly secretariat is being constructed on the dismantled site. On the other hand, MLA apartments are being constructed at the allotted land of the Director of Horticulture at Gohpur Tinali, Itanagar.

The land earmarked by the state government for establishment of the Assembly and Civil Secretariat, for which, the former president of India, Giani Jail Singh laid the foundation stone has now become private residential complex of the MLAs, Ministers and high ranking officials of the state.

The Mahatma Gandhi Park was built during 80s at Bank Tinali, Itanagar by erecting the statue of the father of the Nation. This too was illegally dismantled without observing codal formalities and the statute of the Father of the Nation has now been erected at the front of the chief Minister’s House and the park site has been converted into shopping mall and parking lot.

Recently, the Govt. illegally allotted  I.G. Park to the Department of the Urban and Housing for establishment of Convention Hall without realising that the park is for the public utility and it is the duty of government to protect and preserve it.

By gauging such acts and deeds of the state government, it can be interpreted that the Government has no respect for anyone.


Techi Necha,

General Secretary,

State  AITC



What about his democracy?

Dear Editor

Arunachal Pradesh is known for her rich natural heritage and kind-hearted people. Arunachal is also known as Mini India for her rich customs, cultures and traditions.

But the ongoing practice of bandh calls shows us in another light- The Dark Side.

Union can praise or resist the administration or the govt. in a proper way for the prosperity, uplift and welfare of the people. But it doesn’t mean that if we are not satisfied, we should call a strike at every given opportunity.

Most importantly it is against the constitutional rights of  common people who live in fear because of bandhs and strikes. Ultimately the common mass are always victimized by all means.

Moreover, the Govt. employees of Itanagar are just like a pendulum during such times. Union calls for bandh and Government direct all employees to attend office without fail.

Where will common men go? What about his democracy?

Out of 365 days in a year, we don’t even work for 230 days. Apart from bandhs, weekends, we have local and national holidays. If all the unions call for bandh for some reason than how do we expect our state to grow?

Need of the hour is to think about the matter seriously. Every union are the backbone of a society and torch-bearers to the Govt. In other words, union is just like a sophisticated weapon for well being of the society. It depends how we mobilize it for the welfare of the common people and state in general.

Besides this, our state has made considerable progress in many fields; but we still have a long way to go in achieving communal harmony in our society.

It’s my request to all brothers and sisters that on simple pretexts we should not draw communal lines around us. It has indeed been tragic that often lifelong friendship have been sacrificed at the altar of communalism and regionalism.

Always the innocent people suffer and the perpetrators of all the destruction go scot free. Some self vested people exploit religion, tribe and so on and generate disharmony and ill-will in the society for their self benefit.

It’s time to overcome the dark side and think as together as Arunachalees and march ahead in all spheres of life together. Otherwise, the time will come when the communal violence will succeed in destroying our state fabric.


Songwang Wangsa




Recruitment procedure

Dear Editor,

I came across a letter written by Bini Tare in Reader’s Forum of your esteemed daily on  2nd April. It’s outrageous and very painful to know selection procedure of various post(s), particularly LDC, by the Rajiv Gandhi University.

Though I was not a candidate for the post, I feel very sorry to learn that the sacred institute like Rajiv Gandhi University too has been infected by favoritism and nepotism by selecting all 8 candidates from its contingency employees instead of maintaining certain ratio.

It’s very disheartening that a premier institute like RGU where pupils should be taught for all round development of their personality and morality instead indulges in obnoxious practices.

Advertisement wasn’t needed if the vacant posts were meant for the contingency staffs. Why unnecessary pestering of the already struggling unemployed youths?

I hope the authority concern and the board members will not indulge in such iniquitous practices in near future which vilifies the sanctity of the highest educational institute like Rajiv Gandhi University.


N. Wangsu





All email and surface mails must be accompanied with contact numbers and full postal address. Do keep writing but please make sure that letters are short and to the point.        



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Fighting tuberculosis with human touch

In India, tuberculosis is endemic. Almost two million people are infected with the disease, which is one-fifth of the world total. Despite government investment of over $80 million US dollars in treatment facilities over the last five years, India has one of the highest number of deaths per year, estimated at 330,000. TB is a curable disease, but the last mile in eradication will be the most difficult.

Poverty is a key factor in the transmission and treatment of the disease. The challenge is even greater in many urban communities due to poor living conditions, a lack of access to quality food and inadequate ventilation in confined areas in which large families live. Drug and alcohol abuse are often contributing factors, and stigma is ever present.

Since 2010, the Indian Red Cross has been working in partnership with India’s Ministry of Health and Family Welfare on addressing the challenges in ensuring TB patients complete treatment. The message behind this effort is simple: TB is curable, but patients need to complete their course of treatment fully in order to be cured.

Awareness is vital; understanding how to protect others from infection and knowing the measures that can be taken to avoid infection or re-infection will stop the disease from spreading. With its unique network of thousands of volunteers throughout the country, the Indian Red Cross has the perfect platform to reach communities with these lifesaving messages.

This programme by the Indian Red Cross Society takes care of patients classed as category II TB patients, which means that they had started taking anti-TB treatment before and have stopped taking their medication for one reason or another.