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Create healthy atmosphere

The report of an assault on data entry operator working for Aadhar enrollment process at the office of Circle Officer, Banderdewa is deeply worrying and exposes the ugly side of state. As per media report, the assaulter was not even arrested despite filing of FIR and was let off with just minor warning by the authorities. This is very strange and it is incident like this which encourages the wrongdoers to commit crime without fear for law. The authority concern should have taken strong action against the assaulter in order to send out a strong message.

The incident is grim reminder of how difficult it is to implement development agenda in the state. Many private companies who tried to invest in the state have left due to hostile attitude of local people. These include several hydro power developers and companies engaged in road construction activities. Because of this majority of road projects under Trans Arunachal Highway has bitterly failed. Also despite being blessed with enchanting natural beauty, Arunachal still fails to attract tourists on large scale. Unless people of state create healthy atmosphere no private companies will make investment in Arunachal. The citizen needs to understand that government will not be able to provide job to all of them. Therefore, there is need to woo private industries in order to create employment opportunities for the youth. Everyone will have to contribute in order to make Arunachal, a prepared destination for the investment.








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Thank you for standing by us

Dear Editor,

In our times of despair we have been touched by the immense support and solidarity shown by every citizen of India towards the cause of justice for my son Higio Gungtey.  In this respect, we would like to extend our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to  P.B Acharya, Governor of Arunachal Pradesh, Vajubhai Vala, Governor of Karnataka, Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh, Pema Khandu, Union Minister of state for Home affairs, Kiren Rijiju, ,Nyishi Elite Society president Bengia Tollum and his team, Hawa Bagang, president, AAPSU and his team, Byabang Joram, President, ANSU and his team, Khyoda Daniel, General Secretary, ANYA and his team, Gora Rikam, President, AKDDSU with his team, i Ngurang Pinch, Ex- MLA 14th Doimukh, Khyoda Mariam, president,  Nyishi Nyem Acham and  her team,  Councilors Gora Lotak, Lishi Yapu, Kabak Taka, Kipa Tarish and other councilors of IMC, Arunachal Pradesh Youth Congress, Arunachal Indigenous tribe forum,  Mitali Tinghkatra, chairperson, APSCW and her team, Deepti Bengia Tadar, president, APWWS and her team, eminent women activist of Arunachal Pradesh Tadar Yadir , Gumri Ringu, Jarjum Ete, Maya Murtem and others , Khyoda Apik, Patey Tayum Chairman, ACS, Nabam Pehi, General Secretary, Arunachal Pradesh Catholic Association  and his team, Byabang Taji Ex ANSU President, Jekke Tako State President, YCC,  Bengia Augung, President, NWS, Apatani Youth Association, DYCC Daporijo,  all the government officers and officials, leading dailies of Arunachal Pradesh and media persons  and all the citizens of Arunachal Pradesh cutting across community, religion and gender for extending us a helping hand in our difficult times and showing your solidarity by actively participating in the protest rally held in Itanagar on 16th March 2017 for the racial inhumane atrocities committed  against my son Higio Gungtey by his landlord B.Hemant Kumar.

We would also like to  give our thanks to Dr. Rini Ralte, President of North East Solidarity, student organization of Northeastern states at Bangalore, Students and teachers of Christ University, Bengaluru and all the likeminded people who actively participated in the protest rally held on 16th March 2017 at Town Hall Bengaluru.

In Delhi, we would like to thank the concerned students of Arunachal Pradesh studying in Delhi, Arunachal Student Union of Delhi, North East Student Society, Delhi University, Arun Chetna Manch and members of ABVP Delhi for organizing a peaceful Dharna at Karnataka Bhawan and Jantar Mantar on 15th March 2017. We would also like to thank the committee formed for the justice of Higio Gungtey under Chairman Rikar Dini.

In Shillong, we give our thanks to Arunachal Student Union of Shillong for organizing a peaceful rally in support of our son. In Varanasi we are thankful to the students of Arunachal Pradesh studying in Varanasi, Dr. Vandhana Jha, Associate professor of  BHU Hindi Department and the members of ABVP Varanasi for spearheading the fight of Justice for our son and organizing a rally on 19th March 2017.

We sincerely regret if the name of any person or organization has not been mentioned.


Dr Higio Tama and

his family members





MP making mockery of democracy

Dear Editor,

It is sheer disgusting to hear the recent assault to an Air India employee by Shiv Sena MP Mr Gaikwad. Things have even gone worst when the said political party is protecting for this devil act and have gone to street to support for that goon MP. The MP displayed arrogance instead of answering to media. His excuse is that he got annoyed as he did not get to travel in business class and demanded apology for inconvenience. That was a childish act that he refused to de board from the flight at New Delhi airport. The police has not taken any action despite FIR has been lodged by the victim. Democracy in India is under threat by these so called ‘netas’ who continues violating the duties and rights of citizen. There are many such incidents took place. Their behaviours are unacceptable and implicitly unethical.  There are ethics and moral code of conduct for parliamentarian but it seldom followed. They forget that they are accountable for public who voted for them.   Citizen expect quest for good ethical behaviour. Now the question is who will bell the cat. If Shiv Sena failed to take the action against him then the responsible government should do exemplary punishment for this violence against public servant. MP should be disqualified by parliament on date of criminal conviction. Should Attorney General of India give advice to the Government of India upon such vandalism? Government is bound to go by the advice of chief justice of India.


Kamal Baruah





Govt has done its part

Dear Editor,

Since time immemorial, political parties have engaged in rhetoric about curbing black money and corruption. It was all tough talk until the midnight of 8th November, 2016 when PM Narendra Modi declared that Rs 1000 and Rs 500 would no longer be legal tender. The liberals have always shied away from making hard decisions. However, given the popular mandate in 2014 Lok Sabha elections, the chaiwallah decided to play it bold rather than safe.

The monumental mismanagement noticed by Dr. Manmohan Singh, an economist of high repute was evident to all as well. The shortcomings were evident from the frequent shortage of new denominations note in banks and ATMs. Owing to the confidentiality of the move, this was expected. Reports poured in of mass discontent among the public: the shopkeepers and traders especially. Some demanded that the PM be charged for murder, as around 80(figure varies from different sources) lost their lives in this drive.

As Arvind Panagriya, vice chairperson, NITI Aayog, said, "This greater formalisation of the economy is essential for transformation into a modern economy". And this modern economy could only be achieved by casting-off the evils of black money, parallel economy and counterfeit notes.

After a period of 4-5 months, however, the positive effects of demonetisation is quite evident.

The GDP for the current fiscal year is still pegged at 7.1%, far healthier than independent forecast post demonetisation. Plus, India still retains the tag of world's fastest growing economy. Many people in possession of unaccounted money have opted for Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana (PMGKY) which ends in March 31. PMGKY is a amnesty programme in the aftermath of demonetisation, which aims to facilitate deposit of unaccounted money without persecution to the holder, but deducts charges and penalty. Moreover, it has dealt a body blow to funding of terror activities in Jammu & Kashmir as well as Left-wing extremist violence across several states. It has brought the parallel economy to miniscule size.

Although this evil practices will sprout back up in no time but the govt has done its part to curb and control it. And for this, the govt draws appreciation.


Ajitso Tayang




PM on food wastage and depression

Dear Editor,

Apropos PM Modi’s 30th  edition of Mann Ki Baat, where he urged people not to waste food. It is said India is a rich country with poor people. Every time we think of wasting even a morsel of food we should recall Gandhiji's Talisman and recall the face of the poorest person seen and remember that millions of people on this planet go to bed without food. Though we discuss technological advancement and identify with spirituality, yet it is difficult to digest that millions are hungry & would agree with Mahatma Gandhi's quote "To a man with an empty stomach food is God" Let us pledge that if we can't feed hundred people, at least feed one.

On the 30th Edition of PM's Mann Ki Baat, he spoke about depression which was timely and valuable. Often loneliness and the inability of the students to open up their bottled-up feelings to the right person ,who can give timely & correct advice, makes them take some extreme step. Teachers, Parents & even classmates should be trained to spot in students, the warning signs like depression, lack of enthusiasm, sudden withdrawal from friends, their falling grades, low self-esteem and most importantly devote time to listen to their fears and anxieties.


T.S.Karthik,  Chennai







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China warns India against allowing Dalai Lama to visit Arunachal

BEIJING, Mar 31: For the second time in a month, China on Friday warned India of "serious damage" to bilateral ties if it allows the Dalai Lama to visit Arunachal Pradesh as Beijing asked New Delhi to honour its "political pledges" on the Tibet issue.

"We are seriously concerned about the news. On the eastern section of the China-India border, China's position is clear and consistent," Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Lu Kang told media here on Friday, responding to a question on the Dalai Lama's upcoming visit to Arunachal Pradesh.

China claims Arunachal Pradesh as part of south Tibet.

"The Dalai clique has long been engaging in separatist activities with inglorious record. India should be very clear with the true nature of the Dalai clique," Lu said.

"But despite this, India still invited the Dalai Lama to visit the region. This will have serious damage on bilateral relations," Lu said.

The Dalai Lama will visit Arunachal Pradesh from April 4 to 13.

This is the second time this month that the Chinese Foreign Ministry has aired its objections to the Dalai Lama's visit to Arunachal Pradesh.

"China is gravely concerned over information that India has granted permission to the Dalai Lama to visit Arunachal Pradesh," Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said on March 3.

China has protested to India last year also when New Delhi cleared his visit to Arunachal Pradesh.

"Such visits will have deep damage on China India relations. We have asked India to stick to its political pledges and not to hurt China-India relations. It will come down to India to make a choice," he said.

"China firmly opposes the Dalai Lama carrying out any activities in the relevant region and we have expressed our concerns to the Indian side. We urge India to stick to its political statements, respect the consensus and avoid doing anything that might further complicate the matter," he said.

He said India should not provide any platform for the "Dalai clique and only that way can China-India relation can move forward in a sound and steady way".

"China and India are two major developing countries and we are close neighbors. It is very important for the two peoples to maintain sound and steady China India relations. But such relationship has to be built on certain foundation," he said.

Last year, China also protested the visit of then American Ambassador to India Richard Verma to the area.

The India-China border dispute covers the 3,488 km long Line of Actual Control (LAC).

While China claims Arunachal Pradesh as Southern Tibet, India asserts that the dispute covered Aksai Chin area which was occupied by China during the 1962 war. PTI




Defence Ministry gives its nod for dual use of ALGs

ITANAGAR, Mar 31: The Union Defence Ministry gave a positive nod for dual use of Advanced Landing Grounds (ALGs) in Arunachal Pradesh.

In a letter, dated 31st March 2017, Defence Secretary G Mohan Kumar wrote to the state government that 'scheduled/ non-scheduled (civil) operations from Ziro, Mechuka, Walong, Along (Aalo), Pasighat and Tuting ALGs are being permitted by the Indian Air Force, the CMO said in a communiqué.

It was informed that work on all the mentioned ALGs have already been completed and test landings done in most. The ALGs across the state have been developed by the Defence Ministry and are under the direct control of the Indian Air Force (IAF).

The Defence Ministry has also allowed use of existing building of the IAF at Pasighat ALG as the temporary civil terminal till the state government comes up with its own terminal.

"The IAF has no objection to the usage of the building at Pasighat ALG as a temporary civil terminal," Kumar wrote in the letter.

The Defence Secretary, meanwhile, requested the state government to approach the Union Ministry of Civil Aviation for construction of civil terminal at these ALGs and for scheduled civil operations.

Chief Minister Pema Khandu has expressed gratitude to the Defence Ministry for heeding to the popular demand of the people of the state. He said, with the ALGs open for civilian flights, connectivity in the region would receive a major boost directly enhancing tourism and other commercial activities.

"Civilian operations would also bring succour to the sick and needy who require urgent transportation especially from places like Mechuka, Tuting and Walong which takes days to reach by road," Khandu observed.

The Chief Minister has given instructions to concerned authorities in the state government to urgently follow-up with the ministries and fast track all requisite formalities so that civil operations can be started immediately from the said ALGs.




Ensure safety of Aadhar operators, instructs DC

ITANAGAR, Mar 31: Papum Pare Deputy Commissioner Tai Kaye instructed all the circle and village authorities to ensure safety and security of data entry operators in their respective locations.

The DC, along with District Statistical Officer E M Riram on Friday oversaw the permanent Aadhar enrolment exercise at Tarasso, Balijan and Kimin. It was reported that the enrolment work is in full swing in the DC office Yupia, SDO Office Doimukh, ADC Balijan Office, CO Office Tarasso, SDO Office Kimin and ADC Office Sagalee.

Reportedly, data operators stated that there is no such lingering threat, while adding that they had resumed duty after one day token strike following the physical assault on a data entry operator at the CO office in Banderdewa. (DIPRO)




Kebang appeals for quality Komsing-Sissen road

[ Maksam Tayeng ]

PASIGHAT Mar 31: Expressing happiness over sanctioning of a new road from Komsing to Sissen village under Siang district by the government, the Nogong Banggo Kebang (NBK) has appealed to the RWD to allot the road construction project only to those capable firms having good record, well equipped machineries and financially sound in order to complete the work on time and on sanctioned budget.

NBK President, Tapun Taki said that the road has been their long pending demand. Even after 69 years of Indian Independence, the villages are not connected.

"We have been longing for a proper road connection in our region,

 but we have been neglected by the government for many decades due to which the Sissen Welfare Society (SWS) had boycotted the last Parliamentary and Assembly elections as a mark of protest" added Taki.

"We are very thankful to then DC, Pasighat, Isha Khosla for taking the pain and initiative for the much-desired road by visiting the area. We also give the credit of sanctioning of the road to Chief Minister, Pema Khandu, MoS Home, Kiren Rijiju, MP Lok Sabha, Ninong Ering, MLA Tapang Taloh, ZPM Nugong Banggo, Tajing Taki and SE, RWD, Er Nyai Regia, all of whom have truly contributed for the  fund sanctioning of the road," quoted Taki.

People of Nugong Banggo have been living under much hardship, without road and other basic facilities since long so the sanctioning of about 40 KM starting from Komsing to Sissen village by the central government has finally brought light of hope among the people of Nugong Banggo.




IMC submits smart city proposal to Ministry of Urban Development

ITANAGAR, Mar 31: The Itanagar Municipal Council (IMC) has submitted the final proposal of Itanagar Smart City to the Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India on Friday.

Itanagar being the capital city, has been included and allowed to participate in the third round of the Smart City Competition amongst other cities in the country. The process of preparation for the Itanagar Smart City Challenge kicked off during mid November last year.

IMC Executive Engineer Tadar Tarang, who is also the Nodal Officer of Smart City Itanagar, informed that the ministry was happy with the preparation and submission of Smart City Proposal, Itanagar.

Unlike other cities, no error or doubt on the proposal of Itanagar Smart City was found by the accepting authority Sanjay Sharma, Under Secretary MoUD, GoI, claimed Tarang.

The submission event was also attended by Director Town Planning and ULB Amoy Morang, CMEO IMC Habung Lampung, IMC Deputy Chief Councilor Tarh Nachung and the PWC consultant for Itanagar Smart City.




Illegal construction dismantled at Sonajuli

SONAJULI, Mar 31: in all, eight illegally constructed dwelling houses within Government Seed Farm, Sonajuli, under Banderdewa circle were dismantled during an eviction drive carried out by a team of officials, police and paramilitary forces led by the Circle Officers (COs) of Banderdewa and its Headquarters (HQs) on March 31.

Earlier, Capital Complex Deputy Commissioner cum District Magistrate, Prince Dhawan in an order under section 144 CrPC had prohibited entry of private individuals inside the seed farm except officers and staff working in it. It further ordered to stop all ongoing construction works or human activities with immediate effect till further orders.





Cloudburst in Dirang

DIRANG, Mar 31: An incident of cloudburst has been reported from Dirang Nadipahar near the SDC's office on Friday.

Though no loss of life has been reported, one store of PHED, a fish shop, two four wheelers and one motor bike were damaged in the incident, which occurred at around 3.30 pm, informed Dirang ADC Dagbom Riba.

Two earth movers have been pressed into service to remove the debris. Assessment of properties lost or damaged is being carried out by the local administration.





Minister assures more kerosene quota for Kra Daadi

ITANAGAR, Mar 31: The All Nyishi Students' Union (ANSU), in a release, informed that the Minister for Food & Civil Supplies, LM & Consumer Affairs etc. has assured to allocate/provide 12 K Oil quota for Kra Daadi district from April this year.

The minister assured this when a team of the students' union placed a single-point memorandum before the minister urging him to allocate/ provide the demanded quota of kerosene oil for the district, the ANSU informed.

The demand was made by the union after witnessing during its visit of those areas that most of the schools, including Government Secondary School Tali, Government Secondary School, Yangte and Chambang etc. have not been electrified yet and the students studying in those schools were completely dependent on government-supplied kerosene oil for their studies during night hours.

The ANSU team also visited various schools in Pipsorang, Tali, Yangte, Gangte, Tarak-Langdi and Chambang circle during December 2016 and found that there was an acute shortage of kerosene too in those areas, causing hardships to the students.




CM flags of Tamut’s maiden Everest expedition

ITANAGAR, Mar 31: Promising Mountaineer from Arunachal Pradesh Taka Tamut is gearing up to ascent Mount Everest-the world's highest mountain peak.

He is the lone mountaineer from the state for the International Everest Expedition-2017, participated by climbers from across the globe.

The expedition will begin on April 7 from Kathmandu, Nepal.

Chief Minister Pema Khandu flagged off Tamut's maiden Everest expedition here on Friday, in presence of Ministers Tamiyo Taga and Dr Mohesh Chai, Sports Secretary Dani Salu and Director of Youth Affairs D K Dinglow.  

Pema wished him and all other team members a safe and successful expedition.

Tamut thanked the Adi Baane Kebang for encouraging him and hailed Cabinet Minister Tamiyo Taga for extending financial support. He also thanked Decathlon, Guwahati and M Mart Naharlagun for sponsoring his expedition.





Orgs demand action as AE allegedly assaulted

ITANAGAR, Mar 31: An Assistant Engineer of Boleng WRD, Tomo Pertin was allegedly assaulted by one Obuk Tapak in between Aalo and Boleng near Samshanghat on Thursday.

Reportedly, Pertin was on duty and the incident occurred when he was returning from Aalo. The miscreant, Tapak allegedly followed the vehicle of Pertin and physically assaulted him without any provocation, the report said.

It is also said that Obuk Tapak is the DCCI General Secretary of Siang district.

An FIR along with medical report has been lodged at Aalo Police Station on Friday.

Meanwhile, the Kepang Erang Kebang (KEK) and Pertin Bodum Baane Kebang (PBBK) vehemently condemned the physical assault on its member, Tomo Pertin.

The KEK and PBBK called upon the law enforcing authorities of Aalo to take serious note of the crime committed on a government officer on duty and conduct the investigation for punishment to the miscreant as per the laws of the land. Both the organizations have decided to continue to fight for justice to its member.

Further, the organizations also appealed to the state government to take serious note of the case and instruct  subordinate authorities for necessary corrective  measures so that  such incidents are not repeated again. It is a mockery of the state government as government officers are attacked in broad daylight by miscreants, it said.

The KEK and the PBBK also appealed to the Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee to remove Tapak from the party post. "We should discourage people like him from holding any post in any political party," the organizations said.




Separate time-zone for north east

[ Marli Kamki ]

The demand for a separate time zone for the North East Region (NER) is not a new one. It has been made since the last many years by various organisations and individuals, including the North East Students' Organisation (NESO) across the socio-political spectrum.

The present time zone, so-called the Indian Standard Time (IST) is a uniform one which came into existence soon after independence on 1st September, 1947 following a vertical line that runs 82.5'E in Shankargarh, Mirzapur near Allahabad (UP). At that time, when this uniform standard time was devised, the founding fathers of the nation might have unanimously felt that it was in the best interest to have a single time zone.

However, this August, it will be nearly 70 years since the country got independence. Times have changed. In today's fast moving modern era, where India is often seen as the one of the fastest growing economies and its North Eastern states serving as an upcoming trade and industrial corridor, it is totally wrong to have an impractical time zone set up in the post colonial era.

Some historical facts: If one turns across the pages of History, one can clearly see that the British followed at least three time zones across the Indian sub-continent. This was done to maximise daylight working hours, conserve energy and follow the Sun as it moved from its extreme east to the Western part. Till 1948, Eastern India followed the Calcutta (Kolkata) time; till 1955, Western India followed the Bombay (Mumbai) time and in the North east, where there were numerous tea gardens and other plantations and cottage industries, the Bagan time was followed. This Bagan time is still followed in most of the tea gardens of Assam.

Time zones followed in other developed countries: Countries, especially those having larger areas across the globe have been following multiple time zones to suit their interests in overall aspects. The US follows nine time zones, China follows five, Russia follows nine, etc.

How the Indian standard time is affecting the overall growth of the state: One can clearly sense the absurdity of the Indian Standard Time which is definitely not in the interest of the overall development of the North Eastern states so to say Arunachal Pradesh in particular. Dong, a small hamlet situated in the eastern most part of the state is the first to receive sunlight in the country. Literally speaking, we are the first state in the country to receive sunlight.

Nowadays, people are usually up by around 5-6 AM. But the state and central government offices, including the courts do not open before 10 AM. These offices are mostly shut by 4 or 5 PM with most of the employees leaving office even before that. Even a layman can sense that at least three to four of daylight hours are being lost every day. It is worse for many private business establishments and other commercial activities which are generally dependent on financial institutions which generally follow the IST. Say, a hotel owner or cloths shop owner, who needs to gets his cheques cleared or other works, loses more than three and half hours, if he/she opens shop by around 7 AM. For a fast developing region/ states like the North East and Arunachal Pradesh in particular, the IST has been proving to be a deterrent. I think perhaps this is one of the main reasons for slow pace of development in the region and the lack of a proper work culture in various North Eastern states. The uniform time pattern has literally made the people of NER lazy, both physically and mentally.

Recent judgments: Recently, the Gauhati High Court dismissed a PIL filed by one Rita Das Mazumdar seeking direction to the central government for having a separate time zone for North East India observing that "It is within the domain of the GoI to decide whether present system of a single and uniform standard time throughout the country should continue or not." The court was told by the union government that a high level committee constituted by the Ministry of Science & Technology, GoI had already dealt with this issue. Thus, the committee had recommended continuation of the present uniform standard of time. It had also recommended that the work timings may be advanced by one hour in the eastern states, in order to gainfully utilise morning hours and to provide better recreational avenues during evening hours.

Way forward: A proposal to divide India into multiple time zones was mooted by the then Union Minister of Science & Technology Kapil Sibal as late as 2014. This very proposal was brought down in the Parliament within no time. In light of legal setbacks vis-à-vis, the creation of a separate time zone for the North east, one can only comprehend that not every matter of public interest can be imposed on the government by the Judiciary. What we need now is a strong political will, followed by a unanimous public opinion with regards to the subject matter. People, especially those sitting at North Block, should rise above politics.

India, stretching nearly 3,000 Kms from East to West, should have at least two or three time zones. The demand follows an economic logic. This will also boost productivity and definitely propel growth rate in the region and the country as well. Through proper campaign and awareness programs, a strong public opinion can be developed. For such a demand to be effectively mooted, organisations like NESO, AAPSU etc, individuals, Parliamentarians and state governments across the North East Region have to come together. With the present union government giving its prime focus to accelerate development of the NER, I do not see any logical reason why the demand for a separate time zone for North east should not be fulfilled anytime soon. (The writer is Secretary Debate, Symposium & Seminar, AAPSU)




Governor attends workshop on India-Japan Partnership for Economic Development in NER

KAZIRANGA, Mar 31: Speaking at the workshop on India-Japan Partnership for Economic Development in North eastern Region on March 30 at Kaziranga, Assam, Governor of Arunachal Pradesh and Nagaland, P B Acharya stressed on the need for such workshops that endeavour to discuss the opportunities and challenges of the two countries.

The Governor made an emotional address to the delegates to put result-oriented focus in such deliberations. Acharya also lauded the richness of northeast India, calling it a region which welcomes others with a NAMASTE (Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Manipur, Assam, and Tripura) and spoke on the need to invest in areas of education, energy and employment.

The Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations (ICRIER) and Japan International Cooperative Agency (JICA) had organised the workshop on India-Japan Partnership for Economic Development in NER from March 29 to 30 last.




3-month skill dev training under ESTP concludes

ITANAGAR, Mar 31: The three months skills training under "Employment through Skills Training and Placement" (ESTP) component of Deendayal Antyodaya Yojana National Urban Livelihoods Mission (DAY-NULM) concluded at Skill India Training Centre on Thursday.

Altogether, 40 beneficiaries were imparted training on Trade-Field Technician (Computing & Peripherals).

The skills training programme, held under the banner of the State Urban Livelihoods Mission (SULM), Directorate of Urban Development & Housing, Itanagar was conducted by Training Provider - SynchroServe Global Solutions Pvt Ltd and training partner Tajuk Technologies Pvt Ltd, in collaboration with Itanagar Municipal Council, Naharlagun.

The beneficiaries, who have successfully completed the training, will further go through an assessment for certification by Electronics Sector Skills Council of India under Sector Skill Council and will also be provided opportunity for setting-up self-employment ventures and salaried jobs.

Interacting with beneficiaries, Sameer Nitik, Mission Manager, (Skills and Livelihoods), SULM, Directorate of UD explained the different future perspectives and schemes through which the trainees could opt for self-employment ventures and salaried jobs in government and private sectors.

Vikram Singh, Program Coordinator, Tajuk Technologies Pvt Ltd explained about the Self Employment Program (SEP) component of DAY-NULM and how they can take benefit from SEP for gainful self-employment opportunities.




DA cautions against Transmission line

PASIGHAT, Mar 31: In view of the test charging of the 132 KV Pasighat-Roing Transmission Line  any time after March 27, the East Siang District Administration  has cautioned the people  of  the district, particularly Mebo Sub-Division and Pasighat area to avoid unauthorized climbing of  tower or contact with conductor or parts, which pose risk to life and safety.

“It will be very dangerous to come  to direct/indirect  contact with the high voltage line,” the DA said. DIPRO




APSCS&T adopts young innovator

ITANAGAR, Mar 31: Responding to an instruction from the office of the Chief Minister and Chairman of the Arunachal Pradesh State Council for Science & Technology (APSCS&T), the APSCS&T has decided to adopt young innovator from New Galaxy Academy, Anang Tadar.

The Council has agreed to support him in patenting his innovations through Patent Information Centre (PIC) under APSCS&T and all other possible help for his innovative research works.

Anang Tadar on Friday met Chairman (APSCS&T) Bamang Mangha in his office chamber and interacted with him. The Chairman of the Council encouraged the young innovator and agreed to extend all possible help in his research works.

Joint Director Dr Debajit Mahanta and Project Scientist (PIC) Terpo Ronya of the Council also interacted with Tadar.




STS Tawang revenue collection increased

ITANAGAR, Mar 31: The Tawang unit of State Transport Services (STS) has collected a whooping amount of Rs 72,92,954, surpassing its target of Rs 54,11,226 within 23,0115 kilometers.

The STS Tawang has managed to achieve the phenomenal feat of 135 percent, exceeding its own target. This was informed by Arunachal Pradesh State Transport Services (APSTS), General Manager Abu Tayeng here this evening.

"Such an achievement in revenue collection would not have been possible without able officers, like Station Superintendent T Taggu", said GM Tayeng. It is said that SS Taggu has had a record of surpassing revenue targets in the last few years.

Tayeng stated that the commendable performance by the Station Superintendent of Tawang was also achievable due to the support and cooperation from Chief Minister Pema Khandu and Lumla MLA Jambey Tashi, who had provided three new buses from their respective MLA LAD funds. Acknowledging the CM and MLA's support in boosting public services, the GM appealed to all area representatives to assist the department in providing hassle-free public transport services from their MLA LAD funds for procurement of buses.

Impressed by the performance of the Station Superintendent of Tawang, Transport and Supply Parliamentary Secretary, Likha Saaya also congratulated Station Superintendent Taggu for surpassing the target. The Parliamentary Secretary added that the new feat would encourage other stations to perform with similar zeal to take public transport services to newer heights.




CLC & NFC delegation meets CM

ITANAGAR, Mar 31: A delegation consisting of Central Longte Committee (CLC) and Nyishi Festival Committee (NFC), headed by CLC Chairman Lokam Kani and NFC General Secretary Amit Bengia on Friday called on Chief Minister Pema Khandu to apprise him about the importance and significance in preservation of the oldest festival of the community, Longte.

The delegation briefed the CM about the philosophy behind the celebration of Longte, the only festival amongst the Abotani groups wherein no animal sacrifice is made as a part of the celebration.

The Chief Minister appreciated the Central Longte Celebration Committee for making an honest effort towards zealously guarding the rare and important festival, which he opined could go a long way towards preservation of animals and birds, both domestic as well as wild. Pema also expressed his happiness over the fact that hunting in any form was made taboo during the festival season, adding that this was indeed unique and should be invariably emulated by the other tribes of the state.

The Chief Minister assured all possible help and support towards the grand celebration of Longte festival and also urged the delegates to create more awareness on protection of wildlife, which is facing grave danger due to reckless hunting.

Minister for PHED & IPR Bamang Felix and Parliamentary Secretary (Home & Education) Pani Taram were also present during the meeting and actively participated in the discussion.  

It is worth mentioning that the culture of seeking donations from VVIPs and high dignitaries has been done away with since 2012 onwards as it is against the spirit of Longte festival celebration, informed the CLC. (DIPR)




College teachers meet RGU VC, submit memo

ITANAGAR, Marc 31: The Arunachal Pradesh College Teachers' Association (APCTA) has demanded immediate restoration of the deducted 14 days of summer vacation of college teachers from the Session 2016-17 and enhancement of remuneration for tabulation, evaluation and other confidential works in connection with various university examinations.

In this regard, a team of the CEC of APCTA, led by its President T G Tago on Friday met Vice Chancellor of Rajiv Gandhi University Professor T Mibang and submitted a four-point memorandum for early redressal of the demands.

Other two demands were provision of 50 percent reservation in seat/ quota for PhD programme (Subject wise) for in-service candidates or college teachers and entitlement of the Associate Professor of Colleges to act as full/ independent supervisors for PhD programmes in congruence with other universities of India.




DC reviews MI and IPPI

AALO, Mar 31: The District Task Force Meeting was held under the chairmanship of West Siang Deputy Commissioner Gamli Padu to review achievements in Mission Indradhanush and Polio Immunization in West Siang district on March 30.

Padu stressed on realistic targets by involving the PRIs to reach the target groups while implementing such national programmes,

Stressing that the administration should have been informed of shortage of power supply beforehand, he also suggested continuing the programme with available power resources. He further said that proper directions will be given to all administrative officers to conduct meetings at their level on movement plan.

District Medical Officer Marbom Basar laid emphasis on IEC and supervisory plan to make it more vibrant, while DFWO Kengo Ori gave detailed briefing on many rounds of MI, IPPU and cold chains block wise.

The DPM, DCM and other medical officers from various health centres also put forward their suggestions and problems on functioning of cold chains, electricity, communication and other shortages and problems. (DIPRO)




Mopin starts in Aalo

AALO, Mar 31: The 10-day long Mopin Festival, organised by CMCC Aalo got off to a flying start with the inauguration of cultural extravaganza by West Siang Deputy Commissioner Gamli Padu at Gumin Kiin on March 30 last.

Speaking on the occasion, Padu said that "festivals represent our culture and culture gives us a distinct identity. We have orally transmitted versions of myths, mythologies, folklores and folktales, which are associated with the growth and development of tribal societies, handed down from generations in the absence of written script". He also encouraged proper documentation and preservation of age old culture for future generations.

"It is a rare platform and an occasion to promote mutual understanding, universal brotherhood and spreading goodwill messages to different clans of the Galo and various other communities", he said.

DIPRO Gijum Tali, CMCC Cultural Secretary Kenli Ete and CMPCS President Degam Ete spoke at length on cultural events, origin, development and efforts made to preserve the age old culture. The cultural competition on day one of the competition focused on folk dance and Anne Yunam. (DIPRO)




BASU calls for early start of highway works

BASAR, Mar 31: Claiming that 95 percent highway works affected people are satisfied with the   compensation amount, the Basar Area Student's Union (BASU) has appealed to the District Administration to complete all formalities and begin work of the highway in Basar area at the earliest.

Requesting the administration not to entertain 'any unnecessary complaint' regarding compensation, the BASU said that it has held discussions with the Panchayat leaders and concerned officials and found that there was no trouble regarding compensation.

"Properties like vegetable sheds, which are under the Basar Panchayat, have been compensated for in their accounts. A compensation amount, which was released in the name of one individual, that too as per advice of the Panchayat members has also been accounted in the Panchayat account," the Union claimed, adding that confusion regarding compensation has also been cleared in a meeting convened by the Arunachal Pradesh Women's Welfare Society, Basar unit on March 22 last.




Skill development for urban poor

ITANAGAR, Mar 31: A skill development training programe for urban local poor people was launched at Urban Development and Housing, Koloriang and Anini, under the NULM.

The   training started on March 29 under the banner of Arunachal Pradesh State Urban Livelihoods Mission (ARSULM) by training provider AISECT Pvt ltd.  

The Deputy Director of Urban Development and Housing of Koloriang informed that the training is especially for local urban poor people to enable them in setting up self-employment ventures. The training will fill the skills gap, he said while advising the trainees to make best use of the training.




Training for unemployed youths continue

PALIN, Mar 31: As part of the phase-wise two week training programme for unemployed youths of the state, Palin Circle Officer, Rido Tarak inaugurated the programme on 'House Wiring-cum-Electrician' for the youths of Kra Daadi district at Palin on March 31.

Organised by the Manghi Welfare Society (MWS), 35 youths will be offered the training, which is supported by the Department of Social Justice & Empowerment and Tribal Affairs, under the Skill Development Programme funded by the Ministry of Tribal Affairs, GoI.

Speaking on the occasion, the Circle Officer exhorted the participants to take full advantage of the opportunity and grab the facilities provided by the government agency through the NGOs.

Earlier, MWS President Ngurang Tado highlighted the objective of the training and informed that similar training programmes would be imparted at Deed for Lower Subansiri district youths and other districts simultaneously.

ASM Tassar Punam and social worker Tassar Rakap also spoke on the occasion.




Green Badger team plants trees

ITANAGAR, Mar 31: Green Badger team of DC office Koloriang, under the supervision of Deputy Commissioner Kanki Darang and ADC C Chukhu on Friday planted more than 100 Nahar trees. The team will also continue to take care of these trees which were planted in the boundary of Government Higher Secondary School. A team member will visit every Friday and prepare a report on the growth of the planted trees.