April  05

2-day cultural meet gets underway

Adi and Mishing pledge to foster unity and brotherhood

Prafulla Kaman

SIRKI NANE LOTTA (JONAI), April 04: Assembled in huge crowd at Sirki Na:ne Lotta at Jonai town on the left bank of mighty Siang river, the Adi community of Arunachal and Mishings of neighbouring Assam resolved to foster their age-old unity and integrity in the days to come.

The Jonai town of Assam near Ruksin Inner Line Gate today become hub of the Adi and Mishings, where they have reviewed their genealogical relations in terms of  identical language and culture and true sense of brotherhood.

Thousands of Adi people from Siang and Dibang Valley of Arunachal and bordering part of Assam thronged to Adi-Mishing Cultural Exchange meet wearing traditional attires. The Adi-Mishing Le:mo Kebang (AMLK), which is shouldering responsibility of organizing the two-day programme has decorated the main pandals with 100 compartmental stalls for exhibition of “Traditional Food” and “Attires” of both the Adis and Mishing as well.

The first day programme started with hoisting of cultural flag by AMLK president Raju Medok, who reiterated the relation between Adis and Mishings existing from the time immemorial. He feels that both Adi and Mishing belong to a single community, but after a political separation into Assam and Arunachal, most of the Mishings are dwelling in the plain land of Assam.

The programme was followed by a “Delegate Session”, which was declared open by Mishing Bane Kebang Joint Secretary Girin Morang in presence of  huge gathering including Arunachal Minister Bosiram Siram. More than 600 delegates from various Adi and Mishing frontier organizations have joined the meet and exchange their feelings on historical evidences of Adi-Mishing relationship.

While inaugurating the delegate meet, the secretary (HQ) of Adi Baane Kebang (ABK) Tabung Ering reiterated the genetic relation of the Adis and present Mishings living in Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. He said that Assam-Arunachal boundary was created for administrative convenience of the governments, but the demarcation can never distort the parental relation between the two lobes of the tribal community.

Addressing the occasion, Okom Yosung of Pasighat said the Adis and Mishings earlier lived together in present Upper Siang of Arunachal. But after a set of inter-village skirmishes, the Mishings were compelled to migrate to down lands along the river routes. Reiterating the historical evidences, Yosung said that Adi-Mishing relationship is bonding in similar language, culture and traditional customs.

Speaking the delegate session, Minister Bosiram Siram recalled Adi-Mishing relationship and urged the people of both the groups to foster the feelings of oneness in the coming days. Taking reference of various write-ups during the British regime in the country, he affirmed that the British diplomats, who had peaked into the traditional behaviours of Adi and Mishings had appreciated the genetic relation between them. According to him, the demarcation of Assam Arunachal was made for administrative convenience and such political separation over the ethnic community would never diminish their parental relationship and the sense of brotherhood.

Siram, in course of his speech said some historians wrote stories about the tribal communities with influenced by wrong information, which sometimes creates confusion among the anthropologists as well as the laymen.

Expressing his discontent over the growing trend of movement with bandh call by the student communities, the minister said such movement doesn’t serve any developmental purpose. He suggested the student and youths to follow up the right ways of approaching towards the government. The leaders should build up their efficiency in legal procedures rather than taking up path of agitation in order to pursue competent authorities to gain.

The tomorrow’s programme will start with plantation in and around the Jonai town and will be followed up a cultural exchange programme. There will be an open session in the afternoon, where eminent thinkers and researchers are expected to share their knowledge on the historical background of Adi and Mishing relations.

Traditional Food Mela and exhibition of traditional attires was the main attraction of the inaugural day programme.




Gibbon conservation awareness prog  reaches Dello village

ITANAGAR, April 04: School children in Dello village spoke out in support of the Hoolock gibbons at an awareness programme organised this week as part of the Mehao Gibbon and Bear Rescue Project.

The programme was organized by Arunachal Pradesh Forest Department and International Fund for Animal Welfare - Wildlife Trust of India (IFAW-WTI), to make the children aware of the plight of gibbons in the village.

More than 15 families of eastern Hoolock gibbons (Hoolock leuconedys) were found stranded in scattered trees in Dello. Under the project, five families have been rescued and relocated in a safe habitat at Mehao Wildlife Sanctuary.  

"Through this campaign, we tried to understand the children's views on wildlife particularly the gibbons that they see around their houses, and then informed them about their plight," said Ipra Mekola, State Advisory Board member.

"We got some very interesting and encouraging insight into these children's minds."

Many of the students who spoke up, considered gibbons as a symbol which is deeply rooted in their culture and daily life. One even said that he will spread information among people to not abuse them as they are gentle animals, who doesn't cause any harm to humans.

Kenjum Rina, Divisional Forest Officer - Mehao WLS, said, "It is very important that students of the local community understand the value of conservation as they will be the protectors of the wild tomorrow."

The campaign was organized in the Government Public School. A drawing competition on wildlife was also held to generate interest among the students after which prizes were distributed to the winners.

In addition to the talks by Mekola and Rina, encouraging the students to learn more and take pride in saving their heritage, the students were also made aware on the aims and activities of the project by IFAW-WTI members Dr Kuladeep Roy and Soumya Dasgupta.

"These students have seen gibbons, but their plight here is something that many may not be aware of. We wanted them to know what was their status, what is being done under our project, and why, so that they understand the issue", said Dr Kuladeep Roy.



Arunachal has potential to become hub of adventure sports’

First leg of advance course on white water rafting ends

Staff Reporter

ITANAGAR, April 04: The first leg of advance course on white water rafting cum recee organized by department of tourism, Govt of Arunachal Pradesh in collaboration with Arunachal Adventure Association (AAA) and Indian Rafting Foundation (IRF) ended today at Bhalukpong. All together 20 local youths were given advance training for 3 days at Seppa which started on 28th of last month. However, only 15 of them continued till the last journey. The training was followed by expedition cum recee on Kameng River.

Braving tough weather condition and turbulent Kameng River, the team reached Bhalukpong safely. Apart from the trainees the team comprised of members of Arunachal Adventure Association, Indian Rafting Foundation and Donyi Hango Tours. The president of IRF Shaukant Sikand who was one of the resource persons to impart advance course to the trainees also joined the recee team.

Sharing his experience he stated that Arunachal has every potential to become hub of adventure sports particularly river rafting in the future.  “Nature has gifted Arunachal many stunning rivers. Adding to it the youths of state seems to enjoy being close to the nature and therefore if given proper chance river rafting sports will flourish in the state. However, just organizing one training session in a year and then forgetting them altogether will not help their cause. These trainees should be sent to other states for better training and Govt should support them,” said Shaukat. Further he added, “After the end of three leg programme, I will select some boys and send them to either Rishikesh or Ladakh for further training. I will also try my best to send them to abroad to participate in various international rafting championships depending upon their sincerity and hard work.”  

Meanwhile, the organizer of event has selected three trainees from Seppa leg including two girls namely Devi Dada and Namne Riang along with a boy Mingmo to participate at Daporijo and Mechuka events. On the basis of their performance and sincerity, the three were selected for the exposure trip which includes river rafting expedition cum recee from Daporijo to Gerkhamukh on river Subansiri and last one from Mechuka to Pasighat on river Siang.

Meanwhile the trainees expressed satisfaction over the training programme. “The resource persons and equipments used are all world class. During our recee cum expedition trip we never faced any major hurdle and we safely reached Bhalukpong despite Rough River. We are thankful to AAA, IRF and especially department of tourism for giving us chance to get such high standard course on white water river rafting,” said Mingmo, one of trainees who hails from Seppa town.  The second leg of course will begin on 8th of this month at Daporijo.



Stipend woes hit RGU students

Amar Sangno

ITANAGAR, April 04: With the clock ticking down for last lap of academic season in the colleges and the university, particularly in the months of March and April, the students keep on splurging their few amounts as they get from scholarship money (stipend).  Some students spend merrily on buying clothes and other stuffs and few on refreshment to ease out stressful mind being burnt on examination preparation.

At the same time the students of department of Mass Communication (both master and diploma), Mathematics and Computer Science of Rajiv Gandhi University Rono Hills here, are going through tough phase as they yet to get their stipend. Getting stipend remained a mere dream for them even after their fellow scholarship awardees got stipend few months ago. Dealing with stipend woes, the students are left with fuming and fretting, seemingly these three departments are more or less forgotten departments and have been left on the earth to fend for themselves off.

Many have already abandoned their hope to get stipend. “I almost forgot that there is stipend for us too” said a MA Mass Com student.  “My friends got their stipend months ago but I yet to see mine” rued a Mathematics student.

However they are yet to come in term that what makes the authority delay in releasing the stipend for the students of these three departments.  Few students also accused the state government and authority of step-motherly treatment.

On being enquired by these correspondents, the sources from RGU said that it yet to receive money from the authority. “As soon as we receive money from the authority we will hurriedly disburse it to respective students” said section officer in academic branch S. Pal (As told by Taya Bagang M.A Mass Com RGU).



District level training on economic census

ZIRO, April 04: Two days Circle and Charge level training organized by District Statistics Office on 6th Economic Census started here at Abotani Hall today.

Addressing the charge level officers, Enumerators and Supervisors, DC cum Deputy Eco-Census Commissioner, Lower Subansiri Taru Talo called for collecting correct and detailed data from each and every household and stressed that no household should be left out so that actual economic activities and condition is reflected.

He apprised the trainees that this information will be used for planning purposes and to assess the contribution of various sectors to the economy. Thus, all the appointed enumerators and supervisors need to work sincerely and attend the training intently as any mistake in the data entry may lead to wrong assessment of the area, the DC said.

He also observed that many applications have been coming from supervisors and enumerators to exempt them from this duty but no one clan be spared due to scarcity of man power as regards the density of population in the area. Only those who are medically unfit may be excused after being examined by a medical board constituted for this purpose. Even those citing other reasons for being exempted from the duty will be scrutinized and investigated into.

Trainers from DIET Yachuli, GK Singh and RS Bright came for imparting the training on collecting data for this Economic Census. Method of filling up each of the three schedules i.e. 6A (House and Establishment Listing Schedule), 6B (Establishment Abstract) and6C (Directory of Establishment Schedule) were taught in detail. They would remain approachable for clarifying any doubt if any remains after the training too, they promised.

This enumeration will not only list the economic activities of a household in all area but will also help in updating Layout map of each enumeration block as the enumerators will also be required to enter new households in this economic census and locate it in the maps provided to them. DIPRO



TDCCC- Sponsored Coaching Classes Conclude Successfully

KHONSA, April 04: The 15-day coaching classes for the science students of Class-XI and XII to prepare them for forthcoming entrance examinations concluded successfully here today.

Addressing the students at the valedictory function, Tirap Deputy Commissioner Dr Sachin Shinde told the students not to be nervous seeing the question papers and asked them to attempt the ones they thoroughly knew and never beat around the bush. He said that they need not answer all the questions and said that their performances in the ensuing test would enthuse the TDCCC members to work harder and make the TDCCC more result-oriented. He thanked the faculty members for their painstaking effort coming all the way from Pune. Uday Limaye, head of the resource persons in his speech hoped that the students had grasped some useful tips that would stand them in good stead in their career and said that their interaction with the students had enriched their lives. He hoped that in future also they would continue to interact.

Earlier, N. Tangjang, DLEO and member of TDCCC thanked the Deputy Commissioner and the faculty members for initiating the coaching classes. The 15-day coaching classes was efficiently co-ordinated by DIO, NIC Ajay Singh. Altogether there were 26 students who regularly attended the coaching classes.  The valedictory function was attended by TDCCC members, HoDs and teachers and students.

 The programe was jointly conducted by the Tirap District Career Counseling Cell and Pune based NGO Jnana Prabodhini.  DIPRO



Training cum workshop for in-service teachers organized

AALO, April 04: The 8 days training cum workshop for in-service teachers organized by DRC Kamki in two phases  from March 28  to April 4 concluded today.

The training cum workshop for in-service teachers at elementary level in developing low cost teaching aids in different areas in English, Mathematics and Science was inaugurated by West Siang Deputy Director of School Education Tomi Doke (Lendo), at DRC Kamki. On the occasion, he emphasized the need of such programme to abreast the latest developments and changes in education policy. Moreover, he suggested the trainees to implement the new teaching techniques, knowledge and skills that they would learn during the training to develop low cost teaching aids, especially in English, Mathematics and Science in their respective School.

Prof. Anil Kumar Dept. of English DPC Kamki, SK Varshney Vice Principal GHSS Miao, KK Jha, JT GHSS Aalo, Gemar Karga, Dist. Pedagogy Coordinator Aalo, TN Prasad, lecturer DRC Kamki spoke on the occasion as a resource person. DIPRO



Consultative meeting held at Anini for the ensuing PR election

ANINI, April 04: Dibang Valley Deputy Commissioner cum District Election Officer Tamune Miso conducted a consultative meeting with the HOOs, administrative and other officers of the district in his official chamber  to discuss measures to ensure conduction of forthcoming Panchayat election in a free and fair  manner.

Informing that ‘Model Code of Conduct’ in the district will be enforced soon, the DC appealed to all to adhere firmly to it. The DC also suggested to exercise full impartiality, secrecy while working with any election related matters and also urged every officer/official to abstain from any political activities, like campaigning, passing unnecessary remarks etc.

Conduction of election in Dibang Valley District is very difficult as compared to other districts of the state chiefly due to its remoteness, communication bottleneck and proneness to natural calamity, especially during rainy season, he said. The DC appealed to all officers and officials of the district to be in state of preparedness both mentally and physically.

Elaborative discussions on security arrangements, installation of wireless communications at various locations, requirement of vehicle, movement plans, master trainers etc. were held in the meeting.  DIPRO



Preparation for economic census

Yupia, April 04: Deputy Commissioner cum District Economic Census Commissioner, PapumPare District Pige Ligu inaugurated Sixth Economic Census District Level training Programme of Charge Officers at DRDA Conference Hall here today.

Underlining the importance of Economic Census, the Deputy Commissioner called upon the officers to take full advantage of the training and to ensure proper implementation of Sixth Economic Census survey 2012 in a successful manner in the district. He urged the administrative cum Charge Officers to ensure proper participation of Enumerators and Supervisors at respective circle level training programme so that they can deliver their service sincerely and smoothly as responsible field officers by collecting accurate data.

He also pointed out that crucial data collected through Economic Census survey at field level will help in comprehensive analysis of different economic structure in the District and will also help in undertaking proper planning of all activities of different sectors and their contributions to the economic development of the area.

The day-long programme was organized by the District Statistical Office, Yupia and  attended by Additional Deputy Commissioner Tarin Dakpe, EACs, COs, BDOs and staff of DSO office, Yupia. DIPRO

Cash reward stands


The cash reward of Rs 10 lakhs announced by the Arunachal Pradesh Police for giving information or clue leading to arrest of the assailant/s of Tongam Rina, Associate Editor of The Arunachal Times still stands. The identity of the informer/s will be kept secret.  The informer/s may contact Capital SP at tele. numbers : 09436040006





Mopin greetings

ITANAGAR, April 04: The Governor of Arunachal Pradesh General (Retd) J.J. Singh has extended warm greetings and good wishes to the people of Arunachal Pradesh on the festive occasion of Mopin.

In his festival messages, the Governor expressed the hope that the festivity will usher in happiness, universal peace, bumper harvest, and prosperity for all.

“On this auspicious occasion, I offer my prayers to Almighty Donyi-Polo and Ane Mopin to bless each one of us with their choicest blessings,” the Governor wished.

Chief Minister Nabam Tuki has also extended his sincere greetings to the people of Arunachal Pradesh on the auspicious occasion of Mopin festival.

In his message Tuki said “We have been blessed with beautiful nature and the auspicious Mopin is one such means to express our gratitude to almighty god for showering it for us”.

“I, on this auspicious occasion, join the members of Galo Society in their prayers to “Pinku Pinte”, Mopin Goddess to bless each one of us with peace prosperity, sound health and with bumper harvest in the years to come” the message further read.



IMWA cautions against forceful donation

ITANAGAR, April 04:  Sounding alarm on the forceful collection of donation in and around in the market here, Itanagar Market Welfare Association (IMWA) today said that it would not tolerate such illegal activities.  

Claiming that many self-style organizations are collecting materials and going on free donation spree at market, IMWA urged the district administration to deal sternly with involved persons.  The forceful donation in the market by some youths created disorder among the business community, IMWA said in a release. Further market welfare association also appealed to district administration to strictly check the vehicles without numbers plate in order to check and minimize criminals activities.



Four houses gutted in Aalo

AALO, April 04: Four dwelling houses (OBT) were burnt to ashes while one partially damaged in a massive fire accident which broke out near Power House here yesterday.

However, there was no report of loss of human life. The cause of the fire, which broke out at around 11.30 am, is not yet known. Properties worth lakhs of rupees were also damaged in the fire which was doused by timely intervention of fire brigade and local people.

Deputy Commissioner Marnya Ete rushed to the spot and distributed immediate relief to the affected families. He appealed to the people to be very cautious while handling fire and said that precaution is the best remedy for prevention of fire accident. DIPRO



NE games

ITANAGAR, April 04: Arunachal Pradesh state team comprising 75 men, 48 women and 17 officials are leaving here tomorrow for Imphal, Manipur to participate in the 27th North East Games-2013 beginning from April 8.

Arunachal will participate in Athletics, Boxing, Judo, Weightlifting, Football, Badminton, Table Tennis, Wushu and Taekwondo. A four days unique interactive workshop and clinic for the players and students of Sangay Lhaden Sports Academy is also being conducted by Dr. Jatin N Valia, a sports Psychologist from Mumbai assisted by Anup Singh at Sangay Lhaden Sports Academy, Sports Complex Chimpu, Itanagar to prepare the participants for the NE Games.

Papum Pare DSO Boby Meitei is the Chief-de-Mission.



Over 400 patients benefited from health mela

ITANAGAR, April 04: A ‘Health Mela’ was organized by District Health Society, Lower Subansiri District at Deed on March 30.

A total of 460 patients suffering from various ailments were treated by the team of doctors, including Dr. L Nyorak, Dr. Dusu Grayu, Dr. Hage Taker, Dr. Tazang Michi, Dr. Kuru Tama, Dr. Tabu Roji, Dr. Luksi Memmi, Dr. Tana Tat, Dr. H.Tam, and Dr. K Basar with help of 40 technical staff and health workers.

Of the total patients treated in the camp, 135 were eye patients, 121 Orthopedics, 39 Dental, 14 Gynae and rest were medicine. Hepatitis-B screening of 157 persons were also done out of which three were found Hepatitis-B positive and two widal test reactive. Besides treating patients, Health stall and IEC on RNTCP, NVBDCP, Family Planning, HIV/ AIDS, etc., were also organized.  



Compensation sought

ITANAGAR, April 04: Reiterating its demand for grant of compensation to Hari Boni, a five year old girl, who lost her arm when she was electrocuted on October 20 last year between Donyi Polo Vidya Bhawan and Jami- Jate Village in Itanagar, the All Hari Youth Welfare Association has appealed the Governor to intervene into the matter. In a release, it informed that it along with the victim’s parents had written to the Chief Minister, Power Minister, the local MLA and the Chief Engineer (Power) Western Zone for the same but no positive action has been initiated.



Career counseling programme

ITANAGAR, April 04: A career counseling programme was conducted at Govt. Higher Secondary School, Kankarnalah, Naharlagun on April 1 last. Resource persons from Seva Bharati and the school staffs demonstrated some of the selected study materials in front of the students.

Speaking on the occasion, Principal T Tatan called on the students to achieve success in life.

And for success to follow, one has to do lots of ceaseless efforts and painstaking labour, he said.



Club mourns student’s death

ITANAGAR, April 04:  The Ganga Youth Club today deeply mourned at death of Techi Topu, a class XII student at Gyan Ganga Vidyapeeth who died on Wednesday. The members of club observed two minute silence as a mark of respect to the departed soul.



SDLMC inspects implementation of RD schemes

PASIGHAT, April 04: The members of Sub-Divisional Level Monitoring Committee (SDLMC) led by the Chairman O Dai, ADC, Mebo inspected the various ongoing Rural Development Programmes in the district today.

They inspected various road constructions under SPA 2012-13 Schemes and RLR from PWD Road to Mottum (1.80 km), PWD Road to Sigar (1.80 km), PWD Road to Gadum Village (1.00 km) and Mebo-Dholla Road to Kiyit village (2.50 km) and interacted with the villagers.

The team was impressed with the quality and progress of the works which started last month.  The team ensured that the constructions would be carried out as per the specification and guidelines of the government.

Other team members were P Boring, DPO, ZPMs N Megu, T Yirang and departmental engineer. DIPRO



NE students oppose compulsory Hindi

ITANAGAR, Apr 04: In an attempt to intensify its stand against the proposed implementation of compulsory Hindi/MIL in the first year of the four year undergraduate courses to be offered by Delhi University from 2013-2014 session, the different North East Students Organizations based in Delhi from all the 8 North Eastern States had a meeting on March 30 and resolved that the North Eastern students will collectively fight against the proposed move of the Delhi University.

A committee with the name "North East Students Committee Against Imposition of Compulsory Hindi/MILs" with a member from each Students organization, was also formed and a Memorandum collectively submitted to the Vice Chancellor of DU on April 2 by student representatives/unions from all the northeast states including Sikkim to reconsider the proposed plan of implementing compulsory Hindi/MIL in the first year of the four-year undergraduate courses to be offered by the University from the coming new semester 2013-14.



DC seeks cooperation for free and fair election

PASIGHAT, Apr 04: The draw of lottery for women reservations in panchayat election for Bosing and Bogong Anchal blocks were held in the Conference Hall of East Siang Deputy Commissioner.

Chairing the process, Deputy Commissioner R K Mishra advocated for free and fair election with hundred per cent transparency. He appealed all to lend their full cooperation for smooth conduct of the ensuing Panchayat and municipal election.  

Starly Jamoh, EAC (Election) while initiating the lottery process informed that under instruction from the State Election Commission, the draw of lottery for the ZPMs and Anchal Chairpersons has been differed. He assured that after the clearance from the State Election Commission, all will be informed immediately and draw of lottery for ZPMs and Anchal Chairpersons will be held.

The reservation lottery for Anchal Samity Members, Gram Chairpersons and Gram Panchayat Members were held on the occasion. DIPRO



Draw of lottery for reservation of women seats in Panchayat poll held

YINGKIONG, April 04: The draw of lottery for sorting out seats from where women candidates will contest in the ensuing Panchayat Raj Election in Upper Siang district was held here yesterday.

The draw of lottery was conducted by Upper Siang Deputy Commissioner L Borang in his conference hall here yesterday in presence of ADCs of Yingkiong and Tuting, Mariyang SDO, Geku EAC, COs of Singga, Jengging, Zila Chairperson, ASM Chairpersons and representatives of various political parties.

As a result of the lottery, the Yingkiong Zilla Parishad seat would be reserved for women out of the total seven seats. As such, the II-Tuting Anchal Samity has been reserved for women out of the seven Anchal blocks.

Newly bifurcated /created seats /Anchal Blocks have not been included in the lottery draw for reserved seats for women this time as per government notification.

There are seven ZPMs, 58 ASMs and 158 GPMs, four AS Chairperson and 62 GP Chairperson Seats in the entire Upper Siang district. 67 GPMs, 21 ASMs and 21 GP Chairperson Seats out of the total ASMs and GPMs seats have been reserved for women.  DIPRO






263 days have passed. The culprits involved in the July 15 attack on The Arunachal Times associate editor Tongam Rina are still at large. 

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News Impact


Development aid spending falls 4 pc

Government spending on development aid plunged by 4 per cent in 2012, after dropping two per cent the year before, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) said in a statement on Wednesday.

In 2012, the 25 member countries of the OECD's Development Assistance Committee provided $125.7 billion in net official development assistance, representing 0.29 per cent of their combined gross national income.

Since 2010, ODA has fallen by 6 per cent in real terms and this year's fall is the largest since 1997.

The OECD blamed the decrease on the continuing financial crisis, especially in the euro area, which has prompted several EU member state governments to tighten their development budgets.

In addition, aid has noticeably shifted from the poorest countries toward middle-income nations in the Far East and South and Central Asia, albeit most likely in the form of "soft loans," the organization noted in its statement.

Data for 2012 show that although total net ODA fell, along with a fall in core contributions to multilateral institutions, aid for core bilateral projects and programs actually rose by 2 per cent in real terms.

However, bilateral aid to sub-Saharan Africa fell by almost 8 per cent in real terms compared to 2011; aid elsewhere on the African continent fell by almost 10 percent; and bilateral net ODA to least-developed countries fell by 12.8 percent in real terms.

Get some traffic sense

Dear Editor,

Through your esteemed daily, I would like to throw some light regarding the outlook of car owner of our twin capital. It is interesting to learn from our day by day traffic congestion that car owner in our twin capital is escalating day by day. I am taking a case from G- Extension Naharlagun, which is quite a busy place due to presence of establishment like SBI and some shopping complexes. It is good to know that standard of living in our society is getting better but at the same they forget to maintain the petite traffic rules. In order to show rest of world that they are the car owner, they exactly park their car where they may have some business but unfortunately forgets about the road coverage which ultimately results in traffic obstruction. Concerned Traffic Department tries their level best to minimize jams by providing traffic police at various places. But all their efforts may be futile until we don’t cooperate with them. As a grown up citizen we must have some common ethics to park our car at the last turn to facilitate good flow of traffics. It doesn’t curtail our standard to nearby people rather it creates awareness among surroundings. Most of the day’s traffic congestion remains same and I always look around with a hope for some magic.

I can only request the car owners to show their intelligence while parking and to draw parking line to minimize the congestions.


Oson Mibang



Assam police- a menace for Arunachalee transporters

Dear Editor,

It is a very common phenomena for the Arunachalee sumo drivers who provides services from Itanagar to Ziro, Daporijo, Itanagar, Tawang, Aalo etc to be often stopped in the middle of the road by the Assam Police personnel’s who directly demands money for "chai-pani".

The same has been experienced by me while returning from Ziro on 29th March 2013. I along with my family members and relatives were returning from Ziro after celebrating "Myoko" festival but to my utter surprise all the sumos returning from Daporijo and Ziro were stopped by 3 Assam Police officials in the middle of the road at "Pohumara" a place between Kimin and Laluk. They did not asked for documents of the vehicle and driving license, what they had asked was only money. At first the driver refused to give the money but he was threatened by the Assam Police that if the money is not paid then they will beat him. Out of compulsion the driver gave a sum of Rs. 50 to the policemen and they let us go. Now, here I request to the authority concern to talk with their Assam counterpart so that our sumo drivers and common public are not harassed in Assam. Otherwise, the day is not far when Assam Police will be thrashed if they are seen in Arunachal.


Takhe Apa



Proper investigation needed

Dear editor,

I on behalf of Megu women’s welfare society Lower Dibang valley would like to thank Longding police for timely intervention in saving the life of the alleged accused of Longding rape incident. If it would not have been for them, we would not have known the truth and mere allegations would have been made to be believed as the truth. As per as we know, the alleged accused was just trying to help the girl. The allegations of rape when reviewed by seeing entire sequence of event is doubtful. I appeal to the investigation agency to ascertain the age of the girl. Lastly I appeal to the police to conduct the investigation in a fair manner, which should be time bound so that the truth may prevail.


Moina Megu

Vill-Rayang Roing,lower dibang valley