April 08

PM assures Pul to waive off national norms for Arunachal
NEW DELHI, Apr 7: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is reported to have assured to waive off national norms for Arunachal in implementing government policies and programmes
He said this during a meeting with Chief Minister Kalikho Pul in New Delhi on Wednesday.
Pul requested the PM to waive of population criteria and other national norms that forms the basis of grant of development packages and for implementation of government programme and policies in the states of India.
PM agreed to provide centre’s full support and resources for development of Arunachal and said the country’s strength lay in these border areas, said a report from the Chief Minister’s office.
Agreeing to CM’s pleas, PM Modi said his government would provide all assistance to support growth of horticulture and agriculture as well as development of railway networks.
On request by CM for a visit to Arunachal, PM Modi readily agreed and said will be formalized soon.
Chief Minister Kalikho Pul had appealed for a one-time special package to boost the economy and compensate for years of under-development in the state.
CM said the request for one-time grant must not be considered on economic costs of development involved, but on confidence building initiatives that must be taken with respect to Arunachal as a strategic border state.
The appeal for package was based on the report of Dr Raghuram Rajan committee for evolving a composite development index of states, which identifies Arunachal among the “least developed” states in India.
It was time to move beyond the rhetoric of Arunachal as an integral part of India and to initiate real development on the ground, the Chief Minster is reported to have told the PM. For that to achieve, special concession must be granted to Arunachal due to its hard terrain and its strategic importance, said the CM.
He informed on alarming trend of migration of border communities to urban centres, resulting in the emergence of unclaimed and unoccupied lands that allow for ease of intrusion.
To prevent such intrusion, the CM sought support on developing facilities for basic amenities such as foot suspension bridges, culverts, water supply, health facilities, education, power and communication reach.
We must match our development with neighbouring China. Their border areas are well connected with road and air with all modern amenities, while our side is weak on all terms, said the CM.
Stressing on the importance of an immediate rail network in foothills areas, the CM said it would help farmers and local traders to have direct trade link with all major cities in India.
He said Arunachal has tremendous agriculture and horticulture potential but lacks market linkages and said that such initiatives are important to fight opium cultivation in the state as means to provide alternate source of livelihood. (PRO to CMO)

APCC attacks govt on “financial scandal”
ITANAGAR, Apr 7: The Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) has launched blistering attack on ruling government at the reported overdraft incurred, terming it as financial scandal. While demanding white paper on the whole issue, APCC alleged that all the big shots of PPA and BJP party have already drawn their bills in advance due to which small time contractors and others are in trouble.
APCC also claimed most of the development fund has been pumped into Itanagar, so that MLAs of BJP and PPA can make easy money.
"It is understood that all ministers and MLAs of BJP and PPA are not ready to take the development funds to their respective constituencies because their voters will know and they will not be able to pocket the fund. Lots of cheques have been issued in advance for construction of retaining walls in capital complex, but they could not locate the site for the construction and are still hunting for the already constructed retaining walls in state capital", the APCC alleged.
While reminding Chief Minister Kalikho Pul of how he and his party colleagues held series of press conferences alleging financial mismanagement by previous Congress government, APCC wondered how the present overdraft is higher than the previous govt.
"Pul had alleged that previous Govt. had kept all money in civil deposit. Has he withdrawn the money from civil deposit", it said while questioning his efficiency as the Finance Minister.
The Congress party demanded that the Governor JP Rajkhowa intervene on the financial health of the state. "Governor of Arunachal Pradesh is a senior citizen of the North East. Using his vast experience as a former bureaucrat, he should give direction or ask a report from the Govt. as he had done earlier with the previous govt," stated APCC.
Further, Congress said that if timely action is not taken, they will call on the Governor and also the President of India.

NGT suspends Environment Clearance of Bhilwara's 780 MW Nyamjang Chhu project
[ Tongam Rina ]
ITANAGAR, Apr 7: The National Green Tribunal (NGT) has suspended the Environmental Clearance (EC) granted to 780 MW  Nyamjang Chhu Hydroelectric Project, by Bhilwara Group in Zemithang on eco-sensitive stretch of Tawang River basin.
In an order issued on Thursday, NGT said that fresh study should be carried out for grant of EC including public consultation.
The Expert Appraisal Committee (EAC) shall make fresh appraisal of the proposal for grant of EC and take appropriate decision for making recommendations to the Ministry of Environment and Forest and Climate Change (MoEF&CC), stated the order issued by NGT Judicial Member Justice U.D.Salvi and Expert Member Prof. A.R. Yousuf.
The appeal was filed in 2012 before the National Green Tribunal, Principal bench, New Delhi by Save Mon Region Federation (SMRF), a Tawang based group spear-headed by Buddhist Lamas opposing the grant of Environmental Clearance.
The MoEF&CC is also required to make a separate study of E-flow requirement for protection of habitat and conservation of the Black necked Crane.
The locals hold the Black-necked crane as sacred, an embodiment of the 6th Dalai Lama who was a local from Tawang and wrote about the Black-necked crane in his poetry. Only a 3 km stretch of the Nyamjang Chu River is the wintering site of the BNC and the barrage is proposed to come right in the middle of this stretch near Zemithang.
Tawang Basin Study prepared by NEHU in 2014 and commissioned by state govt had already noted the importance of the danger posed to the sacred cranes. The report by NEHU was never made public by the state government though the current ruling by NGT looks like it heavily relied on the study.
It also noted that studies done should be open for public consultation in order to offer an opportunity to affected persons having plausible stake in environment to express their concerns  to facilitate objective decision by the EAC on all environmental issues and open a way for sustainable development of the region.
The SMRF had challenged the grant of EC on faulty Scoping Process, Concealment of information, submission of false and misleading data, lack of application of mind by the EAC at scoping stage, as it overlooked inappropriateness for sitting barrage at the place used by Black necked Crane, non-inclusion of ToR for impact assessment of 7.5MW Khangteng and farcical hearing.
Apart from the black-necked cranes, the valley is also home to other Schedule-I species such as red panda and the snow leopard in the higher reaches and the Arunachal macaque Macacamunzala, a newly described primate species in the area.
NGT took note of the fact that Environment Impact Assessment report does not record any of these facts. “This is a serious omission and it incorrectly states that the area and its surrounding areas harbor no rare or endangered wildlife” it said.
The NGT further states that "hydel power provides eco friendly renewable source of energy and its development is necessary, however, we are of the considered view that such development should be 'sustainable development' without there being any irretrievable loss to environment".
The project involves 23.45km long Head Race Tunnel requiring extensive tunneling in geologically fragile landscape and comprises of eight de-silting chambers and with underground Powerhouse having 6x130MW Pelton Turbines.
The HRT bypasses around 35kms stretch of river between barrage and the powerhouse.

Mein seeks central attention
NEW DELHI, Apr 7: Arunachal Pradesh Deputy Chief Minister, Chowna Mein on Thursday urged the Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Government of India to give special attention to Arunachal Pradesh considering that it is a comparatively young state.
Mein, who also holds the portfolio of Social Justice and Empowerment, was speaking in a conference organized by the Ministry of Tribal Affairs at India Habitat Centre in New Delhi to evolve strategies for overall development of tribal communities.
Mein said that the remote border areas in the state needs to be developed in particular sectors like health, education, agriculture among others to stop mass immigration to the Capital Complex and urban areas, thereby ensuring the overall development of the state.
In the field of skill development, he urged the Ministry to look into the issue of salary and remuneration. He informed that the students, after taking the necessary training, comes to big cities to work only to return to their home state because of financial crunch.
Mein assured that the state government would submit various projects in the sectors for which the funds are released. He requested the government to release the grants in time to mitigate the various needs of the tribal communities of the state, further urging the population criteria to be lifted. He also requested to establish a Tribal Research Institute in Arunachal Pradesh as well as to allot funds for Eklavya Model Residential School at the earliest.
Mein later informed the gathering of various achievements of the state in different sectors, particularly in Agriculture and Horticulture.
Earlier, Union Minister for Tribal Affairs, Jual Oram said that although the literacy rate and health of the tribal communities has increased considerably in the last few decades, it is still low when compared to the rest of the country. He asked for suggestions regarding the upgradation of Eklavya Model Residential School till graduation level in order to ensure that students complete their education. Oram also mentioned that soon, along with population and geographical area, performance of the state will also be given weightage for fund allocation.
Director, Social Justice and Empowerment, Tao Tabin also attended the event.
The conference while ensuring sustainable tribal development, provided a platform to seek active participation and involvement of all the stake holders for evolving a regular feedback mechanism in respect of policies, programmes, schemes and initiatives of Ministry and exchange ideas for ensuring good governance for the tribal population and its overall development in the country.

Monsoon chaos
Massive landslide occurred on Thursday morning near Yupia railway station along the Papu-Yupia stretch of Trans Arunachal Highway (TAH). There was complete blockade and railway passengers had to walk to cross the road. Landslide also damaged the recently completed TAH. It is reported that landslide has been caused by the earth cutting near the highway by private individuals. It remains to be seen whether  Papum Pare district administration will exhibit some courage to take action against those causing damage to the highway. As of now,  Papum Pare and Capital administrations have not learned any lesson from the past by turning blind eye to the rampant earth cutting.  

One dies, 6 houses gutted in Itanagar
Staff Reporter
ITANAGAR, Apr 7:  One Achu Lida(48) of Upper Subansiri district was  reportedly charred to death, when a devastating fire accident broke out in wee hour here at C-II sector Itanagar and gutted six dwelling houses including family barrack and a govt quarter, informed police. According to Fire Service, ravaging fire broke out from late Achu Lida’s resident and engulfed six houses within short time, however cause is yet to be ascertained, police added.
The fire service team had to face the agitated residents as the fire tender was unable to dispense water while houses were being ravaged by fire. It is said that fire tender had technical defects which resulted in failure to control the fire from spreading.   
By the time another fire tender arrived from Naharlagun, the houses had burnt down completely including valuable belongings.
On being asked for the reason of defective fire tender, SFO squarely blamed Fire Service, SP for not releasing fund for repair and maintenance.
The affected family members included Kime Yari, K. Lombi, Bulu Gogoi, Krishna Chetry and Asin Pertin.  Local MLA Techi Kaso and DC Capital Complex Sandeep Kumar Singh who visited the spot, assured relief to the fire victim.

Pakke Tiger Reserve releases photo-catalogue
[ Dr. Nandini Velho ]
ITANAGAR, Apr 7: Pakke Tiger Reserve recently released a photo-catalogue of the activities conducted by the department during April 2015-2016.
“Each year is usually action packed and we conduct at least thirty to forty activities on different fronts” said Tana Tapi, the Divisional Forest Officer of Pakke Tiger Reserve.
Under his leadership, he has been able to raise money to provide rations at all anti-poaching camps in addition to logistic support such as uniforms, sleeping bags, shoes, t-shirts, leach guards, raincoats and day-sacks.
This has enabled staff to go on patrolling expeditions, which are often ably led by the Rangers of Pakke Tiger Reserve. The staffs have also rescued several Burmese pythons, a king cobra, keeled-box turtle, sambar and barking deer – often risking their lives to venomous snakes and sometimes rescuing drowning animals.
In addition, there are several small prizes and certificates given to staff to keep them motivated such as the most number of shots on target during weapon’s training. Training has been done for staff and the local community. This includes a weapon’s training, training in camera trapping for tigers and co-predators, EDC training, book-keeping and accounting, mushroom cultivation etc.
Further students from VKV School (Seijosa), various schools of Tippi-Bhalukpong, NERIST and other educational institutes have been taken into Pakke throughout the year. Public leaders from the Tippi-Bhalukpong area were also taken on an awareness visit. “Since 2014, we have had more than 300 visitors who have come to our Tippi nature interpretation centre”, said Kime Rambia, the Tippi Range Forest Officer.
The forest department has also been involved in larger societal activities such as cleanliness drives and giving CGI sheets and concrete posts as alternates to house-construction.
Encouragingly, study groups from Shergaon and other places came to Pakke in 2015 to learn about its model of conservation.
In terms of wildlife, Pakke is teeming with many interesting species. In 2015, the department got a photo-capture of a tigress and cub in the same frame. It was the same year where there were three new individual tigers that were never photographed before. Tuskers that were once poached and seldom seen are also coming back. In the elephant census they counted 259 elephants out of which 14 were tuskers. (Dr Velho is a Ph.D from James Cook University, Australia)  

Simai assures phase wise development
NAMPONG, Apr 7: MLA Nampong-Jairampur, Laisam Simai who is on tour of the constituency, arrived at border town of Nampong and addressed a public meeting organized by Nampong SDO K Tikhak.
Describing and informing various plans and programmes of the state government, Simai briefly explained the sectors prioritized to improve and asked the public to be a part of the change.
He revealed that few years ago, proposal was made for nine model degree colleges across the state but only six has been sanctioned and the three which happens to be in eastern belt including Jairampur has been neglected by the previous government. “We hope the new government will sanction the three model degree colleges of the eastern belt soon,” he added.
Acknowledging the spreading menace of drugs addiction, Simai assured to rehabilitate the addicts provided they commit to lead a drug free life after the rehabilitation. “Drug addiction is a social problem and it is time that we all come forward to rescue them,” Simai appealed.
He asked the unemployed youths to prepare for police recruitment rally that will be organized soon. Further Simai emphasised on self reliance through agriculture and horticulture. “In this regard we are already distributing free arecanut and tea saplings to the beneficiaries. Other than agri-horti sector we don’t have other scope to flourish,” he said. He once again reminded the officers residing in Jairampur leaving their posting place to relocate to their original place of posting so that local public access the benefits meant for them.  
ZPM Nampong, R Morang, ZPM Rima, Putok Rumikam Tikhak, ASM Machum, Injoy Tikhak and BJP Jairampur block Mondal president L Mossang proposed the means to deal with drug menace and rescue the addicted youths from its grip as well as assured to support the legislator in all the development and social activities.

Mission Indradhanush launched in LDV, L/Subansiri
ROING, Apr 7:  Lower Dibang Valley DC, Ravi Dhawan launched mission Indradhanush programme organized by the District Health Society under the banner of National Health Mission at District Hospital here on Thursday.
Speaking on the occasion, the DC hoped that the medical team would surpass the target in the third Phase of mission Indradhanush and further urged the PRI members to spread the message at grassroots level for successful conduct of the mission.
Stressing the role of village council and PRI members, DC said that their involvement is vital as they are having first hand information of all pregnant women and children of 0-2 age group at their respective villages.
‘A primary responsibility lies on us to prevent easily preventable diseases like Polio’, DC further said and appealed to the medical team to reach out to all remote areas despite various constraints.
District RCH officer, Dr. R Mena in his address also informed that only 65% of children are vaccinated in the country and to cover the left out groups the programme has been implemented. In totality 8 killer diseases can be prevented, if vaccination is properly taken and enough awareness is generated among the masses, he informed.
In Lower Dibang Valley the programme will be conducted 7 days in a month and continue for 4 months i.e upto July 2016, he further informed.
The programme was attended by Roing DMO, Dr. D Wange, DTO, Dr. SJ Mitapo, ZPC, Sipi Elepara SP, T Ringu, ZPC, Sipi Elepara, Raja Liggi, Anchal Chairperson, HoDs, Medical Officers and officials also spoke on the occasion.
At Lower Subansiri, the programme was launched by DC Kemo Lollen at General Hospital Ziro the same day. The DC exhorted all the health workers to take up the immunization program with sincerity and advocated for integrated efforts from all ASHAs, Anganwadi workers and PRI members.  
He further said that the objective of the programme is to immunize left out and drop out children during the routine immunisation in the district and to raise the immunization rate of the country upto 90% in the next five years.
Among others DMO Dr. Moli Riba, DRCHO Dr. Derin Likar, Medical Superintendent Kime Horming were also present on the occasion. (DIPRO)

50 years of Mopin celebration a proud journey for Galos; Rijiju  
AALO, Apr 7: Mopin has been a guiding force to maintain the rich cultural heritage of Galo community and as it enters its golden era of celebration at community level it is a proud moment for the community, said Kiren Rijiju, Minister of State for Home, while inaugurating the Golden Jubilee Mopin Liin at Gumin Kiin on Wednesday.
Conveying his Mopin greetings, Rijiju lauded the committee members for their efforts to take it to a new height through wide range of activities to expose it in the nook and corner of the country. Recalling pioneers of the Mopin celebration, Rijiju stressed on preservation of old age folklores. The turnout of all cultural troupes from other North Eastern states is a noble direction to integrate and assimilate the varied cultures of our region, he said.
As part of the celebration, the MoS inaugurated the Pinku Pinte Lekar and released rich varieties of fishes into the water body. The Golden Jubilee Mopin souvenir- ‘DWGO YAAMO’ was also unveiled by Rijiju.  
Renowned Bollywood singer Adnan Sami, who was also part of the celebration, enthralled the huge gathering in the cultural evening with his songs.
Among other Deputy Speaker, Arunachal Legislative Assembly, Tumke Bagra, MLA Jarker Gamlin and West Siang DC, Pige Ligu were present in the celebration.
GJCMCC President, Doi Ado and Secretary GJCMCC, Henrik Basar deliberated on the background of 50 years of celebrating Mopin, activities undertaken and its mythological aspects. DIPRO
RUKSIN: Rituals including Mithun sacrifice, worship of Mother Earth for bumper harvest and well being of the living bodies besides grand cultural extravaganza, which marked Golden Jubilee Mopin Celebration at Ruksin in East Siang district has come to a an end on Thursday evening.
The five-day programme conducted by Mopin Solung Celebration Committee of Ruksin (MSCCR) included competition folk dance and modern group dances, house to house ‘Popir Pogo’ and community feast. Adi and Galo people of all walks of life participated in different occasions of the festive celebration.
The organizers conducted a two-day Musical Nite to mark the Golden Jubilee year of Mopin.
The inaugural function of the main celebration held on April 5 was attended by East Arunachal MP, Ninong Ering and local MLA, Tatung Jamoh along with a host of government officials. MLA Jamoh, in his address urged the community people not to mix traditional culture and religion, while MP Ering hoped that communal harmony and better understanding would prevail through the celebration.
Addressing the occasion, MSCCR General Secretary, Tajong Panyang informed that villagers of Ruksin would jointly organize other festivals of Adi and Galo communities in the future.
The mythology of Mopin celebration was explained by celebration Committee president, Y Potom.
In Basar circle, Mopin was celebrated with traditional fervour and enthusiasm at Todak Basar Stadium and organised by Central Mopin Celebration Committee, Basar 2016.
Attending the celebration on April 5, Minister Education Wanglin Lowangdong called on Galo community to continue contributing towards socio-political, educational and cultural development of the state.

APSCW, APCSOA calls on CS, submits memo
ITANAGAR, Apr 7:   A team of Arunachal Pradesh State Commission for Women (APSCW) led by its Chairperson Mitali Tingkhatra called on Chief Secretary on Thursday.
The team which comprised of Vice-Chairperson Nabam Yabang Boria and members Hage Yasung, Yame Higio, Kani Nada Malling and Tem Yabi apprised the CS about the increasing crime against women and child in the state, appealed her to set up a separate Child Right Commission to ensure prompt delivery of justice to the children.
The members also submitted a memorandum to the CS seeking early creation of ministerial post and enhancement of honorarium of the Commission’s members.
Meanwhile, a delegation of Arunachal Pradesh Civil Service Officers Association (APCSOA) led by its General Secretary Likha Tejji and Vice President Tayi Taggu also met the CS the same day and apprised her about the various issues of the state’s civil service officers.

Preparedness reviewed ahead of monsoon
PASIGHAT, Apr 7: East Siang District Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) on Thursday held a meeting with the officers of various government departments to review preparations ahead of the South West monsoons.
Reviewing the progress for the disaster management in the district, DC cum DDMA, Isha Khosla has called on the officials concerned of the district to take all possible steps before arrival of the monsoon to deal with any eventuality. Since incidents caused by natural disaster are unpredictable, better coordination among different departments/agencies involved in disaster management must be established, she said. All the preparations must be completed on time to deal with incidents like landslides, heavy rainfall, cloudbursts during monsoon season.
As a precautionary measure, she directed District Disaster Management Officer to identify sensitive and hypersensitive places and to update contact numbers of all the officials concerned and public representatives. The DC also directed the district health department to ensure proper arrangements of medicines and necessary health care facilities in all hospital and health centres. She categorically instructed the Dy. Director of Food and Civil Supply to store adequate food items for Mebo and adjacent villages and EE Power to take all preventive and appropriate steps for the monsoon season ahead.
The DDMA directed the Municipal Council and Urban Development departments to remove silt from the drains of the township ahead of the rainy season. DIPRO

Doctors need in-service training: Dr. Lego
PASIGHAT, Apr 7: “More doctors need in-service training”, stated the Jt. Director of Health Services (T&R) Dr. Kabang Lego, while attending the valedictory function of the ten days long in-service training for doctors of East Siang, West Siang, Upper Siang, Dibang Valley and Lower Dibang Valley districts held at the Pasighat General Hospital conference hall on Thursday.
Eleven doctors attended the training imparted by the state trainers Dr. Bombei Tayeng Toko, Sr. Gynecologist, Tomo Riba State Hospital, Naharlagun and Dr. Gagam Dai, Pediatrician, General Hospital, Pasighat.
Dr. Lego said that the training offered the participants a chance to exchange knowledge, experiences, boost cooperation and get updated on advanced technologies for improving the quality of healthcare services. During the training, participants got a chance to become familiar with advanced medical equipment used in obstetric care and newborn care during pregnancy and child delivery in health institutions, to reduce the Maternal Mortality and the Infant Mortality as a whole. Later he gave away certificate of participation to the trainees.
Earlier, DMO Dr. M Perme advised the participant doctors to implement the knowledge they gained during the training in true spirit in their respective health centers. Their advancement will help them a lot in their regular practices and will ensure reduce in mortality rate. Taking privilege, Dr.Perme informed that World Health Day was observed on Thursday throughout East Siang District in a befitting manner. DRCHO Dr. T Gao also shared his views and experiences. DIPRO

APST to introduce new vehicles
ITANAGAR, Apr 7: The Arunachal Pradesh State Transport (APST) is introducing 28 new buses and 24 Sumos to reinvigorate the transport service. This was informed by APST General Manager Abu Tayeng in a zonal review meeting of APST held at Tinsukia in Assam on Thursday.  The zonal review meeting was attended by senior Station Superintendents of five East-Zone stations.
During the meeting, new concept for digitizing the date base of buses was mooted.  
Earlier, Chief Minister in his budget speech made an announcement of Rs 20 crore for procurement of new buses.
APST GM further reviewed revenue performance of respective stations in which Namsai station achieved more than the revenue target set.  
Present status of buses and new routes were also reviewed. Later, the team led by GM visited the site of proposed zonal workshop.
Construction of workshop would relieve the burden borne by Karsingsa workshop. The pending bills for hired vehicles by various agencies, especially police were also discussed. To have an effective working system, the GM suggested the station superintendents to use whatsapps and email.  

AASSATA sets  week’s time for salary
ITANAGAR, Apr 7: The All Arunachal Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan Teachers’ Association (AASSATA) has threatened to go for democratic movement if the three months pending salary from January to March is not released within a week’s time. The Association has written to the Education Minister in this regard.
The Association had met the Education Minister on March 19 last with its demands for batch wise regularization of SSA teachers, implementation of RTE Act & enhancement of salary and disbursement of salary on monthly basis.

Spread CSR activities, Pul tells NHPC
NEW DELHI, Apr 7: Chief Minister Kalikho Pul requested the NHPC Ltd not to confine their (Corporate Social responsibility (CSR) activities to project-affected areas only.
In a meeting held with the Chairman & Managing Director, NHPC, on Thursday, CM said.
Informing that state government had accorded priority to health and education, as he requested the NHPC to focus on health and sanitation facilities in schools.
Also informing on the state’s plan to develop small hydropower projects, he enquired if NHPC could help in this sector.
NHPC informed that the company has provision of Rs. 50000 for construction of toilet facilities. On developing small hydro projects, NHPC said they could help develop it but have to execute starting from survey investigation to commissioning of the project.
The meeting also discussed on pending NHPC projects in Tawang and Lower Dibang Valley to which the CM assured full support and cooperation. (PRO, CMO)

PMC Councilors cry foul against Chief Councilor
ITANAGAR, Apr 7: A group of councilors of Pasighat Municipal Council have alleged Chief Councilor, Denong Tamuk of misuse of official power and position, land encroachment, misappropriation of municipal fund and lack of transparency in official dealings.
The release added that funds have been approved and sanctioned by incumbent Chief Councilor by awarding work orders and supply orders to near and dear ones. Cash has also been withdrawn from the bank through PMC cheque illegally, alleged the release.
Further it stated that although the councilors of concerned wards are answerable to the public of respective areas, the councilors of PMC hardly have any knowledge of developmental activities. The programmes and policies of entire PMC are prepared by Chief Councillor in a self styled manner without any consultation with other or respective councilors of what development is required in the area for the people. Such activity has raised questions on the integrity, transparency and capability of the incumbent Chief Councillor, due to which no new project of PMC has been implemented, it added.

Cultural presentation mark Mopin celebrations
ITANAGAR, Apr 7: Colourful cultural presentation by the students marked the Golden Jubilee Mopin celebration programme organized by the Galo Aao Society, Delhi held at Arunachal House, New Delhi on Apr 5 last.
The programme was attended by IPS officer and Chief Security Advisor, Indian Oil, BK Ravi, former AAPSU General Secretary, Domin Loya, DRC Arunachal Bhawan, KN Damo, RC Arunachal Bhawan, Marto Bagra and former General Secretary ASUD, Tomo Nomuk.

Meet after Diyun fiasco
ITANAGAR, Apr 7: A coordination meeting was held on Sunday at Diyun to discuss the situation arising out of March 29 incident. The meeting was attended by head of the departments, PRI leaders, Ex-PRI leaders, HGB, GB, village headman, public leaders and representatives of civil society and student unions of Diyun Circle.
The meeting termed March 29 incident as unfortunate and condemned the unlawful activities that took place.  The member present welcomed the one man inquiry committee instituted by the state government to enquire in to the incident. Since complete normalcy has been restored, the member appealed to the people within the state and outside to stop false, provocative and negative reporting about the incident in print, electronic and social media. Repeated incidents of attacks and assaults upon the local administrative officer and destruction of the precious public properties was vehemently condemned. The huge gathering took pledge to maintain and promote rule of law, proactive cooperation and social harmony under Diyun Circle. The meeting also decided to streamline the discrepancies and problems arising out of parallel functioning of HGB/GB and traditional village headman among Chakma and Hajong Community.
The meeting was chaired by Extra Assistant Commissioner of Diyun Tagam Mibang. Prominents speaker during the meeting included ZPM Pintri Singpho, Anchal Samity Chairperson Provawati Deori, OC PS Pradip Kalita, ex-ZPM RC Deori and ex-Anchal Samity Chairperson TNN Innao.

Maintain status-quo on encroached land: CCLAPF
ITANAGAR, Apr 7: Expressing shock and anguish on the action of the Capital administration for serving eviction orders to few illegal land encroachers of government land, the Capital Complex Land Affected People’s Forum (CCLAPF) has stated that status quo be maintained as per the government constituted committee.
The forum has also urged the Capital administration to exercise restraint and honour the directives of DCM and government constituted committee.
In a release, the CCLAPF stated that a Deputy Chief Minister had also instructed to halt the eviction process till the government takes final decision. The matter was conveyed to the DC, Itanagar Capital Complex on March 17.
Further the forum has decided to stage a protest cum meeting at E- Sector, Naharlagun on April 9. Stating of fighting against the eviction order, the CCLAPF has also requested the state government to expedite process to resolve the issue.

36th BJP Foundation Day  
AALO, Apr 7: The 36th Foundation Day of Bharatiya Janata Party was observed by District unit at Aalo on April 6. The Mandal Office of 31-Aalo East was inaugurated on the occasion by MoS for Home, Kiren Rijiju and Dy. Speaker Arunachal Legislative Assembly, Tumke Bagra.
The District BJP unit Aalo also mourned the sudden demise of Marmi Sora Tali, President District Mahila Mandol and prayed for her departed soul.
Meanwhile, the foundation day was also observed at Koloriang, Kurung Kumey by the District BJP unit along with Mandals of 19-Nyapin and 21st Assembly constituency. District President, Tadar Deven, District Executive Committee as well as Booth level and Mandal level Presidents spoke on the occasion.

Guv condoles Kamla Advani’s death
ITANAGAR, Apr 7: Governor of Arunachal Pradesh JP Rajkhowa has condoled the demise of Kamla Advani, wife of BJP leader Lal Krishna Advani.
In his letter to L K Advani, the Governor extended heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family members and prayed to the Almighty for eternal peace of the departed soul. (PRO to Governor)

AAPLU allege misappropriation of labour fund
ITANAGAR, Apr 7: The All Arunachal Pradesh Labour Union (AAPLU) has alleged misappropriation of Rs 4 crore from the labour welfare board fund for labour barrack and guest house during 2012-13.
In its report submitted to the chief minister, the union claimed contractors are occupying the labour guest house, labour barracks and renting them out.
It also sought action against the erring officials of the APPWD and PHE&WS alleging them of not handing over the completed buildings to the department.

Former teacher and social worker dies
ITANAGAR, Apr 7: A former teacher and a prominent social worker of East Kameng, Gyodi Dadda has died at his residence in Bazaar Line, Seppa on Wednesday after prolonged illness.
Dadda was 75 years old. Born in 1941 at Jeju Dadda village, he was the first person from the district to join the teaching profession.
He had to quit his studies after class 5 due to the Chinese aggression in 1962. He later joined as a teacher in 1963. He is survived by his wife, 3 sons and two daughters.
Meanwhile, the Dadda Welfare Society (DWS) has deeply mourned his untimely demise and termed his death as a great loss to the society and the state.  

Workshop on DSLR movie making
ITANAGAR, Apr 7: Arunachal Photography Club in collaboration with Nikon India conducted a two day DLSR Movie Making Workshop on April 4-5 at Itanagar. Kishore Kumar Kalita and Anindo Basu, Technical Engineer, Nikon) led the workshop which was held for free of cost.
Theory classes were held at an Itanagar hotel, followed by practical class at Mopin Solung Ground. Participants, mostly members of Arunachal Photography Club from different districts attended the workshop on movie making with DSLR camera, said Arunachal Photography Club President, Hali Welly.
This was the third Nikon India organized workshop in the state.

Deploy police to check illegal logging
ITANAGAR, Apr 7: Alleging that rampant illegal logging has been taking place at Seijosa and Dissing-Passo Circles, the All Pakke-Kessang, Pijerang, Dissing-Passo, Seijosa Students’ Union (APPDSSU) has in a letter to the ADC Seijosa on Tuesday appealed to him to immediately deploy police personnel in the said area to put a stop to such illegal activities.
Claiming that the Forest department has failed to check logging in various areas under the said Circles like, Jully-Lanka, Goloso, Nallah No.8, Sibong, Taroboso, Dayaso etc, via Dareng and ND bridge (Pakke River) of Assam, the Union appealed to him to direct the Khellong Division DFO and the Seijosa Police Station OC to engage a mobile team to nab illegal timber suppliers at the earliest.
The Union further threatened to resort to democratic action in case its demands are not met with.

World Health Day
TAWANG, Apr 7: World Health Day was celebrated at Shyaro village, Tawang by Rogi Kalyan Samiti Lhou. The day long programme started with a talk on culture of health followed by free medical camp and village health and nutrition. The team consisting of chairperson RKS, senior medical officer, block community mobilizer, nurses, ASHAs, anganwadi workers participated in the programme. Villagers were given medical advice and free medicines distributed. DIPRO





Wrong direction

The National Institute of Technology (NIT) Srinagar is embroiled in controversy for the last few days. The whole problem started last Thursday after West Indies knocked India out of the World T20. Some Kashmiri pupils allegedly celebrated with firecrackers and shouted "anti-national" slogans after India lost the match. Enraged, some non-Kashmiri students ran around campus with a Tricolour, shouting 'Bharat Mata ki Jai' in protest.

Since then tension prevails in the campus. The non-local students also clashed with police inside the campus. To contain the situation, on Wednesday centre rushed a probe team to the campus amid widespread condemnation of alleged police brutality against hundreds of non-Kashmiri students. The representative of non local students who met the probe team placed certain demands which include freedom to daily hoist national tri-colour at the main gate, shifting of the campus to Jammu and building of a temple inside campus. What started as clash between two groups of students has taken communal colour. The demand for a temple building inside the campus is illogical and against the spirit of education. As per Indian tradition, the educational institutions itself are considered as temple of learning. Also in NIT, the students from various believers study. If all of them start demanding construction of their place of worship, then NIT will no longer remain an educational institute. It's unfortunate that instead of focusing on education, the students are interested in construction of temples. They have every right to protest against the alleged pro-Pakistani slogan raised by Kashmiri students but they should not make it as Hindu versus Muslim issue.







Readers’ Forum




A clarification on sealing of shops

Dear Editor,

Apropos to the news item which appeared in your esteemed daily on 23rd March 2016 under caption '17 illegally constructed shops sealed' reported by DIPRO Lohit, I wish to make some statement regarding the same.

1.   That the report sent by DIPRO was misleading. The 17 shops which were sealed by the administration on 23rd March 2016 at Tezu were not illegally constructed or illegally occupied.

2.   The 17 shops which were sealed were constructed upon the land which was under my occupation for several years with essential documents. All the document were submitted to administration on 2005. Only because the land was not regularized, the administration is claiming that the land was illegally occupied.

3.   And the fault lies with the govt because the Deputy Commissioner is not regularizing the land, even though I have written several petitions to the govt to this effect as a law abiding citizen.

4.   As per a Govt, notification No. LM-102/2010, dated Itanagar 24th May 2012, the govt had clearly instructed all the Deputy Commissioners, Addl. Deputy Commissioners to regularize Govt, lands which are under the occupation of private individuals after conducting proper survey as per existing Acts and Rule and thereafter collect land premium and land lease.

5.   But defying the govt instruction the district administration is not regularizing the land rather it is causing me severe mental and physical agony.

6.    In Sept.2014, the district administration sealed my shops which situated nearby NH13 stating that it would hamper the broadening of the road. I kept silent and waited patiently.

7.   However, when the broadening of the NH13 was going on, I noticed that it was not touching my plot. Therefore on completion of the road, I started my business therein.

8.   Conversely, to my surprise on 17* March 2016, the SDO cum Estate officer sent me a notice directing me to stop business or vacate the plot immediately. And eventually sealed my shopping complex on 22nd March 2016 without intimating me.

9.   The action of the District Administration was inhuman. Since there were several small scale shop keepers who were running their business in the complex and supporting their families. The shops were their only source of livelihood and they were entirely dependent on the shops to earn and feed their family members.

I beg to repeat once again that the news report which appeared in your esteem daily is lopsided; the shops were not illegally constructed upon encroached govt. land.

However, through your medium, I would like to request to the district administration not be harsh upon me and several poor shop keepers who are dependent on the shops for their survival. And I humbly appeal to the district administration to regularize my plot immediately and lift the eviction notice enabling all the poor shop keepers to earn their daily bread.


Kalimso Chapei




Nationalism – A doubt for the BJP

Dear Editor,

The chanting of “Bharat Mata Ki Jai” has become a most debatable and controversial topic in the country with the BJP leaders spearheading the ladder. The controversial subject has insulted the very existence of parts of the Fundamental Rights which is incorporated in the Part III of the Indian Constitution which was created by the Constituent Assembly under the Chairmanship of Dr.B.R. Ambedkar of the Drafting Committee.

“Bharat Mata Ki Jai” a slogan has become a mouthpiece these days, for the BJP leaders chanting of the same is the sign of patriotism and nationalism towards the country.

And so they are all set to make it compulsory for every single citizen of the country though there has been no official declaration by the present BJP led Union government. For instance, suspension of Waris Pathan, an AIMIM MLA from Maharastra Legislative Assembly over his refusal to hail Mother India and an educational trust in Gujarat headed by BJP leader Dilip Sanghani has paralyzed the Right to Education (Art. 21A) for the students seeking admission in the institutions run by the trust if students don’t write “Bharat Mata Ki Jai” in their application form will lose admission. The act of the trust can be best equated with the British policy of conversion of Hindus, Islams, Jains into Christianity.

The legacy of nationalism has come under doubt for the BJP workers for they believe that chanting of “Bharat Mata Ki Jai” is the appropriate slogan for showing patriotism towards the country whereas “Hindustan Zindabaad” holds the same ground like the former do. These acts of the BJP have murdered the part of the Preamble of the Indian Constitution by curtailing the liberty of thought, expression and faith. An indirect attempt of the BJP workers to make the culturally diverse country into a monochromic country has put a question on the democratic principles. No matter what will be the future consequences as of now BJP has lined themselves with the very ideology of ‘Hindutva’ and making every effort to turn the multicultural country into a Hindu country, for e.g. Beef Ban.

As a conscious citizen of Hindustan I’m very well aware of my rights, liberties and duties towards my country and so I request the Union Ministry of Home Affairs to kindly intervene in the matter as soon as possible for the greater interest of our ‘Hindustan’ and bring back the lost glory of our ‘Mother India’ .


Takhe Apa





Difficulty of being an Indian

Dear Editor,

Just after the sloganeering controversy emanated from JNU and subsequently settled, the country is now pitching for another sloganeering controversy, Bharat Mata ki jai. It seems it is the season for slogans. The controversy seems to be mounting as political parties started to pile up their opinions on what it meant to be nationalism and who is a nationalist. It all started from the RSS chief who proclaimed the need to teach the youth of the country the importance of this slogan which was once shouted by the brave freedom fighters as they embraced death with a smiling face.

Asaduddin Owaisi went a step ahead by challenging the RSS Chief saying he won’t even raise the slogan even if a knife is put in his throat. According to him, the slogan has really a religious flavor and his religion does not support it. Fatwa has been issued against the chant of slogan and the controversy has become more intense as Baba Ramdev jumped into the fray.  He says their throats should be slit if they are not ready to raise the particular slogan praising their motherland. Listening to the arguments and counter arguments, certain questions naturally crop up. What is wrong in raising a slogan such as Bharat Mata ki jai, the slogan which actually triggered off the collective emotions of a country against the British; at the same time should it actually be the only parameter that is set to prove someone’s loyalty to his country. Who is actually banking on the emotions of the common man by trampling on his passionate feelings for his motherland?

After all, what is wrong in considering the country as our mother rather than depicting it as a piece of land? Defaming the country has become a fashionable passion for at least some sections of the society and media. The unpardonable silence by the so called intellectuals across the country is seriously questionable. Fortunately nobody is returning their awards. They seem to be hiding inside the shells that they have designed and sharpening their claws to come out with more ferocious comments to pass and subsequently mislead the country. Surprisingly, after six decades of independence we are still debating on the fact that what is nationalism and who is a nationalist? Nationalism is a belief that every Indian espouses and feels to be proud of. But why should the country, being treated as mother be actually questioned, if it is to be seriously questioned, then what should it actually be treated as. Nobody gives an actual answer. What would the national parties hope to gain from these controversies, when the five state assembly elections have already started? A 45 day long electoral process will ultimately culminate and come out with a big bang result on May 19. New political equations are drawn across these states with some of the ailing horses of the National Parties are still panting to take the ride with full force.

The sloganeering controversies seem to have less vigor to bring about any impact on the election results. Local issues pertaining to anti-incumbency and corruption might overshadow the prospects of parties. But, as a nation, we need to be responsible enough to define topics that we need to actually debate on. Being a country with a wide variety of complicated issues to be urgently addressed and solved, we need to create more and more platforms where we can promote creative discussions. Nationalism needs to remain unquestionable with no shadow of doubt clouding on it because we are a nation and nationalism is the spirit that ultimately nurtures us.     



VKV Sher


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