April 14

Poll official goes missing

ITANAGAR, Apr 13: One Mathew Dabi, who was deputed as polling official at Siine villager under Boleng circle of East Siang district, went missing on April 9.

A native of Nari-Koyu area, Dabi is currently posted as junior teacher at Adi-Tako. His disappearance has created panic among family members and desperate attempt to locate him has begun.

According to a source, 35-year-old Dabi went missing from polling booth where he was presiding as poll official on April 9 afternoon.  “He went out for some work at around 2 pm and never came back,” the source said. Relatives along with the people of Nari-Koyu and police are putting all efforts to trace the missing official.


Governor extends Sangken, Vaisakhi greetings

ITANAGAR, Apr 13: Governor of Arunachal Pradesh Lt. Gen (Retd) Nirbhay Sharma has extended warm greetings to the people of Arunachal Pradesh on the auspicious occasion of Sangken, being celebrated tomorrow.

Joining the Khampti and Singpho communities in offering prayers to Lord Buddha for peace and tranquility in the society on this joyous occasion, the Governor expressed the hope that the festival, which marks the beginning of the New Year, will harbinger renewed prosperity in the wider community.

The Governor also conveyed good wishes on the occasion of Vaisakhi, which coincides with the Sangken Festival. PRO to Raj Bhavan.



IOC provides laptops to Apnes

ITANAGAR, Apr 13: Integrated Indane Area office of the Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL), Tinsukia provided three laptops to the Apnes of the Apna Vidya Bhavan in an impressive function at IOCL, Tinsukia, Assam.

In his speech, IOCL Chief Area Manager Saurav Chaliha lauded Anu Shiksha Seva Trust (ASSET) for its sincere efforts to improve rural health, education and reading habits among rural children. He said that the corporate bodies are always ready to spend on meaningful projects under their Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.

PK Ray, Senior Manager (HR), informed that funds are available there and good projects and initiatives of public welfare will always be supported.

NK Dutta, Chief Finanace Manager of IOCL requested the beneficiaries of CSR initiatives to ensure full and proper utilization of facilities and funds received for the benefit of the people.

Virendra Singh, President of Rotary Club of Tinsukia appreciated the IOCL authorities for reaching out to the rural children in Wakro.

He also thanked the Executive Director (ED) of Indian Oil, P Dey, for extending his love and care to Arunachalee children.

Executive Director of Indian Oil P Dey assured that support will always be there for any good work of public interest.

Corporate Leader Binod Saharia recalled his old association with the Assam Oil and IOCL. He explained in details how efforts were made to bring oil and LPG to rural areas of remote Anini and Anjaw.



Election Observer dead

Imphal, Apr 13: Manipur election observer Chandra Bhanu, an IAS officer of Uttar Pradesh cadre, has died of cardiac arrest, officials said.

A 1993 batch officer, Bhanu, who was sent by the Election Commission as an observer of Inner Manipur Lok Sabha constituency, died while returning to the state capital from border town of Moreh yesterday.

He was 50.Saurath Bhauthuri, a West Bengal cadre IAS officer, will replace him. Officials said post-mortem has been conducted on Bhanu's body which will later be sent to his home state.

Inner Manipur parliamentary constituency will go to polls on April 17.

The state has two parliamentary constituencies - Inner Manipur (Valley districts) and Outer Manipur (Hill districts).

Election to Outer Manipur was held on April 9. PTI


News Impact

DEO assures safety for polling officers in EK

ITANAGAR, Apr 13: Newly appointed East Kameng Deputy Commissioner cum District Election Officer (DEO) Sandeep Kumar Singh has assured foolproof security for all the polling officers and officials during the re-polling in eight police stations in the district.

“Adequate security measures would be provided to the polling officials during re-polling to ensure their safety and security,” the DEO assured in a coordination meeting with the administrative officers, nodal officers and police in his officer chamber here today.

DIGP ID Shukla informed that three-tier security arrangement has been made to ensure safety and security of all polling officials. He stressed on hourly communication and proper coordination among the administrative officers and police.

Superintendent of Police Apang Tamut informed that two PSOs and walkie talkie would be provided to each administrative officer.

Meanwhile, EVMs for re-polling in eight polling stations have been commissioned today, reports DIPRO.

Election Commission (EC) yesterday replaced East Kameng district election officer (DEO) Tarin Dakpe and appointed Singh in his place following post-poll violence there.

Dakpe was replaced yesterday after he himself pleaded to the Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) for his replacement on Friday.

IGP (Law and order) Satyendra Garg who air-dashed to Seppa with Singh yesterday, reviewed the law and order situation and advised Singh to discharge his duties impartially.

Garg today said the situation in the district headquarters worsened following the attack on district's DRDA project director Kego Jilen in front of the DEO on Friday and the administration failed to tackle it.

While Jilen was airlifted in a critical condition to Itanagar for treatment in the late afternoon, additional forces have been sent to the district for preventing escalation of law and order problems.



Rijiju salutes state security agency, calls ECI for free and fair re-polling

Staff Reporter

ITANAGAR, Apr 13: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) candidate from Western Arunachal Parliamentary seat Kiren Rijiju today called upon the Election Commission of India (ECI) to ensure free and fair re-polling in all the polling stations where EVMs were reportedly damaged. He was addressing a press conference in a city hotel here this afternoon along with 10th East Seppa Constituency MLA candidate Lelung Lingfa.  

Rijiju termed the destroying of EVMs very unfortunate and demanded the ECI to make adequate security arrangement to ensure peaceful re-polling in all the polling stations.

The BJP MP candidate saluted the state security agency for making a better security arrangement during the just concluded simultaneous election.

“I thank all the security personnel, including APP, IRBNs and paramilitary forces for their commendable job in maintaining peace during the election,” said Rijiju..

“I do hope same security would be arranged by the agency during the re-polling and till the end of the election process,” added Rijiju.

He expressed dismay that some of the officers did not carry out their job with good spirit rather showed loyalty to ruling Congress caretaker government in manipulating the election and polling process.  Rijiju claimed that Sagalee ADC and Upper Subansiri DEO had brazenly showed loyalty to the state government in their areas.

“Those officers should not forget that once the election notification is declared they are directly under control of the Election Commission of India. But some of them have shown their personal loyalty to the state government which is very unfortunate,” he said. He, however, expressed gratitude to those officers who impartially discharged their duties.

Commenting on use of crores of rupees during election by the Congress party, Rijiju stated that there should be proper action and follow up to contain such menace.

“Pumping of huge money in this election by Congress to defeat the BJP is highest ever,” claimed Rijiju, adding that the people of Arunachal have reposed their faith in him and exuded hope to win the election.

While urging other parties to maintain peace during the re-poll, he further stated that BJP will never indulge in any activities which will disturb the peaceful atmosphere.



Reaffirming our faith in God

Nimina Namchoom

Faith, it is said can move mountains, implying that if you have faith, then even the impossible seems possible. It is our faith in God, in oneself, others and humankind that keeps us going. Hope and faith keeps us surviving. This faith and devotion of ours is reaffirmed and brought to the fore during the religious festivals that we celebrate. Now that Sangken is here, it is time to load up on all the prayers and atone for all the rules that were flouted in order to keep up with the rapidly progressing and changing world.

Believers prepare for the three days of Sangken so that the teachings of Lord Buddha can be followed to the letter on these days and spent it in devotion and prayers. One other thing that is done every day is to visit the village monastery in the morning and evening and also places that are considered holy like Empong and Phaneng in Lohit district and Karyoni in Assam to offer prayers. Empong monastery is considered by the local people as ‘Ti Met’ (holy place) as it is believed that the statue installed in there has special powers. The story goes that long time ago an innocent villager sometimes used the statue of Lord Buddha as guard to keep an eye on the rice grains drying in the sun and drive the birds away. It was noticed that whenever this was done, no birds came near to feed on the rice grains and the rick stock remained intact. A visitor to the village noticed this, considered it to be the miraculous workings of the statue, brought it back and installed it in the Empong monastery. Believers visit the place to have their wishes fulfilled and hundreds flock here during the Sangken Festival every year.

The sleepy village of Empong under Chongkham circle in Lohit district has another draw to it. It is believed that childless couples come here to the monastery to pray for their wishes and have had it fulfilled.

‘If you come here with true faith and devotion and ask for happiness of a child in your lives, it is fulfilled’, stated Venerable Ananda, a monk in the monastery. He says that after his joining the monastery as a monk a couple of years ago, he has witnessed the happiness of 5 couples who have had the blessing of a child after visiting the place.

The Venerable Ananda goes on to narrate how true faith and devotion makes us see miracles happening. He talks about an incident that happened during Sangken some years ago. One evening the young monks who stay in the monastery assembled with Ven. Ananda for their evening prayers and meditation. Ven. Ananda sat with his back towards the shrine and facing the young monks while the young monks faced the shrine where statues of Lord Buddha were kept. Midway during the meditation, Ven. Ananda heard the young monks whispering and pointing to a row of small statues saying that the statues were smiling at them. He too turned and saw the miracle. Word spread and hundreds thronged the place to witness the miracle that went on for a month or so and prayed for it to continue. Now was it a true miracle that the statues smiled at the young monks or was it just their faith and devotion that made them see the statues smiling. The view differs from person to person. A woman who had gone to witness the miracle says she did not see the smiles while Ven. Ananda believes that even now if people of true devotion meditate, then the statues will smile again.

Whatever may be the story, now the monastery at Empong is a must visit place during Sangken festival for prayers and to atone for all our sins.

Another place that the people visit during Sangken is another sleepy village called Phaneng, in Namsai sub division. It is believed that in the monastery here is kept a religious book (LEK) that bleeds when its pages are turned. The story goes that a great devotee wrote the book putting his heart and soul into writing it and so the book was personified and blood drips from its pages when turned. Now the book is never opened in order not to cause it pain. People come here to offer cloth covers (OM LEK) for the book and to pray for their wishes to be fulfilled. This place too comes to life during Sangken festival when people from all over throng here to offer their prayers.

Whatever the true story may be, these places reaffirm the presence of God for true believers and so no matter what the skeptics say, believers will keep witnessing miracles happen and faith in God will continue on. So have Faith, Believe and have a Happy Sangken.



RGGP principal visits USA

ITANAGAR, Apr 13: Rajiv Gandhi Government Polytechnic (RGGP) Principal, AK Tripathy has returned from United States  after  completing  a two weeks visit  to leading  universities, community  colleges, engineering, technology  and  management  institutions, international institutes  of  education, skill development  centers and manufacturing  facilities in Washington DC, New York, Maryland, New Jersey and Seattle.

Tripathy has  presented  the existing  scenario  of Indian Technical, Vocational and skilled development  activities  before hosts  of presidents, heads  and senior  administrators   of the institutions  of higher  learning of  United States  and  sought   their  co-operation  in developing the  partnership  in the  area  of  technology transfer, curriculum  development, faculty  and student exchange  program  and  research  activities  especially in Arunachal and North-Eastern states for which  he  received very positive response  from them. Tripathy  was selected to undertake  the  tour  in a highly completive selection process  by Embassy  of United State of America, and  Institute of International  Education  New York  on the  basis  of his academics,  administrative  experience  and  contributions  towards the  quality technical education  in India  and abroad.

When contacted, he  has  expressed  his  utmost satisfaction  over  the  outcome  of the  tour. He was all praise  for Director Higher and Technical Education Dr. Joram Begi for  his pre-preparation  advice  and  guidance.

He also thanked Dr. Vijaya Swamy, Director  Research Institute  of World’s  Ancient Tradition Culture and Heritage (RIWATCH)  for  which  Tripathy  is also  a Technical  Advisor, for arranging a meeting  with the  president,  International Centre  For  Cultural  Studies, New York for undertaking  various  skill Development activities  for  the  state   of Arunachal Pradesh.



Poll boycott a big slap on face of Cong Govt.

ITANAGAR: Apr 13: The state Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has described the poll boycott by Sisen villagers under Pangin-Boleng Assembly Constituency of East Siang district protesting the lack of development a big slap on the face of ruling Congress party in Arunachal Pradesh.

The party claimed that Congress has totally failed to fulfill the people’s aspirations in the last 26 years and this poll boycott is a result of such failure on the part of Congress government.

Reiterating the allegation of misuse of Government machineries by the ruling party in the just concluded election, BJP claimed without naming that many ruling party leaders and workers were involved in illegal activities like destroying of EVMs, vote capturing and bogus voting across the state on the day of polling.

The party also claimed that no CCTV cameras were installed and video recording done in all the 11 uncontested assembly constituencies although the CEO had assured to do the same.

While giving a list of 35 polling stations spread over five districts where re-polling to be conducted, the party demanded the Election Commission for early conduction of the same by deploying adequate security forces to ensure free and fair re-polling. The party also demanded compulsory round-the clock CCTV coverage in all the strong rooms to ensure safety and security of those sealed EVMs.

Meanwhile, the BJP expressed concern over the reported deprivation of some government officials on election duty from exercising their adult franchise.



Congress alleges BJP of taking money from Jaypee group

ITANAGAR, Apr 13: INC candidate of 32nd Rumgong Assembly Constituency Talem Tabo has alleged that his opponent and BJP candidate of the constituency, Tamyo Taga received financial assistance amounting to Rs. 5 crore for election expenses from Jaypee Arunachal Power Limited, Pasighat - a subsidiary company of the Jaypee Group.

Armed with evidentiary document of seeking financial assistance and acknowledgment letter of receiving the first instalment of the cash from the company by Taga, Tabo in his complaint letter to the Chief Electoral Officer, Itanagar claimed that by taking financial assistance from the company for use in election, Taga has violated the Section 123 of the Representation of the People’s Act, 1951 and Section 77 of the Conduct of Election Rules, 1962.

He also alleged total booth capturing  in four polling stations, namely Kaying town, Bogu, Mega and Reying under Payum administrative circle by election agents and party workers of BJP.

Tabo appealed to the Chief Electoral Officer/Election Commission of India to look into the matter seriously and issue order for re-polling in those polling stations at the earliest.



World Junior Badminton Championship

Talar wins first match

By Staff Reporter

ITANAGAR, Apr 13: Rising badminton star of Arunachal Pradesh Laa Talar defeated his Zambian rival Cheezwa Nakanda  21-14, 21-7 in the first individual men’s single match.

Talar is representing India in the ongoing World Junior Badminton Championship-2014 at Alor Setar in Malaysia, being hosted by Malaysia Badminton Association in collaboration with Badminton World Federation.

Seventeen-year-old  Talar is scheduled to face David Peng of Germany late in the night tomorrow.

While congratulating him for the success, Arunachal State Badminton Association (ASBA) spokesman Bamang Tago wished him greater success to fly the tricolour high and win laurels for the country.  

Talar is the first badminton player from North East India who has been repeatedly chosen to represent India.



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Implement order properly

Dear Editor,

Through your esteemed daily I would like to inform that Apex Court while disposing of a PIL had banned the use of Nameplate in the vehicles by one and all way back in 1999 or so. Accordingly, the Government of India banned such use of Nameplates for Security Reasons and in compliance, the Government of Arunachal Pradesh too issued order which was circulated to all District Heads of Departments, Public Leaders and other private organizations for strict compliance. Thereafter, the order was strictly enforced and as a result the enthusiastic use of nameplates by all Government Officers, Panchayat Leaders like ASMs, Zilla Parishad Memebrs etc came to grinding halt. But with the posting of a group of new IAS,IPS and APCS recruits who are either not aware of the directive or they were on deputation to DRDA or in a interior outpost, the Deputy Commissioners and Superintendent of Police in blatant violation of both Supreme Court and Government Orders are using nameplates in vehicle these days apparently as a matter of right. In fact, it is they who should comply themselves and enforce the said order.

Upon the issuance of the said order, the President and Prime Minister, Chief Justice of India, Governors, the State Chief Secretaries and Director Generals of Police have given up using

Nameplates. What has prompted me to write this letter is because other day I saw a religious using a nameplate written in red colour and also by some panchayat leader and if not prevented many more will follow and for large scale violation, people of other states may one day laugh at us. Also, the Deputy Commissioners and Superintendant of Police have their distinct flags; I see no reason why people are after nameplate. This apart, as per Government orders, the Deputy Commissioners and SPs are entitled to use Red beacon in their own districts only. The Secretaries to the State Governments and MLAs are not entitled to use red beacon. As has been enforced in the case of use of tinted glass, the other orders too need to be enforced properly.


Poram Ronya,




Election duty at own expense

Dear Editor,

In the recently held election, polling personal who have been deployed at places like Rumngong,Liromoba, Aalo from Likabali were not provided vehicles by the authorities . When asked for transportation, they simply said that there are no vehicles available, however the polling personals were repeatedly asked or directed to proceed to Aalo... or else action would be taken against for not obeying govt. orders. Most of the officials had to use their private vehicle as no alternative was provided by the authorities. Many had to travel by night service buses from Likabali to Aalo standing the whole night covering distances of more than 140 km.

I want to know from the concern authority, CEO that is we not entitle to be provided conveyance while on election duty? Who will compensate our agony, pain and hard earned money spent to perform election duty? Advance TA paid was less than the amount paid to private buses!!


Tumkar Ete







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Indian football will change forever

Football scene in India will change forever with today’s historic initiative of unveiling of the eight city based franchise rights by organizer of the much-anticipated Indian Super League. The bid winner for the eight franchises of the league, which is scheduled to be held in September-November, was announced by organizers IMG-Reliance after evaluation of the bids by a seven-member panel. Sachin Tendulkar and Sourav Ganguly were among the host of high-profile winning bidders. Tendulkar bagged the Kochi franchise along with PVP Ventures, while Ganguly, who bid by forming a consortium with Spanish League giants Atletico Madrid and businessmen Harshavardhan Neotia, Sanjeev Goenka and Utsav Parekh, won the Kolkata franchise.

Actor John Abraham teamed up with I-League side from the northeast, Shillong Lajong, to bag the franchise to be based in Guwahati. The league, which was to be held last year but deferred for later this year, will feature 22 players in each team, with 10 foreign players, including a marquee player. Each franchise will also include eight domestic players and four local players from the catchment area in the under-23 category. This league will go long way in promoting football in the country. Many European based football superstars are expected to feature in Indian Super League. Besides drawing crowd their participation will be learning experience for many young Indian footballers.