April  11

Arunachal bags 16 medals on day 3 of NE Games

Anuing wins bronze in 5000 mt race

AT News Service

ITANAGAR, Apr 10: Arunachal Pradesh won 16 more medals, including a gold, 5 silver and 10 bronze, on the third day of the 27th North East Games in Imphal, Manipur, today.

The gold medal was won by WK Devi in weightlifting. She lifted a total of 137 kg (snatch 62+ Clean and Jerk 75 kg) in women’s 75 kg category, according to information received here today.

Anuing Wangsu, who became the first Arunachalee to win any medal in track and field event in NE Games by finishing third in 5000 mt race in Mizoram last year, again bagged bronze in the same event today. She took 20 minutes and 40 seconds to cover the distance.

With addition of 16 more medals to its kitty, Arunachal’s medal tally rose to four gold, 10 silver and 14 bronze.

Taring Yania won a bronze in badminton women singles as she lost in semifinals.

Yania pairing with Pinky Karki also lost in the semifinal in badminton women’s doubles. The losers of both the semifinalists are awarded bronze medals.

However, Wushu players have won majority of the medals today. They contributed four silver and two bronze medals to team’s medal tally.

Kalyani Bosumotary (66kg), Amina Khujur (48kg), Bhaigorani (56 kg) and Simsiri won a silver medal in Wushu Women’s category in Pomsie while Tai Yamak (45kg) bagged a bronze. Ganesh Das also won a bronze in Men’s 48 kg category in Pomsie.

Judokas won a silver and three bronze medals.

While Anjali Sagro bagged a silver in women’s 44kg category Possen Pangkhu (30kg), Echalu Tega (40kg) and Yami Mara (57kg) won a bronze medal each.

In Boxing, Doi Taipodia had to settle for the bronze after he lost his semifinal bout.



Good and bad side of ‘March ending’

Taba Ajum

Every year during the financial year end March month, various government officers face heat of the hooligans and contractors. While some contractors genuinely seek payment for the investment made by them in various developmental projects, there are hooligans who try to extort engineers and head of departments to issue them fake bill. Situation has gone from bad to worse in recent years.

Innumerable threats issued to HODs demanding money and an attempt on the life of engineer recently made headline in various local dailies. Such acts show desperation on the part of youth to earn easy money without doing any hard work.  Now the question is who are to be blamed for this easy money culture? Many seniors have shown the way for the younger ones to emulate. The central government pumps huge money into Arunachal for various developmental works. However most of the developmental works is only in paper with ground reality telling us some other story. In the past many citizens in cohesion with corrupt officers earned huge money from these projects. Some became over night ‘crore pati’ thanks to such corrupt practices.  These people used muscle and money power to earn enormous fortune. Many of them later went on to become MLAs and ministers. They have shown the way and now youths want to take similar path to attain success in life.

Today there are thousands of union, association, organization, committee etc which claim to be fighting for the cause of ordinary citizen. Most of the youths are leader of these groups. While some of them may genuinely want to do something for society, majority only speaks for themselves. These groups only raise those issues which is dear to them. For example if any department does not heed to the ‘appeal’ of these group seeking help, next day they will file an RTI or issue press release making all sort of allegations against that department. Such act raises question marks over motive of these associations and unions. In the process public tend to be suspicious of even those groups who are honestly working for the society. Media houses are quite often used by these groups for their personal interest. Year ago once few member of a particular union came to my office with an allegation laded press release against an officer along with RTI documents. The leader of the union told me, “Sir, please humko help karo. Hum log corruption ka against fight karna hain and isleye yeh RTI documents be laya hain (Sir, please help us to fight against corruption and therefore we brought RTI documents too).” I felt quite good to see young citizen fighting against corruption. However to the utter surprise of all, the boys called me around 10 PM and asked me to drop the news. “Sir kuch misunderstanding ho gaya tha officer ke saath. Now everything has got clear and tomorrow I will come to your office to collect those RTI documents,” the leader of union told me. I was lost for words and wonder how within few hours they changed their stand.

Coming back to March ending phobia, it is seen that month of March is the best time for media houses of state. I say this because during the month of March majority of associations, unions and organizations are busy troubling government officers. In such situation they have no time to raise issues and therefore they hardly make round of media houses. “Wish March month never ends,” quipped a journalist friend of mine. March ending does have brighter side too!



Verification process of Electoral Rolls suspended

NAHARLAGUN,  Apr 10: In view of thousands of new applications  pouring in the office of Municipal Electoral Registration Officer (MERO) for inclusion of their names in the municipal electoral roll and  various complaints being received from  various persons and associations against the inclusion of the name of such new claimants, the Itanagar Municipal Electoral Registration Officer (MERO), AC Baruah, in an order, under the powers granted to him under Arunachal Pradesh Municipal Election Act and Rules, has decided to suspend the verification process of all such applications for inclusion of names in municipal electoral roll received after 15th March, 2013 and the said applications will now be disposed of after the ensuing municipal election process is over.

The election for Itanagar Municipality are likely to be held some-time in May, next, the notification of which is likely to be issued on April 16.

As per the directions of the State Election Commission, the process of ward-wise preparation of the electoral roll was initiated from February 2 to March 3, 2013.

The updated final electoral roll of assembly (as updated on 15tn January, 2013) was used as a draft electoral roll for inviting claims and objection for preparation of the fresh municipal electoral roll.

The final roll for the Municipal Election, after disposal of claims and  objections was published on March 15, 2013. It is evident from above that sufficient opportunities have been given to the eligible voters to include their name firstly in the assembly roll as updated on January 15, 2013, (which was used as the draft roll for ward-wise municipal electoral roll).

It is mandatory that proper scrutiny of all such individual cases have to be done including personal hearing of the claimants, site inspection by the election officials, etc before disposal of such applications in order to ensure defect-free and fair municipal electoral roll, he reasoned in his order. DIPR



NESO fights for NE students’ cause over DU’s MIL

Staff Reporter

ITANAGAR, Apr 10: Miffed with the Delhi University (DU)’s move in making Hindi a compulsory subject in Major Indian Languages (MIL), North East Students’ Organization (NESO) on Monday lodged its protest saying the move by the mainland varsity had denied the rights of north-east students. In a representation submitted to Dr. M. Pallam Raju Human Resource Minister in charge, NESO strongly stated that decision of the DU is totally unacceptable as it deprives the indigenous students from the region who are to study in the university. In its strong worded letter to the union minister which made available to this daily, through its chief coordinator Pritam Waii, the apex students organization said that if the latest decision is allowed to be implemented it can be construed as an act of discrimination towards the peoples of the north-eastern region. Further organization alleged the DU decision as conspiracy to keep the north-east students away from availing the opportunity in the prestigious university. While drawing the minister’s attention, it added that India itself is a multi-lingual state as there are many different languages and dialects belonging to different communities spoken across the India.

To impose one particular language is not practicable, NESO said firmly. NESO chief coordinator Pritam Waii on behalf its organization also deeply mourned at the demise of Takam Sharmila who died on tragic road mishap between Shillong and Guwahati and Chow Tan Manpoong the first engineering graduate person of the state who passed away on Tuesday here.

Meanwhile sources from Delhi informed that the hundreds of students from the north-east region today staged dharna in front of Delhi University in protesting against the DU decision to implement Hindi as compulsory subject in Major Indian Languages (MIL). The protestors thronged at university gate and numbers of protesters reportedly swelled into hundreds and shouting against the authority to not to implement the latest move, saying that it would deprived hundreds of students from north-east region as many states in the region have their own state board where Hindi is not taught.  



Laeta Umbrey joins PPA

Staff Reporter

ITANAGAR, Apr 10: In a significant political development when aspirants are merging into the ‘safe’ Congress, the lone remaining Trinamool Congress (TMC) MLA Laeta Umbrey has joined Peoples Party of Arunachal (PPA). The move was made after the TMC president Toko Sheetal resigned from her post and the party was consequently dissolved yesterday.

Disclosing this in a press conference at Press Club this evening, chairman, PPA working committee, Kameng Ringu hoped that with this significant move, more and more people will join the regional party.

“I saw the greener pasture that I have been looking for in PPA which is why I am here,” reasoned Umbrey.

While putting forward the idea of an indigenous party like PPA, Umbrey said, “When people at the centre don’t have any idea about what Arunachal is; how people’s aspiration can be fulfilled by them? It is the very reason why Arunachal is still deprived of developmental activities according to its need.”

“Why do we even have to go there and convince them about our needs?” he questioned while explaining that a regional party reads people’s mind and works accordingly.

“The example can be seen clearly in Mizoram and Sikkim where Congress has never been in control and yet they are counted among the developed states while Arunachal with Congress as its government as long as one remembers has never been able to reach there,” he said.

Meanwhile, the PPA during its 36th foundation day today has urged the state government to protect proper utilization of coal mining in the state, to check proper implementation of centrally sponsored schemes, to pay 13 moths salary to ANM/GNM nurses and to declare Arunachal a dry state.  

Also resolving to protect proper implementation of hydro power project in the state, working president PPA Nikh Kamin said that many MOU’s for the power projects have only been signed but the practicality  implementation of the projects is yet to be seen.

“Even the DPR have not been maintained and the survey has also not been done,” Kamin claimed.

Also asking for a while paper for the financial status of the state government, Kamin said, “If as claimed by the finance minister Chowna Mein that the financial status of the state is stable then the state government must come out with a white paper regarding the same.”

Further demanding for a white paper on the law and order problem in the state, Kamin said, “Every other day, when the chief minister claims that the law and situation problem has improved, something happens the very next moment. Then how can he say the situation is improving.”



Graduation from traditional farming to a tea estate owner

Dasher Teshi

Taba Taro an orphan and a middle school dropped out had no other dreams but went on to toil the soil and witnessed the hard reality of life. He had made an arduous journey and experienced trial and turbulence of life. He was born to Taba Teri and Chukhu Yopu, in late fifties in a total traditional village called Posa under present Kebi Anchal area and later grew-up at Jop. He had seen the door of school for first time in 1965 at Yazali lower primary school. He successfully passed class III final in Assamese Medium and had the privilege to join school at district headquarter Ziro and studied up-to middle school. During his young days, he learnt and equipped in him the art of doing all traditional things ranging from household works , community services, art of making  hunting materials from his paternal uncle late Taba Bida and became an expert hunter.

The village life hardly opened up any visible avenue even for part time labour works since developmental activities were not in the picture. The economic conditions compelled him to look for other options. The source available left to the people was only travel to Assam to sell local products in local hats or to do certain jungle clearance work. The area with stiff hills and deep narrow gorge in upper range offered very limited wet rice cultivation. The geographical adversity forced him to venture upon to the area where lands were available for right kind of cultivation.

During a school vacation, he somehow landed at Jumi village at left bank of river Panyor near Kimin with the information that certain crash programme were going-on in the area. Initially, he looked for a petty labour works there but the land adorned him and beholds his dream for farming. He all alone started clearing a plot and had sown paddy seeds that yielded him a bumper harvest. His happiness on first fruit made him to feel blessed by god and fulfilled his dream. To store the corn, it required proper winnowing and job was an uphill task for a male. He looked around at “aghast “and true Hindi film scene favoured him. He approached to a girl for job and then Miss Kin Yakha came to his rescue and later on became his life partner. An orphan single man started life with her company. He did not look back and furthered his horizon by expanding his  Agri & Horti activities.

In social and political front, he gained much popularity and became Anchal Samiti Member of the area and served his people for consecutively 25 years to his fullest capacity. Initially he got the company of Dukhum Teji who became Zilla Parishad Member and duo had immensely contributed in developing the area and made a considerable stride in the developmental arena.

Now, he had realized to realign his relations with original relatives and looked to complete the unfinished settlement that his parents had left due to untimely departure for heavenly abode. He could purchased  many live stocks and restarted relations with his maternal uncle Chukhu clan and entered into second marriage with Chukhu Yekhi daughter of  Chukhu Kuli Head gaon bura of Kebi village. In fact , she would have been his first wife but circumstances changed the situation and life opened with the former and success begun with the lady with luck.

Taba Taro is now a proud father of 5 sons and 4 daughters ; 3 sons from his first wife and 2 from  second and all 4 daughters are from his first wife . He has two residences, one at Kimin and another a Jumi respectively beside a farm house at tea estate. He is also the owner of 10 acres of tea garden that gives him most needed income for his family. The garden that he has developed is entirely at his own efforts whether it is of physical or financial aspect. The hard work seemed to have reduced his physical strength but the spirit of the man is still high and mentally he is strong enough to lead his physical power to carry on his works undeterred by other forces. He himself has mastered the art method of seedling, period of germination, transplantation , medication etc. He has gained vital knowledge and experience with physical involvement of technical aspect of developing nursery and plantation.

Technically, he has achieved the knowledge on tea plantation with private patronisation from Small Tea Grower Association of Assam ( STGAoA) . The organisation has taken the responsibility of marketing aspect of the grower. He has also received part time training sponsored by the organisation. The Association has encouraged him and technical input is provided to him from time to time it. The Diju tea estate Manager is also giving minimum external guidance and use to receive the green tea leaves on cash payment that reduces the burden of marketing. The traditional farmer has vastly graduated to tea estate owner and received overwhelm external moral boost to plan him to convert his vast WRC fields into a tea garden in near future.

Now,  Taba Taro has no regret about life but wish to expand his field of chosen activities. He sometime says that if wasteful 25 years of public service were put into in this field, today he would have been a different personality. However, he credits his experiences as social worker in public life that guided him to push forward in the work. It is said that the tea leaves from his garden are sold like hot cake in neighbouring Assam and is considered golden among tea producing farmers in the area.

Though the gardening is at micro level, but considering the annual progress, it is expected that he would convert it to a macro status and it may not be a distant dream once own Processing Plant is started. The farmer initially looked for other fields of cultivation but he somehow landed in tea growing job which has been a blessing in disguise now he has realized. So far, what he has achieved is absolutely on his merit of sincerity and determination. The success of sale and demand has greatly encouraged him to go for expansion of tea gardening. The tea plantations for now is on profit motive but a passion to guard his inner urge to do something special on which his parents were not aware of.

The mission will go on with hope that his children will able to carry on the half done work and adopt tea gardening as art or profession. The tea grower feels that more than half of the life has been spent in public service, which legacy his wife had also been involved for a term as ASM. Prior to tea gardening he had developed wet rice cultivation fields, good number of fish ponds, horticultural activities including cardamom and orange etc. His wife has taken up sericulture and producing Erri chador from the Erri seeds and doing well in the production. All the activities are being incorporated under a registered Co-Operative Societies namely Gutu – Gora Co-Operative Society and his activities will certainly gain multi dimensional progress. In eight years of being involved in tea plantation, he is yet to receive any sort of guidance or moral support from the own government or from the tea board of Arunachal Pradesh.



Real democracy hijacked in Arunachal: BJP

ITANAGAR, Apr 10: The real democracy in Arunachal Pradesh has been hijacked by the state government of Arunachal Pradesh by not fulfilling the constitutional mandate and the provisions specified under the PR Act, alleged state BJP.

Taking serious note on non-devolution of power and responsibilities to the PRIs in Arunachal Pradesh, Party President Tai Tagak, who along with National BJP General Secretary Tapir Gao, former MP Kiren Rijiju and party Treasurer Bai Gadi discussed in details with BJP central leadership on Panchayati Raj status in Arunachal Pradesh in New Delhi today, alleged ‘complete discrimination and non-functioning’ of Gram Sabhas/Gram Panchayats in the state throughout the state.

“The party has taken a decision to impress upon the state government of Arunachal Pradesh to take urgent decision to devolve full power to Panchayati Raj Institutions before the notification of PR election schedule.

The holding of real power of the grassroots level elected bodies in the hand of the MLAs and executive is against the very spirit of the Constitution of India,” the Pary said.

“We urge and demand the ruling Congress Government in the state to make an urgent decision to devolve all the powers and responsibilities – 3Fs to the PRIs before the formal notification,” the releae said. It also questioned the state government that as to why it did not devolve powers to the PRIs in the last two complete terms.



NSEF demands stringent punishment to the culprits

ITANAGAR, Apr 10: Condemning the life threatening attempt on EE, PWD, Tali division Nich Tedir on March 30 last by a group of people at his camp office at Ziro, the Nyishi Service Engineers’ Forum (NSEF) has demanded stringent punishment to the alleged accused Kogam Bagang and his accomplices.

In a letter addressed to the Chief Secretary, government of Arunachal Pradesh, it stated that the punishment to the culprits will give a sense of security to all the engineers.

Appreciating Lower Subansiri district administration for its promptness in arresting the accused urged to book the culprits under non-bailable section.

The case, with non-bailable sections, should be preceded for immediate conviction and in no case the bail should be granted to the accused, NSEF appealed.

If the accused is not given stringent punishment, it will only encourage the criminals a license to commit such offences in future too which will dampen the morale of engineering profession in the state.

Suggesting establishment of a special designated fast track court in Capital Complex for trial of all such offences occurring in different parts of the state, it said it would ensure in the timely trial and conviction to allay apprehension of the common man as adage goes “Justice delayed is justice denied.”

NSEF further asked the state government to provide security through practical arrangement to the engineers, especially the DDO’s office during the fag end of the financial year as a preventive measure.



Dr Hahnemann’s birthday celebrated

Staff Reporter

ITANAGAR, Apr 10: North East Homeopathic Medical College, Itanagar celebrated the 258th birth anniversary of Dr Hahnemann, father of homeopathy, in a befitting manner at college auditorium today. Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann was a German physician and best known for creating a system of alternative medicine called homeopathy.

Attending the programme, Arunachal Pradesh Building & other Construction Workers Welfare Board (APB & OCWWB) Chairman Jalley Sonam said that homeopathy can play pivotal role in treating the people of Arunachal Pradesh in particular and entre North East in general. Lauding the people who were involved in establishment of the homeopathic medical college in Arunachal Pradesh, he called upon the students to work hard and help the needy people of region.

Stating that the Arunachal Pradesh is endowed with huge medicinal plants, Sonam exhorted the students and faculty of college to make use of such resources for the benefit of people. Further, he called upon the students to be well mannered towards their fellow students who are coming from various parts of North East to study in the college.

Dr BVS Murty, Deputy Director (AYUSH), Director of Health Services appreciated the performance of homeopathic college and assured to extend every possible help from the department. He suggested the students to work hard and improve their knowledge in the field homeopathy.

Principal In-charge, Dr Pankaj Das gave a detailed overview on college and its functioning since its establishment in 2001. He also highlighted on the challenges being faced by the college.

Earlier, in his welcome address College Students’ Union general secretary, Akar Koje threw light on the life of Dr Hahnemann and also shared his experience in the college.

The day-long programme was marked with various colourful cultural presentations by the students besides giving away of prizes to the winners of quiz competition organized on the occasion.



Discard petty political differences: CM

TORU (SAGALEE), Apr 10:  For Chief Minister Nabam Tuki the latest development witnessed today can be best stated as a massive political advantage gained, especially with panchayat elections round the corner.

Tad Tana, who has been the political rival of Tuki since long from Sagalee Assembly constituency and had contested against him in the last Assembly elections on an NCP ticket, has joined INC along with supporters in a gala ceremony at Toru today.

Tuki welcomed the joining of Tana in the Congress fold and assured that he would continue to work for his Assembly constituency and the state as its Chief Minister. He appealed all to discard petty political differences and work together for overall welfare and development of the society.

“There’s no point nurturing differences on party platforms. Congress is the only party that can provide a stable and pro-people government in the Center as well as in the state. So let’s join hands to make it stronger,” he said in his address to a huge gathering.

Tana, in his speech, hailed Tuki as one of the best Chief Ministers, who has shown his mettle as a people’s leader in a short span of two years.

“I have realized that there is no point to put up an electoral fight against Tuki as both of us are working to achieve the same target, which is development of our constituency and the state,” he said.

He also expressed confidence on the people-friendly policies adopted by the state government and observed that there was not a single drawback to cite in Tuki’s leadership. Therefore, he reasoned, joining hands and making him (Tuki) stronger was the best thing to do.

Tana made a fervent appeal to people of Sagalee constituency to support Congress and make the party victorious in all the forthcoming elections – panchayat, parliamentary and assembly.

More than 50 leaders and members of NCP from Sagalee, Mengio, Parang and Toru Blocks and the district unit, in a signed statement, joined INC along with Tana during the ceremony.



RSS concludes Training camp at Yazali

ITANAGAR, Apr 10: “One must know his past in order to progress ahead in the future. The key to success lies on study and analysis of our ancient history, certainly never by rejecting or denouncing it, said Bengia Tolum, president Nyishi Elite Society.

He was addressing the concluding day function of the week-long initial training camp organized by Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) at Abotani Academy, Yazali yesterday.

Drawing a parallel to the Narendra Modi’s recent FICCI speech, Tolum said, while throwing a stone ahead to target, one has to take his hand back to gather strength. In a society like Arunachal Pradesh with rich cultural tradition, the people must uphold their root and civilizational glories which will help the state progress ahead, he strongly emphasized. According to Tolum, the RSS gives the message of loving ones glorious heritage in order to make a strong and developed India.

The NES President was at his oratorial based while speaking to the massive crowd. He asked the raptly attentive audience to love the Motherland that is India. One’s Mother and Motherland is a fixed concept which cannot be divorced nor changed as per wishes. Tolum quoted the famous saying of Sri Ram from Ramayana that Mother and Motherland are superior to heaven even. The Nyishi way of life and the Vedic way of life have many things in common as far as respect to soil and value of life are concerned, he said.

The RSS Arunachal Pradesh State Secretary, Nido Sakter, delivered the basic philosophy by RSS, that is, Discipline, Patriotism and simple living. The RSS Divisional Secretary and Govt. College Yachuli, Dr. Techi Upen Tara and Chairman ITC Organising Committee Taba Nepa also advised the audience to lead this Patriotic Movement ahead.

The seven days initial training camp (ITC) was attended by students from Lower Subansiri, Upper Subansiri, Kurung Kumey and Papum Pare districts.

The ITC meant for the overall personality development of students, focused on the physical and intellectual growth of the participants.

A long and disciplined foot march with the tune of Band throughout the Yazali Township marked the conclusion of the week-long programme.



TWS conducts Social Service at Dist Hospital, Tezu

TEZU, Apr 10 :  A social service was conducted by Tayang Welfare Association (TWA) at District Hospital, Tezu today.

About hundred volunteers of TWA representing the two districts of Lohit and Anjaw assembled at District Hospital premises in the morning to re-affirm the maxim that "Cleanliness is next to Godliness".

With an undaunted zeal to maintain cleanliness in the Hospital, the volunteers of TWA braved the rain to clean the grass and garbage in the hospital compound, evoking appreciation from the Hospital Authorities.

The district hospital provided hand gloves and masks to the TWS members for undertaking the cleanliness drive in the hospital premises.

Later, the senior members of TWS distributed fruits and sweets to the indoor patients in the district hospital.  

Tayang Welfare Association is a registered NGO formed with an objective of Socio-cultural and economic upliftment of the society based at Tezu.


Cash reward stands


The cash reward of Rs 10 lakhs announced by the Arunachal Pradesh Police for giving information or clue leading to arrest of the assailant/s of Tongam Rina, Associate Editor of The Arunachal Times still stands. The identity of the informer/s will be kept secret.  The informer/s may contact Capital SP at tele. numbers : 09436040006





Pongtu Festival Greetings

ITANAGAR, Apr 10: Governor of Arunachal Pradesh General (Retd) J.J. Singh and Chief Minister Nabam Tuki have extended warm greetings to the people of Arunachal Pradesh, particularly the Tutsa community on the auspicious occasion of Pongtu festival.

In his festival message, the Governor expressed his hope that the festival, which heralds coming of New Year for the Tutsa Tribe, will usher in peace, good health, and bumper harvest.

May Almighty Rangkathok shower his choicest blessings for communal harmony, prosperity and happiness in the society, the Governor wished.

In his festival message, Tuki stated that the New Year festival of the community will bring peace, prosperity and goodwill to the people of the state.  


Election code of Conduct issued

NAHRALAGUN, Apr 10: The State Election Commission has issued the model code of conduct for political parties, contesting candidates, Govt. departments, PSUs  and Government/ PSU  employees for the ensuing  elections to the Municipality and Panchayati Raj slated for May 16 next.

The code shall, however, be effective only from the date of issuance of the election notification.

The code has an important section banning slaughter of Mithun and other domestic animals during the process of election.

“All such slaughters shall be prohibited by the District Magistrate during the period the model code of conduct is in force excepting under exceptional circumstances which shall include any religious or marriage ceremonies for which written permission shall be obtained from the concerned  District Magistrate. DIPR


Apang mourns death of  Manpoong

ITANAGAR, Apr 10: Former Chief Minister Gegong Apang today expressed deep shock at the untimely and sudden demise of Chow Tan Manpoong, the first engineering graduate of Arunachal Pradesh, who died at Naharlagun yesterday.

In a condolence message,  Apang  said late Manpoong could become the first engineer of the  state due to his hard work and dedication.

“I had known him from close quarters and I have found him to be very intelligent and a person of high integrity. His death is not only an irreparable loss to the members of his family but also to the entire state. With his death  a void has been created which will be very hard to fill in,” the message read adding that his foray into politics in later period of life was an ample example of his leadership quality and his dedication towards development of the state.

At this hours of grief no words are sufficient to express one's feeling, Apang said. On behalf of his entire family members and on his own behalf, Apang conveyes heartfelt condolences to the bereaved members and pray to the Almighty to give enough moral strength to bear the irreparable loss. He also prayed to Donyi-Polo  for eternal peace of the departed soul.


Organization blames govt on law and order problem

ITANAGAR, Apr 10:  The Arunachal Pradesh Abo Tani Clans Youth Organization (APATCYO) today blamed the state government for breaking down of law and order in the state particularly in the capital complex.  In a release APATCYO claimed though the statement government claimed law and order situation improved in the state, the stark reality is quite contrast. It further said that wrong policies and financial mismanagement are the cause for unlawful activities.


Talo conferred ‘Best Citizens of India Award

ZIRO, Apr 10: Taru Talo, presently serving as Deputy Commissioner of Lower Subansiri district, has been conferred recently with the prestigious award “The Best Citizens of India Award, 2013” by the International Publishing House, world’s most leading biographical specialists.

The award has been conferred on him in recognition of his exceptional calibre and outstanding performance in his chosen area of activity.  (From Yachang Tacho)


Five seats each for ZPMs and ACs reserved

PASIGHAT, Apr 10: Lottery was drawn to sort out seats from where women candidates will contest in Panchayat elections for Zilla Parishad and Anchal Chairperson in East Siang district.

As per draw, Boleng, Mongu Banggo, Bilat, Riga and Bosing-II seats will be reserved for women candidates and Nari-Seren, Ruksin, Rebo and Bosing-I Anchal Chaiperson seats for women candidates.

The lottery was conducted by ADC (i/c) N Kumar, who is also District Panchayat Development Officer, in presence of senior administrative officers and members of various political parties. DIPRO


APCC condoles Manpoong demise

ITANAGAR, Apr 10: The Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee today deeply mourned at sudden demise of Chow Tan Manpoong the first engineering graduate from the state, who died on Tuesday. In its condolence message to the bereaved family members, Pradesh Congress termed the late Manpoong death as an irreparable loss to society and the state as whole.


Release pending bill: AAPYO

ITANAGAR, Apr 10: The All Arunachal Pradesh Youth Organization (AAPYO) today appealed to the state finance minister to release the pending bill, claiming that the government has halted the transaction exceeding Rs five lakh. It urged the minister to release the bill at public interest.


Club lodges complain against Tata Sumo service

ITANAGAR, Apr 10: Don Youth Club has registered its protest against the Tata Sumo service which ply from Daporijo to Itanagar claiming that reckless and irresponsible attitude of driver had led tragic road accident. In a representation to district administration the club alleged that none of the sumo owner and representative from Tata Sumo Association came for help after the accident occurred between Puchigeko and Gami village which led two persons killed.


Mopin celebrated at Gensi, Likabali

ITANAGAR, Apr 10: Mopin – the festival of Galo community was celebrated with pomp and gaiety at Gensi on April 5.  The dignitaries present on the occasion included M P Takam Sanjoy and MLA Bamang Felix. Jomde Kena, Deputy Speaker, Arunachal Legislative Assembly played the role of perfect host on behalf of the Mopin Festival Celebration Committee-2013 Gensi.

Addressing a mammoth gathering at General ground on the occasion, Sanjoy announced for sanctioning of Rs. 20 Lacs for construction of a playground at Gensi and Rs. 5 lacs for construction of Donyi Polo Dere at Gensi from his MPLAD Fund.  

Further, MP assured to take up the peoples' demand for up-gradation of Gensi Secondary School to Higher Secondary level with Chief Minister immediately.  While greeting the people on the auspicious occasion, Sanjoy also wished the benevolent god shower blessings for bumper harvest and blessing to the people to live with harmony and peace.

In his speech, Kena highlighted the pro-people policy of the  Nabam Tuki led Government.

Jomde Kena also participated in the Mopin celebration at Likabali on April 6. In his address, Kena  emphasizing on the need of  maintaining peace and tranquility  in boundary area.  


Death mourned

ITANAGAR, Apr 10: The National Students’ Union of India (NSUI) state unit has condoled the demise of Talu Nalo, student of LLB final year of Arunachal Law Academy, who passed away on April 9 last.

Praying for the eternal peace of the departed soul, it further prayed to the almighty to give enough strength to the bereaved family members.


CoSAAP Peace Rally at Khonsa

KHONSA, Apr 10: All sections of government employees of Tirap district organized Peace Rally at Khonsa at 8 am onwards from Khonsa Bazar bus stand to DC’s office premises.

The Peace Rally was against atrocities such as, physical assault, kidnapping, murder, life threatening, extortion notices etc meted out to govt employees in different parts of Arunachal Pradesh.

Hundreds of government employees whole heartedly participated in the Rally. The Rally concluded with briefings about the rally by the Secretary CoSAAP Tirap Unit Namchai Wangsa.

With the rest of the State, the Lower Subansiri district unit of CoSAAP also staged peaceful dharna in the office complex of DC yesteray.

A larger number of Govt Employees took part in the dharna organised by CoSAAP district unit protesting physical attack on officers and officials and intimidation to govt. employees.



Seminar on population based cancer registry prog

ITANAGAR, Apr 10: A sensitization workshop cum seminar on population based cancer registry was organized at District Hospital Khonsa today.

It was attended by peripheral Medical Officers and paramedical staff of Tirap District.

Addressing the participants, DMO Dr K. Perme informed that the main aim of the National Cancer Registry Programme launched in 1982 was to generate reliable data on the magnitude and pattern of cancer prevailing in the area.

Dr.T Ering, Principal Investigator cum Senior Pathologist PBCR Govt Hospital, Pasighat which covers six district of eastern Arunachal gave a PowerPoint presentation on the annual report of 2011. According to the data available, he informed that incidence of cancer was highest in East Siang district whereas erstwhile undivided Tirap in spite of having more population than East Siang was having negligible incidence which could be due to under reporting. He requested all the periphery medical officers to provide quality reporting.

Dr. O Moyong, Senior Eye specialist General Hospital,Pasighat spoke on the Epidemiology, Pathophysiology and treatment of Ocular Tumor (Eye Cancer) while Dr.N Borang, DRCHO Khonsa, Maloti Tamin, Programmer and Chapiak Lowang Social Investigator, PBCR Pasighat highlighted on the risk factor of cancer and gave an overview of population Based Cancer Registry in India.

The participants expressed their views on better and timely reporting on cancer registry.


German Consul General calls on Governor

ITANAGAR, Apr 10: German Consul General, Kolkata Rainer Schmiedchen called on Governor of Arunachal Pradesh General (Retd) J.J. Singh at Raj Bhawan, Itanagar yesterday and discussed various matters of mutual interest and avenues for mutual benefits, including power and tourism sectors.

The Governor emphasized on scope for exchange programmes for students and study tours for officials and entrepreneurs, especially in the field of tourism and horticulture etc.

The Consul General was accompanied by his wife, Dr. Annette Schmiedchen.

Secretary to Governor Ankur Garg was also present in the meeting.


Nyali Ete’s book released

ITANAGAR, Apr 10: Lee’s (mis)adventures in NERIST – a book written by Nyali Ete was released at a simple but impressive function held at Hotel Arun Subansiri today. Noted writer and Sahitya Academy Awardee Y D Thongchi, Joint director of Higher and Technical Education Dr Tejum Padu, Deputy Conservation of Forest (industries) T Gapak and former APPSC member M Ete were the dignitaries who released the book in presence of intellectuals, upcoming writers, students and well-wishers.

Speaking on the occasion, Y D Thongchi called upon the young generation to take keen interest in developing habit of writing.   Arunachal is a treasure house which is yet unexplored, Thongchi said and suggested that youths should write to expose the rich culture and tradition of various tribes  in the form of literature to outside world.

In his address, Dr Padu also emphasized the need of taking up writing not only as a passion but with a motive to enrich the literary world of the state.

Among others, writer of the book Nyali Ete and M Ete also spoke on the occasion.

Nyali Ete is an Indian Forest Officer, presently working under Anjaw Forest division.  He’s a post graduate in forestry with specialization in Economics and Management from Forest Research Institute, Dehradun.

Published by Gomar Foundation, the book is available in all the book stalls in the Capital Complex.



Police  conduct raids, seize huge cannabis, Tiranga-Gutka and IMFLs, 3 apprehended

PASIGHAT, Apr 10: Pasighat police seized more than one kg Ganja (Cannabis), about 5 kg Ganja seeds, Tiranga (gutkha) and illegal IMFL from private shops located in High-Region and JNC market areas during two separate raids. Police sources informed that three persons have been arrested so far in this connection and the case has been forwarded to the judicial authority for further action.

Sub Inspector Buker informed that Women Adi Baane Kebang (WABK) has been organizing anti tobacco and anti-drugs awareness campaigns in district for last few months and it was a part of their search operations.

East Siang SP Pushpendra Kumar, who is currently at state capital to attend urgent election related meeting, congratulated the WABK President Aini Taloh and her teams and also the police team for their successful operations and action.

Kumar asserted that police would continue to deal such issues head on with the help and support from the people.

The SP in his message to the Pasighatians said ‘This latest seizure underlines the determination of my officers to stamp out drug-dealing within our communities. I want to reassure the people of Pasighat that we will act on any information provided”. DIPRO


Death of Manpoong: Condolences pour in

ITANAGAR, Apr 10: The rank and file of Arunachal Pradesh unit of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) have condoled the death of CT Manpoong here today.

Manpoong, the first engineering graduate from the state, died yesterday following a cardiac arrest.

He served the state as Executive Engineer in RWD. He joined BJP in 1986 and became the party’s first state president.

Manpoong unsuccessfully contested in the state assembly polls twice on BJP ticket.  Despite losing lections, Manpong contributed immensely in socio-economic field in the state. Later, he joined Arunachal Congress.

The state BJP leaders, including MLA Tamiyo Taga, State BJP Mahila Morcha President Padmeswari Jamoh, State BJP Vice President Tayek Goi, Katan Kamboh, former minister Lichi Legi and office bearers of various frontal wings (morchas) attended the condolence meeting and prayed to almighty to rest his soul in eternal peace. The party also conveyed deep sense of condolence to the bereaved family to cope with the tragedy.

Arunachal Padesh Welfare Society (APWS) has expressed shock and grief over sudden and untimely demise of Chow Tan Manpoong and prayed to almighty for his eternal peace.


BSNL restores mobile service in Wakro

WAKRO, Apr 10: In a delightful turn of events, totally unanticipated, the people of Wakro were surprised to find full signal strength shining bright on their mobile screens.  They could not recall the last time they witnessed such a miracle on their phones. These people were the hapless loyal customers of BSNL who still refused to let go of their connections in-spite of the poor signal and connectivity issues that plagued the area for a long time now. Some people had lost hope and had completely switched to other service providers while others had started maintaining two connections.  People in rural Wakro had almost completely lost their confidence in BSNL. But now once again, calls and messages from their BSNL phones resumed their lightning speed.

All the credit to this happy ending goes to Dakto Riba, the Extra Assistant Commissioner of Wakro who had decided to take up the matter with the BSNL authorities. It was reported that with the tireless efforts of the EAC, the tower that had remained shut for almost four years due to land dispute was restored for public service. He is a shining example of how officers who serve in the general administration can bring a lot of change in the society by their positive attitude and willingness to render service.

Riba, however, conveyed his appreciation and gratitude to Dilip Siram, AGM with the BSNL, who according to him, was equally prompt to respond and render assistance in the mobile tower issue and its restoration to the public. The EAC also guided the consumers to pay their bills timely and settle outstanding bills so that the service providers can render better service, according to a release.







269 days have passed. The culprits involved in the July 15 attack on The Arunachal Times associate editor Tongam Rina are still at large. 


News Impact


Was it a bogus promise?

Dear Editor,

That I am yet to receive the meritorious award for CBSE class XII result as promised by the State Government during the year 2010-11. Through your esteemed daily I would like to question the concerned authority “What actually have happened"? After the declaration of our CBSE class XII results, I had been asked thrice to submit my bank account number and the required documents by the school authority. Whether it was some sort of excuse for them to say 'my documents were lacking or something' as the reason behind why I had been asked for the same. It's been almost two years now and still a smell of it is not even to be found! Where have the promised amount and the laptop gone? Are the concerned authorities trying to extract out a penny or two from it, or was it a bogus promise from the State Government?


Paul Jerang

Moti Bagh, New Delhi



What happened to SI recruitment process?

Dear Editor,

I would like to draw the attention of concerned authority of Arunachal Pradesh Police Department about the recruitment of sub- inspector (civil police/IRBN/Telecom) advertised vide No. PHQ/PER-29/2011 Dated 07-12-2012 in various local dailies.

The aspiring candidates for recruitment have been informed about the postponing of written test via advertisement in 08-01-2013, (Adv. no. PHQ/PER-71/2012). Three months have passed but we are waiting for the new date of the examination to be declared. We are keeping patience no doubt, but my question is how long we have to keep patience?

I on behalf of the entire aspiring candidate would like to request the concerned authority to please look into the matter and provide us the best solution as soon as possible.


Sange Tsering




A welcome step

Dear Editor,

Arunachal Citizen’s Right (ACR) welcomes and appreciates the seminar on ‘Need to Develop Critical Infrastructure in Border Areas of Arunachal Pradesh’ organized by Indo-Tibetan Border Police Force on 9th  April 2013 at Siddartha Hall.  

At the same time taking into account a wholesome dimension of the developmental discourse and considering the meaningful participation of the peoples of Arunachal Pradesh, this very seminar manifests necessity of a review. The occasion is clearly limited forum restricted only for certain government machineries only. The entire picture of the seminar looks like concentrating around the authorities and agents of military and police; the concept and thrust is not derived from people centric development.

In fact, owing to existing international geopolitical circumstances and other strategic conditions the Government of India may be compelled to such limited kind of program, and that it is militaristic in nature. However, ACR views that the times have changed and it is best in the interest of India more particularly for the people of Arunachal that these militaristic views be slowly be transformed into a collaborative work with local population. Also it is delighted that government of India has realized the misdeed they committed in past in the name of national security.

Having said that it will be meaningful and rightful effort in case there is inclusion of wider and deeper level of participation in the process. The absence of various fundamental stake holders and community concerned are evident in the effort. If there is extension of participation to  the civil societies, nongovernmental organizations, village representatives, students, youths and women, political personalities, academicians, civil administrators, etc. it will be truly democratic in not only bringing development in the border area but also help include border people in defence of the land.

We are still very affirmative and hopeful that such extension and inclusion will be considered in the next round of the program in near future, and that government will demonstrate commitment and sincerity in proving that it is not merely of the lip service and face saving. ACR also sees the need of redesigning the overall government policy of development in such frontier state.

On the other hand, this seminar is good in the sense that it reminds the media and general public of prolong inability of the government to undertake the proper and adequate developmental activities in the border area due to various nature of limitations and practical difficulties.  About 700 villages which are scattered around the border lives along the international border lines which covers a lengthy geographical area of 1680 kilometers.  The Arunachalees living in these parts of the country are not able to have accesses to the basic facilities of health, education, transport and communication, power and economy for the last few decades mainly due to national security implication.

ACR believes that the indigenous peoples oriented development of critical infrastructure is really needed and those undertakings will be appreciated by all.


Taring Mama,

Chairperson, ACR




India lacks prime ministerial candidate

Dear Editor,

This is in response to Poonam I Kaushish's article "Comparing chalk to cheese” published today in your daily.

The contrasts between Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi have been discussed in the article. But there exists two similarities also. Firstly, the media is zealously focussing Modi and Gandhi for the post of Prime Ministership of India and secondly the fact remains that if any one of them manages to attain the prestigious chair, it would not show Indian democracy in a glorifying light.

Narendra Modi might have a scored a hat-trick in the Assembly elections, but does it hide the fact that Gujarat ranked 13th among the major Indian states in State Hunger Index and  "boasts" of 47 percent of underweight and malnourished children in its midst? Inspite of the trumpet of "prosperous" Gujarat, the state plays host to innumerable poor and unemployed and regularly gets hit by drought leading to suicides of farmers. And his failure in containing the Gujarat communal riot against Muslims remain one of the greatest scandals and horrors of independent India and the greater scandal lies in the fact that innumerable victims are yet to be adequately rehabilitated, compensated or provided justice.

Narendra Modi's electoral success has been achieved by banking upon Gujarati asmita and Hindu rights. If he is indeed the self-declared guardian of the Gujarati Hindus, why would the non-Gujaratis and non-Hindus accept Modi as the Prime Minister of a multi-lingual secular democratic country?

And how can electoral success in mere Assembly elections of a single state serve as "qualification" enough to assume the Prime Ministership of India? Left Front won seven successive Assembly elections in West Bengal, but never did the "pundits" attribute it to the good governance pursued by Jyoti Basu and Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee. Manik Sarkar is never accorded the recognition he deserves despite his fourth-successive triumph in Tripura. Thus it is ridiculous to witness how mere electoral success in just three successive Assembly elections is being exploited by the vested interests as the ultimate yardstick of Modi's "greatness"!

It is really disgusting that an influential section of the media, instead of highlighting his failures and indulgence in parochial and communal politics; zealously projects Narendra Modi, by citing ridiculous electoral statistics, as the "best" Prime Ministerial candidate of a country which is based on the foundation of secularism and equality!

As for Rahul Gandhi, his only credential for probable Prime Ministership lies in his family lineage only. Not in any state yet has Rahul succeeded in helping Congress to win Assembly election by virtue of his leadership or deed. Really it is unfortunate that even after 65 years of independence, India is still immature enough to project an individual as contender for the top executive post just because he happens to be the son/grandson of particular leaders of a particular political family.

As far as other prominent leaders are concerned, most of them are epitomes of corruption and casteism. Another overhyped candidate Nitish Kumar might not be corrupt, but his "brilliant" governance in Bihar is nothing but a myth. The ground situation in Bihar remains as lawless and brute as in earlier decades. India is really a sad nation which, despite being the second-most populated nation in the globe, fails to churn up efficient, honest, secular leaders of nationalist mindset fully eligible to don the mantle of the Prime Minister.


Kajal Chatterjee,

Peerless Nagar, Kolkata



No need for marriage identification

Dear Editor,

This is in response to the letter written by Sorang Tagit Aabharam, where he advocated that married woman should wear an identification mark. He also called on government to take some initiative in this regard. I don't support such view because as per our culture we don’t follow such practise. Culture and religion cannot be imposed by the state as it is unconstitutional. In my personal opinion, wearing marriage identification mark has merit and demerit of its own. Today the trend is, wearing scanty and revealing cloths whether married or unmarried, beauty or ugly, rich or poor. Especially among urban woman this is common. Yes, one thing is very clear there may be more number of cases of adultery in society if no proper identification mark is fixed to the woman but what about man who wants to roam around with girls when his wife are away. Before imposition of any new rule proper research is necessary. Every culture has merits and demerits of its own.


Tabit Tapak

Papua Nalah, Naharlagunm


Land degradation damaging agricultural production

The international community is losing vast amounts of agricultural production due to the effects of continuing land degradation such as desertification, a new United Nations study has warned, adding that without sustainable land management, development initiatives the world over will be stymied.

Presented at the opening session of the UN Convention to Combat Desertification’s (UNCCD) 2nd Scientific Conference, The Economics of Desertification, Land Degradation and Drought paints a dire picture of the planet’s current state, noting that up to five per cent of global agricultural gross domestic production (GDP) is being lost due to deteriorating land quality.

The report – the first economic evaluation of its kind in over twenty years – shows that up to 12 per cent of Africa’s agricultural GDP is being lost due to environmental degradation while the levels in individual countries vary widely, from six per cent in Paraguay to 24 per cent in Guatemala.

According to the UNCCD, the social costs of land degradation are even more staggering with nearly 870 million people suffering from chronic hunger globally. The UN agency reports that in Uzbekistan, food yields have declined by 20 to 30 per cent while in East Africa nearly 3.7 million people still require food assistance following the drought of 2011.

In addition to the ominous statistics, the study, which looks at the costs and benefits of addressing desertification, land degradation and drought, finds that the existing research mostly focuses on the direct economic consequences of these phenomena but overlooks the unintended consequences.

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