April 06

34 cadres from Arunachal Region join NSCN (IM)
Dimapur, Apr 5:  34 people including Brig. Nokto Wangsa, Commander from the GPRN/NSCN, Arunachal region on Monday has joined NSCN (IM).
A press release from MIP, NSCN (IM) informed that the Rh. Raising, Kilo Kilonser, conveying immense happiness at the “home coming”, appreciated Brig. Nokto Wangsa and others for responding to the “clarion call of the NSCN to all the comrades who are in different camp to come home and strengthen the Peace process which has gained momentum towards final solution after the signing of Framework Agreement.” Brig. Nokto Wangsa, on behalf of all those who joined NSCN (IM), expressed hope and expectation with the coming together of the three “great leaders”, Isak Chishi Swu, Th. Muivah and Gen. Kholi for the best interest of the Naga people and the signing of the 3rd August 2015 Framework Agreement, which will lay out the political future of the Naga people, the release said. (Morung Express)

Red Tapism in Abundance
[ Tongam Rina ]
India is notorious for red tapism. Many programs and projects have come to a standstill because of rigid take by decision-making bodies. The reality as well as reputation is so widespread that Prime Minister Narendra Modi promised the Japanese Prime Minister, last year that "There will be red carpet but not red Tapism".
In Arunachal, the red carpets are gathering dust somewhere because of obsessive red tapism by bureaucrats, technocrats as well as the politicians. It is sometimes selective,  depending on who you are and the proximity that you have with govt employees and politicians but none the less, the files are mounting in offices.
The stack of files outside the office of the Finance Department during the financial year ending is just one example. One may say that it was because of rush for last moment clearance but the fact is that there are 12 months in a year.  At the way files were moving or rather not moving, it looked like working season consists of just one month while the people running the state and citizens who had a file to be cleared hang around doing nothing for 11 months.
The mad rush for last minute clearance of files should be a learning experience for all.
The current govt had promised translucent governance which included smooth sailing of files. One was not supposed to carry their files as it was promised that it will progress step wise. But one has to carry the file in person in order to get it cleared, or else, it is discarded somewhere in a corner of some office, where it can't be traced. Files does not move unless you carry them personally, no matter how thickly an office is staffed. In most offices, any day, one will find long queque of public holding their files instead of waiting for the government employees to carry them where they are supposed to reach.
The members of Indian Administrative Services, who are well regarded in the state, belongs to a different category all together, when it comes to obstructing smooth movement of files. The pressures from politicians, who are clueless most of the time, on these officers are obvious. These officers are caught between the official rules as well as undue political pressure making it difficult for everyone else. But in their eagerness to stick by the rule as well as please the politicians, files do get stuck.
Perhaps, one can't blame them as most of the officers are young with very limited experience to fall back on but official process should not be derailed because of bureaucratic indecisiveness, both experienced and the inexperienced. Though there are exceptions like the adored Sandip Kumar Singh, the current DC of Capital, at the same time, there are many who have a long way to go when it comes to decisiveness and dealing with common citizens with their share of problems and the diabolic mix of demanding politicians and thugs with files.  
Hopefully, this year would be a learning experience for all to keep the system running at the decision making level as the state is going through a critical juncture, in terms of development process as well as governance.

APLS to institute Lummer Dai literary award
ITANAGAR, Apr 5: Arunachal Pradesh Literary Society (APLS) has decided to institute an award named after renowned author Late Lummer Dai starting this June.
This was announced by President of APLS, Y D Thongchi on Tuesday as he unveiled a statue in Naharlagun to mark the death anniversary of Late Dai, who passed away on April 5, 2002.
Thongchi said that Late Dai’s work should be translated in other languages and published by popular and credible publishers so that it is not restricted to limited readers. He further said that it was time for literature to
emerge from Arunachal.
Thongchi, a Sahitya Akademy awardee and one of the most recognized voices in Assamese literature said that he was deeply inspired by Late Dai’s writings.  
“Dai’s writing reflected the tribal social problems vividly. His first novel Paharor Hiley Hiley was on slavery while Mon aru Mon was on love for animals”, he said.
Thongchi acknowledged the role played by editor Echo of Arunachal, Nanni Dai who has been instrumental in keeping alive the memories of her husband. 
Celebrated author Mamang Dai underscored the need for translation while adding that it must be done in a correct way without distorting the originality.
Arunachal Pradesh Information Commissioner Nanom Jamoh while paying her tribute said that Late Dai transcended the geographical boundaries because of his writing.  
Citing example of his work, Jamoh said that he wrote books on empowerment of women.
Senior Journalist Pradip Kumar appealed to YD Thongchi to make effort  for translation of Dai’s major work into other languages so that it reach a wider readership.
Director, Horticulture J Ratan termed Late Dai as Literatary maestro who has further helped popularise Assamese language.
Director, IPR, CM Longphong recalled his close association with Late Dai as he requested the young media in the state to follow the path charted by Dai in the field of journalism with hard work and honesty.  
PPA Chairman Kameng Ringu said that Late Dai strengthened the relationship with Assam through his writing.
Director, Trade and Commerce Tokong Pertin  said that Late Dai, through his writing built a bridge with Assam which should be carried forward.
Nanni Dai also spoke on the occasion.
Rindo Pertin, youngest member of APLS read a brief biography of Late Dai.
Former Chairperson of Arunachal Pradesh women’s Commission Gumri Ringu,  Arunachal Press Club President Chopa Cheda, Director Research Batem Pertin, former Chief Secretary Matin Dai  were among those who were present during the programe.

Project Arunank links remote Tama Chung Chung
ITANAGAR, Apr 5: Border Roads Organisation (BRO) has completed Nacho – Tama Chung Chung (TCC) road in Upper Subansiri district on April 04.
Amongst the large number of roads being constructed under Project Arunank, the most critical road in terms of strategic significance as well as remote area connectivity is the Nacho – Tama Chung Chung (TCC) road, said a press statement issued by  Brig HK Pokhariyal, Chief Engineer, Project Arunank (GREF/BRO).
TCC is located at the confluence of the Taksing and Maja hence act as gateway to both the valleys.
The road remained inaccessible since 2009 even though the road from Nacho upto Shere Thapa and from TCC upto Karu Siko junction was completed in the same year.   Three personnel had to make ultimate sacrifice with their lives in line of duty.
Large number of personnel suffered injuries due to extremely risky nature of job. Crores of rupees worth of equipment was lost due to coming under landslides, being stretched beyond capability and inability to carry out regular maintenance owing to remoteness of the work site, the chief engineer said.
The ten KM stretch is located in extreme remote area with rugged and hazardous terrain owing to thick vegetation, near vertical mountain face with fractured hard rock posing a great risk to road construction. The area is also plagued by problems like heavy rainfall, malaria, unreliable lines of communication with Shere Thapa at a distance of 800 Kms from Guwahati from where all the construction stores are to be staged forward. TCC could be maintained only by air. Air effort was totally unreliable owing to poor weather conditions and narrow valleys which are not conducive for flying.
Work commenced both from Shere Thapa end as well as from air maintained detachment at TCC end simultaneously in May 2009. The formation being hard layered fractured rock with thick jungles and unstable strata, BRO had to blast its way through the entire stretch.
Construction of this road was done by 128 Road Construction Company which is part of 23 Border Roads Task Force under Project Arunank.
Project Arunank located at Naharlagun covers Upper Subansiri, Lower Subansiri, Kurung Kumey, Kra Dadi and Papumpare districts.

Aalo celebrates 50th year of central Mopin with grandeur
Pul appeals for good relations among the communities
ITANAGAR, Apr 5: The Golden Jubilee Central Mopin celebrations begin on Tuesday at Aalo with much enthusiasm and fanfare.
Chief Minister Kalikho Pul while attending the celebration at Mopin ground, Aalo said “though we have traversed 50 long years in celebration of our festivals, it pains me a lot to see that despite gain in knowledge and wisdom, there is growing tendency of inter community conflict and fight for dominance of one tribe or clan or religion over another, which he said is not good for the development of the state. He appealed the community based organizations of the state to work towards peaceful co-existence of all tribes and religion, and to discourage the elements that create disparity among the communities.
He saluted the pioneers of Central Mopin Celebration which has become a big event now saying it provides a platform for the younger generations to showcase their rich cultural heritage besides it also gives an opportunity for cultural exchange among different communities.
However, he urged to maintain the originality of rituals, ethos and values associated with the festival though we move along with the wind of change in this era of modernization.
While expressing concern over the diminishing traditional dialect/language among the younger generations, Chief Minister emphasized on preservation and advocated for developing a common script so that it can be introduced in the schools.  
He also stressed on the need to promote traditional dress and attires to the outside world and to do so, he requested the sportspersons of the state to dress in traditional attires while receiving any national or international awards/medals.
Chief Minister urged upon the Festival Celebration Committee and the officers and businessmen to contribute back something for the maintenance of Govt higher secondary school and hostel buildings at Aalo which are in pathetic conditions now.
Doi Ado, Former Minister and president of Golden Jubilee Central Mopin Celebration Committee 2016, Aalo in his speech termed the occasion as historic. He said that the presence of the Chief Minister on the occasion has emboldened and boost up their morals and spirit.
On the occasion, Nyami Lollen Tayang, wife of former minister Late Sobeng Tayang was felicitated with a memento by Kumar Waii, Minister of RWD, Agriculture and Labour & Employment.
Felicitation was conferred by the Golden Jubilee Central Mopin Celebration Committee 2016 in recognition for her participation in the first Central Mopin Celebration in the year 1966 at Aalo.
Earlier, the Chief Minister accompanied by his wife D Pul offered prayers at Donyi Polo Dere.
The chief minister also unveiled the Golden Jubilee Mopin Liin (Pillar) 1966-2016 and inaugurated the Golden Jubilee Central Mopin Celebration 2016. On the occasion Deputy Speaker Tumke Bagra, MLA Jarkar Gamlin along with public were present.
At Jairampur- Along with rest of the state Jairampur also celebrated Mopin. Organized by Galo-Adi community of Jairampur, the Mopin celebration was graced by MLA Laisam Simai and ZPM Tusam Longri. MLA Laisam Simai smeared in rice powder appreciated the Galo community for celebrating Mopin in Jairampur and asked the community not to lose heart for missing the golden jubilee celebration in Aalo.
Simai also highlighted the contribution of Galo community in various fields and said without their contribution our state wouldn't have achieved the progress in different domains. He also appreciated the ways through which they have kept their culture intact. "We too should preserve our culture for the posterity," Simai added.
Earlier, chief patron of Mopin celebration ADC Kento Riba read out the synopsis and asked everyone to enjoy the festival. The guests were also treated with culture program and authentic Galo cuisine.
At Pasighat- Mopin was celebrated in a traditional fervor and religious gaiety at Solung ground by the Golden Jubilee Central Mopin Festival Celebration Committee-2016.
While greeting the people on the auspicious occasion, Pasighat MLA Kaling Moyong called upon the Galo brethrens to preserve rich traditional culture and festivals stating that strength of the society lie in the celebration of traditional festival. Such celebration is also an opportunity to reconcile ourselves to promote a sense of unity and strengthen the feelings of friendship and brotherhood, added Moyong. He urged all to keep such celebrations alive that binds people together in bond of love and peace. He prayed to Mopin Goddesses for a bumper harvest and well-being of all in the universe.
In her address DC Isha Khosla appreciated the organizing committee for maintaining the celebration in true spirit. She said that in order to promote unity and national integration, the different cultures need to be showcased.
Nari-Koyu MLA Kento Rina and ZPC East Siang Kaling Dai were among those who were present. (DIPRO)

Review meeting of Swachh Bharat Mission
[ Indrajit Tingwa ]
NAMSAI, Apr 5: A review meeting of the District Swachh Bharat Mission  (Gramin), Namsai was held at the Auditorium of PHE & WS Complex, Namsai on Tuesday.
Deputy Commissioner R K Sharma in his address said that people must change their mentality and imbibe a sense of responsibility in order to achieve the mission of SBM.
Cleanliness was the key to remaining healthy as he pointed towards the fact that people are spending money to get treatment after falling ill but are not ready to spend for preventive measures. He added that at the moment the most important thing was to bring behavioural change.
When the mission was first implemented, Namsai district had won two Nirmal Gram Puraskar, a first for Arunachal Pradesh.
Nineteen villages under the jurisdiction of PHE & WS Namsai Division have won Nirmal Gram Puraskar since the mission's inception though the nomenclature of the mission has changed from Total Sanitation Campaign to now Swachh Bharat Mission (Gramin).
Zilla Parishad Chairperson Chow Kyasing Mounglang asked the PRI members to bring awareness amongst the people of their locality regarding the mission. He also appreciated the high turnout of PRI members in the meeting.
Executive  Engineer PHE & WS Namsai Division Nich Raju gave a detailed outline of the various programmes undertaken under the mission with special reference to the recent incentives of constructing Individual Household Latrines (IHHL). The funding patterns from the central and state governments were also shown along with some exceptional construction of IHHL in mountainous regions of other districts.

HC raise question over special court
Nido Tania case
New Delhi, Apr 5: The Delhi High Court today raised questions over the jurisdiction of a special court conducting trial in connection with the death of Arunachal Pradesh student Nido Tania, asking how it could hear the case when the charges under the SC/ST Act against the accused were dropped. "Whether a designated court, set up to hear matters under special acts, could hear the case once the charges under the SC/ST Act were dropped against the accused persons," Justice P S Teji asked the CBI and the counsel for the accused persons.
When the designated court itself has discharged the accused, how can it conduct the proceedings, the judge added. It orally observed that the designated judge for trying the cases under the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (SC/ST) (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, should not have kept the matter before it unless and until there was a specific order.
"The case should have been ordinarily transferred before an Additional Sessions Judge," the judge said.
The agency and the counsel for the accused persons told the court that the issue raised by it has not been challenged before any court.  The court then listed the matter for further hearing on August 24. The court's query came during the hearing of a plea filed by the father of 19-year-old Tania, who was killed in January 2014 after he was allegedly beaten up by some persons at Lajpat Nagar in South Delhi.
Tania's father Nido Pavitra and CBI had moved the high court seeking quashing of the September 25, 2014 order of the sessions court which had held that no charge could be framed against the accused under the provisions of the SC/ST Act. Initially, police had booked the four accused -- Farman, Pawan, Sunder Singh and Sunny Uppal, under section 302 (murder) of IPC after the postmortem report showed Tania died due to injuries on his head and face caused by a blunt object. The agency had also invoked charges under the SC/ST Act. Presently Farman is in judicial custody, while the others are out on bail. (PTI)

70 illegal structures demolished
ITANAGAR, Apr 5: In all, 70 illegal structures including RCC walls and bamboo fencings were demolished during a mass eviction drive against illegal structures by Kalaktang administration in the Right of Way on Apr 4 last.
The drive was carried out with support of police personnel and the PWD staff, informed the CO Tsering Pentsom.

HIV awareness prog at St. Claret College's RRC
ITANAGAR, Apr 5: Arunachal Pradesh State AIDS Control Society in association with Red Ribbon Club of St. Claret, College, Ziro, organized an awareness and sensitization programme on HIV/AIDS for the students on April 5.
Deputy Director (IEC) APSACS Tashor Pali while attending the Programme as Resource Person explained in detail the role and responsibilities of Red Ribbon Club which  is a Voluntary On-campus intervention in association with NSS and Youth Red Cross (YRC) targeting the  College going youths to prevent HIV infection and to prepare them as peer educators / agents of change.
While stressing on the role of voluntary blood donation, Pali said "Do Something amazing today. Save a life. Give Blood".
He explained in detail the routes of HIV/AIDS transmission, stages of infections and the importance of condom.
He stressed on the ABC of HIV/AIDS prevention where A stands for Abstinence, B for be faithful to the partner and C for Condom usage.
Speaking on the occasion, Principal of the college, Father Paulson urged the youths to stay away from HIV and Drugs.
An Essay Writing Competition on HIV was organised earlier under the Red Ribbon Club. Cash Prizes for winners along with Certificates were distributed to the winners.

Awareness programmes on crop insurance across the state
NAMSAI, Apr 5: A day long Farmers' Fair cum awareness programme on Pradhan Mantri Fasal Beema Yojna (PFBY) was organised at Town hall, Namsai by Krishi Vigyan Kendra (Lohit, Namsai), Momong, under ICAR-NRC on Yak, Dirang on Monday.
Speaking in the function, MP Arunachal East, Ninong Ering discussed elaborately on the Pradhan Mantri Fasal Beema Yojana and emphasised on organic cultivation of Horticulture and Agriculture crops.
Deputy Chief Minister Chowna Mein called on the farmers present to take advantage from the KVK and take keen interest in agri-related sectors to overcome the dependence on others.
Parliamentary Secretary, Tax and Excise, Chow Zingnu Namchoom suggested the farmers to be serious with the crop insurance to overcome losses from natural calamities.
DC Namsai R.K. Sharma emphasised on soil testing and to have Soil Health Card.
More than 300 farmers and delegates participated in the programme from the different villages of the district. Government officials from Agriculture and allied departments also attended the programme.
Earlier, Programme Co-ordinator incharge, Dr. Debasish Sasamal released the crop calendar and news letter of KVK, while leaflets on various aspects of agriculture were distributed. A total of 20 Soil Health Cards were also given out in the programme.
PMFBY shall provide security to the farmers: Hage Khoda
ITANAGAR, Apr 5: A day long farmers' fair on Pradhan Mantri Fasal Beema Yojana was organized in Krishi Vigyan Kendra(KVK)  Karsingsa to create amass awareness programme among the farming communities on April 4.
All together 150 farmers from different circles participated in the event.
Commissioner Agriculture & Horticulture Hage Khoda highlighted that crop insurance programme under the banner of Pradhan Mantri Fasal Beema Yojana (PMFBY) shall provide security to the farmers in situation of crop failures due to flood, drought like situation and diseases. Further, he expressed his satisfaction that schemes sanctioned under the Rastrya Krishi Vikas Yojana are benefitting the sericulture farmers of Kimin area.
Deputy Commissioner, Papum Pare, Pooja Jain appreciating the technology showcasing of KVK Papum Pare, advised the participating farmers to learn and adopt them for augmenting their crop productivity.
Earlier, Dr. Taba Heli, Programme Coordinator, KVK, Papum Pare informed that all the 110 SHGs and 39 Farmer Clubs of Sagalee area has been brought under the single umbrella of Farmers' Federation of Sagalee which is a registered body.
The day ended with distribution of new variety of paddy seeds and eggs of Vanraja birds to the participating farmers.
At Ziro, the awareness programme on Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana was held at Abotani Hall, Hapoli on Tuesday by KVK Yachuli.
Attending the programme, Ziro MLA Tage Taki appealed the bankers and insurance agencies to consider local farming conditions, so that farmers can easily avail insurance scheme. Citing the example of vegetable growers of Ziro, where farm land owned by a farmer might not meet the requirement of farming area as per the Bima Yojana, due to land scarcity in Ziro, he requested the bankers and the insurance agencies to consider alternatives as proposed by the locals.
MLA Taki also called for more scientific interventions from KVK and ICAR to increase crop production throughout the year. Requesting the DAO to include power tillers, oil extraction machine and water sprinklers as a part of CM s agricultural mechanization programme, Taki advocated for soil testing laboratory and crop health clinics in the district to assist the farmers.
Speaking in the programme, ADC Nending Chatung extended gratitude to the KVK for the awareness programme and exhorted all the participants to learn and disseminate the information to the other members of the farming community as well.
Dr. PC Jat from ICAR spoke in detail on the Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana and the procedure to avail it.
Eight farmers club put up their agricultural products for display and sale. Apatani farmers club was adjudged the best club followed by Suchushi farmers club and Jimi Ziro Kisan Samridhi Club.
Soil Health Cards were also distributed on the occasion.
A farmer-scientist interaction programme was held as part of the programme.
At Sangti, KVK West Kameng conducted a programme on Monday at KVK campus Sangti to sensitize the farmers regarding Pradhan Mantri Fasal Beema Yojana, to create awareness on different agricultural schemes, benefits of soil health cards, production of organic inputs, water use efficiency and various live demonstrations on different technologies related to farming.
Speaking in the occasion, ADC Dirang, Dagbom Riba lauded the recent efforts of the local farmers to adopt organic farming. He also encouraged the farmers to take full advantage of the PMFBY.
Anchal Chairperson Dirang, Langjom urged the farmers to get the soil of their fields tested at the KVK through latest technology for efficient utilization of organic resources for improving soil fertility and productivity.
Thembang ZPM, Jam Tsering called on the farmers to avail maximum benefit from the KVK for new technologies of farming system particularly integrated with paddy cultivation.
Senior Scientist and Head, KVK West Kameng, Dr. N.D.Singh highlighted the role of KVKs in implementation of different government agricultural schemes for availing maximum benefit of farming and improving livelihood through economic sustainability.
Altogether 270 farmers from 20 villages attended the programme.
SEPPA:  Over hundred farmers besides, various officers of line departments attended a KVK conducted day-long awareness programme on PMFBY at Pampoli on Apr 4.
Addressing the farmers, ZPM Sangku Sangdo asked the farmers to implement the knowledge practically at the ground level and urged them to make full use of the available land for sustainable income.
While briefing about the advantages of PMFBY, KVK Programme Co-ordinate, Dr. Sanjoy Borthakur urged the farmers to get their crops insured. He said that the amount of premium to be deposited by the farmers is of a minimum rate with 50% subsidies to be borne by the central and state government.
DVO, Dr. Magen Modi explained about livestock insurance scheme and advised the farmers to take up agriculture and its allied sectors in a big way for sustainable income. (DIPRO)

Beneficiaries level allegation against bank
[ Karda Natam ]
Daporijo, Apr 5: The beneficiaries selected under Prime Minister’s Employment Generation Programme(PMEGP) loan scheme for Upper Subansiri district alleged that bank has refused to sponsor the scheme.
40 unemployed youth who were selected for PMEGP scheme for the year 2016 has been allegedly denied loan by Central Bank of India. Deprived beneficiaries claim that they were waiting for a long time with the hope to avail the loan opportunity from Central Bank of India, Daporijo branch as Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh had already notified the bank to sponsor the scheme to the selected candidates.
Deprived beneficiaries stated that Central Bank of India should have given prior notice to higher authority and beneficiaries if they were not in a position to sponsor the scheme. They alleged that bank have played with the emotions of unemployed youth.
They have appealed state govt. to change the sponsor bank. The beneficiaries said that they will initiate legal proceeding against the bank.

Murder accused surrenders
ITANAGAR, Apr 5: Hardcore criminal Hiba Tajuk has surrendered to the city police on Monday night along with arms and ammunitions.
The office of the Deputy Chief Minister, Kameng Dolo said that it was done at his persuasion.  
Fugitive Hiba Tajuk wanted in the various bank robbery cases and murder of Late T Chako, escaped from the Jullung Central Jail on Nov 20 last year with two other accused.  He surrendered with Chinese-made pistol with magazine and 10 rounds of live catrigedes, five Thailand made hand grenade, tear gas along with incriminating documents related to NSCN groups.
Speaking to the executive members of the Hiba Welfare Society, who called on him, Dolo said that if he cooperates with the police, the law will show leniency. Dolo added that no criminals will be allowed to undermine peace of the state.
Surrender took place in presence of his clan members, SDPO, Techi Henyir and PPA, President, Khafa Bengia.  (PRO to Dy CM)

Swaroop is new W/Kameng DC
BOMDILA, Apr 5: Sonal Swaroop, a 2012 batch IAS officer (AGMUT) is the new DC of West Kameng. She took over the charge of DC West Kameng from AK Singh on Apr 3 last.
She was earlier posted as SDM of Vasant Vihar, New Delhi. (DIPRO)

Solve Dabi case: APETA reiterates
ITANAGAR, Apr 5: The All Arunachal Pradesh Elementary Teachers Association (AAPETA) has expressed unhappiness that the Mathew Dabi murder case has not been solved yet. Reiterating its demand for solving the case placed with the state government on various occasions, the All Arunachal Pradesh Elementary Teachers’ Association (AAPETA) has sought intervention of the chief minister.

Tai Khampti revised tonal script unveiled
[ Bilaseng Namchoom ]
CHONGKHAM, Apr 5: The Tai Khampti Revised Tonal Script was unveiled under the Chairmanship of Deputy Chief Minister Chowna Mein at Kongmu Kham (Golden Pagoda) on Tuesday.   
Congratulating the Tai Khampti Singpho Council, especially the Literature Committee for the achievement, DCM, Chowna Mein said that it is a historic occasion for the Tai Khampti people and urged the gathering to learn and impart the knowledge to all, young and old. He assured the gathering to take up the matter with the state government for inclusion in the school curriculum in near future.
Speaking in the function, Parliamentary Secretary, Chow Tewa Mein called on every parent to ask their children to learn the script. He urged the monastic order to be proactive in teaching the Tai scripts and imparting moral values to the society in general and the younger generation in particular.
Earlier, Chairman of Tai Literature Committee, C.I Mannou explained and highlighted about the four year long hard work done by the committee and the significance of the improved version of the scripts which would cater the present need at par with the other languages.
Many prominent citizens and elders of the society spoke and lauded the achievement.
DCM Chowna Mein was instrumental in the venture, and had earlier sent delegates of literature committee to Thailand and Burma under the leadership of Ven. Vimalatissa, Abbott of Kongmu Kham to have a consultative study of international Tai Literature.

Committee reiterates demand of Arun Medi City compensation
ITANAGAR, Apr 5: The Rakap Sanglum Village Development Committee in its representation submitted to the Chief Minister has reiterated its demand for the establishment of Arun Medi City at Rakap Sanglum Village. However, before starting the project, the affected family members should be appointed in group C and D regular services, compensation at par with other major projects whose cultivable land has been damaged, it demanded. The committee stated that land is being used for farming, which was the only source of income for the land owners.  It also demanded for awarding of contract work to affected people. It is said that in 1999 the state government requested the villagers to donate the land for establishment of 500 bedded hospitals cum medical college.  The committee further added that the villagers donated the land as per the condition that they would be provided group C and D jobs which is yet to be fulfilled.

Kharsang gets library building
CHANGLANG, Apr 5: Minister Geology, Mining and Trade Kamlung Mossang inaugurated a library building, constructed under BADP during the financial year 2014-15 at Kharsang on Tuesday.
Addressing the gathering, the minister exhorted all to reap maximum benefit adding that libraries are the store house of information and knowledge.
Stating that keeping oneself busy in reading may help them to refrain from evil habits such as addiction to alcohol and drugs, he urged all to develop reading habit. The programme was attended by CO Kharsang  N.L. Naam, ZPM Kharsang Korong Longri, Panchayat leaders, senior public leaders, Officers and officials.
Later the minister attended Mopin festival in Donyi Polo Village, Kharsang. (DIPRO)

Healing crusade
ITANAGAR, Apr 5: A three days healing crusade was conducted at Nafra in West Kameng district from April 1 to 3 last by Deepak Nabam Ministries in Christ.
Many people participated in the three day event which also saw the foundation stone laying of Nafra Destitute Shelter cum prayer hall.

Biased enquiry alleged
ITANAGAR, Apr 5: The Ego Bango Peoples Forum has demanded immediate action against the EAC/CO Gensi alleging him of enquiring into the Zirdo-Jime connecting road (under Daring circle) misappropriation case in a biased manner. The forum has written to chief vigilance officer, GoAP.
The forum claimed that the officer was led by the chairperson and Anchal Samiti of 12-Daring Samiti and JE RWD Basar Sub-Division and some Gaon Burahs during the spot verification and that the Gaon Burahs of Jime village who are the benefactors of the road in question were not asked during the verification even though they were present on the spot.

Capacity building prog for rural youths
ITANAGAR, Apr 5: Skill Development & Capacity Building Training Programme under Border Area Development Programme (BADP) & Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY) on Automobile (Mechanics) and Tourism & Hospitality for the youths of Kurung Kumey district commenced at Rajiv Gandhi Govt. Polytechnic, Itanagar.
The training is being imparted by the Department of Automobile Engineering and Travel & Tourism Management.
Speaking in the inaugural function, Principal RGGP, Dr. A.K Tripathy stressed upon the need for conducting such programmes for the benefit of unemployed youths of the state. He called upon the participants from various parts of the Kurung Kumey district to actively participate and  reap the best of the training programme.
District Training Coordinator, Koloraing, Bamang Chai mentioned that the district administration has launched  skill development programmes in eight different disciplines at various places. The main objective of the programme is to empower the local youths of the district so that they can earn their livelihood.

Plans chalked for GUSBUA at Anjaw
ITANAGAR, Apr 5: A meeting on Central campaign "Gram Uday Se Bharat Uday Abhiyan" was held on Tuesday under the chairmanship of Anjaw, Deputy Commissioner, Mamata Riba.
DC Riba informed that the main motive of this campaign is to increase social harmony across villages, strengthen Panchayat Raj, promote rural development, empowerment of women and uplift of farmers. The Gram Uday Se Bharat Uday Abhiyan will be conducted from April 14, Dr. Ambedkar's birth anniversary and culminate on April 25, the National Panchayati Raj Day.
The DC requested all the PRI's members to co-operate for the smooth and successful celebration of the programme and also to mobilise the public participation in each Gram Panchayat.
Various officers were appointed to act as Nodal Officer in each Circle for smooth conduct of the programme in the district.

Baptist Church Conference held
ITANAGAR, Apr 5: The 44th Nyishi Baptist Church Council’s annual conference successfully winded up on April 3.
Rev. Dr. Anjo Keikung in his message stressed on the changing technology which is growing at an amazing pace.
More than 5000 believers participated in the conference which included MLA 16th Yachuli Assembly Constituency Likha Saaya.  

Hind audio album released
ITANAGAR, Apr 5:  A new Hindi audio CD album titled 'Geet Mere Meet Mere' has been released here on Tuesday. The album includes 6 songs by C Zakhring who has written and composed all the songs.
An alumnus of Vanasthali Vidyapeeth, Rajasthan, Zakhring works as a teacher in Arunodaya school, Itanagar.  
All the songs in the album speak about the rich natural beauty of the state, said Zakhring and further hoped that her songs are well-received by music lovers.

Meeting on immunizations
ROING, Apr 5: The second phase of meeting on District Task Force on Immunizations programme was held under the chairmanship of Lower Dibang Valley DC, Ravi Dhawan in his office chamber here on Tuesday.
While addressing the meeting which was attended by PRI members, MOs and medical officials, the DC stressed on improving mechanisms for more coverage and successful conduct of the immunization drive. He also sought report on unvaccinated and partially vaccinated children and all the beneficiary lists CHC and PHC-wise. He further urged them to ensure their micro plans are properly implemented and designated targets are achieved.
DMO, Dr. D Wange briefed on the progress of DTFI and mission Indradhanush and informed about population-based head count to identify the beneficiary at Block and urban areas. He informed that all the MOs and other medical staffs involved in the mission have been assigned to fixed session site and mobile session camp to identify any left out groups.
District RCH officer, Dr. R Mena briefed on the adverse effects of immunizations (AEFI) and informed that they have already constituted district AEFI Committee and managed medicine to deal with such cases. (DIPRO)

Review of RD progs
SEPPA, Apr 5:  A review meeting of all Rural Development programme under DRDA, East Kameng-cum- workshop on 'My Village My Development' under District Panchayat Development Officers was held  by  Commissioner RD & PR, Indra Mallo in the conference hall of Zilla Parishad here on Apr 2 last.
In the meeting, East Kameng Deputy Commissioner, ZPC, Myuk Cheda, DRDA Project Director and District Panchayat Development Officers put forth their suggestions .
DRDA, Project Director, K Nyadu presented physical and financial report of all RD programmes while the BDOs gave a presentation of the works implemented by them during the current  fiscal.
The meeting was also attended by ADC-cum-DPDO, Sengupta, Director RD& PR Tayi Taggu, SLNA Expert, M Ronya and Rural Development Directorate, Joint Director, TT Dagyom.  
Earlier, the state-level monitoring committee also visited some of work sites and interacted with stakeholders. (DIPRO)

Health functionaries urged to put efforts for maximum coverage
SEPPA, Apr 5:  East Kameng DC Deepak Shinde urged the health functionaries to put more efforts to ensure full percentage coverage of children under Mission Indradhanush-3 by involving all colony and religious leaders and women welfare organization of Seppa town.
He was addressing an awareness meeting of Mission Indradhanush -3 held at Kameng Hall, here on Apr 4.
The DC further exhorted all colony leaders, NGOs and religious leaders to extend help in making people aware and to clear the misconception among parents that the children will get sick after immunization. He also urged them to get themselves registered under NPR and get Aadhar card which has been made compulsory in order to avail all services.
While informing that few cases of measles were reported within Seppa town due to non-vaccination, DMO Dr. C Lowang Mallo said that all children within the age group of 0-2 years along with pregnant women need to be covered under Mission Indradhanush-3.
DRCHO Dr. Kaya Lapung also spoke on the occasion. (DIPRO)





Diversion tactics

As the country battles slow economy and agriculture woes, the ruling elites are using several tactics to divert the attention of the citizen. Of late nationalism has emerged as biggest weapon for BJP and its Sangh allies to divert attention of public from real issue concerning the plight of the ordinary citizen. After JNU fiasco now they are making issue out of chanting of patriotic slogan like Bharat Mata Ke Jai. Recently Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis  stated that those who can't praise Bharat Mata don't have the right to live in this country.

Yoga guru and strong supporter of ruling government Baba Ramdev went notch ahead and stated that if not for his respect for rule of law he could have beheaded those who refuse to chant Bharat Mata Ke Jai. Other than criticism from opposition parties, no action has been initiated against Ramdev for this controversial remark. Infact health minister of BJP ruled state of Haryana came out and defended Mr Ramdev. It is unfortunate that union government is not initiating any acion against Ramdev, though his statement is extremely provocative in nature. People should understand that chanting of patriotic slogan is not compulsory under Indian constitution. BJP should stop using its supporters and Sangh allies to create communal atmosphere in the country. After failing to fulfill promises made during 2014 general election they are resorting to these diversionary tactics. But for their short term political goal, they are inflicting long term damage on the social fabric of the nation.








Readers’ Forum




Interview yet to be conducted

Dear Editor,

Through your esteemed daily, I would like to bring to the notice that the Directorate of Elementary education, Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh has not conducted the interview of PGT or TGT reserved for Meritorious Sportsperson and Person With Disability which was advertised via Advertisement no. EED-2/342/APT/2013.

Interview of General and ST category has already been conducted 3 months back which was advertised at the same time and even their merit list has been notified on 23rd December 2015.

Therefore, I request the concern authority to conduct the interview as early as possible, as we are eagerly waiting for the interview.


Nading Pertin, RGU




T-20 world cup finals

Dear Editor,

Hats off to women and men West Indies cricket teams for lifting the ICC World Twenty 20 crowns. Hats off to Sourav Ganguly, CAB and the administration of West Bengal for successfully staging India - Pakistan match and then again two T-20 world cup finals.

When some TV advertisements are consolidating the slavish myth of equating confidence, success and popularity with fair complexion, it is really nice to see how dark-and-lovely women and men cricketers of West Indies outplay their fair-and-lovely opponents in every department of the game. It is time to realize that we all are powerful and beautiful irrespective of our colour, caste, class or creed. Australian women's and English men's cricket teams must also be congratulated for making the finals so absorbing. Finally, we should applaud Virat Kohli for winning the man of the tournament laurel. But for him, India could not have reached to the semis.


Sujit De, Kolkata




Kolkata bridge collapse

Dear Editor,

This is in response to Poonam I Kaushish's article titled “Kolkata bridge collapse” (April 5).

If there is one culprit in the Vivekananda Road flyover collapse, then it is none other than the contractor of the project ie the Hyderabad-based IVRCL firm. However if certain vested interests had went all-out to hand over the contract to the company just for personal monetary gains, despite possessing  the full knowledge of it being black-listed; then they are also not a bit lesser criminal.

As if its supreme callousness and irresponsibility are not enough accounting for 26 precious lives, the officials of the firm were heartless enough to savagely claim that the fatal crash was nothing but a “hand of God”! No mercy should be shown to such inefficient, inhuman and casual firm and its erring officials should be awarded harshest punishment possible (along with their promoters and sponsors) so that nobody can dare to play with the lives of citizens in future.

However this is not the time of playing political games. Neither should the current regime point accusing fingers towards the earlier Left Front Government nor should the opposition parties exploit this tragedy to malign the current regime. Rather all should work unitedly to see to it that the relatives of the victims get duly compensated, injured persons be extended best possible medical treatment and the culprits ie the erring officials of the firm are punished severely.

It seems flyover and bridge collapses have become a regular feature in India cutting across Mumbai, Surat, Hyderabad, Muzaffarpur to Kolkata. On numerous occasions  flyovers, while in  in construction phase,  had given away during the Metro Railway project in that overhyped city named New Delhi. Actually corruption and incompetence with the patronage of political bosses have become the norm of India. No wonder India ranks such poorly in Corruption Perception Index!


Kajal Chatterjee,




Withdraw the case

Dear Editor,

Through the esteemed column of your prestigious daily, Unemployed Youth Association would like to request John Libang to kindly recall the case filed against the Department of Education (A.P)

Thousand of us dream to become “A Nation Builder” by imparting quality education but many of our friends dream will go in vain because within this ensuing two to three months, they are going to cross the upper age limit.

Nevertheless, with mixed feelings, we once again request you to kindly recall the case for the well being of unemployed youth.


Unemployed youths


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