April 11

Sealed EVMs kept in strong room

ITANAGAR, Apr 10: Form 17A and other relevant documents in respect of Polling stations under 13-Itanagar, 14-Doimukh and 15-Sagalee ST Assembly constituency and Arunachal West Parliamentary were duly scrutinized today. Representatives from various political parties were also present during the entire process of scrutiny.

The Strong Room of polled EVMs of simultaneous election of Itanagar, Doimukh and Sagalee Assembly constituency is locked and sealed in presence of Shahzad Shibli, Central Observer, Ashok Kumar, DEO cum ARO Yupia , Mige Kamki, RO Itanagar segment at Sidharth Hall here. No serious defects or discrepancies were detected and all the EVMs were sealed and kept in the strong room amidst tight security, informed Mige Kamki DC cum RO 13- Itanagar.  DIPROs


ASUT urges Govt. to release stipend

ITANAGAR, Apr 10: Arunachal Students Union of Tamil Nadu (ASUT) has appealed to the state government for early release of stipend of Arunachalee students pursuing education in Tamil Nadu.

The Higher and Technical Education Department, GoAP sources claims the stipend has been released on March 21. But it is learnt only in the last week that stipend is yet to be released by the state government, claimed ASUT president in a release. ASUT said that delay in release of stipend has adversely affected the study of many poor students.


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10 EVMs destroyed in West Siang & East Kameng

 Re-polling in nine polling stations recommended in Upper Subansiri

ITANAGAR, Apr 10: Miscreants destroyed ten Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs)-four in West Siang and six in East Kameng-during polling yesterday.

According to an official release, the EVMs of four polling stations under 30-Aalo West Assembly constituency set up at I-Tabasora Middle School, 2-Nikte Secondary School, 3- Dasi Primary School and 4-Yigi Kaum Dere under Kodum circle were destroyed to such an extent that the results of the poll at these polling stations cannot be ascertained, reports Aalo DIPRO.

Police arrested some of the culprits involved in the incidents and few are still absconding.

Polling was by and large peaceful in other places of the district.

Meanwhile, the Election Agent of the BJP candidate of Aalo West Constituency has demanded re-polling in those polling station within April 12.

In a complaint letter to ECI, the party agent claimed that the demand for re-polling in those polling stations have already been recommended by the West Siang DEO.

The election agent of the BJP candidate alleged that the EVMs were destroyed by INC workers in a pre-planned manner.

He expressed apprehension that any delay in conduction of re-poll will only benefit the ruling party.

"There should not be any problem for the authority to hold re-polling in those polling booths as these polling stations are just  half-an-hour's drive away from the district headquarters, Aalo," he said. He also informed that re-polling was held In 2004 Assembly election at Lipu Bagra polling station under 30-Aalo West Assembly Constituency in the very next day.

According a latest official report from Seppa, the EVMs of 27-Dafri and 22-Sawa of 9-Chayangtajo assembly constituency, 28-Jawa Camp and 19- Lapung of 8-Bameng assembly constituency and 25- Lumdung of 11-Seppa West constituencies were destroyed by miscreants yesterday during polling. The EVMs of 3-Byale Sulung under 9-Chayangtajo assembly constituency was burnt on way at Marjingla point.

Polling was not polled at 2-Veo and 1-Yakli polling stations of 9-Chayangtajo assembly constituency.

So far, 149 polling teams out of 167 returned back to Seppa, the district headquarters.

DAPORIJO: Out of the 244 polling stations under Nacho, Taliha, Daporijo, Raga and Dumporijo  constituencies in Upper Subansiri district, re-polling is recommended in 24/28 Jeke, 24/34 Rikung under Daporijo constituency, 25/6 Baja, 25/11 Don, 25/18 Sodrik under Raga constituency and 26/6 Bator, 26/23 Deranalo, 26/35 New Riba and 26/36 New Rilo under Dumporijo constituency  due to reasons like damaged EVMs or defective EVMs. The DEO Tahang Taggu informed that these polling stations have been recommended for re-polling adding that law and order situation in the district is under control and  returning to normal.

Meanwhile, it was estimated that around 66 per cent voters turned out to exercise their franchise in the five constituencies in the district.

The retrieval of equipment and personnel of Taliha, Daporijo and Dumporijo constituencies is complete while for Raga and Nacho is on. Retrieval of men and material of 5 polling stations of Taksing circle under Nacho constituency, which can be reached only through helicopter service or 3 days trekking, could not be done due to inclement weather. DIPRO

Anini : Polling in Dibang Valley district ended peacefully yesterday.

A total of 71.88 percent voter turn out was registered in 44 polling stations spreading in hilly and far flung areas.

Anini, the lone assembly constituency of the district, is considered as one of the most difficult constituencies in the state in terms of accessibility and road communication. Some of the remote locations where polling stations were set up were Chepe, Adane, Etalin, Aneilih, Kronli, and Malini among others.

So far, 34 polling teams out of the 44, have returned back to the district headquarters and rest is likely to arrive in Anini day after tomorrow.

Namsai: Despite inclement weather, voters came out in large number at polling stations to elect their representative. Polling was held at 30 polling stations for three assembly constituencies under the sub-division and one parliamentary seat. Constituency wise voter turn out was 46-Chongkham (71.1%), 47-Namsai (81.19%) and 48-Lekang (86.4%). The percentage of voter turn out may increase by few percent as reports from some interior polling stations are yet to be received.

Polling was webcast live from 10 polling stations from the three constituencies. The polling teams from the nearby polling stations have arrived along with their respective Sector magistrate and deposited the EVMS and other poll materials to the receiving centre.

The ARO cum ADC Namsai Ravi Jha left no stone unturned to maintain law and order situation. He appreciated the concerted effort by the election machinery and the polling personnel for smooth and error free polling.

Tezu: As per latest report, the total turn out of the voters in Tezu-Sunpura assembly constituency for general election to Lok Sabha and State Assembly was 81 percent of which 76 pc was male voters and 86 pc female voters. Bekhuliang Polling station registered highest (98 %) voter turn out while the lowest (67%) polling was recorded at 13th Government Middle School, Tezu Polling Station.

No poll related incident has been reported so far from all the tree constituencies.

Yingkiong:  All the polling team from the 68 polling stations of Upper Siang district have arrived in district headquarters on successful completion of polling and deposited the polling materials, including sealed EVMs in strong room of multipurpose community hall in presence of RO and AROs today.  Around 83.03 pc  voters turn out recorded in the district.

Bomdila: All the 154 polling teams in West Kameng returned safe with the last polling team reporting back at 5 pm today without any incident. The polling for the Parliamentary and Assembly elections in the district passed-off peacefully without any hitch.

The district recorded a total of 75.74 pc voting with 78.40 female and 73.26 male voting per centage. Three polling stations recorded cent percent voting.

Roing:  A total of 19,036 voters out of 23,390 have exercised their adult franchise in yesterday's polling in Lower Dibang Valley district registering 81.38 pc voter turn out (Female- 84.96 %, Male -77.91%).

At 42 Dambuk assembly constituency, 9763 voters out of 11,224 cast their votes registering 86.98 pc turn out.  Of the total voters, who cast votes, 5098 were female (89.36%).

At 43-Roing Assembly constituency, 9273 electorates out of 12,166 exercised their adult franchise of which 4688 were female voters. The voter turn out in that assembly constituency was 76.22 percent (male-72.17% and female - 80.64%).

Meanwhile, all the polling teams from remote places, Dambuk, Paglam, Hunli and Desali circles have reported back in the district headquarter this evening. DIPROs



Re-polling in eight polling stations likely in EK

By Staff Reporter

SEPPA, Apr 10: Following the poll related violence at various polling stations in East Kameng district on Wednesday; eight polling stations namely Lapung & Jawa Camp of 8th   Bameng and Veo, Byale Sulung, Sawa, Yakli and Dafri of 9th Chayang Tajo, Lumdung of 11th West Seppa are likely to be re-polled according to official sources.  The electronic voting machine (EVM) of Byale Sulung polling station was reportedly burnt down by agitated voters at Marjingla when the polling officials were coming back. The situation remains tense in these polling stations however no report of further violence so far, official source added.

The far-flung polling stations' EVMs are still to reach at headquarter due to the squally weather. Till filing of this report, it is reported that EVMs of 158 out of 167 polling stations have reached at headquarter. There was growing apprehension among the officials that EVMs and polling officials could be targeted by agitated voters.  For safety passage and transportation of EVMs, earlier the authority has sought air sorties to lift EVMs from 11 polling stations under Lada and Sawa circle, however due to inclement weather it could not be materialized.

Making the task more difficult, the authority divulged that out of 167 polling stations, 109  are situated in remote and interior areas and the polling teams have to reach Hq only by foot march.



Election festival comes to an end: Candidates and voters keeping fingers crossed

Denhang Bosai

With the conclusion of the twin Parliamentary and Assembly elections, all the candidates' houses, streets, party offices etc look deserted. The candidates and their close confidantes are busy calculating the expected numbers of votes they are hoping to get from each polling station. Most of the candidates are visibly nervous as the voters can no longer be trusted like before. They take money from all the candidates and enjoy free meals and drinks in all the houses of the contesting candidates. It's not the candidates who are the saddest after the elections but the voters and the supporters of the candidates who had been having sumptuous meals and the choicest drinks at the cost of the candidates for almost one month absolutely free. From today, most of the voters will have to cook their meals at their own homes. They will have to travel by buses, private vehicles and other means of conveyance. As long as the election process was on, these same voters and supporters travelled by the vehicles provided by the candidates. Many voters virtually had forgotten to walk on foot. They were so pampered and mollycoddled by the candidates that they got whatever they asked. Sadly, these supporters are blissfully oblivious of the fact that their caring candidates will exploit them with great vengeance when they get the power to rule.

Ironically, in any elections, it's the voters and the diehard supporters who create unnecessary enmity and bad blood between themselves while the contesting candidates maintain cordial relations because they know that they are comrades in arms to loot the poor voters. Their mission is the same; to hoodwink the gullible voters and make quick and easy money in the five years period. Elections had been held on umpteen occasions in the past but interestingly, the voters had not learnt their lesson. They always allow themselves to be taken for a merry ride by the candidates. It's the weakness of the voters that creates a fertile ground for the wily politicians to merrily exploit and they always find themselves in the position of 'heads I win, tails you lose.' They are always in a win- win situation thanks to the cheapness and lack of assertiveness of the credulous voters.

The beauty of the secret ballot is that every contesting candidate is hopeful of winning. It's indeed interesting to note that a candidate who has not performed well at all in the Hastings is also supremely confident of winning. I, at times feel how wrongly some people assess themselves. Another interesting fact in Arunachal Pradesh is that everybody wants to become an MLA after earning some money. This is probably because they think that the post of MLA has become very lucrative that facilitates making easy and quick money. Nobody is inspired to become an MLA by the thought of working selflessly for the welfare of the poor people. But here, the voters are to be blamed more than the candidates because the voters unabashedly ask money from the candidates in return for their votes. Eventually when the candidate is catapulted to the position of unlimited powers, he indulges in amassing wealth for use in the next election. Thus the vicious circle continues. In spite of the best effort by the ECI to check the use of cash by the candidates to buy votes, there has not been much success. The seizure of mind boggling amount of Rs 4,38,05,130 this year during the poll campaign has not deterred the erring candidates. They have succeeded in using cash rampantly to by the voters. The voters were paid from Rs 500 to Rs 4,000 each on production of election card. So, one can imagine the amount of hard cash involved in this election apart from the freebies in the tune of crores. It will be a Himalayan task to check this malpractice in our state and in the country as a whole. Unless this is checked effectively, ours cannot be called a healthy and truly functional Democracy. This will prevent the honest, educated and capable candidates to enter politics. As of now, the fates of the candidates are effectively sealed inside the EVMs and they will have to painfully wait for more than one month for the result. The voters have done their duty and now, it all depends on the stars of the candidates or in another word 'who spent how much' to win over the voters in their favour. My concluding line as always, 'may the best' win. [The writer is DIPRO, Tirap and can be reached at denhangbosai@yahoo.co.in]



SP alleged of canning peaceful campaigners, DASU seeks suspension

ITANAGAR, Apr 10: Lower Dibang Valley unit of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) lodged a complaint with Chief Election Commissioner of India (ECI) against Lower Dibang Valley Superintendent of Police (SP) on April 7 last for allegedly resorting to lathi charge on peaceful party campaigners and damaging their parked motorcycles without any provocation.

The party alleged that SP BK Singh canned the peaceful campaigners, who were campaigning for their candidate at Bolung on April 6 at around 11 pm.

Several campaigners suffered grievous injury during the lathi charge. Many motorcycles were also damaged and seven lifted, the party claimed and demanded immediate suspension of the erring SP and departmental action against him.

The party also demanded compensation to the owners of the damaged motorcycles.

Meanwhile, the Dibang Adi Students' Union (DASU) citing the same incident in its ultimatum to the Lower Dibang Valley DC today claimed that the SP was in a drunken state when the assault was meted out to the youths and maintained that many others were also injured.

Further alleging that the SP himself damaged seven parked motor bikes with dao in presence of the sector magistrate, it sought immediate suspension of the SP and to book him under appropriate section of law, total compensation to the seven motor bike owners within 24 hours and to set up judicial enquiry against the SP.



Violence mars poll in parts of Upper Subansiri


DAPORIJO, Apr 10: Polling in parts of Upper Subansiri district was marred by poll related violence, including EVM destruction and mob attack on public.

Seven people, including women suffered grievous injury after an angry mob attacked them at Lechin village under Chetam circle of Daporijo Assembly constituency. Police force immediately rushed to the spot and brought the situation under control.

All the injured have been admitted in Daporijo Hospital today.

At least seven EVMs were also reported destroyed by miscreants in two assembly constituencies in the district. EVMs of Bator, Rilo and Riba polling stations under Dumporijo assembly constituency, Don and Baja polling stations under Raga assembly constituencies have been reportedly destroyed by miscreants.

It is also reported that the EVMs of Jeke IV school 24/28 polling station and Rikung temporary shed 24/34 polling station were destroyed by miscreants. BJP candidate Tapen Siga has lodged complaint against the miscreants for allegedly destroying the voting machines of the two polling stations.

It is also reported that groups of people  were seen trying to stop the vehicles carrying the EVMs of various polling stations through Daporijo -Taliha road via Sippi village to destroy the EVMs.



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The countdown begins

The political fate of 144 Assembly and 11 Parliamentary candidates has been locked into electronic voting machines (EVMs) by the electorates of state during simultaneous Assembly and Lok Sabha elections which ended peacefully yesterday. Barring some sporadic incidents of violence, including damage of few EVMs in Kurung Kumey, East Kameng, Upper Subansiri and some other districts, no major incident has been reported from any part of the state.

The state registered 71 percent voter turnout. Arunachal has a total of 7, 57,493 electorates including 3, 79,473 female voters. Youths, including first time voters comprised 12.5 per cent of the total electorate. Long queues of women and youth could be seen in most of the polling stations waiting patiently for their turn to cast their votes. Active participation of youths and women in election process is something to cheer about. Now everyone will be waiting patiently for May 16 when results will be declared. Hope voters have chosen best leaders to represent them at Itanagar and New Delhi.

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Arunachal don’t need unions and associations

Dear Editor,

The article written by one Patey Apa published in reader’s forum column of your esteemed daily is commendable. Really, Arunachal Pradesh has become land of unions, association and organization.

Unnecessarily unions are formed. Population of Arunachal Pradesh is no doubt very low. But formation of union is very high. Mushrooming of union hampers development of state as it leads to numerous bandh calls for petty reasons. People of Arunachal Pradesh do not need any organizations and unions. We need proper implementation of laws established by apex body.


Opang Padung

Banaras Hindu




"Rural India and Democracy"

Dear Editor,

To taste true democracy one should visit rural India. It is naught and invisible in metro cities. Our rural citizens are more enthusiastic. They speak about election, exercise their franchise, and participate whole heartedly. Their demands are very simple and innocent. But their participations are appreciable. They hold the true meaning of democracy. They hold the spirit of democratic decentralization.  They are our 68% population. And they are the citizens who must be respected as they deserve.

Our leaders will be given the trust of the people after this election. Hope our leaders will be proactive, strong enough to listen and fulfill the aspirations of the people. Hope our new government will not fail to address the pressing issues and prepare for a better tomorrow.


Joram Aatum

New Delhi







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