April  18

Yazali readies to host mega events

ITANAGAR,  Apr 17: Yazali located at 72 km away from the state capital is fully ready to host the Silver Jubilee Celebration Cum-10th General Conference and 6th Nyishi Day celebration of Nyishi Elite Society (NES) from April 19.

April 19 is celebrated as Nyishi Day in every year as on this day on March 19, 2008 both houses of Parliament have passed for  amendment for change of  nomenclature from Dafla to Nyishi and subsequently it was assented by the President of India on April 1, 2008.

Yazali  Valley known for abode of Nyishi culture, the place of origin of famous  folk dance Rikam Pada, friendly atmosphere, land of unique traditional cuisine, the land of  intellectuals, is enthusiastically sets to welcome each and every delegate and participant in the mega events.

Many cultural troupes have already reached the venue today and many more are reaching tomorrow. Delegates from different nook and corner of the state and Assam including social leaders of all the community based organizations (CBOs) from in and outside the state are reaching tomorrow. Cultural extravaganza, traditional sports, food festival of indigenous cuisine, exhibition of traditional ornaments, handloom and handicrafts, photo exhibitions, food festival etc would be the main attractions of the mega event.  Kangir Jamoh, President Adi Bane Kebang (ABK) would be the Chief Guest of the occasion.

Briefing the five hundred volunteers, Toko Jyoti, Chairman Local Organising Committee said that volunteers have a big role to play for success of any mega events like this. Every group has been given duty in specific location and place and accordingly, they would attend any shortcoming and immediately intimate it to the organizing committee, Jyoti informed. Two view point at Potin (Potam) and Tago have been put up where delegates and participants can enjoy the beauty of Panior and Yazali valley with cup of tea.



Tuki delighted with successful celebration of Longte

ITANAGAR, Apr 17: Chief Minister Nabam Tuki has congratulated successful celebration of Longte festival by his Nyishi brethrens as well as other celebrating communities across the state, which concluded yesterday. Due to his important engagements at New Delhi, he regretted that he could not physically join the celebrations. However, he said, in a message today that spiritually and morally he was always with his people and was a part and parcel of the celebrations.

Tuki further stressed on the necessity to promote the festival, which is unique in the sense that despite it being an indigenous festival there is no ritual of animal sacrifice as observed in several other festivals. In fact, sacrifice is a taboo during the celebrations. While appreciating the people for preserving and maintaining the rich tradition of their forefathers, the Chief Minister added that Longte will serve as the befitting binding force for the Nyishis and therefore emphasized on its celebration every year with much gusto and participation.



Two dead, four injured in road accident


RUKSIN, Apr 17: One Potol Dai (44) along with her 7 year-old daughter Amum Dai died in the spot while four others were severely injured in a tragic road accident that took place at Dhemaji in Assam this afternoon.

According to repot,  the accident occurred when the Sweep Desire car with six travellers on its way to Itanagar hit a road side tree along the National Highway-52 near Dhemaji town in Assam at around 1.30 pm today.

The poor mother Potol and her daughter died on the spot, while driver of the car Uku Dai (42) and his wife Opum Dai and two others Natin Dai (12) and Midang Dai (10) sustained severe injuries.

Deceased Potol was a government employee in Pasighat DC’s office. Her husband Ashok Dai is a cashier in the same office.

Dhemaji police, dealing with the accident case, admitted the injured persons in Dhemaji civil hospital but they later shifted to Assam Medical College Hospital at Dibrugarh for better medical  treatment.

A pall of gloom descended  over the Pasighat town as soon as the news of the fatal accident spread like wild fire in Ruksin and Pasighat. Many relatives and well wishers have also rushed to Dhemaji to help  the  accident victims.



SEC rejects NPF’s plea for registration

ITANAGAR, Apr 17: The Arunachal Pradesh State Election Commission (SEC) has rejected the plea of the Naga Peoples Front (NPF)  for registration as a “State Party” in Arunachal.

While responding to a letter from NPF regarding registration and recognition of  party for contesting the  Panchayat Raj  election in the  state, the Commission  said “The State Election Commissioner has examined your request in light of the provisions made under the Election Symbols (Reservation and Allotment) Order 1968 of the Election Commission of India and decided as under: A reading of the Election Symbols (Reservation and Allotment) Order 1968 would make it clear that the said Order contemplates Registration of Political Parties and also Recognition thereof as National or State Parties. Every Political Parties must be a Registered Party but not every Registered Political Party would automatically become either a Recognized National Party or State Party.  The recognition would be dependent on the percentage of votes that a Political Party secures in the previous election or the number of returned candidates in a particular State for which it seeks recognition.”

It further said that “the State Election Commission cannot accept any application for registering any Political Party in the State of Arunachal Pradesh under the provisions of Election Symbols (Reservation & Allotment) Order, 1968 and the said power is vested only with the Election Commission of India.”

“In view of the above stated position of law, facts and circumstances, the state Election Commission would not be in a position to recognize NPF as a State Party in Arunachal Pradesh and allot their party symbol ‘Cock’ to contest the ensuing General Elections for Panchayati Raj Institutions in Arunachal Pradesh,” the SEC  said while responding to a letter  from NPF on April 15.



Third party monitoring is an eye-wash: NCP

ITANAGAR, Apr 17: Terming the Third Party Monitoring bodies like NEDFi (North East Development and Finance Institute) and NABCONS (Nabard Consultancy Services) as toothless tigers and an eyewash to siphon off crores of money from public exchequer in the name of monitoring fee, NCP state president has demanded immediate scrapping of MoAs with the two monitoring bodies.

“The present practice of the agency officials to fill up the readymade forms with the help of the work executing agencies of the state has made a mockery of the whole monitoring system”, NCP president Kahfa Bengia claimed in a release.   “Since the monitors do not have even a copy of DPR of schemes how can they monitor the works on the ground,” Bengia wondered.

“The nexus between the monitors and executing officials result in to a rosy completion reports with impressive photographs and utilization certificates,” Bengia claimed.

Though the project monitoring unit of the state Planning Department is aware of this fact the Department has no option but to remain as mute spectator as the Department does not have the legitimized power to prosecute the guilty, Bengia added.

The huge monitoring fee of Rs. 5 to 6 crores paid annually to the agencies at the rate of .5 per cent from each scheme is a sheer burden on Public Accounts, he said and demanded for an alternative to it involving the unemployed educated youths of the state.

Bengia advocated that with the utilization of Rs. 5.85 crore which otherwise would go to the Monitoring Agents, the unemployment problems of more than 325 engineering graduates can be solved.

The dedicated and energetic local youths would not only get a monthly sum of Rs. 15 thousand per month but  they would more importantly, reach out even the remotest corner of the State and submit a free and fair Monitoring Reports.

The repeated acts of befooling the Planning Commission and the Common People of the State by presenting a Rosy and Voluminous Reports is nothing but befooling our own interest and the interest of the Country, Bengia opined.

The concept of multi tier monitoring arrangement at the level of Secretary, Director, District, Sub-Division and Circle Level will be meaningful only if specific and sufficient fund allotments along with vehicles are made available in time, Bengia further suggested.



Independent media still a distant dream in Arunachal

Appu Gapak

During an interactive session held re-cently, a member of a political party pointed out, “Media should rather focus on many things that are happening around instead of the news of inauguration of this and that by the government representatives. These should not be treated as news as they are just  performing their basic duties.”

Another put in mockingly, “Some media houses in Arunachal light only yellow light, and not red or green.”

These are only some of the instances how people  criticize media functioning in the state which is a healthy sign that helps in the growth of media.

As a matter of fact, in order for the system to function properly, each member of the society needs to be educated and active participant in the creation of media and exchange of information.

But in a state like Arunachal with high rate of literate but uneducated masses, it becomes next to impossible when people expect too much from the media and use it to an extent that it becomes notice board of their desired tasks.

In a way, media in the state has become battleground for many of the organizations against the government or any other body even if it involves petty issues.

It becomes a nuisance when people look up to media to solving every individual’s issue. It becomes a prestige issue if one’s reports, although how absurd it may be, is not published in the front page as the lead news.

It becomes a mockery, when people for their own vested interest use media to such an extent that it feels naked and vulnerable. And if such publications are denied, survival becomes uncertain.

It becomes a question of survival, when the government bodies not being able to handle criticism, stop giving advertisements to the concerned media houses knowing exactly that it is the only way of earning revenue for the employees working for a media house. And hence, we see a class that actively participates in creating the media, another which only consumes it, leaving individuals open to the manipulation of information or media bias.

Comparing older days with the present state of media in the state, Pradeep Kumar Behera,  a senior journalist of the state, once said, “Like today, we faced lots of problem then also, but people understood when we told them about the differences. People used to be more understanding. But now, some people for their own vested interests use media which is where the problem lies.”

“For a vibrant and developed society, people have to come forward and pave way for strong media as media plays a very vital role in working towards a developed nation,” he added.



Basic course on white water rafting ends


ROING, Apr 17: Arunachal Pradesh is blessed with numerous rivers that offer itself as a perfect destination for various adventure sports. The rushing rivers flowing down from high altitude mountain gives a whole new dimension to white water rafting in the state.

To attract water adventure tourism in the state, and to place Dibang Valley district in the map of white water rafting, Popu Heritage Foundation (PHF) organized a basic course on white water rafting for local youths here on Tuesday at Sally Lake.

With technical support and guidance from Karbi Anglong Mountaineering Association (KAMA), the adventure course began with 10 members participating in the five-day event.  

All the trainees equipped with life jackets, helmets and oars were trained on the techniques of steering the raft. Also they were trained on rescue operation in rivers.

Whitewater rafting is a challenging recreational activity using a raft to navigate a river or other bodies of water. This is usually done on whitewater or different degrees of rough water, in order to thrill and excite the raft passengers.



Sonam calls for abolition of social taboos

ITANAGAR, Apr 17: Every human being has right to live their life independently, stated Arunachal Pradesh Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Board(APB&OCWWB) Chairman Jalley Sonam while calling upon the people of Arunachal to abolish the age-old social taboos like bounded labour, child marriage etc. He was speaking during the closing ceremony of the three-day Gumkum-Gumpa festival-2013 organized by the Puroik communities of Kurung Kumey, East Kameng and Papum Pare district at Nyokum Lapang Ground, Seppa from 13 to 15 last.

Emphasizing on significance of education for all round development of any society, he exhorted the Puroik community to give more attention towards the education of their children. He also informed that these days the government under the leadership of present Chief Minister Nabam Tuki is releasing various schemes for the development of Puroik communities and urged them to take advantage of such schemes. He added that every community of Arunachal has to develop without discrimination on the basis of caste, creed, communities, religion etc.

He also distributed the prizes to the contestant of various sports which was held in this occasion. The three-day mega event marked with various cultural programmes.



Arunachal finishes fifth with 53 medals

NE Games

ITANAGAR, Apr 17: Arunachal Pradesh finished overall fifth by winning 53 medals -- 5 gold, 16 silver and 32 bronze -- in the 27th North East Games which concluded in Imphal, Manipur on April 11.

Manipur emerged overall champion with 131 medals (77, 31, 23) followed by Assam in second place with 95 medals  (30, 32 , 33) and Mizoram at third with a total of 63 medals, including 21 gold, 12 silver and 30 bronze.

Lifters won 4 gold out of the total five for Arunachal Pradesh.

Tinchat Wangsu, Soram Hitlar Tagru, Kojum Taba and Ch. Khomdonbi Devi have won a gold medal each in their respective weight categories.

Tinchat won the Gold in 56 Kg by lifting 80 kg in snatch and 105 kg in clean and jerk. Soram Hitlar Tagru lifted a total of 176 kg   (Snatch 107 and Clean and Jerk 142 kg) in men’s 69 kg category while  Kojum lifted 156 kg (Snatch 110; Clean and Jerk 146kg)  in 77 kg category.       

Ch. Khomdonbi Devi won the 4th Gold in weightlifting by 140 kg (Snatch 65, clean and jerk 75kg) in women’s +75kg category.  

Babgram Tungi won the fifth gold for the state in Wushu in 65 kg category.

Five medals came from athletics. One silver and bronze medal each was won by Daimushri Basumatary in Javeline and Discus throw.

Anung Wangsa won a bronze medal each in 1500 m and 5000 m race. She took 5:17:52 min to finish third in 1500m race and 20:23:68 min in 5000 m race.

SS Miji  won a bronze in Shot Put by pushing the iron ball to a distance of 10:76 m while Sandeep Yadav bagged a bronze in High Jump (1:86 M).

Further, eight medal came from boxing, 10 from Judo, four from Badminton and 11 from Wushu. Football and Table Tennis players drew blank in the Games.

Medal winners: Daimushri Basumatary, Silver in Javeline throw (37:02 M) and bronze in Discus throw (33:55 M); Anung Wangsa, Bronze in      1500M (5:17:52 Min) and 5000M race (20:23:68 Min), SS Miji,     Bronze in Shot Put (10:76 M), Sandeep Yadav, Bronze,        High Jump (1:86 M)

Badminton: Team event: Rahul  Thapa, Kalung Takhi,  Gumjo Lollen, Sonam Tamang (Br), Pinky Karki, Taring Yania, Nabam Yapu, Yumlam Mopi (Sil), Women's Single: Taring Yania (Br), Women's Double: Taring Yania and  Pinky Karki (Br).

Boxing: Kogom Potom (49 Kg), Br, Kumar Beyong (54 Kg) Br, Tarak Lucky (60 Kg) Sil., Dani Tamang (+80Kg) Br, W Manda Devi (49 Kg) Sil, M Keilani Devi (51 Kg) Br., Anjima Khakhalary (60 kg) Sil, Doi Teipodai (69 Kg) Br.

Judo: Ponkap Techi (40kg) Sil, Dindu Chukla(45kg) Br, Toko Tachu(50kg) Br., Rahul Mipi (56kg) Sil. Ogam Boli (-66 Kg)     Br., Yangwok Pangkhu (+66kg) Br., Possen Pangkhu (30kg) Br., Ehalu Tega(40kg)     Br., Anjali Sagro (44kg) Sil., Yami Mara, (-57 Kg)      Br.,

Taekwondo: Gangphung Gansa, Ranjit Biswakarma Sil. in Pomsae double, Suraj Ali (-54 Kg) Br, Borik Pamo (-58kg) Br., Gamling Angu (-80 Kg)         Br, Tarak Yalu (-44kg) Br, Laksmi Mugli(-53kg) Br, Rajni Kour Dhillon (--63kg) Br,  Gangphung Gansa, Bronze in Pomsae Individual.

Weightlifting: Tinchat Wangsu (Gold), Khangkhang Kongkang (62kg) Silver (Snatch 88/Clean and Jerk 116), Soram Hitlar Tagru (Gold), Kojum Taba (Gold), Gollo Poha (58kg), Silver (Snatch 32/Clean and Jerk 40), Ch. Khomdonbi Devi (Gold). Note: Names of medal winning Wushu players have already been published in this daily).



Workshop-cum-training on 6th Economic Census

PASIGHAT, Apr 17: The district level Workshop-cum-Training on 6th Economic census 2012-13 organized by the district statistics department for Supervisors and Enumerators’ concluded in the DC’s conference hall here today. 120 participants from various departments actively participated as Supervisor and Enumerator.

Speaking on the occasion, the District Statistics Officer (DSO) K Nochi informed that as per schedule such workshop-cum-training programs were conducted by the department on April 10 at Nari, April 11 at Ruksin and Mebo and on April 14 at Pangin & Boleng. He added, a separate training for the Charge Officers of the district was also organized early on 5th April last.

The DSO further apprised the house that due the ensuing Panchayat and Municipal elections, the field works of the Economic Census has been deferred and it will start on 25th May and will be completed on June 24 next. He advised the participants to fully equip themselves with the procedures and methods of data/information collections during the training program as their collected data will be useful for planning purposes and also to assess contribution of various sectors of the economy through follow up surveys based on the frame provided by the Economic Census.

Later, in the technical session, the Master Trainer Dr. CM Nayek, Associate Professor, JNC imparted the training in practical so that 6th Economic census be conducted in a smooth manner in East Siang District. DIPRO



China spikes India’s proposal for joint mechanism on Brahmaputra

NEW DELHI, Apr 17: China has turned down India’s proposal for a new mechanism to deal with issues of water made in the backdrop of construction of three more dams on the Brahamputra by the Chinese which had raised concerns here.

India is pressing China to have either a water commission or an inter-governmental dialogue or a treaty to deal with water issues between the two countries in the wake of Chinese approval for construction of three more dams on the Brahmaputra river in Tibet, in addition to the one being built without informing New Delhi.

The main rivers originating from China entering India are the Brahmaputra in the North East and Indus and Sutlej in the Northern Part of the country and under the current Expert Level Mechanism (ELM), the two countries only share hydrological information (water level, discharge and rainfall) on Yaluzangbu/ Brahmaputra river in flood season by China to India.

However, it is learnt that China has conveyed that the existing mechanism on water issues, especially on the Brahmaputra, was “adequate” in response to the proposal by India which has decided to “continue to press” for having such a mechanism.

The issue was also raised by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh during his first bilateral meeting with newly-elected Chinese President Xi Jinping on the sidelines of BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) Summit in Durban last month.

Dr. Singh was understood to have conveyed to Mr. Xi concerns in India over the Chinese proposal to construct three more dams across the Brahmaputra. India has said the proposal would affect water flow to India while China says it was just run-off-the-river project that would not hold water.

China is currently building dams at Dagu, Jiacha and Jiexu in addition to a 510 MW water project at Zangmu. A high-level inter-ministerial committee, comprising officials from External Affairs Ministry, Defence Ministry, and Department of Space among others regularly take stock of the situation and after their meeting in February had recommended that the matter be taken up with China again.

India has an Indus Water Treaty with Pakistan under which the two countries share information and cooperate on the matter while a Ganges Treaty with Bangladesh establishes a 30-year water-sharing arrangement and recognises the neighbouring country’s rights as a lower-level riparian. PTI




The journey of Nyishi Elite Society

Dasher Teshi Taba

Tracing the background of the society, it requires reflection of the social status of a community in its origin. The simple innocent looking Nyishis earlier popularly known with various erratic pronounced nomenclatures like Nisi, Nishi, Nishang, Nishing, Bangni, Bangru, Hill Miri according to the convenience of outsiders under umbrella of the greater Dafla Tribe. There was no much resistance from the community against the word Dafla, it might so happened on the ground of ignorance and lack of education amongst the member of the community. The term Dafla might have been coined during Ahom rule. The Ahoms alienated with the community in the time of crisis and used the services of community in its conflicts with the Mughal invaders.

In the lighter aspects, the innocence and unawareness of the modern day things is some time synonyms to the community. There are other aspects of defining the term but what alluring one is to know about the efforts of the community itself from mid sixties to early seventies that began a journey after having a series of humiliating blows from neighboring people and communities. The moral assault on the communities from neighbors, where the use of derogative  term and branding the community on social practices  and civilization on its habits sentimented the emotion  of educated youths. More importantly the Assamese language made as medium of teachings in NEFA schools was a setback.

A NEW era

In the process, there arose a sense of revolution among the higher secondary and college students of that time and language movement successfully replaced Aassamese by English language in union territory of Arunachal Pradesh. The Nyishis benefitted much from this movement and since then the community did not looked back and started playing leading role in all socio- economic and socio political issues confronting the communities & state. The community fought successfully against derogatory term Dafla and replaced it by the term Nyishi. The process took lengthy time in absence of popular political leaders. Moreover, there had always been confusing situation since each pocket had slight differences in pronouncing their own nomenclatures making authorities unclear on the demand.

The most unfortunate part of the community had been its dislocation from one region to another since long decades despite belonging to same ancestral origin. But exposed to others on little variation in accent of dialects caused due to environment they had adopted. The nomenclature viz, Bangni denoting their immediate ancestors happened to be known to others as separate entity. Likewise ,  Dopum and Dolo origin offspring’s inhabiting in Kamala and Subansiri valleys known as Phei – Phery and Akhom having dialectical variation in phonetic accent and they were coined as Hill Miri by outsiders. In local Nyishi, two prominent clans of those regions are Chikar & Chimar who are from Dopum’s lineage and the people inhabited by them had commonly been known as Chikar-Chimar, whereas no Miri terminology was known to Nyishis in earlier history. Similarly, the people who belong to areas of Kino and Yano were commonly earlier known as Yaanos, those having typical phonetic accent as in the first case of Bangni and Bangru.

The fact caused by the nature had been realized by the community and feeling of oneness and belonging to same stock imprinted in the genealogy of the tribe. So unity has been in-depth in the minds of greater Nyishi community since long long decades but the Ligu declaration of 1999 brought out a broader outline and enhanced the spirit of constitutional status since then to change the nomenclature from Dafla to Nyishi. Originally, the Nyishi tribe has been known as major and largest tribe and this has been strengthened by Ligu declaration by the people erstwhile termed as Hill Miris and process of change of nomenclatures’ gained added spirit. Ultimately, change of nomenclatures’ in 2008 and resubmission to original name automatically erased the erratic names or nomenclatures’ referred above and today no longer these erroneous names or nomenclatures’ haunts this spirited community.

The point of rejoice to a knowledgeable man is that the misnomer associated or clouded or referred to this community has been removed once for all. Today, Nyishis are a happiest lot to be called with original name and make them proud not being a largest tribe tag but on the whole that it is significant where fact and truth has been unearthed, not by any authority or force but by the conscience of the community itself through constitutional redressal leaving beside all illogical expectation and aspirations of certain sections.


While tracing the history, it requires to know the break point or setting off stage. The brain child of present society was hatched in a rotten barrack of Arunachal Bhawan, Shillong in a wintery night of late December 1986 in the comradeship of Shri T.N.Tara and began the process in New Year 1987 with dispatch of drawn philosophy to many graduates of that time who were in disarray state and in illusion in varied fields. Since the matter was invariably allied with knowledgeable & qualified classes of people; initially, the nomenclature was given as Nyishi Graduates Association as base for communication convenience. Two men army, within no time received overwhelm moral support and the voyage began in search of proper dock to anchor. The first person to acknowledge and lend support was Mr Nippo Nabam an Agriculture Officer posted in an interior part of the state. “Mr.  Nabam is always in our sharp memory, wherever and whatever position he holds on”. Of course, now he is an Information Commissioner of State Information Commission.

The leaders of the community mostly belonged to peculiar hostile topographically area and borne with basic attitude and could hardly lived-up to expectation of the society. This was added by political barricading that sealed the economic welfare. In many sectors, the community was looked from different angles and enrichment of basic welfare seemed curtailed to them. Some sort of economic stagnation plagued the community. It was seemingly divided into various segments even in faith line. Reasons of such could be because of too much involvement of members of community in pressure group and others were considered as antagonists. Hence overall welfare to community had an adverse.


Today, the community is free from all kinds of divisions, Sub- divisions Stratums, Sub stratums, Regions and Sub Regions and belonging to an area or group or monopoly or manipulation as it was in the past. It can breath in open air and exert itself in leaning what is Wrong & Right. Visualize any matter of fact and place before the society for rectification and Judgment . By and large, the community is vibrant and dynamic on issues of the state and nation. A Commoner or Student or Legislature or Minister has the instinct of realizing their role on the issues that confront the state. The quality of forwardness of this display show that the community has the basic potential and urge to serve the society or state at a greater height. The sacrificial attitude of individuals gives an idea that the community has the potentials to lead the society on crisis or on call of the time. What the only hurdle on its way is the violence, petty crimes and corrupt and collision on certain interest those needs to be controlled by such resorting members and come forward to shun such activities. To do this, each region and their leaders and community or area leaders must take the responsibilities and have proper counseling to those school dropout and the criminal nature youths. If they are tamed the society is free to devote on welfare activities.

The other negative aspect of the society is community members involving in innumerous organizations and adopting the bandh culture. The majority of the office bearers of these organizations are from the community and while judging from positive angle, it convince us that they have the instinct and eager to serve the society provided opportunities are made available  to them. It has been observed  that many who were in various known and unknown positions have risen to become decision maker  and society is guided at their fullest capacities. The community is better placed if each individual can contribute for equal and balance progress by garnering the cooperation from all sections of the people and make a broader path where no disparity is exercised in service of the state. All sections are to be given a fair chance of contribution towards the society and state at large.

The sense of alienation from minds of the cross sections of the people should be removed by selfless dedication and put-on efforts on equal distribution of resources available from ground level to upper stratum of the society. Inequality, unfairness, favoritism, regionalism, communal  line of giving  or distribution of the state resources may invite ugly situation and keep people away from positive activity. A sort of compensatory services for long felt vacuum of welfare measures herein need to be given preferential in the process of addressing the welfare to each section and weaker groups.


It is now time to realize our past mistakes if so committed and draw a line of action plan for next agenda of inconclusive with clear vision to cultivate our mission in the service of the society. A strong and united Arunachal of blissful people with their chosen fields like, a farmer to toil the land to fulfill the food needs, artisans with art of making things compact, painter with brush & colors to embody the state, artist with artistic creation to preserve the beauty of state, academicians to import the essence of knowledge  for peace and harmony, singer and dancers to bind people into one thread like variety of beads in a thread and flowers of a garland by embodying in the beautiful and  beloved dawn lit mountain – a chain of mountains irrigated by beautiful gorgeous rivers, rivulets and streams so mentioned in Puranas as Prabhu Pahar (abode of God ), adorning home - the state of Arunachal Pradesh as single mother of all the tribes .


The journey is now on track, we are destined to venture on long journey before we choose another route of journey; before we stop the journey, and reach the destiny; we are further destined to go long miles so long and so far energy remains in us. The journey of 25 years since April 1987 from Doimukh Anchal Samiti Hall bestowing Dr. Joram Begi to convene the first general conference and  who was unanimously elected President of the society  in October’87 general conference. Of course, the drive has been a hurdle but attainment of silver jubilee and celebration coinciding the Nyishi Day on April 19 is a befitting for the people involved in it. A joyous weekend waiting at Yazali, the valley of culture and captivating nature with its beautiful loving people.




Cash reward stands


The cash reward of Rs 10 lakhs announced by the Arunachal Pradesh Police for giving information or clue leading to arrest of the assailant/s of Tongam Rina, Associate Editor of The Arunachal Times still stands. The identity of the informer/s will be kept secret.  The informer/s may contact Capital SP at tele. numbers : 09436040006






DM directs license holders to deposit firearms

SEPPA, Apr 17: East Kameng District Magistrate, in an executive order has directed all firearm license holders in the district to deposit their firearms in the nearest police stations on or before April 30 without fail.

The firearms so deposited will be released on constitution of new PR bodies in the district. The order also stated that necessary action would be taken against the license holders, who fail to deposit their firearms on the given time. DIPRO


MV Act violators penalized

CHANGLANG, Apr 17:  District administration, Changlang has penalized owners of many vehicles for violating various rules under MV Act and collected Rs. 33,000 from them.

The checking drive was conducted by District Transport Office following direction of the district administration at Jairampur, Miao and Bordumsa from April 7 to 13.

Besides checking of vehicles, spot registration of un-registered vehicles and road permit were also issued to those vehicles which were found plying without permit. Penalty and tax totaling Rs. 5,25,998 was collected during the checking drive.

District Administration, this year has, doubled the revenue collection by collecting Rs. 1,25,53,961 till March, 2013. The total revenue collected during previous year was Rs. 64,06,006 in 2012.  DIPRO


Death mourned

ITANAGAR, Apr 17: The Pombu Kow Welfare Society (PKWS) has mourned the demise of its chairman Epor Ebiya Pombu who passed away on April 12 last at NIEGRIMS, Shillong.

Hailing from Ebiya village under Nacho circle in Upper Subansiri district, Epor was serving as an UDC at DC office, Daporijo. He is survived by his wife, two sons and a daughter.

His sudden demise has created emptiness in our society, it said in a condolence message.

Offering condolence to the bereaved family members, it further prayed for the eternal peace of the departed soul.


Consumer Awareness Campaign

BOMDILA, Apr 17: A Consumer Awareness Campaign was launched here covering various administrative segments of West Kameng District by Department of Legal Metrology in collaboration with the District Administration here recently.

Singchung circle officer Tsering Choden while inaugurating the campaign at Tenga Valley appealed the traders not to sell any expired or sub-standard goods in the market. She also explained that the Consumer Protection Act 1986 provided simple, speedy and inexpensive redressal mechanism to consumer grievances where a complainant can file a complaint at District Forum for a compensation of less than Rs 20 lakhs, for more than Rs 20 lakhs but less than Rs 1 crore at State Commission and above Rs 1 crore at National Commission.

Earlier, Bomdila Legal Metrology & Consumer Affairs (LM&CA) inspector Tasso Guro inspector explained in detail about the various consumer rights, legal metrology and packaged commodities rules and requested the traders to adhere to laid down trading rules and avoid cheating the consumers.

Singchung Gaonbura Dawa Sarai informed that non-standard and expired goods were commonly sold in the market which should be avoided in future.

Tenga Bazaar Secretary Sang Norbu Sarai highlighted the poor LPG distribution system and acute shortage in the area due to non-availability of dealer at Tenga Valley.

Many Anchal Samiti Members and traders participated and spoke on the occasion.

The campaign was also conducted at Dirang and Bomdila.


West Siang gets new DC

AALO, Apr 17: Manoj Kumar Sahoo, an IAS officer of AGMUT cadre, took charges as new Deputy Commissioner of West Siang yesterday. He relieved present incumbent Marnya Ete, who served as Deputy Commissioner of West Siang for 10 months. DIPRO


Army jawan loses life in  encounter with NDFB militants

ITANAGAR, Apr 17: An army jawan was killed in an encounter with suspected NDFB militants in Assam's Sonitpur district today, officials said. Troops on patrol were fired upon by the militants in Chariduar area of the district bordering Arunachal Pradesh and a jawan was killed in the encounter which followed, they said.

The slain jawan has been identified as Raju Kumar of 7 Bihar Regiment. One of the militants was caught, while the others fled, the officials said. The incident created panic among citizens of Bhalukpong town. The place where incident took place is 15 minute drive from Bhalukpong town. The traffic between Bhalukpong and Chariduar was halted for many hours. This stretch of road is used by people of East Kameng, West Kameng and Tawang districts constantly. As per the police sources, the NDFB militants launched ambush on army patrolling team. The jawan retaliated and for hours exchange of firing took place. The army has cordoned off the area.


Posting of CO demanded

AALO, Apr 17: In a representation to the State Govt., the Zila Parishad Member (ZPM) of Rumgong has demanded for immediate posting of circle officer (CO) at ADC office Rumgong to tide over shortage of administrative officers in the sub-division for smooth functioning.

In his representation, the ZPM said that no reliever has been posted after transfer of the present Circle Officer leading to pendency of office related works as ADC alone was not in position to handle administrative needs of the four circles. DIPRO


Society demands suspension of police officer, free and fair recruitment

ITANAGAR, Apr 17: In its representation to the commissioner home, Tagin Welfare Society (TWS) Itanagar today demanded for suspension of then SP Daporijo claiming that SP was involved in tempering and unfair means during the APP/IRBn constable recruitment drive.

TWS also demanded for free and fair conduction of APP/IRBn personnel recruitment drive of Upper Subansiri district under surveillance of CCTV camera.


PR election as per schedule in rain-hit Anjaw

ITANAGAR, Apr 17: Though road communication in Anjaw district generally gets disrupted during monsoon due to heavy rain Panchayat election in the district will be conducted as per schedule, said DEO in a release.

The district administration has instructed BRTF to mobilize men and materials to ensure that road communication does not get disrupted during the election period.  The Deputy Commissioner-cum-District Election Officer (PR), Duly Kamduk asked all the Government officers and officials of the district, who are presently outside the district to report for duty in their respective posting places immediately. The officers and officials, including SSA teachers will be engaged as polling personnel in the ensuing PR election and stringent action will be initiated against them, who fail to perform election duty, Kamduk added.






277 days have passed. The culprits involved in the July 15 attack on The Arunachal Times associate editor Tongam Rina are still at large. 


News Impact


The voice of contractual staff nurse be heard

Dear Editor,

With the help of my pen, I would like to draw the attention of the concerned authority, regarding the grievances faced by the contractual Staff Nurses of Arunachal Pradesh.

Staff Nurses play a very important role in a Hospital, who is next to the doctors, who gives all the treatments and care to the patients. They are the heart of the hospital, as without them no hospital would run.

But it’s very sad and unfortunate for the contractual staff nurses that we are normally being ignored and not provided with the adequate sustenance as we should be provided with. Even we are human beings; as we get sick, have all other worldly problems even than comes for the duty to serve the people even on holidays like Independence Day or on New Year eve.

Contractual Staff Nurses hasn't been regularized since 2006, but on the other hand 91 doctors were regularized in the last two years (2011&2012) which is against the normal medical norms of the ratio of 1:3 for doctors and nurses. That is for each doctors there should be at least 3 Staff nurses. If this norm had been practiced, we don’t think there should be any contractual staff nurses left maybe least.

Hence we the Nurses in contract would really appeal to the higher and the concerned authorities to look into our grievances and rectify it


N Mayan,  Itanagar




Reply to a baseless allegation

Dear Editor,

An article titled ‘The Sangken Festival’ written by me was published in your daily on 14th April 2013 to mark the occasion of the celebration of Sangken by the people of the State. Also published was the ‘Festival Greetings’ by the Governor of the state and news on the celebration on 15th April 2013.

Now allegations has been put against the highest authority in the state, the media fraternity and me in a letter by one D.K Singpho  titled ‘Refrain from publishing wrong information’ published in Reader’s Forum today. He stated that by writing and publishing that Sangken festival is celebrated by the people of the Tai Khampti tribe, we are not only ‘playing with other community’s sentiments but also disturbing the peace and harmony of our society’. The festival greetings, my article and other news articles published were given in good faith and with a view to join in the celebrations.

I believe that by expressing such a sentiment in such strong words, D.K Singpho is sowing the seeds of doubt amongst others who would never have thought so. Never in my article was it mentioned that the festival is celebrated by the Khampti tribe only. If the word ONLY was mentioned then his feeling would have been justified. I also want to mention here that in writing articles/news for papers, we adhere to a word limit and so all detailed information cannot be included. So readers should not jump to conclusions and start throwing baseless allegations at others.

Arunachal Pradesh being a state where numerous tribes reside and celebrate numerous major festivals, people of all communities come together and celebrate all festivals with joy and harmony. One person’s view should not put a damper on our celebrations.


Nimina Namchoom



Save snake

Dear Editor,

Through your esteemed daily I would like request to the forest department and other authorities that it has been a month since king cobra has been spotted near Toyota dealer in between Itanagar and Naharlagun. The lone king cobra is still surviving after losing one of its companions. The visitor starts pelting stone whenever they visit the site to see the lengthy cobra. There is urgent need to save the lone surviving snake and if possible should be relocated to Zoo.

Often, we can see a huge gathering of vehicle and people to see helpless cobra. Thanks to those nearby people who have managed to put cover above the area. Even though we celebrate wildlife week, environment day, etc. we have not developed a sense of temperament to save and protect wildlife and forest. Isn’t it? This question will remain unanswered…






Superstitious on display

Dear Editor,

Nearly a week ago near newly opened Toyota dealer between Naharlagun and Itanagar someone is said to have seen two snakes (Probably Male and a female) in the pit/Gorge near RoW of NH 52A and they were mating. Later we got heard that the local resident killed one and the other managed to escape. From that day onward almost every passerby stops their vehicle and tries to have a glimpse of the snake. (May be wanted to see how the snake makes love) No one is telling whether the snake was Barta, Berum, Taj, Bwpw (Bupi), (Locally named species of snakes) etc. but most surprisingly a Non-APST was saying that the snake was tri-headed one "Teen Matah wala saap tha"!

Till now no one has been able to see any snake near that spot but every day during day time traffic remains jam on that particular spot as people are still stopping and trying to see the snakes but for no avail!

Now, it is the height of superstition that on that pit (gorge) some people has erected one temporary tent and marked the place as a holy place and the tent as a temple and now started worshiping. To which god, I have no idea!!

Everyone knows that Arunachal Pradesh is rich in flora and fauna and more than 60% of land is covered with Natural Rain Forests. If you walk around forest you will encounter many species of snake some near you and some far in the jungle!! Are you going to build temples for every snake just because someone witnessed snake couple mating???

It’s nothing but an idea of “wise-fool” and others are following without reasoning with their own rational mind!

Come on stop it man!


Byabang Ganga Dui





Women power in new world

Dear Editor,

In the twentieth century, in real sense women are recognized as an important part of a civilized society. That is why, the United Nation Organization declared 1975 as the International Women's Year. The main objective was to achieve equality for women and their integration in social, economic and political life.

As we know, ours is a male dominated country. There is no doubt the women of India have been exploited to more or less extent and have been deprived their right in the society. Since centuries, the women have been considered weak and shy. Therefore, they are mostly confide to the four walls of house attending household works only. But through the modern education, the women are now aware of their rights and privileges, therefore, they are raising their voices high to seek equality with men in all fields. I our constitution there are special provisions for the women to minimize the differences with the men. Consequently, India has women Governor, Chief Minister, Judges etc. India had a powerful woman Prime Minister like Mrs. Indira Gandhi who was in the chair for many years.

Today’s Indian women know well about their position and capability. As a result we are proud to have many beautiful women among us who won Miss World and Miss Universe titles.

They won the beauty contest for the country; and they have also taught us a lesson that there are life beyond four walls of life.  In literature field woman like Ms. Arundhuti Roy who won the booker prize for her book, the god of Small things is a source of inspiration. This show the women of India are very serious about educating themselves. In the Sidney olympic-2000, India won a bronzed medal thanks to a woman Mrs. Kamam Mahaleswari and not by the men though we had good number of men athletes competing in various field.

In spite of this revolution, still numbers of Indian women are illiterate in comparison to the men and hence they are being exploited. Parents send their sons to schools and some of lucky girls get chance to go to schools. This definitely harms the country, for the women are greatly contributing towards the society. We must understand the importance of women education and let them walk side by side with men.


Megha Chhetri

Class:-XII (Arts)

VKV, Itanagar.




Address the grievances

Dear Editor,

Through your esteemed daily I would like to draw the attention of concern authority of RK Mission Hospital Itanagar that laboratory staff should be increased for the benefit of patients. I have lot of experience regarding the problem faced by patient because of shortage of laboratory staff especially during OPD hour.

Whenever we go to the OPD Laboratory even for a minor test like (RMT) Rapid Malaria Test which can be done within a minute but sometime it also take three to four days to get the report. I don’t blame the working staffs like technicians & others who are working under the OPD laboratory. They might be very expert in their own profession but such delay may be owing to the lack of staff and weakness of system making. Beside this, the contact no. 0360-2212263 published as an emergency number in all the local news paper seems to be unused as even though phone rings but no one had ever picks up the call.

RK Mission hospital is known to be the reputed medical of our state but if they lack such facilities then what will happen to the common people of the state?

Therefore, I would like to request the RK Mission Hospital authority to kindly look into these problems so that common people of our state may not face problems.


Taw Nalo

Nacho Upper Subansiri District


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Heat Action plan

The Indian city of Ahmedabad has launched a first-of-its-kind Heat Action Plan, making it the first city in South Asia to create a comprehensive early warning system and preparedness plan for extreme heat events fueled by climate change.

This ground-breaking project, created by the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) in partnership with an international coalition of health and academic groups, will reduce the deadly impact of extreme heat by initiating an early warning system for residents, providing preparation training to medical and community workers, building public awareness of the heat-related risks, and coordinating an inter-agency emergency response efforts when heat waves hit.

Ahmedabad’s Heat Action Plan describes both immediate and longer-term actions to increase preparedness, information-sharing, and response coordination to reduce the health effects of heat on vulnerable populations.

The Heat Action Plan includes preventative training and awareness building for medical professionals and slum community outreach workers and heat-health protection trainings for school children, outdoor workers, and other vulnerable groups.

It shall also develop communications outreach, such as an early warning system that will immediately alert the public of impending heat waves, the distribution of multilingual pamphlets, and long-term awareness-building ad campaigns.

Ahmedabad’s efforts are unique in South Asia, as countries and international organizations have yet to establish comprehensive heat preparedness plans in the region. In recent years, the World Health Organization (WHO) has included among its goals the strengthening of health systems to cope with the health threats posed by climate change. Among seven nations hosting WHO pilot projects related to climate change and health, China has an early heat warning system planned.