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School gate dedicated

Mould the children with love & care: Khyapa Baba

WAKRO, April 8: The school gate of the Apna Vidya Bhavan, titled, “The Manjeet Gate”, was sanctified by Sri Sri Kulavadhuta Satpurananda (Khyapa Baba) in an impressive function held here on April 4. The gate was formally declared open by the retired head master K P Rai.

The gate's dedication also marked the celebration of Apurba Diwas which is celebrated annually by the Apnes in remembrance of the noble contributions of Maj Gen A.K Bardalai, Commandant IMTRAT towards Arunachal.  In his inaugural address, Khyapa Baba urged the teachers to inspire the students on human values of life. “Teachers are also normal human beings who have to meet the high expectations of the children and the society. But teachers should always remember that they are the representatives of the divine power.” “Mould the lives of the children with love and utmost care. Frequently revisit your childhood, never lose your innocence, this is the best way to understand your children”, the saint exhorted the teachers.

Exhorting the teachers to be dedicated  to their profession, Khyapa Baba, who was also a teacher,  said that the current education system neglects the wholesome development of the students and in manyways it is responsible for the frustration and desperation in young minds, he said.

Baba also underlined and stressed the need of vocational training as a vital part of education. Children must be imparted skill development training on  trades like carpentry, farming, painting, pottery etc so that they can live a life of dignity and security even without a government employment. Timely initiatives in this direction will save the North-East from terrorism and protect the young minds from wasting away as drug addicts.

Karyna Moreno, a disciple of Khyapa Baba, gave away the Niti Bhalla Trophy to Apne Solina Kambrai, the best all-rounder Apne. Karyna appreciated the Apnes for their talents and  spirited performances. The Niti Bhalla Rolling Trophy is instituted by filmmaker Dipti Bhalla for motivating all round development of the students of the AVB and will be given every six month. Apne Ongden Meyor received the AVB Chairman’s cash award as a token of appreciation for  his adorable character as an Apne.

The Chairman ASSET particularly expressed gratitude to the leaders who served as GOCs of 2 Mtn Div, commanders of 82 Mtn Bde and the print media for their constant support and encouragement towards the service initiatives of ASSET, especially in the promotion of girls' education. The celebrations culminated with a spectacular cultural program put up by the young Apnes

The gate, named so in the honour of Ritu and Brig. Manjeet Mehta, is constructed in gratitude to the Itanagar Print Media, 2nd Mountain Division, 82 Mountain Brigade, the Army Wives Welfare Association, 11 Rajputana Rifles, 7/11 Gorkha Rifles, 26 Maratha Light Infantry and the 1444 BCC of Border Roads Organization. It was designed free of cost by Sohita Jolly, a Delhi based architect.



Dibang Valley cut off

ANINI, Apr 8: The Nature’s fury continues to hit the people of Dibang Valley district which has been facing communication problems for last many months. Adding woes to the sufferings of the people, Anini-Roing road remained cut off from rest of the state since April 6 due to major landslide triggered by torrential rains for last couple of weeks.

It is worth mentioning that the bridge over Deopani which was swept away in December last year is yet to be constructed to restore communication.

Heavy landsides occurred at many locations, including Endulin Nallah, Mayodia, 17-camp, 83-camp, according the reports from SDO, Hunli and BRO officials. The whole 120 km stretch between Mayudia and Endulin has been hit by landslides and it is feared that the situation may aggravate further if the downpour continues for few more days.

The BRO has pressed their men and machineries into service. However, considering the massive landslides in many locations, the restoration of road link may take some more time.

DC Abu Tayeng is also personally monitoring the situation and in constant touch with the concerned authorities for immediate restoration of  road communication. DIPRO



Tawang DA seeks divine intervention

ITANAGAR, Apr 8: The Tawang district administration has written to the  office of His Holiness, the Dalai Lama seeking his divine intervention to stop nefarious activities under the leadership and guidance of seven monks of Tawang district studying in Sera Monastic University, Bylakuppe, Karnataka.

In his letter, the DC states that around sixty monks of Mon Tawang under the leadership of these senior monks have started creating rumour and misguiding the people on the proposed Hydro Power Projects in the district. He further states that “to deal with these monks directly as per the law of the land might hurt the sentiments of local people although as per the rule of the law as enshrined in the constitution of India every citizen is equal before the law”.

He warns that to contain the panic and lawlessness in the quiet and peaceful Tawang, administration may have to resort to preventive actions to contain the alarming situation.”

“They have started holding meetings and signature campaign to misguide and mobilize public opinion against proposed campaign in the district. The prospective hydropower projects were duly proposed by Government of Arunachal Pradesh after following established norms”, the letter further reads.

Due to vicious campaign and false propaganda started by these monks, there is a serious law and order problem, the letter adds.

It may be mentioned here that under the banner of Save Mon Committee (SMC) hundreds of people turned up at Tawang to express their displeasure at the coming up of mega hydro projects in the area on April 4.

SMC, which has been spearheading the anti mega power projects movement had claimed that the public of Mukto and Lumla constituencies were forcefully prevented from joining an anti power project rally by the public leaders of both the constituencies.



Adi language textbook for next academic session compiled: AAK

Staff Reporter

ITANAGAR, Apr 8:  In an endeavour to preserve Adi language, Adi Agom Kebang (AAK) (Adi Literary Society) conducted its sitting at Naharlagun today.

During the meeting, AAK President Prof. Tamo Mibang informed that Adi language textbooks for the academic session 2012-13 has  already been compiled and sent for printing. The Adi Agom (language) textbook will be distributed in entire schools of Adi inhabited areas.

Briefing about problems being encountered by the Kebang for preservation and promotion of Adi language, he called upon the Adi community to extend their moral and physical support to AAK for fulfilment of its motives to promote and propagate own language.

He further informed that least numbers of ‘Adi Agom’ textbooks were distributed to few schools after its notification issued by the state government for introduction as third language in 2001.

AAK general secretary Obang Tayeng also appealed to the people of Adi community to promote Adi language without any discrimination. He said that due to minor and negligible issues, our language could not flourish as per our expectations. Now AAK has been revived to look after such issues and Adi literature will regain its admiration, he added.

AAK vice president Nini Pertin, FGA executive director Nalong Mize, former SIC member Bani Danggen, Yupia EAC Talom Dupak also spoke on the occasion, among others.

During the day-long meeting, discrepancies in Adi calendar and Adi Mere (script) were discussed and decided to settle the matter in next sitting.



Kidnapped businessman released

Taba Ajum

ITANAGAR, Apr 8: Businessman Vikram Aggarwal, who was kidnapped by miscreants at gun point on April 3 from his shop in Innao town of Changlang district, was released yesterday by the kidnappers. As per the report, Namsai police found him from Lathao area at around 10.30 pm. The kidnapping of 30- year-old Aggarwal had sent a shock wave among business community of Changlang district.

Aggarwal was taken to Tengapani forest reserve by the four kidnappers after he was being picked up from his shop in Innao town. Reportedly, three kidnappers were with Aggarwal while he was being taken to forest area. After 4 hours of trekking in the deep jungle, 6 more people had joined the three kidnappers.

On the morning of April 4, the kidnappers took Aggarwal to the higher reaches of Tengapani forest. They erected a tent there and kept him for 3 days.

Meanwhile, the kidnappers started questioning him about his income source and started ransom demand.  Aggarwal kept on explaining them that he owns only a small shop in Innao and cannot meet their demand. As soon as the news of massive force movement for the rescue of Aggarwal reached to the kidnappers they got panicked. They realized that they had picked up a wrong person. However, they took away Rs 9,500 which Aggarwal was carrying in his pocket.

On April 6 night, the kidnappers told Aggarwal that they are going to release him. Interestingly, the kidnappers maintain a diary where they record all their daily activities. At the time of release, Aggarwal was asked to write the date of his kidnapping, the amount of money taken from him and his date of release. Also, the diary supposedly has information about the earlier kidnappings done by the group. On early morning of April 7, the kidnappers brought him back to the plain areas and they reached the plain of Tengapani forest reserve area in the afternoon.  They put him in a timber laden truck and asked the driver to drop him in the highway. Accordingly the trucker left him nearby Lathao.

While talking to this daily over telephone, officer-in-charge of Namsai police station R Nath said Aggarwal has been allowed to go home after interrogation.

“We had got intelligence report about his presence in Lathao area. Accordingly, we were carrying out search operation in the area. Just after crossing Lathao Forest Gate we found him  roaming around there in a nervous condition,” informed OC Nath. Further he informed that interrogation of Aggarwal revealed some startling facts. “According to Aggarwal, the kidnappers were mostly Chakma refugees. He also managed to identify one of them,” said OC Nath.

Police refused to make any comment on the ransom demand but it is believed that kidnappers had demanded Rs 10 lacs from the family members of Vikram Aggarwal. “As told by Aggarwal, the kidnappers took away Rs 9500 only. We only know that. We don’t know whether there was any private negotiation regarding his release,” said OC Nath.

The news of safe return of Aggarwal certainly gave a great sigh of relief to the beleaguered Arunachal Pradesh Police which has come under sharp criticism from citizen across the state for failing to give sense of security to its citizens.



The curious cases of private Labs in Seppa

Amar Sangno

ITANAGAR, Apr 8:  Imagine what would happen if laboratories which are meant to detect and identify infectious diseases in the blood serum and other bodily fluids of patients turn erroneous.

This is what happens in Seppa where every patient who gives their blood for tests either suffers from Plasmodium falciparium (Pf) or Plasmodium vivax (Pv) commonly known as malaria.

These reports are prepared by private clinic laboratories which thrive in and around the district hospital of  Seppa in East Kameng. Be it Rapid Malaria Test (RMT) or Quantitative Buffy Coat (QBC) test, it usually shows positive result in Seppa. However, if one goes through the same tests at Itanagar or Guwahati, there are contradictions in the report.

It is alleged that this mysterious trend has been prevalent over the last couple of years, because of unscrupulous practice by the private run laboratories in the town; accordingly the doctors have to prescribe heavy dose of medicines. Even though the district comes under malaria endemic zones, this certainly would qualify as one of the most bizarre and curious cases in the history of any town.

An investigation by this correspondent reveals that  all the private labs go for RMT instead of opting for microscopic blood test which is known for giving reliable results.

What is alarming is that based on tests which necessarily do not give genuine results, doctors prescribe medicines which might lead  to drug resistant malaria and in some cases it could be fatal. Before prescribing powerful anti-malarial medicine, it would be wiser to verify the diagnostics of malaria by using definitive diagnostic method.

What puts patients in dilemma is whether these bizarre reports prepared by private labs is a scam or kind of monopoly at the cost of innocent lives.

“My wife tested Pv+Pf malaria at Seppa but when we conducted QBC test at Itanagar, they found no traces of malaria” claimed one Sunil Tara.  

This correspondent also had undergone the same experience recently.

Malaria remains one of the major killer diseases  with a death toll of  more than 2 million per year across the world.

It would not be surprising if the number is higher because of such erroneous reports.



AAPSU visits Likabali, demands enquiry

ITANAGAR, Apr 8: A team of All Arunachal Pradesh Students’ Union (AAPSU) headed by its Finance Secretary Debia Muj and Art and Culture Secretary Kali Yomcha today visited the Malini Mela Complex, Likabali where Assam officials led by Additional Deputy Commissioner Dhemaji along with around 300 Police personnel allegedly raided and destroyed various structures including the Pandal for Malini Mela celebrations and a store room building on April 5 morning. The AAPSU team was accompanied by Galo Students Union General Secretary Pakmik Taipodia during the visit.

During their visit, AAPSU members held a meeting with the local MLA Jomde Kena and discussed about the incident and also interacted with the local people. The Union strongly urged the State govt to initiate immediate steps to find out the truth behind the raid and destruction of public properties by Assam officials within Arunachal territory.

It questioned if the Assam Govt had directed its officials and police force to destroy monumental structures of Arunachal Pradesh.  Expressing grave concern over heavy losses caused to the people of the area, AAPSU demanded the Assam Govt to immediately compensate the people for their losses.

Further, it requested the Arunachal Govt to initiate early steps to reconstruct the destroyed buildings and structures besides taking stringent action against the culprits involved in the demolition of structures which created chaos and confusion among the people of both states.



Orgs demand annulment of proposed public hearing on hydro project

ITANAGAR, Apr 8: Various NGOs, students and dam affected unions and community based organizations in a meeting at Pasighat yesterday unanimously resolved to oppose the proposed Public Hearing from April 17 to 20 in three districts.

The meeting after a threadbare discussion on the issue, further resolved to pursue the matter with state government for postponement of the public hearing as the proposed date might clash with university examinations. Further, April being a rainy month, might create problem to the public as well as all dam affected people to participate in the public hearing since the district is bereft of all weather roads.  It also resolved to submit representations to the DCs of the three districts for the cancellation of the proposed public hearing.

The meeting was attended by representatives from Forum for Siang Dialogue (FSD), Siang Peoples’ Forum (SPF), Mebo Area Bachao Committee (MABC), Adi Students’ Union ( AdiSU), All Bogong Students’ Union (ABSU), East Siang District Students’ Union (ESDSU), Jawaharlal Nehru College Students’ Union (JNCSU), Siang Bachao Federation (SBF), Mebo Students’ Union (MSU), Sirit-Siyom Banggo Dam Affected Union, Lower Siang Dam Affected Land Owners’ Union ( LSDALOU) and Lower Siang Downstream Affected Union (LSDAU).

Earlier,  the meeting observed two-minute silence as mark of respect to Late Tadam Taki, President, Bogum Bokang Kebang and prayed for peace of the departed soul.



YNMA  condemns attack, demands arrest of culprits

ITANAGAR, Apr 8: Youth Network Movement of Arunachal (YNMA) strongly condemned the attack on Haku Takak, a student of Arunachal Law Academy (ALA) on April 6 night in between Itanagar and Naharlagun.

He was immediately referred to Guwahati for treatment, and is reported to be in a coma. Takak is also an active member of YNMA.

YNMA demanded Capital police, especially Home department to immediately arrest the culprits involved in the incident and punish them as per law.

“It is a cowardice act and uncivilized behaviour to attack someone by helmet. “Legal options are there if someone is found guilty. Physical assault is not a solution to any problem.”

The incident further portrayed a poor image of district administration and police in maintaining growing law and order situation in state capital.  Meanwhile, YNMA appealed to state government to provide financial assistance to Haku to meet medical expenditure.

Adi Students Union (AdiSU), while condemning the brutal and unprovoked attack on Tatak, demanded the Capital Complex police and administration to immediately apprehend the culprits involved in the gruesome attack.

“Apprehension of the culprit(s) can only bring back the lost reputation of the capital police and people’s confidence,” AdiSU said in a release and appealed all to cooperate with authority in nabbing the culprits.



Budding litterateurs share platform in 35th APLS literary session

ITANAGAR, Apr 8: The 35th literary sitting of Arunachal Pradesh Literary Society (APLS) was held at the conference hall of JN State Museum here today.

Chaired by APLS president Y D Thongchi, a renowned litterateur and an exponent of creative writings, the monthly literary session witnessed participants sharing their views and literary contributions.

Today’s session started with three neo-litterateurs, namely, Gaby Miyum Damin reading out her story ‘The scooter that I still miss’, Onam Langkam reciting her self-composed poem ‘Envy’ and Lisa Ghosh, a class IX student, sharing her first time experience to be with the literary luminaries.

Dr Ashok Kumar Pandey, a renowned Hindi poet, has made his maiden participation by reciting his composition, titled, ‘Kisko Jagao?’, while the State’s lone shayyer Anu Basar made the ambiance quite interesting by sharing one of his shayaries.

Pill Topu recited self-composed two poems – ‘Ray of Hope’ and ‘Who is she?’, while Roman Borah read out his poem ‘Angel of Love’, and Sangita Thapa and Rinchin Wangjon, a class XII student recited English poems ‘Frustration’ and ‘Orphan’ respectively.

R N Koley has read out two mini-stories, titled, ‘Banya Tran’ (Flood Relief) and ‘Pator Mizing’ and a Bengali poem titled ‘Ek Chamooch Duhkhha’, while Jamuna Bini recited an English poem ‘Childhood Friend Tree’, composed by Bunty Tao Tado.

Tushar Pawar, a linguistic researcher has recited a Marathi poem ‘Aai’ (mother), while Inumoni Das Borah read out her Assamese composition ‘Journey to Myanmar: An unforgettable experience’ and Mukul Pathak recited an English poem ‘Nakshatra’.

The academic session was followed by an interaction wherein topics like, creation of script and new words on Indian languages were discussed.

In his presidential speech, Thongchi encouraged the budding writers to contribute more to the literary field, while disclosing that the APLS was contemplating to hold a workshop on the art of recitation for the benefit of young poets.

Among other participants, Dr S K Ghosh also attended the occasion.

Minister assures to post teachers at Borguli Hr Sec School, says SWIMs

ITANAGAR, Apr 8: Social Welfare Intellectual Movements (SWIMs), Mebo in a release claimed that Education Minister Bosiram Siram has instructed Deputy Director of School Education (DDSE) and East Siang Deputy Commissioner (DC) to post five efficient Junior Teachers (JTs) having requisite qualification at Govt Hr. Sec. School, Borguli to fill the vacuum of Senior Teachers (STs) till the posts are created.

“Since the matter of creation of ST posts might take some more time, five efficient JTs would be posted for time being to minimize the students’ sufferings,” Siram was quoted as saying during a meeting yesterday with a delegation of SWIMs which demanded for posting sufficient STs in the school.

SWIMs, meanwhile, demanded Siram and East Siang administration not to spare the culprits involved in the desecration of Gandhiji and Dr. Ering’s statues at Pasighat and punish them as per law.


Forum reiterates demand

ITANAGAR, Apr 8: Reiterating its demand for verification of alleged mismanagement of DoNER fund meant for the upgradation of road from Subansiri bridge point to Segi (CO) Hq measuring 18 km, Upper Subansiri District Intellectuals Forum (USDIF) sought the intervention of Chief Secretary to stop  the tender process for the said road project.

The Forum alleged that actual amount of DoNER fund did not find mention in the tender invited by Dumporijo PWD executive engineer on March 2 for upgradation of said road. It demanded cancellation of the tender and enquiry into the ‘missing amount’ from the approved Central fund for the road project.


AWSBSU demands solution to boundary dispute

ITANAGAR, Apr 8:  All West Siang Border Student Union (AWSBSU) demanded the Arunachal Pradesh government to immediately solve the boundary disputes at Likabali.

Describing the atrocities meted out to Arunachalee people in their own land by Assam officials, AWSBSU demanded the state government to immediately send an official team to take stock of the prevailing situation and verify  the damages caused by Assam police personnel led by Dhemaji district officials  during Malini Mela.

AWSBSU claimed that more than 200 plastic chairs, 1500 CGI sheets and about 50 GI pipes and other materials of the Mela committee were looted after destroying the multi-purpose pandel by Assam officials. It urged the state government to compensate for the losses.

The union also demanded deployment of more IRBn troops at Likhabali to safeguard the life and properties of the Arunachalee people.


ANYA suspends demands  

ITANAGAR, Apri 8: All Nyishi Youth Association (ANYA) has suspended its demand for immediate transfer of chief secretary and director of general of police from the state.

The decision was taken after having threadbare discussion on law and order situation of the state and present health condition of the chief secretary with political secretary to CM on April 6, ANYA said in a release.

During the meeting, the CM’s political secretary divulged the Govt’s steps in maintaining law and order, ANYA said.  A massive police recruitment drive is going on at Tirap and Changlang and the Union Home Minister had also given his nod for deployment of additional forces in the state to assist the state police force, the Association said quoting the political secretary as saying.  

Expressing satisfaction over the clarification and assurance given by the Govt representatives, the ANYA resolved to suspend its demands for transfer of the CS and DGP.


Stop rampant extraction of resources: APPDSU

ITANAGAR, Apr 8: All Papum Pare District Students’ Union (APPDSU) urged the state government not to act at the behest of ‘alien’ contractors/companies; instead, the Govt should direct respective Govt’s department to take immediate measures to stop rampant extraction of  natural resources by those contractors/companies.

APPDSU in a release stated that some construction companies/agencies/contractors are extracting sand, gravel and other natural resources in the district illegally in the name of carrying out development projects.

Describing it as self-destructive activity, APPDSU said that the state, especially Papum Pare would soon turn into infertile desert land and remain unfit for human settlement, if the trend continues. The students union also criticized various NGOs, civil societies and organizations for being the silent spectators of the serious issue. The students’ union also held some certain group of bureaucrats and technocrats responsible in misguiding local innocent people to join hand in such illegal activities for individual profit.

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Keep the integrity intact

Dear Editor,

I would like appeal the concerned authorities of RGU to re-conduct the recently held interviews for all the posts so that the self -esteem and integrity of RGU is maintained.

Fresh interview should be held to give a fair chance to all the candidates.

If re-conduct of interview is not possible then RGU should refund our money and time wasted during the recruitment process.  I am sure each candidate wasted more than Rs 1000 and 24 hours of time.

In the recent past I heard about RTI activists,  civil societies and unions raising their voice against the illegal appointments in the various department of Arunachal Pradesh.

I wonder where they have all gone.

Through my write up I want to ask why the so called RTI activists and civil societies and Unions are turning a deaf ear to the day light corruption at RGU.   

I also appeal to the Chief Rector to intervene in the matter as soon as possible so that the respect and integrity of the sacred institution is maintained and no one can ever raise their finger against the institution.


Frustrated Candidate



An open insult

Dear Editor,

The April 5 destruction at Likabali was an aberrant act by the Assam officials. We are aware that it is not a mere track of disputed land rather it’s the territory of Arunachal Pradesh. Really, it’s an open insult to Arunachalees and its government.

Arunachalees residing there at Likabali area had always maintained cordial relation with people of Silapathar and Dhemaji but they are taking advantage of our silence. According to Taba Ajum’s April 5 report, an FIR (case no-Lkb PS case no 10/12 U/S 447/427/379/34 IPC) has been lodged against UK Baruah, PR Kar, MU Ahmad and HK Pegu at Likabali police station for damaging the properties.

If we maintain silence this time, we will soon witness an abysmal scenario. So, I request the government of Arunachal Pradesh to look into this matter seriously so that such baleful situations do not occur again.

And I hope that our chief minister who is playing his role magnificently for welfare of our state will give his full effort.


Metum Soki,

Rajiv Gandhi University,




Apathetic attitude

Dear Editor,

I would like to express my view regarding the boundary problem in Likabali. The people of Likabali are given a step motherly treatment by the govt of Arunachal.

This boundary problem is not a new one for us but no step has been taken by the govt to solve the problem till now. And even the check-gate  is 3-4 km away from the town. Many non-tribals are roaming inside Likabali area without any inner line permit.

Therefore, Likabali Youth Volunteer Association (LYVA) would like to appeal the authorities concern and especially our local MLA to take up the matter seriously for the people of Likabali.


Jamik Taipodia

Assistant General Secretary, LYVA



The MRP and the Park

Dear Editor,

Since the last couple of years there is hue and cry regarding sky high price of commodities in capital complex and other parts of the state. Even many columnists have expressed their concern regarding violation of M.R.Ps in capital complex.

But my paramount surprise is that no action has been taken yet by the concern department and government though they are duty bound to do so.

Also after reading the controversial Convention Hall at IG park, I would like to convey my message to NGO’s, student bodies and individuals specially those in legal profession to file a petition against the concern department for not checking the irregularities within.


Frustrated citizen,

(on email)



Act tough

Dear Editor,

The action by Assam police at Malinithan is a clear sign of disrespect and insult shown to the govt of Arunchal Pradesh & the people.

Arunachal Govt. must act tough against the Tarun Gogoi govt. Violator should not be spared at any cost as Assam police deserves good reward from Supreme Court.

We too can act much better than that but we respect the law.


A citizen



We don’t need any permission

Dear Editor,

This is in reference to "What took the Lamas so long", by Lobsang Droma dated 7th April.

I totally disagree with her claim that there is no single dam proposed to be built and an indiscretion on part of the newspaper in bringing out the matters are, beyond doubt manipulative attempt to influence public opinions, and insult and harassment against the media fraternity, when the fact is known to everyone.

The DC's memorandum to the office of His Holiness Dalai Lama will be out in the public and it will come as a shock to her, when the contents unfold before her then she will have insights to decide whether or not the DC has been liberal in his approach.

Of course I agree that we don't have much knowledge on outside laws, she must know one thing at the same time that it has nothing to do, when it comes to dealing with the matters, which destroys the fabric of out- society and violates our fundamental rights.

In case, such cases arise, we have recourse to the freedom of speech and expression, as everyone is entitled to in a democratic country like ours and for that we don't have to take anyone's permission.

If non-violent, peaceful and legitimate stance is not tolerable then there is no question that the way few public leaders and officials deal with people on the daily basis, would certainly land them in Jail. Yet they remain immune from prosecution thus "Gunda Raj" persists and our people have endured it for the last three decades. It is fully justified, when hundreds of thousands of people join us to express their angers, frustration and discontentment against inefficient and corrupt officials. It was a historic occasion and the mass public gathered and vented their angers and feelings in unison, hitherto unseen in the history of Tawang.

I agree that we involved in politics but we loathe party politics, which instead of bringing people better lives and happiness, cause all the more problems since its arrival in the Picturesque valley and the ecological damages caused are beyond redemption.

We can't afford to lose our precious natural and cultural heritage inherited intact from our forefathers for few crores of rupees.

We have enough sanctions and funds from Central and State governments for local area development but funds were never invested for local developments. Therefore, we don’t have to bargain the lives of our present and future generations.

Droma seem little bit disturbed for we have been able to gain momentum and mobilize public, one would have never imagined even in their wildest dreams.

Little knowledge may be dangerous but little knowledge boosted with dedication, devotion, love and compassion is counter-intuitive for people like her.


Tashi  Lobsang


Society for

Development of Culture

and  Education)




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Malaria and its preventive measures

For centuries India has been the witness of increasing number of death caused by malaria disease.  Though there were no major steps to prevent malaria during the Britsh-India regime, the Govt of India had launched the National Malaria Control Programme only in 1953. Stimulated with the success story of the programme the Central Govt later launched the National Malaria Eradication Programme (NMEP) in 1958.

 However, with the launching of various flagship programmes to rebuild India after it gets freedom, the malaria cases again raised its ugly head and spread its tentacles in urban areas followed by the pathetic failure of the planners.

During 90’s, Malaria returned in the form of forest malaria, urban malaria, rural malaria, industrial malaria and border malaria etc with the rapid urbanization and industrialization.  It is said that at present India records between 30, 014 and 48, 660 malaria deaths per year. On an average, 40,297 Indians die of the mosquito-borne disease every year.

The high burden populations are ethnic tribes living in the forested states of the country including the North Eastern region.

Lack of proper knowledge about actual factors which contribute in increased number of malaria diseases along with new paradigms of malaria poses a challenge for its control in the country.

Malaria and tuberculosis are considered to be the major causes of death in Arunachal Pradesh.

It is time the health authorities, take all measures to prevent malaria related death and spread of malaria before the monsoon arrives.