April 17


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Centre ready to work with states to tackle terrorism: PM

New Delhi, Apr 16: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Monday said that the issue of internal security remains a big challenge in which the states and the Centre must work together and in harmony. On the controversial issue of National Counter Terrorism Centre (NCTC), the Prime Minister said that the issue will be discussed on May 5 separately as requested by some Chief Ministers.

"There is no question that the burden of the fight against terrorism falls largely on the states' machinery. The Centre is ready to work with the states to put in place strong and effective institutional mechanisms to tackle this problem," he said.

The Prime Minister, who inaugurated the annual conference of Chief Ministers on internal security, did not dwell on the proposed National Counter Terrorism Centre, saying it will be discussed on May 5 in a separate meeting as suggested by some Chief Ministers.

The Prime Minister warned that threats from terrorism, left wing extremism, religious fundamentalism and ethnic violence persist in the country.

"These challenges demand constant vigilance on our part.

They need to be tackled firmly but with sensitivity. The forces behind them must not only be contained but should also be effectively rolled back," he said.

He said the situation in some of the North-Eastern states have remained complex. "There was some improvement in terms of incidents of violence, but there is no question that much remains to be done to restore calm and eliminate extortion, kidnapping and other crimes by militant or extremist groups on the pretext of ethnic identity.

"The pilferage of development funds by militant groups is hurting our efforts to improve the lives of the people of the region. Inter-factional clashes, such as those in Tirap and Changlang, are another source of insecurity," he said.

Singh said the answers to these problems lie in strengthening the law and order capabilities of the states concerned and in reasserting and rebuilding normal democratic political and developmental processes. "More proactive state police forces reducing reliance on central armed police forces would be a useful step forward...I would hope that the implementation of infrastructure projects in the North-East will create conditions for the return of normalcy," the PM said.

Speaking in the ‘Conference of Chief Minister’s on Internal Security’ at New Delhi today, Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister Nabam Tuki reiterated the state government’s appeal to the Union Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) for reviewing the funding pattern to accommodate its requests in matters of internal security.

Tuki reminded that to augment the security apparatus of the state, MHA had sanctioned five Indian Reserve Battalions (IRBns) of which three battalions have been already raised. The raising process of the remaining two battalions is likely to be completed by beginning of next year.

He informed that the raising cost of a battalion at present is Rs 17.85 crores of which Rs 13.3875 crores is reimbursed by MHA. Besides, the Ministry is also reimbursing 50% of capital cost subject to maximum of Rs 15 crores.

“We have been repeatedly requesting the MHA to reimburse 75% of the standard raising cost for initial 5 years instead of only one year in view of serious financial constraints of the state government,” Tuki said and requested the Ministry to review its funding pattern for the state.

Acknowledging that intelligence gathering is a weak link in managing internal security and law and order situations effectively, the Chief Minister admitted that at present the state has very limited manpower for intelligence collection. Welcoming the MHA’s suggestion for setting up a separate intelligence cadre, he said it will facilitate establishment of a dedicated organ for this specialized job and help in doing away with the existing system of assigning untrained people from the civil police for intelligence collection.

Tuki also observed that Crime and Criminal Tracking Network System (CCTNS) being funded by MHA will make substantial contribution towards enhancing capacity of the state police in areas of crime investigation and criminal detection by enabling real time information gathering and dissemination.

Hailing the scheme for modernization of state police, which is the main funding source for strengthening it, Tuki informed that the state police has been receiving Rs 9 to 10 crore annually. He, however, opined that the scheme should be extended for another five years with suitable enhancement of annual allocation to Rs 20 to 25 crores for the state either under Plan or Non-Plan.

The Chief Minister also suggested moving the border outposts closer to the international border and so staggered as to deny access to insurgent groups.

“Unless this is done, feeling of insecurity among the people will not abate,” he observed and suggested a proposal to undertake construction and upgradation of strategic roads along the Ino-Myanmar border including 56 helipads and two helibases at an estimated cost of Rs 3,302.39 crores. He also sought immediate implementation of the proposal on time-bound manner.

The Chief Minister also emphasized on construction and development of porter tracks, log bridges and foot-suspension bridges in hilly terrains for valuable communication support to security forces during patrolling sorties to forward areas along the international borders. He informed that the government has done a detailed exercise and ascertained that about 17000 km of existing porter tracks need to be renovated and an additional 8000 km of track needs to be constructed. Additionally, 542 foot suspension bridges require urgent repair and an additional 320 need to be constructed as per the requirements of security forces. Informing that the government has worked out the cost for the same at Rs 497 crores and that the DPR has been already submitted to the Planning Commission, he sought support from the Center in funding in view of national importance.

Tuki admitted the tremendous difficulties in road construction on the Indian side while citing the accelerated development in road infrastructure on the Chinese side. He, however, viewed that lack of development in border areas is prompting migration of people to urban centers in the state leading to depopulation of villages.

“This trend if not stopped through appropriate measures for development of border areas, will create a void in our territory which will not be in interest of our country’s security,” Tuki said and suggested setting up of border trading posts in Indo-Bhutan and Indo-Myanmar borders as one of the measures.

As a follow up to the MHA’s suggestion of setting up a State Industrial Security Force, the Chief Minister informed that the state government has decided to raise a new Arunachal Pradesh Armed Battalion for the purpose of providing security to infrastructure projects in the state.

Tuki also drew attention of MHA on the frequent problems occurring along the inter-state boundary of Arunachal and Assam. He appealed the intervention of the Center to minimize the blockades on NH 52 and 37.

The key agenda of the chief ministers’ meeting convened by Home Minister P Chidambaram and chaired by Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh, is the strengthening of anti-terror capabilities and intelligence, Maoist violence, police reforms and capacity building. (PTI with inputs from CM’s media cell)



Governor leads the state in condemning attack on The Arunachal Times office

Kaso, Dabii seek early arrests of hoodlums

ITANAGAR, Apr 16: Governor of Arunachal Pradesh Gen (Retd) J J Singh has strongly condemned the trespassing and ransacking of the office of The Arunachal Times.

While strongly asserting that the freedom, independence and safety of the media houses of the State should be upheld at all costs, he asked the law enforcing authorities to enquire into the case on priority and ensure exemplary punishment to the miscreants as per law.

The office of this daily was attacked  by identified masked men yesterday afternoon. Atleast ten miscreants carried out systematic attack in what looked like a coordinated and well planned attack.

Various organizations have condemned the attack on The Arunachal Times.

 Itanagar MLA Techi Kaso described the attack as barbaric and uncivilized, while inspecting the office here today.

“Such inhuman behaviour cannot be tolerated any more. We have tolerated enough. A few hoodlums have no right whatsoever in resorting to such activities that sends a wrong message to outside,” Kaso said.

He urged the Capital Complex police to bring the culprits to book at the earliest and punish them severely so that no one dares to vandalise the Press establishments. He assured his unconditional support in that direction and called upon one and all to not interfere with the police in discharging their duties.

When informed that the youths who had vandalised the office the daily had masks on, he demanded a ban on use of masks, unless they carry a medical certificate to prove their sickness.

The MLA further urged the home minister to enforce the rule on use of red light by only those authorized and put a strict ban on its misuse within a given time frame. If any vehicle still misuses red light after the deadline should be intercepted, the red light broken and the user fined, he advocated.  

Appreciating the Press and Press persons, the lawmaker said, “We are aware under what constraints the media persons work against all odds to serve information to the masses. Instead of appreciating and supporting their selfless service, such repeated attacks on the Press establishments and the Press persons should not be allowed in this tribal society. It should end for once and all so that the media could function to discharge its bonded duty as the voice of the voiceless.”

Advisor to CM Tako Dabii also inspected the office of this daily today afternoon and expressed deep shock over repeated attack on media houses.

Dabii asked the Capital police to apprehend the miscreants and initiate stringent action against them. He categorically blamed a section of law makers for misguiding a crop of youths for their personal score. He also expressed concern over prevailing law and order situation in state capital and advocated for taking hard stance on such law breakers by the authority.

Taking strong exception to yesterday’s attack on this daily,  Arunachal Chamber of Commerce & Industries (ACCI) president Lala Techi and general secretary Tarh Nachung today said that “We are shocked and have no words to condemn the incident”.

Such repeated attacks on media would reverse the development process of the state with the news going across the globe, they said in a joint statement.

“Plans are afoot for state’s multi-pronged growth involving private players through the PPP policy of the GoAP. A conducive atmosphere is a prerequisite for facilitating the growth. This could be possible by the united efforts of all sections of the society being the direct beneficiary of development,” they said.

The attackers should be put behind the bars soon as proof of rule of the law, lest the same story would repeat itself without any punishment to such criminals, ACCI said adding that there are only few Press establishments which should be provided with armed guards in tune with the recent GoAP policy of ensuring the security of the press and Press persons.

All Arunachal Pradesh Students’ (AAPSU) vehemently condemned the act of vandalism carried out inside the office of this daily yesterday.

The incident has simply reflected once again the poor law and order situation in the state in general and the state capital in particular. The frequent attack on the media houses of the state has deeply impacted in functioning of the fourth pillar of democracy, AAPSU said in a release.

The handful of journalists, who are rendering  yeoman services to the people of state in spite of so many hardship, needs to be respected rather than putting them into such unpleasant situations, AAPSU said.    

“Since yesterday’s incident seems even more like a pre-planned attack, it needs to be inquired thoroughly,” the release said and demanded the authority to apprehend the culprits immediately and punish them as per law.

“The trail of destruction at the office of the Arunachal Times deserves condemnation in the strongest terms from all conscious citizens as it is an attack on the conscience of the people”, Nefa Indigenous Human Rights Organization (NIHRO), Itanagar said.

The extra-institutional forces seeking to undermine the foundation of democracy must not find any place in the modern Arunachal. Whatever be the motive, political or otherwise, the repeated attack on the Fourth Estate signals a larger malady afflicting the state and needs proper diagnosis and appropriate corrective action, NIHRO said.

It urged the state government to instill confidence in the people’s mind by arresting this trend and by putting the state in the path of efficient governance.

“We express our solidarity with the assaulted Media House as well with the Media fraternity, Arunachal Pradesh Youth Congress president Tadar Niglar said while condemning the attack.

“Media” is the fourth pillar of any democracy and such attacks undermine the democracy itself,” APYC said and urged the Government to take immediate actions to punish the culprits.

Arunachal Law Students Union (ALSU) while condemning in strongest terms the attack on this daily yesterday, flayed the Home Department for failing to contain the deteriorating law and order situation.

The attack on media is not tolerable, ALSU said and appealed to the authorities concerned to bring the culprits to book immediately and award them exemplary punishment. It also criticized the authority for miserably failing to punish the guilty in the past.

A team of Arunachal Pradesh Scheduled Tribe Students’ Union (APSTSU) said that the manner and style in which the miscreants committed the crime clearly indicates that it was a pre-planned one. It is a matter of great relief that no staffs of the daily were physically harmed, it said.

Condemning the incident, APSTSU demanded the authority to immediately arrest the culprits and award then exemplary punishment as per the law without any interference from any quarter. APSTSU also said that it was due to inaction of the concern authorities that such attacks continued unabated.

It also urged the concern authority to provide security personnel to all the media houses, especially during night time and also issue gun licence to the media persons who work under constant threats to their lives.

Capital Complex Petroleum Depot Association (CCPDA) has strongly condemned the attack on the office of The Arunachal Times. CCPDA stated that attack on the office of media house is a cause for serious concerns. CCPDA appealed for the immediate arrest of miscreants involved in the attack. Further association sought immediate improvement in the law and order situation in the capital complex and urged police to intensify patrolling.

 Himalayan Development and Charitable Society (HDCS) while denouncing the attack said often some unrecognized organizations carry out such unholy act making it impossible for media persons to work freely.

Calling the attackers as traitors, HDCS called on state government to strongly deal with them so that no one dares to attack Press persons in the future.

Arunachal Pradesh Football Players Association (APFPA) stated that terror tactics used by some vested interest persons will make Arunachal Pradesh in particularly, state capital a living hell. Association added that attack on Arunachal Times shows that still some people of Arunachal is living in dark age and do not accept the criticism in right spirit. Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee has also condemned the attack.



Police resort to firing as protestors block roads leading to Jeying

2700 MW Lower Siang HEP Public hearing

Unprecedented security along Pasighat-Mariyang road


ITANAGAR, Apr 16: Security agencies today resorted to firing after a group of protestors blocked the road near Bodak ahead of the Public Hearing for the 2700 MW Lower Siang Hydro Electric Project scheduled on Tuesday at Jeying under Katan Circle in Upper Siang.

The situation is reported to be tensed with security personnel resorting to firing after stones were pelted at them from a nearby hill by protesters opposing the mega power project.

Tear gas and rubber pellets were also used by the personnel at many pockets along the Pasighat-Mariyang road as they cleared the road, blocked by boulders and trees.

There is unprecedented security along the road as the personnel battled day long to clear the road to ensure safe passage and conduction of the public hearing.

The Police Chief of bordering East Siang said that force has been deployed at “strategic locations”.

 Meanwhile, the President of All Yamne Duyun Students Union, India Megu was arrested by the East Siang Police today. He was later released.  

A conglomeration of organisations have called a Siang Valley bandh on April 17, 18 and 20 coinciding with public hearings in the three Siang districts.

Since 2010, all attempts to organise public hearings in the Siang Valley have been thwarted by the organisations opposing the 2700 MW Project, proposed by the Jaypee Arunachal Associates.

It is reported that at least three additional companies of paramilitary forces have been deployed by the government, desperate to organize the public hearings. Officials, however, refused to divulge the details of force deployment.  

With such unprecedented pressure and use of force by the state government and resistance from anti mega power projects lobby, it remains to be seen whether the public hearing would actually take place. Even if it is held, there is a huge question mark on the fairness of the whole procedure after today’s events.

Meanwhile, Pangin Boleng Students’ Union (PBSU) has also decided to protest the public hearing scheduled at Rottung in East Siang on April 18 ‘in order to protect the land and resources of the indigenous people’.

We will not hand over our precious land to the corporate, the union said in a message to this daily.



NCP lambasts Congress on boundary row, law and order

ITANAGAR, Apr 16: Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) Arunachal Pradesh today vehemently criticized the state Govt for its failure to solve the Assam-Arunachal boundary problem and maintain law and order in the state, particularly in Capital Complex.

Expressing deep anguish and shock over the recent demolition of infrastructure at Malini mela ground, Likabali by Assam officials, the NCP president Ngurang Pinch said that the state Govt is sincere only in providing relief materials to the victims of eviction drive being conducted by Assam officials from time to time.

Even during the destruction of Gumto gate in the mid-night of December 2009 by Assam officials, the state Govt kept mum and did not took any measures for soothe the social tension along Assam-Arunachal boundary area, Pinch said.

Describing today’s leaders both at Centre and state as power seekers,  Pinch  further said that  Congress party befools the voters promising solution to boundary problems during election only,  but  when the  boundary problems  take its ugly turn, the  promises  remain in papers proving itself a practical joke.

Expressing serious concern over the present deteriorating law and order situation in the state including shameful act of vandalism inside Arunachal Time, threat and assault on Govt officers, Pinch said the Congress rule is under the scanner of the public. “In fact we have given birth to these demonic youths which could be a threat to peaceful co-existence in the society. The time is not far when we would be witnessing gangsters donning in our society,” he said.

Peace is pre-requisite for development, NCP  said and urged both the  state Govt and people to put the house in order and ensure safety and security of the  people and their properties.



Leaders of 7 best performing panchayats to participate in National Panchayat Day

ITANAGAR, Apr 16: Chairpersons of the 7 best performing Panchayats in the State will participate at the National Panchayat Day celebration at the Vighyan Bhawan, New Delhi on April 24.  

While the Zilla Parishad of Lower Subansiri has been adjudged as the best performing Zilla Parishad, the Anchal Samiti of Bordumsa and Anchal Samiti of Mengio have been adjudged as the two best performing Anchal Samitis. The Gram Panchayats of East Saji Tulu, Michi Ayo South, Ziro, Lower Subansiri and Ledum-IIC, East Siang have been adjudged as the three best performing Gram Panchayats. The Gram Panchayat of Lempia Akang East in Ziro, Lower Subansiri district has also been selected for the Rashtriya Gaurav Gram Sabha Puraskar 2012.

The National Panchayat Day is celebrated on April 24 every year since 2010 to mark the day of 24th April 1993, when the President of India gave his  assent to the 73rd Constitutional Amendment.

The performance of the 3 tiers Panchayats were assessed under a scheme ‘PEAIS’ by the Ministry of Panchayati Raj, Govt. of India.

The function will be inaugurated by Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh which will be attended by more the 1000 panchayati members from all over the country.



Book on Nyishi customary laws

ITANAGAR, Apr 16: A book on Nyishi customary laws authored by Dr. Nabam Nakha Hina, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science of Rajiv Gandhi University (RGU) was released by Prof. David Reid Syiemlieh, the Vice-Chancellor of the university today.

Titled “Customary Laws of Nyishi Tribe of Arunachal Pradesh,” the book attempts to throw light on the customs and customary laws of the Nyishi Tribe of Arunachal Pradesh.

The book is an outcome of Ph.D thesis submitted to RGU under the guidance of Professor Pura Tado, Department of Political Science of RGU.

Prof. David exonerated the work of Dr. Nakha as one of the classic document for the future generation of the state specially in customary laws and jurisprudence system of Nyishi in particular and Arunachal society in general. He lauded the authenticity and reliability of book as it is outcome of painstaking decade long research work done by the author on the Nyishi of Arunachal Pradesh.

Prof. David while appreciating the author for bringing out such important publication also suggested the author to conduct comparative research work by taking the tribes of North East India.

The work covers the origin of customs and customary laws of the Nyishi, classification of custom and customary laws, the institution of authority. The work also deals with the Nyishi maxims which is compared with the English Legal Maxims.

The work elaborately deals with different types of Nyelee and different types of rituals of the Nyishi. It also covers the process in methods of collection of evidence for administration of justice via oaths and ordeals, omen examinations and the role of the supernatural powers in the administration of justice.

The very significant aspect of work is that the quantum of penalty and compensation in the different offence is covered. It also deals with people’s perceptions about the customary laws and role  of Gaon Burah, Kottokis and modern political leaders. The book also deals with change and continuity and major factors responsible for such changes in the Nyishi society.

Dr. Hui Tag, President of Rajiv Gandhi University Teachers’ Association (RGUTA)  lauded the work as academic achievement of RGU and a significant contribution to society of State of Arunachal Pradesh.

The function organized by RGUTA was attended by Registrar, CEO, FO, Deans of faculty, official functionaries, faculty members, research scholars, master degree students of RGU.



Army reiterates commitment

ITANAGAR, Apr 16: Maj Gen Rajiv Narayanan, General Officer Commanding, 2nd  Mountain Division reiterated Army’s commitment to the objective of improving quality of education, health service and empowerment of the people within its area of operation through various programmes under Operation Sadbhavana.

“Army gives priority to education, health and empowerment of the people through vocational training while taking up projects under Operation Sadbhavana,” said Maj Gen Narayanan while interacting with ASSET team at the DAO Flag Staff House.

The ASSET team and Apnes were invited by the Convenor, DAO FWO and the GOC DAO Division on Sangken/Bihu to Dinjan Military Station.

Vidya Rajiv, Convenor DAO FWO assured the Bursar, Apna Vidya Bhavan that people should feel free to approach Army for any assistance that the Army can render. She further repeatedly assured that AWWA will also be always willing to guide and assist any initiative of public welfare.

The 2 Mtn Div contributed Rs 42,000 to ASSET continuing its support for girl’s education.

ASSET thanked Col. E. Tamang and Col P Gurung, SO to GOC for their prompt action in rendering assistance. Gen Rajiv personally took Apnes around the DAO House, discussing Hindi cinema, talking about their hobbies while also imparting them valuable guidance on education and spirituality.

The General Officer encouraged the Apnes to get proper education and come to serve their own people in their villages. The GOC stressed upon the need to impart vocational training for youths of the North east.

The delegation was taken around important places in the military station and a horse ride was also arranged for the rural children.

Chairman ASSET thanked the GOC for the generosity and hospitality. He briefed the General Officer about the service activities taken up and handed over ASSET brochure. He further assured that ASSET will continue to serve the society with dedication and sincerity.



Youth conduct social service

ITANAGAR, Apr 16:  The All Korayer Anchal Segment Youth Association (AKASYA) conducted Social Service on 7th of this month and successfully built one Log Bridge and one hanging bridge over Paje and Torung River on self help basis.

These two rivers which flow through Korayer Anchal Segment create havoc during monsoon season causing hindrance to the people.

Last year one Dindo Tibin lost his precious life by drowning at Torung River. His dead body could be retrieved after seven days. To avoid such tragedies the youth of the Korayar Segment in collaboration with the village Gaon Buras, Panchayat leader, elites and publics constructed a log bridge over Paje river on the western side of the Korayar IV school and a hanging bridge over Torung rivet by using cane and woods and log posts on each end.  Meanwhile the youths, Gaon Buras, Panchayat leaders and the general public’s of the Korayar Anchal Segment held a public meeting and strongly appealed to the concern authority and state government to find out solution to mitigate the hardship faced by the people. The main demands included construction of motorable road from Rungte-Rite to Korayar IV School, suspension bridge over Turung and Paje River and MIVT School building and Teachers quarter.

Markio calls for close coordination

ITANAGAR, Apr 16:  Attending the mass interaction programme of 20th Tali (ST) Assembly constituency MLA Markio Tado called for a close  coordination among the party functionaries at grassroots level. Tado assured his cooperation to Youth Congress at any level for the welfare of the party. Arunachal Pradesh Youth Congress president Tadar Niglar urged the youth members to have discipline to prove themselves as good leader.


Kishori Diwas

ITANAGAR, Apr 16: Celebrating Kishori Diwas at Ganga village here on April 14, the Urban ICDS Project, Itanagar carried out health check up of adolescent girls, including Body Mass Index (BMI) and distributed IFA tablets to the needy.

SC Tok, CDPO of the Project while outlining the objectives of the programme informed that necessary BMI checkup equipments are being provided at every Anganwadi centres where any AGs can come and check their BMI.

BMI is a measurement of body fat based on height and weight.

Tok also informed about Indira Gandhi Matritva Sahayog Yojana (IGMSY), another allied project introduced by the Ministry of WCD, in which an amount of Rs. 4,000 being the maternity incentives is paid for improvement of health and nutritional status of pregnant, lactating women and infants. Borum ZPM Taro Modi highly praised the programme and asked adolescent girls to seriously attend it for their own benefit.

Besides classes on various topics by the ICDS functionaries of the Project, Dr. R. Ratan, from PHC Chimpu conducted class on ARSH and other health related topics.


FCI authority urged  to ensure PDS item

ITANAGAR, Apr 16: Sensing possibility of acute shortage of PDS items,especially rice in East Kameng district during monsoon, All East Kameng Fair Price Shop Welfare Association (AEKFPSWA) today urged the FCI authority to immediately sort out the problem by appointing carriage contractors to lift food grains directly from Assam to FSD, Seppa to ensure availability of PDS items before de-launching of the existing Bailey bridge which was built by BRO as an alternative means of communication till the completion of the main Bana bridge over Bichom river. The demand was made in view of the public concern over possibility of food scarcity in the district headquarter after monsoon rain threatened the existing Bailey bridge. It further informed that PDS items are almost nil in FCI depot after de-launching of the Bana bridge 3 months back.

There is a growing pressure on fair price shops from public and government employees for food grains, the association added.


AEKSU declares bandh in EK

ITANAGAR, Apr 16:  In a dramatic turn, All East Kameng Students Union (AEKSU) today declared bandh in entire East Kameng district on 23 April next, in protest against the authority for its alleged inaction against the then Executive Engineer of PHED Seppa for allegedly misusing funds meant for water treatment plant worth amount  Rs 9.18 crore at district headquarter.  The declaration of bandh call by the union came amidst report of Chief Minister Nabam Tuki’s proposed visit to the district.

In a release today, AEKSU also stated that it would be compelled to resort to boycott the Chief Minister’s visit, if authority failed to arrest the Executive Engineer within this month.

Expressing its displeasure at authority for inaction, AEKSU said that despite FIR being lodged with Seppa police station against the then Executive Engineer on April 8 last, it is yet to be registered by the authority.


Pasighat all set to receive CM

PASIGHAT, Apr 16: Education Minister Bosiram Siram held a consultative meeting with the Deputy Commissioner In-charge SC Debnath, local administrative officers, HoDs and public leaders today in the DC’s Conference Hall to finalize the proposed CM Nabam Tuki’s visit to Pasighat on April 26 next.

Siram informed that the newly constructed SP office and the newly set-up Court of Additional Session Judge will be inaugurated by the CM on the day.

Tuki will also lay the foundation stone of Adi Baane Kebang (ABK) office near the general ground, Pasighat. DIPRO


KVK training for extension functionaries

ITANAGAR, Apr 16: Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK), Tawang organized two days training programme for extension functionaries from different line departments of district Tawang

A series of lectures on ‘Baby corn cultivation’; ‘Cultivation of chilli’; ‘Biopesticides: A measure for plant protection’; ‘Cultivation of bulb crop (onion) and ‘Scientific management of composite fish farming’ were delivered by various subject matter specialists (SMSs) in the two days programme.

The participants included extension personnel from agriculture, horticulture, block development office, regional foundation of seed potato farm of Tawang district.

Later, the participants interacted with resource persons to got their doubts cleared.

Earlier, the training programme was inaugurated by Dr. A.N. Tripathi, Programme Coordinator, KVK Tawang.


Foundation stone for Bailey bridge laid

ITANAGAR, Apr 16: Foundation stone for 100 feet Bailey bridge over Nirobjuli Nallah at Rayo village, Nirjuli was laid down today by local MLA Techi Kaso in presence of Ratu Techi, executive engineer, PWD. The bridge will connect Rayo and Anya village of the area. In his address. Kaso assured to take all possible steps for construction of road from NH 52 to connect Rayo village.


AR nabs hardcore NSCN (IM) ultra

ITANAGAR, Apr 16: Assam Rifles along with Arunachal Pradesh Police (APP) personnel apprehended a hard core NSCN (IM) cadre in Tirap on April 15.

A joint operation by AR and APP personnel was carried out in the jungles of Hollam on April 15 which led to apprehension of SS Capt Yormi Horam Tangkhul,  the Self Styled  Captain of NSCN (IM).

Tangkhul was reportedly given to take charge as Deomali Town commander.

One muzzle loaded rifle, 02 pair combat uniform and one extortion note of NSCN (IM) was recovered from him possession.

Assam Rifles has so far arrested 3 cadres of NSCN (IM) and one cadre of NNC in April 2012, according to AR source.


ANYC appeals

ITANAGAR, Apr 16: All Nyishi Youth Council (ANYC) today appealed to the Papum Pare deputy commissioner not to issue Inner Line Permit (ILP) to the workers engaged by the some non-APSTs business/ enterprises who are running their business in illegally allotted land in state.

Pointing out seven such alleged non-APST business houses including Assam Bengal Carrier, Naharlagun, Himatsinka Auto Agency, Banderdewa,  the ANYC  demanded that issuance  of ILP be stopped to the workers  till proper verification on illegal land allotment is done.

Meanwhile, the ANYC placed some additional questionnaire regarding wood based industries/saw mills   for verification of genuineness of such saw mills by the committee.  


Union demands funds for erection of school boundary wall

ITANAGAR, Apr 16: Toru Circle Students’ Union (TCSU) has appealed to the state Govt to provide sufficient fund to the schools under Toru circle for erection of school boundary walls.

Expressing concern over the alleged rampant encroachment of school by the individuals, the Union said many encroachers had already occupied the Toru Govt higher secondary school land due to non-existence of boundary wall. It further appealed the administration to   take immediate measures to prevent encroachment of Govt quarters under Toru circle and also requested the BSNL authority to activate the mobile tower which was constructed last year at Kheel under Toru circle.


Union seeks boundary wall

ITANAGAR, Apr 16:  All Capital Complex Unemployed Youth Association has written to principal chief conservator of forest for immediate construction of boundary wall in Polo Park area of Naharlagun and sanctioning of fund for construction of boundary wall in the current financial year. Union while reminding PCCF about their earlier memorandum too has called concern authorities to construct boundary wall within next two months.


AASU demands arrest

ITANAGAR, Apr 16: Terming the attack on Haku Tatak as intentional and pre-planned, All Adi Students’ Union demanded the concerned authority to immediately arrest the culprits involved in the attack of Haku Tatak.

The AASU also condemned the vandalizing of The Arunachal Times office yesterday and urged the administration to arrest the culprits at earliest.


Training programme held

ITANAGAR, Apr 16: A two days’ training programme of Sakhi-Saheli under Rajiv Gandhi Scheme (SABLA) for empowerment of adolescent girls was held at Balijan today which was organized by Child Development Project Officer Balijan.  

Chairing the training programme, EAC Balijan highlighted the legal rights and administrative regulation. Deputy Director, Social Welfare and Women and Child Development Department also briefed about SABLA scheme.


Society condemns GB suspension

ITANAGAR, Apr 16: Totpu Panchayat Youth Welfare Society (TPYWS) today condemned the administration for alleged suspension of Goan Burahs (GB) while claiming that suspension was made without any valid reason.

Society claimed that authorities had issued the suspension letters to GBs for merely not attending a programe while a minister was on visit.


ATTAWS brushes aside allegation

ITANAGAR, Apr 16: All Tani-Tator Area Welfare Society (ATTAWS) has brushed aside the allegation levelled by All Upper Subansiri Intellectual Forum and BJP against Gusar circle NLCPR scheme tender process.

Claiming that the allegation was levelled without any supporting documents,  ATTAWS in a release asserted that the tender was conducted peacefully as per the norms. It also urged the executing agency to start the work immediately.

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The resource drain

Dear Editor,

As per natural resources is concern Arunachal is the labyrinth of treasure due to its vast natural deposits like water, coal mines etc. And sons of the land itself are eager in draining its potentials to capitalist for their individual selfish greed. The wealth drain of Namchik Coal mining would truly be one of the most perilous projects that will bare and coil the state if the MoA is not reviewed. But we won’t be stunned as somebody well said it happens only in India.

What could be more destructive than this? The episode will reveal the true picture of our leaders who will once again sell the state assets to a single capitalist at the behest of political hem? We see the paradigm shift of wealth drain, previous it was the British who drained India, and then Indian merchants exploit the tribal and now...who?

The Namchik-Namphung coal mining production is 300MW Thermal Power; the Satyam Group of Industries appears as single consumerist to explore the treasure labyrinth giving a 10% equity participation of the state government instead should have been 30% minimum. It is highly appealed a settlement to reject such abominable projects in the imminent Arunachal cabinet discussion for the interest of the Tribal right.

Wish our Government sort out a permanent solution for Likabali and other border issues on the public interest with their counterparts. This is an ample instant to probe that the mammoth money involvement in the site haven’t enchanted our honourables to become shareholder in the 90% equity.

At the emergence of the Satyam Group of Industries in the scene the tribal sentiment is intrude and its rights to boost its wherewithal have also endangered. They will seize not only the Namchik mining but also strip government from getting handsome revenue. Even so the naive poor locals will be mere spectators and a demographic hazard is feared.  When administration in capital complex is hazard with not two lakhs population what would be with whole host outsiders?

With expiry of the stipulated period Arunachal govt. is expected to discharge the episode to cancellation or make it a Global tender with 30% state government’s equity along with skilled and unskilled job reservations for the locals. In case of undermining and step into the abominable allocation to a single entrepreneur the GoI should referee and cancel the project as abuse of the natural assets by a single capitalist who have lure leader(s) and maneuvered the project to mutilate the peoples right.


Karunath Pazing




Take bold steps

Dear Editor,

I would like to raise my concern over the repeated encroachment of Arunachal territory by Assam. Like other foothill areas of the state, encroachment at Dollung-mukh is  not a new one. This time one 70 year old man and a senior man of Dollungmukh Circle were beaten up mercilessly by the Assam forest for no fault of theirs.

The elderly person is at RKM hospital with fractured hands.

I also strongly oppose the plantation work done by Assam forest in Dollungmukh Circle.

The Assam govt. first destroys the Arunachal property and assaults the people and sometimes beat them to death. At times they did apologise but only to repeat it later.  

Seems this trend of encroachment is the renewal of the theory of assimilation of Assam of early 60's in which they tried to grab the tribal land of north eastern region and forcibly tried to make the tribal areas within their administration.

The repeated encroachment really makes me feel that we are foreigners and Assam, a neighbouring country attacking and grabbing our land for their territorial growth.

We have none to safeguard our land as Arunachal Govt has become a mute spectator. All we hear is that govt of Arunachal is talking with Assam counterparts regarding the matter.

Why do we need to talk when Assam govt is not even following the Supreme Court directives on maintenance of status quo?

Why do we need to follow the Bordoloi committee subjects which were implemented and constituted when there were no proper representatives of Arunachal counterpart in the committee?

Recently, the Assam govt questioned the legality of the Inner Line Regulation of 1873 which is meant to safeguard the tribal areas from outside force.

Now 1 realize why the Assam govt is behind this regulation.  

If the continuous encroachment happens, the Arunachal dream of trans-Arunachal highway will never come true as the highways are planned to run through the foothills areas.

What we need now is creation of special force especially for dealing/meeting the emergency in the border areas.

1 would also like to thank Circle Officer Dollungmukh Tojum Ete for his timely Preventive measure. It’s because of his intervention, a major incident was prevented and the Assam forest freed that elderly person. Otherwise, they were taking the aged person to Lakhimpur jail for no reason.

Through your esteemed daily, 1 would like to appeal the govt. of Arunachal to intervene in the matter immediately and take bold measures to ensure prevention of future encroachment.


Bini Tare



Inefficiency will pave way for newer things

Dear Editor,

The article "Politically motivated or for the people”? dated 12th April, bears the testimony to trauma and emotional disturbances of few people, who are, equally shocked and frustrated at SMC's bold and consistent effort to fight against the upcoming power projects.

When the world knows the fact that it's all about preserving MON's rich natural and cultural resources and hailed by many as a grand success, these people led by few officials are taking every step to incriminate SMC and manipulate public opinions. I am afraid, if these people have conscience to make decision, which is morally acceptable.

During the Late CM’s tenure, most of the MoAs and MoUs were signed hurriedly and secretly without prior and informed consent of the people. Public hearings were never held in the presence of public, whenever they tried to attend they were denied and their views and grievances were never given a fair hearing.

Developments, of any kind, at the cost of the lives of the present and the generations to come are by no means reconcilable. These people talk of developing the area when nothing was done for decades. So called developments of roads have taken toll on the region's ecological balance.

My claims will be fully justified if one takes the journey along Tezpur to Tawang road. People’s wait for the developments won't be over unless these vested interest people steps aside from what they claim to be their domain and uproot the corruption, which is deep rooted in our society. Inefficiency, corruption and failure to bring better opportunities in public sphere would definitely pave the way for new political era as in the case of Arab Worlds.


Tashi Lobsang

Society For Development of Culture and Education




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Drinking water & sanitation

While access to water, sanitation and hygiene has considerably improved globally, services coverage could slip behind if adequate resources are not secured to sustain routine operations, warns the 2012 UN-Water Global Analysis and Assessment of Sanitation and Drinking-Water released by WHO and UN-Water. The report calls for additional and more targeted resources, especially for routine operation and maintenance of existing systems and services.

The report presents data received from 74 developing countries, up from 43 in 2010; and from 24 bilateral and multilateral agencies covering 90 per cent of global official development assistance funds. Along with a chronic lack of technicians and skilled labour, countries report insufficient staff in place to operate and maintain sanitation and drinking-water infrastructure. Data suggest that funding allocations may not be sufficient to fund routine operation and maintenance. For example, one in three countries highlighted that revenues are insufficient to cover operating costs for urban utilities. Only 7 per cent of external support is directed at maintaining services. All these factors put sustainability of water and sanitation systems at risk in many countries.

Beyond 2015 and the MDG period, achieving new targets related to the goal of universal access to drinking-water and sanitation will require a concerted efforts and the allocation of vast resources. Focusing on effectively managing assets to sustain services can be as important as focusing on new infrastructure. In order to better target and use scarce resources more efficiently, it is necessary to have a better understanding of what is being done and by whom, and to identify the critical inputs leading to success.