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Mopin starts on a colourful note across the state

More than ever, Arunachal needs communal harmony: Lowangdong

ITANAGAR, Apr 5: Mopin is being celebrated across the state with traditional gaiety and fervour. The harvest festival of the Galos started off on a colourful note with priest chanting for bumper harvest, peace and well being of all and festival goers smearing rice powder and dancing to the tunes of Popir.

Joining the festivities at Itanagar, Speaker of the Arunachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly Wanglin Lowangdong said that more than ever the state needs communal harmony. Making a strong appeal, ‘one for all, all for one, he said that communities all across Arunachal need to cultivate a feeling of oneness.

He called upon the Galo community to show the way and lead for a strong and united Arunachal.  

Praising the Galo community for organizing the festival in a grand manner, he appealed the people of the state to preserve the rich tribal traditions.

Later, the Speaker inaugurated a Mopin Photo gallery showcasing the festival since its formal inception.

MLA Tapuk Taku also appreciated the community for preserving and maintaining the true spirit of Mopin festival celebration and urged them to continue in future too in order to preserve and promote community’s tradition, culture and identity.

Earlier, Mopin Preservation Society, Chairman Tony Koyu briefed about the importance of Mopin festival and changing trend of Mopin celebration.  

He also called upon the Galo community to remain united and extend their cooperation and support for preservation and promotion of tradition and cultural identity and also urged to the younger generation to celebrate the Mopin festival in true sense and spirit.  Mopin Festival Celebration Committee Itanagar (MFCCI) president cum Pingi Neri Karbom Riram and MFCCI secretary general Mido Lollen also spoke on the occasion.

Naharlagun: Mopin was celebrated, at Mopin ground Naharlagun here today.

The programme started with offering of Opo at alters and Popir dance to invoke the Mopin goddess for a bumper harvest and blessings.

Parliamentary Secretary for Finance and Information Technology C C Singpho and MLA Tani Lofa who attended the festivities asked the Galo community to keep up the age old tradition alive, reports DIPR.

PASIGHAT:  People of Pasighat celebrated ‘Mopin’ with pomp and traditional fervour and gaiety.  

Addressing the gathering, Education Minister Bosiram Siram appealed to the citizens of state to welcome the hydro power projects for economic development of the state. The projects would not only meet the demands of water and electricity, but would help to set up industries, control flood and bring in developments in agricultural sector which would make Arunachal an economically strong state.

He further urged all to preserve the age-old songs, dances, costumes, customs and rituals related to Mopin and follow the path shown by our forefathers to protect identities of the tribes.

He said festivals belong to all and should be documented by intellectuals so that government could introduce it in schools in a befitting manner to educate the coming generations about their own culture.

The minister expressed his gratitude to the Chief Minister Nabam Tuki for his help and cooperation to make the celebration successful by donating Rs five lakhs from CM’s grant. He said the Tuki led government is putting all efforts to preserve and protect the cultural heritage of the State.

Er. Tapi Darang, who attended the celebrations appealed to respect the cultural sentiments of all communities for peaceful coexistence, progress and prosperity.

MP Ninong Ering also joined the festivities, reports DIPRO.

NAMSAI: Galo community residing in Namsai celebrated Mopin with great joy and cheerfulness at the Mopin - Solung ground.

Local MLA Nang Sati Mein and President DCC(I)  Lohit  Chow Zignu Namchoom and Minister of Finanace, Planning and PWD Chow Na Mein also joined the festivities.

President,  Namsai Mopin Celebration Commitee Er.Puluk Gadi thanked the Khamptis for their continued support over the years.

CHANGLANG: The Mopin Gidi was celebrated at Changlang. Along with the Galos and the Adis, people from all walks of life took part in celebration of the auspicious day.

Parliamentary Secretary WRD Tinkhup Taiju and MLA P. Khimhun, the Commandant of 4th Assam Rifles also joined the festivities.

Taiju  unfurling the festival flag urged the people of Arunachal to develop work culture and devote themselves for public service.

He appreciated the Adi-Galo communities for celebration of the Festival and emphasized on communal harmony and respecting the cultures, religion, tradition and customs of others.

Later, he released “Kakam mimi” a book written by SP Changlang Tumme Amo, who is also the President of Mopin Gidi Festival Committee.



Likabali tense as Assam officials destroy Malini Mela structure

Taba Ajum

ITANAGAR, Apr 5: The Likabali town is tensed following boundary skirmish between Assam and Arunachal. At wee hours this morning at around 2.30 am, Assam officials led by Additional Deputy Commissioner Dhemaji, UK Baruah illegally raided Malini Mela complex and destroyed structures including recently erected pandal for Malini Mela celebrations and a store room building which was constructed way back in 1994. The ADC was accompanied by superintendent of police Dhemaji PR Kar, deputy superintendent of police MU Ahmad and HK Pegu, Sub Divisional Officer, Sissiborgaon.  

The officials came along with police force comprising 300 in numbers and all armed with sophisticated weapons. Precisely they choose to raid at morning hours, knowing well that local people will be asleep and therefore they won’t face any resistance. At first they tied up the night Chowkidar and took away his mobile phone. Besides damaging pandal and store room, they took away 1500 CGI sheet, 50 plastic chairs and GI pipes from the spot. They used JCB excavator to destroy the structures.  

By around 4.30 am, Likabali police got to know about activities and rushed to the spot. Officer in charge Likabali police station and his team exchanged heated words with Assam officials at the spot. They almost came to blows and later seeing situation getting tensed the Assam team immediately vanished from the scene.

An FIR (case no-Lkb ps case no 10/12 U/S 447/427/379/34 IPC) has been lodged against UK Baruah, PR Kar, MU Ahmad and HK Pegu at Likabali police station for damaging the properties. This afternoon Deputy Commissioner West Siang Amjad Tak visited the area and later held a meeting with local citizens. He promised to take up the matter seriously with his Dhemaji counterpart.

It was pre-planned attack on Arunachal soil. On 24th of March Assam officials had raised objection to the construction of pandal at Malini Mela area by the people of Likabali. A series of letter was exchanged between West Siang deputy commissioner Amjad Tak and his Dhemaji counterpart with each explaining their positions regarding boundary issue. Following this development there was lull for some days and Malini Mela was celebrated peacefully with majority of devotees coming from Assam. Just two days after Mela got over, Assam officials raided deep inside Arunachal territory, thereby violating status quo implemented by Supreme Court of India. Meanwhile this latest incident has deeply angered the people of Likabali town and locals are seething with anger. “The area comes under Arunachal and was declared as protected area vide notice RES (H) 124/75 dated 12th October, 1981. It is not a disputed land and is an Arunachal territory. This is an insult to Arunachal and it is time our state government stands up against such illegal act by Assam officials. Our patient is running short,” told a citizen of Likabali over phone.

Galo Students Union (GSU) has demanded Assam government to compensate people of Likabali for loss of properties due to illegal act by their authorities.

“We had never gone and destroyed any properties in Assam. People of Likabali had always maintained cordial relation with people of Silapathar and Dhemaji. Just because we depend on them for communication, Assam should not take us for granted. Assam should not forget that majority of their citizen is getting employment in Arunachal and if such atrocity continues there might be retaliation against them in Arunachal,” said GSU General Secretary Pakmik Taipodia.

The Mita Ao Welfare Society (MAWS) has also expressed anger over this brazen act of goondaism by Assam officials. Society urged Chief Minister and West Siang administration to deploy more security personnel at Malini mela ground permanently. Further they called on state government to devise special security system for the welfare of people living in border areas.



Provide justice to poor and needy: Justice Kabir

Govt to provide free telephone & electricity services to GBs

ITANAGAR, Apr 5: Supreme Court Justice and executive chairman of National Legal Services Authority, Altamas Kabir today inaugurated a Legal Aid Clinic Centre at Papu village Naharlagun.

Addressing the gathering which included Chief Minister Nabam Tuki, MP Takam Sanjoy, judges, magistrates and Gaon Burahs, Kabir said justice must be provided at the door step of the marginalized, needy and poor people. He called upon the legal experts, advocates and likeminded organizations to spread the knowledge of legal justice system in nook and corner of the state under the State Legal Service Authority.

Pointing out the Constitutional provisions which advocate for equal opportunity  of  justice for all, the Supreme Court Judge Kabir said the legal aid authority basically aims at ensuring that equal justice is made available to the poor, downtrodden and weaker sections of the society.

“Even we don’t know all the laws of the land,” Kabir admitted while stressing the need of making the Gaon Burahs aware of modern justice system.  

“This is the beginning in the state, we must ensure that the aid clinic centres percolate down to the grassroots level so that citizens, particularly women, children and marginalized people get justice,” he said.

In his address,  Chief Minister Nabam Tuki said that tribal dispute redressal system being practiced by the Gaon Burah institutions under Assam Frontier (Administration of Justice) Regulation, 1945 is still considered as best and effective  system for speedy and inexpensive dispensation of justice at grassroots level. It is very much in tune with the object of the various schemes under present Lok Adalat institutions, he added.

Amidst thunderous applause of the Gaon Burahs, the Chief Minister announced that the state Cabinet has taken a decision to provide free telephone and electricity connections to the houses of the Gaon Burahs. The state Government will continue to take such welfare measures in the years to come in order to strengthen this unique Gaon Burah institution, he assured.

On separation of judiciary from executive, the chief minister said though the process of separation in started lately, the state Govt has given top priority on separation of judiciary.  CM informed that the State Cabinet recently cleared the proposals to create new Courts and posts of Judicial officers.

Expressing happiness over the inauguration of aid clinic centre, the Chief Minister said “Our endeavor should be to educate the local people of their rights and remedies under the law and help them settle their disputes.” The Society needs to know its constitutional rights and the system and technique made available by the Legal Services Authorities before going to courts for redressal of the disputes,” the Chief Minister added.  

Highlighting the role and power of GB institution to deliver justice in tribal society, MP Takam Sanjoy said both traditional and modern legal systems to deliver justice to the every section of people are still gaining popularity. The MP, however, hoped that the Chief Minister would make all out efforts for early separation of judiciary from executive.

Stressing on coordination and integrity between GB institution and modern of law, Justice I A Ansari of Gauhati Court called upon the Gaon Burahs and general people to be aware of their right and duty. However, he said, right without the knowledge on duty is meaningless.

Despite the Constitution of India advocated for equal justice for all, many downtrodden people are deprived of justice in the country, said Justice A K Goel, Chief Justice, Guwahati High Court-cum-Chief Patron, Arunachal Pradesh State Legal Services Authority (APSLSA). He said, the Legal Aid Authorities in states endeavor to provide justice to all needy and poor people who have every right to live with dignity.

Justice Gyan Sudha Mishra of Supreme Court, who first enquired about prevalence of domestic violence in Arunachal Pradesh,  said  people have every right to seek justice in the court of law.  

Highlighting the role of legal service authority in delivering justice to the needy people, Mishra, who is also member secretary of the NALSA, said “rights and justice can not be obtained through might. We should have knowledge about legal system to seek justice through the court of law”.

People have every right to seek justice and once can file Public Interest Litigation to the court in greater interest of common people if they are deprived of basic rights, she added.

Highlighting the role of the Gaon Burahs in delivering justice to the grassroots level people, All Arunachal Pradesh Gaon Burah Welfare Association president Nabam Epo proudly said that GB institution solves the cases including murder, land dispute within five days which cannot be solved by modern court of law within five months. On behalf of Gaon Burahs of the state, Epo also submitted a memorandum to the Chief Minister and appealed him to look into their problems.

Among others, Gaon Burah Association general secretary T Lombi,  APLSA member secretary and Advocate General of Arunachal Pradesh, Dr. Ashok Saraf and chairman of the District Legal Services Authorities,  Nani Grayu spoke on the occasion.  

A host of dignitaries including Justice K. Meruno, Judge, Guwahati High Court, Itanagar Permanent Bench-cum-Executive Chairman, APLSA, magistrates, police officers and  Gaon Burahs took part in the function.

Later, at a workshop on the “ Role of Legal Service Authority in access to Justice and Juvenile Justice at Banquet hall, Itanagar,  the team highlighted the  roles and objectives of LSA  in providing justice to all and interacted with the members of Juvenile Justice Board, Arunachal Pradesh State Commission for Women, MLAs senior bureaucrats and NGOs.



Org accuses use of force as Tawang witnesses massive rally to protest mega power projects

ITANAGAR, Apr 5: Save Mon Committee (SMC) spearheading the anti mega power projects movement in Tawang claimed that the public of Mukto and Lumla constituencies were forcefully prevented from joining an anti power project rally by the public leaders of both the constituencies yesterday.

Yesterday hundreds of people turned up at Tawang to express their displeasure at the coming up mega hydro projects in the area.

The public leaders of Lumla accompanied by their supporters blocked the road near Kudung to prevent the public from spontaneous participation. The monks were beaten up and video cameras and mobile phones destroyed, SMC said in a release.

On the other hand, the public of Mukto constituency were threatened of imposing heavy fines if they attend the rally, the release alleged.

“This is a clear case of curtailment of freedom of speech and rights,” said SMC general secretary  Lobsang Gyatso.

“We vehemently condemn such act to suppress the people who are raising voice against construction of power projects in Tawang,”  Lobsang said while claiming that ‘Goonda Raj’ was prevailing in Lumla and Mukto constituencies. He appealed to the central government to look into serious matter.

Meanwhile, Lobsang informed that the protest rally was peaceful barring an incident of stone pelting  near NHPC office.

He said that all the public who joined the rally were united in opposing construction of mega hydel projects in Tawang district.

“We already have so many small, mini and micro hydel projects in Tawang. But none of them are functioning well. We request government to upgrade these existing hydro power stations rather than destroy beautiful landscape and virgin flora and fauna by proposing so many new projects,” the release said.

Reverend TG Rinpoche, Reverend Thektse Rinpoche, Tourism Minister Pema Khandu, MLA Tsewang Dhondup attended the meeting for a brief.



SFRI scientist to represent Arunachal at WBC

Staff Reporter

ITANAGAR, Apr 5: State Forest Research Institute (SFRI) Scientist Rab Kara Taj would represent the state in World Bamboo Congress (WBC) at Antwerp, Belgium organized by World Bamboo Organization (WBO)  from April 10 to 15.

After obtaining diploma in Bamboo cultivation, processing and production technologies, machinery, tools and its administration from National Bamboo Research Center, Hanzou (China) in 2003, he joined the Department of Environment & Forest as scientist in 2005.              

A pioneer on bamboo and its development in South Asian region, particularly North East India, Taj has so far trained thousands of people in bamboo development and its technology in the state, national and international level under the support of UNIDO, DC (H), NEC and National Bamboo Mission.

He has also recorded several new bamboo species from the region.

Meghalaya Chief Minister Dr Mukul Sangma, Mizoram Industry Minister S Haito, Kerala Planning Board member CP John and various representatives from various corporate sectors manufacturing bamboo products would also participate in the six days programme.



Awareness camp on PMEGP

ITANAGAR, Apr 5:  Arunachal Pradesh Khadi and Village Industries Board, Itanagar in collaboration with the Centre for Management Studies, NERIST organized an awareness camp on Prime Minister's Employment Generation Programme (PMEGP) at NERIST, Nirjuli yesterday.

Addressing the participants, NERIST Director Prof. Dipankar Pal, said Gandhiji gave a fatal blow without firing a shot to the British exploiters through initiation of Khadi movement and compelled to leave India.

Stressing on the importance of setting up of micro-enterprises for a vibrant economy, he said the PMEGP is one of the very important flagship Programmes of the Union Government.

He further said that NERIST has contributed numbers of trained manpower to the country who can be put to service.

Khadi and Village Industries Board Chief Executive Officer Sukamal Deb said it is the entrepreneurial societies who are the crucial force in transforming the nation to a developed country.

He spoke on `Relevance of Khadi & Village Industries in pursuing Gandhian Model of Socio Economic Development of AP.

Prof. Muralidhar of NERIST highlighted the long association of NERIST and the KVIB. In his talk entitled Entrepreneurship Sensitization, Prof. Muralidhar said money is not a barrier for starting an enterprise rather it is the entrepreneurial traits that need to be developed to become a successful businessper-son.

He gave a detailed note on classification of various industries on the basis of investment limits and other criteria in emphasizing the prominent role of micro-enterprise as the entry point to an entrepreneurial career.

While speaking on the topic Promotion of Entrepreneurship Prof. BD. Nayak, Department of HSS, NERIST said the process of industrialization is challenging but not impossible. He briefed on the rapid industrial growth in East Asian Countries in recent times.

Later, an elaborate open-house discussion was also organized.



Anti-ultra operation launched along the border


RUKSIN, Apr 5: Security forces have launched a massive combing operation against United Liberation Front of Assam (ULFA) and National Democratic Front of Bodoland (NDFB) militants at vulnerable forest and riverbank areas along Assam-Arunachal boundary.

Security measures have been intensified at Jonai sub-division bordering East Siang district on the eve of ULFA’s raising day on April 7.

Assam police and army of 41 field regiment separately launched anti-insurgency operation against the ultras along the border.

The police nabbed three NDFB (Ranjan) cadres from the area during the last week.

Quoting an intelligent input, a highly placed Assam police sources today said that the ULFA may sneak into Jonai area through the border at East Siang and Dibang Valley district of Arunachal from upper Assam district and carry out  subversive activities on or before the raising day. It is said that the ultras have been using the interstate border as their temporary hideout.

“Our police force along with the Quick React Team  (QRT) has been continuing operation at vulnerable areas including Kobuchapori, Jampani, Mesaki chapori and border areas at Dekapam and Simen chapori area under strict security surveillance”, said the sources.



Aaranyak at work at Namdapha

ITANAGAR, Apr 5: The first ever photographic evidence of the presence of tiger in Namdapha Tiger Reserve was acquired by a Guwahati based scientific organization, Aaranyak using the modern census technique.

 The study was carried out in collaboration with the Arunachal Forest Department under the Directorate of the Namdapha Tiger Reserve.

This is the first time that a tiger has been captured in a camera trap since attempts were made early in 1996 by a Bangalore based Wildlife Conservation Society. Another attempt in 2006 was made unsuccessfully by a Mysore based Nature Conservation Foundation that used camera trapping method.

Aaranyak was then invited by the Namdapha Tiger Reserve Authority in January 2012 to conduct a camera trapping exercise using the standard protocol set by the National Tiger Conservation Authority of India.

 “Huge manpower was involved including Aara-nyak personnel and local communities in the exercise to access rugged and difficult interior forest areas in the park,” informed Dr Firoz Ahmed, Head of the Tiger Research and Conservation Initiative (TRCI) of Aaranyak and also the recipient of Carl Zeiss Wildlife Conservation Award.  

The exercise for camera trapping began on 3rd February and ended on 29th March 2012 covering about 300 sq km area of the western side of the park, part of the most suitable tiger inhabiting area.

“As many as four base camps were established at Happy Valley, Hornbill, Farmbase and Deban to place and monitor the 80 cameras that were installed in the park. Team members of 3 to 35 were on foot march on trails, some of which were never explored by the forest staff, to install cameras and monitor them at regular intervals. Three jumbos were also pressed on service to port loads of supplies and resources for subsistence in the forest,” said Dr Ahmed.

Besides working in harsh environment, the team also faced resistance from the hunters camping in the park.

“On two occasions,” Dr Ahmed said, “The field teams were shot at by hunters from the bushes in deep woods.”

JL Sing, Principal, Chief Conservator of the Forests (Wildlife and Biodiversity) was part of one of the field team when a group of poacher shot at the entourage.

“The incident took place on 12 March at Bulbulia area. Singh was visiting the park on foot to monitor the camera trapping exercise from 10-14 March 2012,” he said.

 Recalling another incident of March 2, Dr Ahmed said, “A camera trapping team was assaulted, equipments and data robbed and camps were vandalized at Farm Base by a group of 12 armed people. On February 28, another four rounds were fired by suspected poachers at a team consisting of Protection Force of the Tiger Reserve and members of the Aaranyak.”

Though poachers managed to steal as many as 25 cameras, the team managed to get photographs of an adult male tiger that was captured on 20th March 2012 from two cameras inside the park.

“The location of the cameras that captured tiger is not being disclosed,” said Dr Ahmed fearing that it could attract poachers to the area and elimination of the tiger could be possible.

A herd of elephant was also spotted in the camera. These herds are reportedly visiting the park after a long gap as the elephants in the park were killed by poachers or the herds lost connectivity from nearby elephant habitats.

Because of rampant killing of tigers by poachers, Namdapha has been considered as an ‘empty forest’ with no tiger inhabiting the park. Moreover, illegal settlement in the core area has also led to increasing disturbances to the wildlife causing their extermination.   

The presence of tiger in the park was also earlier confirmed by Aaranyak in 2011 based on scat of tigers supplied by the Namdapha authority. The DNA from Scat was analyzed in the state of the art laboratory of Aaranyak, which conducts Wildlife genetics work and is the only one of the kind in North East India.

The Aaranyak’s Tiger Research and Conservation Initiative is funded by Panthera, USA and the Namdapha Tiger Reserve is supported financially by the National Tiger Conservation Authority of India.

Mini Marathon by CRPF

ITANAGAR, Apr 5: The 138 battalion of Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) based at Senkiview here organized a Mini Marathon race today as part of the ‘Valour Day’ to be observed on April 9.

Youths and students from twin capital cities of Itanagar and Naharlagun and CRPF personnel participated in the event where Takam Tani of Senkiview colony, Constable (general duty) Satyam Konai of E/138 and Liga Tath of Senkiview colony finished first, second and third respectively. Besides the winners, consolation prizes were also given to five woman participants, who completed the marathon.  

The Battalion has also proposed to organize a voluntary blood donation camp at Bn headquarter campus here on April 7 on World Health Day with the help of  Ramakrishna Mission Hospital, Itanagar and a mass plantation programme in the campus on April 12.


SSA teachers appeal

ITANAGAR, Apr 5: All Arunachal Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan Teachers’ Association appealed to the concerned authority to release the salary on monthly basis and prepare the official paper works in advance for timely release of fund from the centre.

It also urged the SSA teachers to discharge their duty with utmost sincerity and dedication to fulfill the mission.

The association expressed their gratitude to state government including, Education Minister and State Project Director SSA Rajya Mission, Itanagar for releasing their salaries with arrears.


ITBP IG visits Arunachal

Itanagar, Apr 5: R K Saini, Inspector General, North East Frontier, ITBP, visited SHQ (Itanagar) and its Forward Units from March 30 to April 3. During the visit he reviewed the performance of border battalions, Internal Security Bn and the Additional Training Center at Basar. He addressed the officers and men posted at those sub units of the Force. He has also interacted with Sub Inspector (Probationers) of Arunachal Ptadesh Armed Police who are undergoing familiarization training under ITBP at 20 Bn, Aalo. The IG also visited SHQ(Itanagar) and chaired a Conference of Sector officers and Commandants of Itanagar Sector on April 3.


Association appeals

ITANAGAR, Apr 5: Upper Nyapin Youth Welfare Association  has apealed to the state government to direct the ADC to return to his posting place at Nyapin who is allegedly out of station since last nine months.

Highlighting the grievances of public of Nyapin area, the Association  said presently Circle Officer of Phassang is looking after the administrative work of Nyapin ADC Hq which  is a tough job for a CO to  pay heed to the grievances of  people of  Nyapin, Phassang and Sangram circles. It particularly appealed the local MLA  to look into the matter at the earliest.


IAF Marshal at Tezpur

ITANAGAR, Apr 5: Marshal of the IAF, Arjan Singh DFC, was on a two days visit to Air Force Station Tezpur which started on 4 April. He is on a visit of Air Force bases in the North-east.

During his visit he addressed and interacted with the personnel of the Air Force Station and motivated them to work towards improving the operational potential of the IAF. The Marshal fondly remembered his flying days in the North-East and appreciated the rapid improvements being made to the combat assets and infrastructure in the region.


Youth Congress meeting at Yingkiong

ITANAGAR, Apr 5: Youth Congress Committee of 34th Tuting-Yingkiong assembly constituency, Upper Siang District unit conducted its mass meeting at Yingkiong recently and discussed on policies and functions of Youth Congress to strengthen the party activities in the constituency.

Addressing the gathering, senior Congress leader Tadum Libang and 34th Tuting-Yingkiong constituency Youth Congress president Apang Jongkey urged the youth Congress members to maintain party discipline and work hard for uplift of the party image.

They also advised the members to properly monitor the centrally sponsored schemes to ensure successful implementation of the schemes and check misuse of development fund.

Executive members from DCC Upper Siang District and BCC of 34th Tuting-Yingkiong assembly constituency also attended the meeting.


‘Declare ADO written test result’

ITANAGAR, Apr 5: Arunachal Agriculture Students’ Welfare Association appealed to the APPSC to immediately declare the results of Agriculture Development Officer (ADO) written test examination.

Expressing displeasure over the delay in declaration of results, it said, despite the  the candidates  for the written test are very less  than other competitive examinations, the authority is taking more than two months to declare the result.


Students concerned at illegal mining

ITANAGAR, Apr 5: All Papum Pare District Students’ Union (APPDSU) demanded the State Geology & Mining Department to deploy sufficient Mining Guards to check mass illegal mining activities undertaken by the construction agencies of Trans-Arunachal Highway & NF- Railway in Papum Pare.

The Union informed that government has notified only six sites in the district for mining. But shortage of Mineral Guards, private local quarry owner claimants and lack of cooperation from the administrations has stopped the department from effective monitoring of the illegal mining activities in the district and as well as in the state which has resulted into non achievement of the annual target revenue of the department.  It further said that executing agencies are felling trees without prior clearance from concern authority; instead the department is obtaining approval from the private land holders/quarry owners of the district.

Illegal mining activities in the river banks of Poma, Dikorong, Mani, Karsinga, Nirjuli, Pachin, Yupia and other river banks without obtaining permit from the Geology & Mining Department is a matter of serious concern and it is appropriate to term the illegal mining activities as mass plundering of the natural resources of the district, the students said.

APPDSU urged the Chief Minister to directly intervene into the matter and demanded immediate deployment of Mineral Guards in the concern government notified areas of the district to check mass illegal mining activities. It said that such activities might aggravate the danger of flood water diverting in the human settlement areas and destruct the agri-horticultural land.

The department concerned and district administration need to initiate necessary action to avoid man-made destruction in the area, the students union added.


Contractors demand their dues

ITANAGAR, Apr 5: The Contractors for construction of road from Yazali to Mengio under RIDF XIV and Jop to Silsango under NLCPR, in a representation, have appealed to the PWD Minister to direct the authority concerned to release the outstanding dues of the genuine contractors.

The Contractors Welfare Committee (CWC) of the above mentioned roads, claimed that though the Letter of Credits (LOCs) against both the schemes have already been released,  no payment was made to the genuine contractors/public till today.

The representation, in the meantime, informed the PWD Minister that the then Executive Engineer of Yazali PWD division had reportedly assured to release all the outstanding bills of the genuine contractors by April 25. According to then EE,  CWC said, the fund/LOC allocated against the two road schemes have already been placed in Part-V account at SBI, Ziro branch.

CWC said that the construction works of road from Yazali to Mengio under RIDF XIV and Jop to Silsango under NLCPR were duly awarded to the villagers of nearby areas by then EE with a direction to complete the works within the stipulated time. Accordingly, the villagers completed the construction works. But they are still running from pillar to post for the last three years to get their bills released.


Arunachalee boy makes mark in Natl tennis arena

PASIGHAT, Apr 5: Budding tennis player Mingki Talom won the Junior National Tennis Championship held in Kolkata recently fulfilling his dream of making a mark in the National tennis arena.

The Pasighat boy Talom also secured runners-up position in the National Level Tennis Championship (Jr. group), organized by All India Tennis Association in collaboration with International Tennis Federation at Ludhiana recently.

Dr. T Talom, father of Mingki informed that his son will be proceeding to USA for further training on June next.

It is a matter of immense pleasure and encouragement that an Arunachalee boy has achieved success in a sport like tennis which is hardly played in the state. Meanwhile, the East Siang District Tennis Association was formed recently with an objective to promote and groom young talents. DIPRO


Fire at Pania

ITANAGAR, Apr 5: Three houses along with two granaries and two motorcycles were completely gutted in a major fire accident at new Pania under Yachuli ADC headquarters on April 3.

Meanwhile, CO Pistana Murnya Kakki rushed to the spot for verification.


Bam recovering well

ITANAGAR, Apr 5: Chief Secretary Tabom Bam, who underwent a major surgery for brain tumour in New Delhi-based All India Institute of Medical Sciences, is convalescing in the intensive care unit (ICU) of the hospital, according to his son Toni Bam.

“He is very much stable and recovering fast after a successful surgery by Dr SS Kale Monday last, Toni informed.  

Chief Minister Nabam Tuki and MP Takam Sanjoy have joined the people of the state in praying the almighty for speedy recovery of Bam, an UT cadre IAS officer of 1977 batch.

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Life Sustaining Spring

Dear Editor,

The “Life Sustaining Spring - II” was a timely piece. But what caught my attention was far from the serious issue of nature and sustainability of life. It was gross injustice to tempt the drought ridden citizen with a water Tank! That too with spring water dropping into the vehicle. We citizen wait for the arrival of water laden tank with so much uncertainty.

These mechanical beauties are so sought after these days. Whenever, it is spotted near our locality, everyone rush towards it. Like a drop of spilt honey attracting bees. Many might be rigorously following the regimen even in their dreams. After all it brings succour to the thirsty public only once a week. Complaining seem passe or risky these days. So endure till humanly possible.


A Thirsty Citizen



Need of Dream Bhawan in South India

Dear Editor,

In this present era of science and technology every parent wants to provide the best possible education to thier children. They try their level best to impart better and quality education, by sending their wards out of the state and abroad to pursue the careers they crave for.

It is seen that in recent times the southern India, especially the states of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala have turned into the new educational hub for the Arunachalis. Thousands of Arunachali students are pursuing various courses in government and private institutions. These students often face innumerable difficulties during their early days in these unknown states.

As the number of students residing in these areas is increasing day by day, we are in a need of a proper guiding and protective authority for the welfare of the students residing there. In case of any emergency situation, the student community needs to be provided with necessary help and directions. I feel an Arunachal Bhawan, with a student support committee, is the answer to all these problems. It could act as a guide for the new students in these regions. During situations like the recent Bangalore incident, where the student community is struck with grief and fear, the students can be provided necessary protection and help.

Besides these, the students studying in these states mostly miss out their tradition, culture and festivals.

They can reconnect with their identity by regrouping and celebrating their festivals and let the local communities have a glimpse of our Arunachal. During admission season it will protect the students and their guardians from exploitation by the local communities and also provide ample opportunities of enrollment of our students in better colleges in terms of private institutions. The Bhawan can also be used as a counseling institution during the high times of admission. It is also seen that in many institutions, most students are allotted very little period of holiday between two sessions. The students don’t have enough days to return home and so they are stuck in a real dilemma. With the hostels closed down and nowhere to go, they are in the worst of the situations. If the Dream Bhawan is constructed, it could provide a safe, homely and economic shelter for the needy students.

Many people from Arunachal go to CMC Vellore for medical treatment due to its reasonable cost and excellent medical services.

But lots of unnecessary amount is expended as accommodation charges by the ignorant Arunachali patients. The Arunachal bhawan could be a boon for these patients. The need for an Arunachal Bhawan in the southern India has now become a necessity for us. According to records, this demand has been dated since years. During the reign of Dorjee Khandu, the government had allotted a plot of land, 3km away from Vellore CMC but with the seasonal change of the government, no further development has been done.

The helpless student community still seems to be wailing at the deaf authorities for action.

I optimistically hope that the present government understands the need of the hour and takes action as soon as possible to retain a secure and healthy environment for the young Students residing there.


Nguli Dabi




Save us from rich beggars

Dear Editor,

I would like to warn all the people of Arunachal to be aware of beggars who begs in the name of youth.

To support my statement, let me narrate one true story that I witnessed.

Recently, I was standing in front of one shop at Bank Tinali and suddenly one well dressed guy came near me and demanded that I put one 10/- rupees note in the paper bag he was holding.

When I inquired the purpose of asking money from me, he politely said that money was being collected so that they could purchase gift items to welcome a minister to a programe!

Good save Arunachal from these beggars who beg to welcome VIPs.


An Eye witness



Baseless allegation by a civilized citizen

Dear Editor,

“An open letter to the CM” appeared in the Reader’s Forum of Arunachal Times on April 4 written by one Athupa Mano, BADP Contractor, Etalin in which he alleged that executing agency misappropriated public money by arbitrarily deducting 30% from contractor’s bill.

I, being a team member of the executing agency would like to clarify that the scheme was sanctioned for Rs. 3.00 lacs last year.

The erection work amounting to Rs.25336/- was issued by name to Athupa Mano and Supply Order amounting to Rs.1, 84,671/- was issued in favour of the same contractor through M/s Awa traders so as to avoid Audit objection and the remaining was issued to the proprietor of the firm and accordingly payments were made by the Executive Engineer (E) Roing in March 2012 after receipt of the fund from the D.C. Anini vide his letter No. DB/Cash-1/2011-12/04 dated 03/02/2012. Necessary deduction of Vat and other taxes were made in the office of the D.C. Anini itself as per the norms of the government.

God knows whether it is his ignorance or he is acting at the behest of someone else; by claiming that the work was awarded to him by Zilla Chairperson.

The Zilla Chairperson has no authority to award any Govt. contract work. It is the prerogative of the executing agency to decide who to award the works.

From the above cited facts it is quite clear that the question of deducting 30% does not arise at all. This sort of allegation is nothing but just a desperate attempt to tarnish the good image of some team members of the executing agency out of ill-will.

Such baseless allegation without an iota of truth and reality was never expected from a so called civilized citizen of Etalin as the contractor believes himself to be.

After these clarifications, if anybody has any more doubt, they may come forward for physical verification.


O. Yirang

AE (E),  Anini




Itanagar- 2030

Dear Editor,

I am writing this letter from the future. The year is 2030 and our twin township of Itanagar and Naharlagun are becoming to look more and more like the Grand Canyon. The landscape is no longer lush and green. The mountains have become barren and as far as the eye can see, what used to be a haven for greenery, have turned red. Like the African soil too much blood has spilled from the mountains. The land has been bled dry by forest fires because men won’t leave nature alone. Men declared war on nature a few years ago. Now nature is fighting back.

It all began in the turn of the century. As we ushered in a new millennium we began to look forward and saw endless possibilities. We began to envision new ideas and prospects. We were confident and headstrong in our resolve. We were ready to take on the world. And we did.

We now have wider roads, better medical facilities and even a Pizza Hut! The infrastructure has improved ten folds since the beginning of the century. A new international airport has opened up connecting most of South-east Asia to our state. There are more than five ATMs now. Restaurants serve actual Chinese food and Momo’s are called dim sums now to add a more international feel. Travelling to Guwahati has become hassle free because no one makes demands to bring back a bucket of KFC for them since we have our own outlet. We now have malls (yes “malls” not “shopping complexes”) bringing the best brands to us.

There are a few cons to all this infrastructural development. The sunrise and the sunsets aren’t as beautiful as they used to be. Flooding and landslides occur on a more regular basis caused by the soil erosion, which in turn were triggered by the forest fires. Also, due to fires, the air has become polluted and unbreathable so we now walk around with gas masks on all the time. We look like Dart Vader from the Star Wars movies. It’s inconvenient to talk to anyone outdoors with the face mask on and next to impossible to hear anyone on the cell phones. Traffic mishaps have become a regular occurrence due to the presence of smog everywhere and lung diseases have become a common ailment among adults and children. All these factors are also causing chronic depression among the people, yours truly included. Thank goodness we now have broadband in Itanagar. Broadband!


Ranju Dodum




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Autism in India

India is home to about 10 million people with autism and the disability has shown an increase over the last few years. According to statistics by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one in every 88 children today is born with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) against a ratio of one in 110 few years back.

According to CDC, autistic people are a group of people with developmental disabilities characterized by impairments in social interaction and communication and by restricted, repetitive, and stereotyped patterns of behaviour. The disease is found to be four times more prevalent in males than females.

In India these symptoms are usually ignored by parents and are undiagnosed or misdiagnosed by many medical professionals, which is the reason for the higher numbers in the country.

Surveys predict that children born to older parents or those born prematurely are at a slightly higher risk of developing ASD. In some cases it has also been found that harmful drugs taken by the mother during pregnancy exposes the child to this disability. But scientist and researchers are still attempting to recognise the main genetic cause of this disorder.

Even as the law provide for facilities of transport, vocational education, banking, housing and other benefits for people and children living with autism, they face harassment, end up becoming the laughing stock of the society and are often discriminated.

Health experts believe that since the first signs usually appear before a child is three years old, early detection of this incurable disease can help a child lead his full potential.