April 17


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Arunachal Pradesh launches Organic Mission

ITANAGAR, Apr 16: Arunachal Pradesh took a major leap towards healthy and sustainable agriculture on Saturday with the launch of the State Organic Mission at the state Banquet Hall by Union Minister of State for Micro Small and Medium Enterprise, Giriraj Singh.

With this, the state hopes to shift to organic farming in a phased manner and promote Arunachal Pradesh as an organic state.

Terming Arunachal Pradesh as an agriculture heaven, Singh said that the people here have been abundantly blessed with all of nature's resources, adding that organic farming will ensure that Arunachal Pradesh becomes a major agro-tourism destination. Asserting that "it is pertinent to add value addition to agriculture and horticulture produces by changing the raw product into something new through different processes", he reiterated that "Without value addition, it would be a meaningless venture."

He also assured to look into the problems endemic to the state and ensure that these are looked into.

Minister Agriculture, Wangki Lowang said that Arunachal Pradesh has always been traditionally organic, with the farmers having excellent advantage on natural farming system. He identified the problems of marketing and said that the government is looking at opening agro-based incubators in all the districts of the state.

Lowang appealed to the Union Government to reserve one bogie per month in the train from Naharlagun to Delhi exclusively for carrying the agri-horti produces of the state. He further requested the government to identify a dedicated market in Delhi in a start up basis to sell these produces.

Lowang also requested the state government to procure only organic foods for any state government programmes as a way to encourage the farmers, saying that the focus should be as much on disposing the products as on its production.

Minister Industries, Tamiyo Taga also appealed to the Union Government to provide some sort of fencing scheme for the state. He reasoned that animals like cows and mithuns (gayal) are not domesticated here, which results in trespassing and the crops being eaten away. Taga, a practitioner of organic farming himself, said that the only source of discouragement for the farmers is the lack of market avenues because of which farmers suffer huge loss. He hoped that the Union government will look into this matter and that imports from other states would be banned after Arunachal is declared as an organic state.

 Chief Secretary Shakuntala D Gamlin in her keynote address also reiterated that Arunachal Pradesh is by default an organic state as the use of chemical fertilizers is infinitely small in the region as compared to the rest of the nation. She said that the state has vast resources of its own including cultivable land, agriculture and horticulture produces that are world class. With proper connectivity, Gamlin said, the state will be able to make agriculture as the main contributor to its GDP.

She also said that organic farming will ensure that the state has remittance economy and that the youths need not depend on government jobs.

Secretary Agriculture, Government of India, S K Pattanayak, informed the audience about the various schemes available, including the Mission Organic Farming Northeast, which has been set up specifically to help in the traditional ways of organic cultivation and appropriate management of resources. He assured that sufficient funds will be provided to meet any kind of requirements for promoting organic farming in Arunachal Pradesh.

Pattanayak said, "Notwithstanding the size, kiwis of Arunachal Pradesh are even better than that of New Zealand. The only challenge is to market it right." He appealed to the state government to identify such people who could provide cold storage houses to deal with the perishable items and thereby, its marketing. He is also certain that with the Advance Landing Grounds and the Trans Arunachal Highway coming up, Arunachal will find better marketing opportunities and avenues.

Pattanayak also informed the house that the Government of India will fund a Centre of Excellence at Dirang in West Kameng district to promote floriculture and orchids in the state. With this, the import of flowers from outside can be stopped and the state can use its own resource. He also appealed to the state government for developing saffron in the region and assured help and support in doing so.

With the launch of this mission, the state has outlined measures to discourage use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides in Arunachal Pradesh and gradually substitute plant nutrients by organic manures and bio-fertilisers as well as manage control of diseases and insect pests by biological control measures, along with creating and developing markets for organic food produces of the state.

Minister, Veterinary & Animal Husbandry Mohesh Chai was also present on the occasion.




NES accuses govt of denying development

Staff Reporter

ITANAGAR, Apr 16:  The Nyishi Elite Society (NES) on Sunday accused the state government of giving only lip service and failing the community in various developmental fronts.

Addressing a press conference here at the Press Club on Sunday, NES President Bengia Tolum stated that successive governments have denied the Nyishi community in all developmental fronts.

Referring to the proposal of the Nyishi Heritage Village at Yazali, which was sanctioned at Rs 2 crores in 2013, the NES President said that the project has remained in cold storage despite repeated representations to the government, including Deputy Chief Minister Chowna Mein for early implementation.

Tolum also informed that the project was later shifted to Hoj after verifying its feasibility, but was halted after some alleged vested interest groups filed litigation against the project.

Also reiterating for early creation of Pakke-Kessang and Khamle districts, the NEs said that 'There is no controversy in the boundary of proposed new districts as the entire ground work has been completed, and the government should expedite it."

The apex organisation of the Nyishi community also alleged that though Chief Minister Pema Khandu had announced creation of Khamle district at Raga on the occasion of Golden Jubilee Boori Boot Yullo Celebration on February 5, 2017, nothing appears to be moving forward to make the district a reality.

The NES also requested the government to address long-pending demand of alternate road connectivity from Itanagar-Tarasso-Seijosa and Bhalukpong without touching Assam, as it would serve as an escape route from Assam.

 The society expressed resentment claiming that vital road connectivity is yet to find place in the developmental agenda of the government.  

Also claiming that the Tali ADC  headquarter, one of  the oldest administrative headquarters established in 1957 is yet to be connected by road,  the NES informed that a team of its members had submitted a memorandum to the Chief Minister for inauguration of Kumey bridge but  added that the sincerity of the government is doubtful as the bridge is yet to be completed.

The Society also threatened to stir a democratic movement if the government fails to address their genuine demands, "We want action, not lip service" added the NES President.

Earlier, the NES President informed that the Nyishi Community will observe Decadal Nyishi Day on April 19, 2017.  The community observes Nyishi Day on 19th April each year to mark the removal of the Dalfa word through Amendment in the Parliament on 19th March, 2008.  The President of India gave ascent on 1st April, 2008 and on the next day it was notified in the government gazette notification.  The NES also informed that they are inviting the Bodo Sahitya Shaba President to strengthen the cordial relationship of both Nyishi and Bodo communities. Both communities have signed several agreements to maintain peaceful coexistence and communal harmony.




Unregulated rent houses, a menacing trend

Monday Musing

[ Amar Sangno ]

Amidst growing urbanization, Arunachal is in an infrastructural race; residential and commercial buildings are rapidly springing up everywhere across the state.

Be it illegally encroached or legally allotted plots, private structures are coming up at rocket paced speed.  Towns like Pasighat, Tezu, Itanagar and Naharlagun are spreading from all corners, while towns such as Ziro and Bomdila have less space to spread.

With rapidly growing residential and commercial buildings in every town, regulating rent houses has become one of the most challenging issues for our state, particularly in the capital. Unregulated rent houses are becoming a menace in Itanagar in the absence of a Tenancy Act in the state.

"Staying in a rent house has become troublesome as tenants from poor backgrounds are left at the mercy of whimsical landlords", said a tenant, who was allegedly evicted by the landlord after an unexpected hike in rent.

"I got an abrupt rent hike notice from Rs 6000 to Rs 10000 with a warning from the landlord that either I accept the hike or vacate the apartment within a month", she said, adding that the quantum jump in hike was never justified by her landlord.

There are no guidelines for both landlords and tenants with regards to rent houses in Arunachal.  Rent rate is fixed at the whims and fancies of landlords regardless of the amenities provided to the tenants.

Needless to say, tenants are always at the receiving end. They are subjected to exorbitant security money, sudden changes in rent rates with quantum jump without justification, and unwarranted eviction notices, to name a few. Tenants often accuse landlords of sheer exploitation when it comes to rent rates. In return, it is alleged that most landlords become laidback about providing amenities after signing the agreement with the tenants.

Apart from sheer exploitation, it is reported that the landlords often deny rented apartments to members of the Nyishi community, the unemployed and women. Ironically, Nyishi owners of these buildings also adopt discriminating trends like the rest of the landlords do, resulting in college and university students suffering the most. For them, "hunting for a rent house is as tough as hunting for a job in Itanagar".

In 2014, then Urban and Town Planning Minister Rajesh Tacho tabled the Arunachal Pradesh Building (Lease, Rent and Eviction) Control Bill in the state Legislative Assembly.

Surprisingly, the bill did not sail through in the Assembly for unexplainable reasons. The officials from the Town Planning Department informed The Arunachal Times that there were certain clauses with which the members of the house were not convinced. The draft had laid down guidelines for both tenants and landlords.

Similarly, the NDA Government at the Centre came up with the Model Tenancy Bill 2015, wherein it specifies the rent ceiling to be fixed, and that an agreement should be spelt out on annual increase of rate and no arbitrary eviction can be carried out against tenants without prior notice.

The bill was a relief for both tenants and landlords as it clearly says, security deposit will not exceed three times the monthly rent. For landlords, it gave a relief saying rent ceiling can be fixed by states to be linked to inflation. The bill also states that landlord can terminate tenancy for non-payment of rent and misuse of property after giving a month's notice.

If the bill is passed, the state would have the power to put a cap on rent rates to check arbitrary hikes and it will also liberate the landlords saddled with tenants who have been paying rent fixed as long as six decades ago.

However, in Arunachal's context, the authorities may battle with more complexities in fixing the rate of rent houses as we do not have specified categorization of posh and slum areas in the towns. Questions may also arise on what could be the parameters of classifying the rent rates.

According to Ward No 25 Councilor of Itanagar Municipal Council (IMC) KipaTakum, fixing the rate of rented apartments should purely depend on the location and services provided by the landlord. "Commercial areas should be notified and divided into different zones, we cannot have a uniform rent rate for the entire city" Takum added.

The variation in rent rates in Itanagar and Naharlagun is unabatedly going on everywhere. Some building owners charge double than their immediate neighbours do for a similar building with the same facilities. It is also reported that many tenants are forced to cough up arbitrary high rents or face eviction, and sometimes erring landlords unlawfully force the tenants to forfeit security money.

"Fixing rent rates should be based on the facilities available in the particular rent, like whether it is furnished or unfurnished", said an aggrieved tenant, who is affected by exorbitant rent rates. "Arbitrary hiking of rent ceiling without giving proper justification is utter injustice", he continued, while alleging that landlords are taking advantage of tenants' situations.

Meanwhile, many landlords justify that most unwarranted evictions are carried out by them on grounds of non-payment of electricity and water bills and breach of agreement, like timely payment of rent charge by tenants.

"Landlords have to face difficulties when it comes to local tenants. They do not comply with the rules unlike non-APST tenants," said an elderly woman, who has rented out half of her apartments.

Neither the Department of Housing nor the IMC has records of private residential buildings in the Capital Complex where there are commercial activities, such as running beauty parlours, offices and restaurants.

It is imperative to assign this onerous task to a particular department, perhaps to the Municipal Council to carry out a city survey, so that each residential building, including government allotted quarters can be identified and categorized, depending on their locations.

It appears that the State Legislative Assembly, which often pass bills without a debate is not too willing in passing the Arunachal Pradesh Building (Lease, Rent and Eviction) Control Bill. Until that day, landlords and tenants may place themselves in each other's shoes and come up with a solution that keeps both their interests in consideration, and be less bitter about each other.





Centre reviews GST preparedness in Tawang

TAWANG, Apr 16: In a review meeting held at the DC's Conference Hall on Saturday to take stock of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) preparedness in Arunachal Pradesh, Secretary (Revenue),GoI, Hasmukh Adhia enquired about the total number of registered dealers, report on VAT, excise revenue collection and regarding dealers who have already migrated to GST.

Adhia also took note of the trainings imparted to the officers at various levels and stressed on making the offices at districts well equipped with computers and internet facility for proper implementation of the Act. He advised that firms with high turnover should migrate to GST at the earliest.

Regarding pending submission of PAN cards, he directed the concerned officers for ensuring submission of the same for generation of Provisional ID and Access Token.

On being apprised about the low net literacy amongst the dealers as one of the major impediments, he opined that  an entrepreneur or a trained person may be engaged for assisting those with less know-how of computer knowledge. Further, he reviewed the status of the network service providers and took stock of the hindrances and reasons leading to poor net connectivity. The meeting also saw the Secretary explaining about various provisions under the Act.

Commissioner (Tax & Excise) Marnya Ete, DC Tawang Sang Phuntsok and officers from BSNL, Railtel, Airtel, Vodafone and registered dealers of Tawang district attended the meeting. (DIPRO)




District Legal Services Authorities meet

ITANAGAR, Apr 16: The Arunachal Pradesh State Legal Services Authority (APSLSA) on Sunday organised an orientation programme as well as the All Arunachal Pradesh Meet of District Legal Services Authority at the conference hall of the office of the State Authority, Itanagar.

The orientation programme consisted of four working sessions, wherein APSLSA Member Secretary, Budi Habung spoke on providing legal services to the weaker and marginalised sections of society, working of Legal Services Authority in Arunachal Pradesh and NALSA Scheme and their effective implementation, while Finance & Account Officer, Tanyang Tatung spoke on Government Accounting Procedures along with a PPT presentation, which covers the procedures regarding Governmental Accounting Procedure, such as GFR Rules, preparation of budget, submission of annual statement. Dani Belo spoke on RTI, victim compensation and utilisation of NALSA fund etc.

 During the programme, it was apprised that the various DLSAs in the state had disposed a total of 737 cases with settlement amount of Rs 8,31,20,642 in 2016.

The event was also attended by the chairpersons and secretaries of various District Legal Services Authorities.




GPF resents lackadaisical attitude of state govt

ITANAGAR, Apr 16: Representatives of the Galo Society, comprising of the GWS, GPF, GYO & GSU have castigated the state government for disregarding the sentiments of the community and failing to address its popular demands.

Accordingly, an emergency meeting was held on Friday to discuss the situation arising out of the third phase of bandh call declared by the Galo Students' Union (GSU).

While endorsing and justifying the demands placed by the GSU on behalf of the Galo Society, the Galo Peoples' Front stated that "the state government and its elected representatives were disgraceful and failed the society with their utter muteness."

In response to the lackadaisical attitude, the GPF, along with the conglomerate of Galo societies has decided to boycott the Dinner Party scheduled to be hosted by the Chief Minister and warned of severe consequences to whosoever tries to demean the unity and integrity of Galo Society by attending the same.

Voicing their deep pain and sentiments, the conglomerate stated that no one should try to play cheap politics with its sentiments.




Longte is unique with not bloodshed: Waii

NIRUBJULI, Apr 16:   'Longte is unparalleled among all state festivals with no bloodshed and no donation unlike other festivals', said Home Minister Kumar  Waii as he advocated to make it a state festival.

Addressing Longte festival at Nikum Niya Ground on Saturday braving downpour, Waii said that Longte should be celebrated in all district HQs, instead of only few districts and the Capital Complex, for which he assured to extend support, to the applause of the gathering.

Waii gave a clarion call not to commercialise festivals to maintain cultural values. "Discard all commercial aspects, including food stalls during festivals. Help the poor, feed them," he reasoned.

Planning Parliamentary Secretary, Zignu Namchoom, describing Arunachal as an agri-horticultural hub, said that DyCM Chowna Mein has earmarked funds for development of the sector, terrace cultivation in tune with traditional jhumming practice, besides documentation of rich cultural heritage.

Earlier, the duo joined the selected few to ritually install lemin to draw barricade between benevolent and malevolent spirits.

Highlighting Longte specialty, Nyishi Festival Committee (NFC) chairman Tarin Dakpe stressed on documentation of age-old rich cultural heritage of the Nyishis in original forms without losing traditional and religious values for preservation for posterity.

Later, he apprised the Home Minister that Longte, if made a state festival, would bring multi-faceted benefits for the state by ending bloodshed and promoting protection of rich flora and fauna.  

In his inaugural address of the week-long festival on April 8 last, Capital DC Prince Dhawan had given a fervent call to Arunachalees to take a vow to barricade all modern evils, like corruption,  extortion, gambling, illegal slaughter and adopt honesty and love for harmonious living.

Community level celebration of this prominent socio-cultural-economic festival begun 40 years ago at the initiative of social reformers Begia Tarak, Chelo Tatup and Chera Talo and gained momentum in the Capital Complex since 2012, said Capital Complex Longte Celebration Committee (CCLCC) chairman Chera Taya.

The CCLCC also felicitated many in recognition of their selfless contributions, including state's senior-most journalist Pradeep Kumar, noted film maker Taba Manglam and photographer Tai Gungte.




Two arrested for setting fire at Drupong Reserved Forest

ITANAGAR, Apr 16: A patrolling team led by Deputy Forest Ranger, Biri Tarang, along with officials of Hollongi police allegedly caught two persons, namely Pradip Chakma and Pobangni Chakma red-handed while they were setting fire at the Drupong Reserved Forest area.

The patrolling team has arrested the culprits and handed them over to officer in-charge, Balijan Police Station. A case has also been registered against the duo as per the prevailing sections of law. Meanwhile, the forest officials have appealed to the public to cooperate with the Forest Department and not to indulge in illegal activities.




East Siang farmer nominated IARI member


RUKSIN, Apr 16: Union Minister of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare and president of Agriculture Research Institute (IARI), New Delhi nominated Ojing Aje, a progressive horticulturist of East Siang district as National Board Member of IARI for a period of two years, beginning from March this year.

Meanwhile, office of the Indian Council of Agriculture Research (ICAR) has issued a letter to Aje assigning responsibility to serve the National Agriculture Board for its development and work for the development of human resources in the country as well.

Aje is a native of Ngorlung village in East Siang and he has bagged the Progressive Farmer's Award for his achievement in horticulture. He is known as the first rubber cultivator in East Siang district and has also served the people as Anchal Samity Chairperson of Ruksin block earlier.





Tragedy strikes PPA office bearer Kaling Jerang

[ Maksam Tayeng ]

PASIGHAT Apr 16:  Tragedy struck PPA Secretary General Kaling Jerang, when his ailing mother died after hearing that her son Kaling met with a road accident.

Jerang met with an accident, when his car collided with another vehicle (dumper) at around 5.50 AM at GTC area near JNV turning point on Thursday morning.

Jerang, along with his four children was travelling from Itanagar to his home town Pangin to see his ailing mother.

'I had just spoken to my mother at around 5 am. But, when she came to know that I met with an accident, my mother went into a shock and passed away', Jerang told this reporter from the hospital.  

He along with his children sustained serious injuries and they were immediately taken to Pasighat General Hospital.

Local MLA Kaling Moyong, Deputy Commissioner Tamiyo Tatak and many other political leaders and society heads visited Jerang at the hospital and wished for his early recovery.  





Amanpreet inches closer to win JK Tyre Festival of Speed title

DIRANG, Apr 16: Former national rally champion Amanpreet Ahulawalia asserted his supremacy in JK Tyre Arunachal Festival of Speed here on Sunday, winning four out of the five Special Stages on the second day to stay on course to take the overall championship.

The Noida-based owner of one of the largest rally car workshops in India has a comfortable cushion of 28 seconds going into the third and final day. He cracked the six stages so far in 34.32 minutes, conquering the uphill rides and rough terrain with élan in his turbo charged Maruti Gypsy.

The top seeded rally racer in fray here, K M Bopaiah from Coorg took advantage of his 1600cc Vento's speed to win the last stage of the day, zipping on the one-kilometre tarmac stretch and an easy three-kilometre valley floor. He, however, could not match Amanpreet in the other stages but is still firmly on Amanpreet's tail,

Delhi's seasoned rallyist, Sandeep Sharma held on to his third place, just 24 seconds behind Bopaiah and 52 seconds behind Amanpreet.

"It has been a pretty happening day for us," agreed Amanpreet, riding with Ajay Kumar as his navigator.

"We have a decent lead as of now, but till the time it's actually over, it's never over. So fingers crossed," he added, when asked about his chances of continuing with the momentum and winning the title.

Describing the sections, Amanpreet said: "The first stage was the trickiest today as it was reduced by 4 km due to overnight rain. What is meant was that all the downhill stretches were gone and it became an uphill stage."

Bopaiah, along with his regular partner Gagan Karumbaiah, conceded that his car was not apt one for a rally of this sort.

"We did well wherever speed came into play, but during the climbs and the rougher terrain we struggled a bit," he said.

He, however, was confident that with a little bit of luck he could still make it to the top of the podium.

In the sprint runs for local talent, Babit Lyngdoh continued to reign, enjoying a slight eight-second advantage over his six compatriots after four more rounds on Sunday.

On the first day, he finished with an impressive 2.15.41 minutes and 2.13.30 minutes in two rounds in the Auto Cross and Sprint Cars.

Parliamentary Secretary (Tourism) Pasang D Sona along with JK Tyre Motorsports' head of operations and veteran rallyist Hari Singh had flagged off the rally at Lopon Stadium on Saturday.

The JK Tyre Festival of Speed, supported by the Government of Arunachal Pradesh, took the quaint village of Dirang by storm, with the organisers cleverly choosing different venues and hurdles for each of the stage.

It all began early in the morning, with the drivers testing their mettle against a steep gradient made up of gravel road to reach the majestic monastery atop the hill; it ended even as the sun was quickly going down behind the mountains, with spectators getting a spectacular view of cars racing down the valley into the Sangti river bed.

In between, they had to the sensational hill climb which was almost vertical, extending up to six kilometres. Three competitors gave up the fight after the third stage, leaving the field open for seven top rallyists from different parts of the country.





Sangken ends marking the Theravada Buddhist New Year

[ Chow Bilaseng Namchoom ]

ITANAGAR, Apr 16: The three-day traditional annual water festival-Sangken ended joyfully on Sunday marking the Theravada Buddhist New Year.

Celebrated in the month of April every year, Sangken is observed with lots of enthusiasm and religious fervor and in a very special way by the Tai Khampti, Tikhak Tangsa and Singpho people residing in various parts of the state, particularly in Namsai and Changlang districts.

The three-day festival saw people splash and douse each other with water, which symbolizes spiritual cleansing in order to begin the New Year free from impurities. The water also symbolizes fortune and purity that is said to clear all diseases, sins and bad luck. During Sangken, water is used for washing homes, Buddha statues, the ropes of holy manuscripts, the Bodhi tree, the hands of monks and feet of elderly people and soaking friends and passers-by.

During Sangken, people dress up and light candles and burn incense sticks at shrines where devotees pay homage to Buddha's teachings and invoke the blessings of the Buddha for peace, harmony, good luck, good health and protection from evil influences of Chow Khunkiew. Distribution of homemade delicacies likes tongtep (sweet wrapped in leaf), Khao-mo-sen (fried rice cake), Khao-tek to families and friends add more colour and vigor to the festival.

Fra Loung-a ceremony of bringing out images and idols of Lord Buddha to a makeshift temple, Soun Fra-a water ceremony of pouring and bathing Buddha statues with scented water through lungkong or water fountain, offerings to monks, seeking blessings from the elders, ethnic snacks, Fra Khoun- a ceremony of taking back the images and idols of Lord Buddha to the main temple from the makeshift temple, cleaning and washing the temple premises, presentation of traditional dances and merry making are the major attractions to enjoy the festivity of Sangken.

At Empong and Phaneng, many revelers from far and wide thronged the Empong Buddha Vihara and Phaneng Buddha Vihara for the last three-day festival to celebrate their fortunes for the coming year and to see Sangken's festive best. Empong and Phaneng Monasteries are famous and popular as Ti-Met (Holy place) as it is believed that the statue installed there have special place. Devotees in large numbers participate in Son Fra (to bathe the Buddha and monks) with scented floral water as a mark of respect. The more spiritual aspect of the Theravada Buddhist New Year can be seen here.

At Itanagar, The last three days of the festival was a sight to be seen in the Theravada Buddhist Temple where revelers from other communities also joined in the celebration to douse each other with scented water and to pay their homage to Buddha. The Theravada Buddhist Society Itanagar ensured all arrangement for smooth conduct of the water festival here in the capital. The Theravada Buddhist Society decided to hold and celebrate the Poi-Sangken, a ceremony to end the Sangken festival in the early morning hours of Monday.

The water festival was also celebrated with traditional and religious fervour in Namsai, Chongkham and Phaneng in Namsai district, Tezu in Lohit district, Rima Puttok in Changlang district and Kalioni is Assam.




ZPMs on exposure tour, appeal for development of Longding


RUKSIN, Apr 16: The ZPMs of East Siang district are on a month-long inter-district exposure tour to see various Panchayat and rural development activities around Arunachal.

The team on Friday visited Kanubari, Longding and  Khonsa before embarking on a journey to West Kameng district.

During their visit, the team of PRI leaders met Longding DC, Himangshu Gupta and other Panchayat leaders. They also had an interaction meeting with the district administration and PRI leaders there.

Kanubari and Longding areas are plagued by burning problems such as inadequate power supply, weak mobile connectivity, poor healthcare service, lack of water supply and acute shortage of school teachers in secondary levels and poor surface communication in the area, the visiting leaders said.

The leaders also observed massive destruction of forest hills and natural vegetation in Longding.

"Though there is plenty of plain land for horticulture activities, the local farmers have not harnessed the potentialities due to lack of technology. The state government should put special attention on infrastructure development and conservation of ecosystems in Longding district", said East Siang ZPC Kaling Dai, who is leading the exposure tour team.

On the other hand, 32 villages that fall under Longding district were reportedly left out during the 2011 population and economic census survey.

Observing that the people are deprived from various developmental opportunities, the ZPMs have appealed to the state government to take up prompt corrective measure for including the dejected people under the government's development plans.




Give up structures within RoW: DC

ITANAGAR, Apr 16:  The Capital Complex Deputy Commissioner has requested the affected building owners to demolish or give up the possession of their structures within the Right of Way (RoW) of the existing NH415 for 4-Laning from Chandranagar to Banderdewa.

Deputy Commissioner, Prince Dhawan said this during a meeting with the affected building owners due to 4-Laning of NH415 from Chandranagar to Banderdewa.

Many affected building owners spoke on the occasion and placed their grievances before the Deputy Commissioner.

Some of the affected building owners expressed their willingness to demolish their structures and shift their structures from the RoW of NH415, said an official statement.

The Deputy Commissioner was present in the meeting along with administrative officers-Jiken Bomjen, Tame Yajum, Liken Koyu, AE, Naharlagun Highway Division Debia Takam and SDPO, Itanagar Techi Henyir.





Apang mourns death of Yajum Jerang

ITANAGAR, Apr 16: Former Chief Minister Gegong Apang has deeply mourned the demise of Yajum Jerang, wife of Dubin Jerang, a  pioneer businessman of the  Adi community.

"A woman of pleasing and endearing personality, Late Yajum Jerang was loved by all sections of the society, including tribal and non-tribal people. She was also an accomplished woman and caring mother too. We will cherish her fond memories forever", Apang said in a condolence message.  

Apang and his family members conveyed heartfelt condolences and deep sympathy to the bereaved family and prayed to Almighty Donyi-Polo to bestow enough strength to face the tragic situation and for the eternal peace of the departed soul.  





Rongali Bihu, Nabavarsho celebrated in style

ITANAGAR, Apr 14: Rongali Bihu of the Assamese community was celebrated with pomp and gaiety at RK Mission Vivekananda Hall here on Friday.

Addressing the festival revelers, PWD, UD, TP Parliamentary Secretary, Techi Kaso called upon the Assamese community serving in the state in various capacities to be a part of the development process.

Stressing on the need of promoting brotherhood among the people of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh, Kaso said that festivals provide a platform to foster relationship and communal harmony among various communities.

Pointing out the  similarities between the  festivals being celebrated  in Assam and Arunachal Pradesh, Chief Information Commissioner (CIC) cum chief patron Joram Begi said  that political barriers should not come in the way of  promoting  inter-community relationship  among different communities of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh.

Renowned singer Bengia Hemanto also expressed hope that the festival would strengthen the unity and brotherhood among the people of the state and neighbouring Assam. He also recalled his days with legendary singer Late Bhupen Hazarika, who always insisted on cultural ties between both the neighbouring states.

Itanagar Bihu celebration Committee President Dr Munmun Das, Secretary Prama Chutia and Vice President Aisena Tang also spoke on the occasion.

Cultural programmes presented by various communities were the main highlights of the celebration.

Meanwhile, Sanskar Bharati Arunachal Pradesh also celebrated the Bharatiya Nabavarsho Utsav with  cultural programmes  of different communities at RKM Vivekananda Hall  on Saturday.

Speaking on the occasion, Capital Complex Deputy Commissioner, Prince Dhawan assured support from the administration to celebrate the festival in a larger way for promotion of communal harmony and brotherhood among various community people.

Among others, ITBP Assistant Commander Kenli Riba and Sanskar Bharati State unit general secretary Sukhdev Biswas also spoke on the occasion.

The programme was jointly supported by NGF College of Engineering and Technology, Palwal and Jai Polytechnic, Ambala.





BROS create awareness on education and sanitation

ITANAGAR, Apr 16: An awareness campaign on education and sanitation, preceded by plantation drive was conducted by the Bilat, Ruksin, Oyan-Sille (BROS) forum at Mangnang village of East Siang district in collaboration with various government departments on April 15.

Considering "negligible production of quality citizens", DC East Kameng Rajiv Takuk decided to adopt the school and committed to donate a certain amount every year and visit the school regularly to ensure quality education and infrastructure.

On seeing the dilapidated condition of the toilet of Mangnang School, BROS advisor Rajiv Takuk, voluntarily decided to contribute an amount of Rs 80, 000 for construction of a toilet.

A senior member of BROS, T Gao, also Director of Elementary Education, asked the villagers to come forward and express their problems and requirements, considering the fact that Mangnang is one of the oldest villages and the school with 50 years of its existence is still far from any considerable development. He offered to extend help in his personal capacity so that the education system of Mangnang does not lag behind from the rest of the area.

Special emphasis was also given to the road connectivity of Mangnang. Another senior member Tapang Taloh, retired Director Education, assured that the BROS team would take up this matter soon so that this old village is not deprived of any development owing to poor road connectivity.

Other members of BROS, like Er Kaling Taki, Dr Kadum Jonnom and Dr Naku Taloh sensitized the villagers on sanitation, man-made mosquito breeding sources and its precautions, hygienic storage of livestock -scientific and hygienic management of livestock and storage of livestock.

Delong Padung, Bismillah Khan Awardee for folk song and students of his Karpung Karduk Music Academy performed a dance on cleanliness theme.

The Team BROS felicitated the pioneers, Tapor Takoh and Tamang Ering, who played a great role in establishing the school   in the year 1967. The team also donated Rs 55,000 for the construction of welcome gate for the golden jubilee celebration of Mangnang School.

BROS regularly conducts awareness camps in different villages under the said blocks, and makes it a point that villagers follow it.





GWS felicitates Major Gen Jarken Gamlin

ITANAGAR, Apr 16: The executive members of Galo Welfare Society (GWS), including members of its frontal organizations called on Major General Jarken Gamlin on Friday last and felicitated him for being promoted to the rank of Major General in the Indian Army last year and also for being conferred with the Ati Vishist Seva Medal by the President of India.

The executive body members were led by Dr Minge Loyi, General Secretary, and GWS Dr Loyi on behalf of the Galos wished him well to achieve more successes in the near future through his outstanding services to the nation, while adding that his successful life as an army officer will surely inspire the youths to join the defence services.

On his part, Major General Gamlin, the first from the frontier state to have reached the rank in the Indian Army, assured his support to the community members on personal accounts, besides his services to the nation and the state in his capacity as the Major General in the Indian Army.

Currently posted at Army Headquarter in Delhi, Major General Gamlin was conferred with the Ati Vishist Seva Medal on April 6 last by the President of India, Pranab Mukherjee at the Rashtrapati Bhawan, New Delhi in recognition of his outstanding service to the nation.

Also, on the 60th Republic Day celebration, the decorated Gorkha soldier, Major General Gamlin was conferred with the Vishist Seva Medal by the President of India. Before that, during the Republic Day celebration in the year 2006, he was conferred with the coveted Seva Medal.

Third son of Late Hokjar Gamlin and Gamde Ete from Aalo in West Siang district, Major General Gamlin had completed his schooling from Rama Krishna Mission School, Aalo. Also, an alumnus of Rashtriya Indian Military College in Dehradun, the Major General was awarded the President's Gold Medal for being the best all-round cadet on graduating in May 1979 from the academy.  He completed his training from the National Defence Academy, Pune in June 1982 and was commissioned into the 2/8 Gorkha Rifles on June 18, 1983 from the IMA.




DEE inspects readiness of Sainik School

[ Maksam Tayeng ]

PASIGHAT Apr 16:   Director of Elementary Education (DEE) Tapi Gao on Saturday took stock of the readiness of the Sainik School at IGC Niglok, under Ruksin Subdivision.

Gao inspected the ongoing renovation/ repair work of the readily available infrastructure of the IGC to start functioning of the school from the next academic session.

According to Gao, the school and hostel buildings are ready, while the officers' mess and two staff quarters are likely to be completed within the next three months.

Gao said that the school can be started soon after an MoU with the Defence Ministry, Government of India is undertaken.




Free health camp at Seppa

SEPPA, Apr 16:  More than 920 patients have benefitted from a health camp organized by the District Health Society of East Kameng district held in collaboration with the Indian Medical Association, Arunachal Pradesh branch at Seppa on Saturday.

Wheel chairs, walking sticks and hearing aids were also distributed to differently-able people.

Local MLA and Parliamentary Secretary Tapuk Taku, who was also present on the occasion, urged the health officials to organise such programmes on a regular basis. He assured to extend all possible assistance for organising such camps in the district.

Appreciating the IMA team and district administration for bringing the event to a successful end, DMO Dr C L Mallo requested the visiting medicos' team to support in organising more similar health camps in the district.

Later in the day, an interactive programme (Continuing Medical Education) was conducted by the visiting IMA team and health fraternity of the district.

Dr T J Tara and Dr Chow Cheta Langkhun gave presentations on childhood asthma and management of hypertension topics respectively.




Savings day for women observed at Tezu

TEZU, Apr 16: Lohit district joined with the rest of the country in celebrating the Women's Savings Day, organized by the Department of Small Savings on April 15 at Telluliang Community Hall.

Speaking on the occasion, Treasury Officer N K Bandhopadhay stressed on the need for a practical approach towards bringing every section of the society into the savings net and urged upon housewives to participate in mobilization of household savings, as women are the agents of change. He elaborated that savings are essentially a prerogative for speedy economic development of the state.

CDPO Sujan Chai advised the gathering to spend their money judiciously and channelize their hard earned money into post office savings schemes to make their dreams turn into reality. She urged all mothers to open a 'Sukanya Sammridhi Account' for their girl child as the scheme is specially designed to save for and educate the girl child.

Department of Small Savings, Field Publicity Officer, Jotho Yun informed the gathering that Women's Savings Day is celebrated to educate housewives on family budgeting. He suggested all the housewives to join the schemes and be partners in the state building process.

He informed the participants that Post Office Savings Bank is the largest people's bank in the country, as  post office savings  schemes are structured in such a way that they cater to the need of different segments of the society.

Gaon Burah, S Bellai emphasized on the need to save money today to meet the requirements of the future and enjoy financial security and peace of mind in life.

K B Oli also advised to channelize their money into post office savings schemes which provide safety and security to their money, besides good returns.

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Insecurity gripping minority communities

In a democratic country like India every religion is respected and people have the right to practice their religion without any fear. Religion is deeply sentimental issue and it is the duty of democratically elected government to show respect to every religion. But few incidents in the last 3 years have created fear among minority communities. The Government of India's decision to celebrate Good Governance Day on December 25, which is Christmas and commemoration of digital India day on Good Friday, has become a big talking point.

The Christian community of India, which is usually not as vocal as other religious minority group like Muslim, Sikh has made its displeasure known to government over this move. In our state, the Arunachal Christian Forum has raised this issue and has asked the government not to hurt the religious sentiment of minority community. Though BJP issued clarification saying it is just matter of coincidence, the issue has touched raw nerve. The incidents of attacks on minority communities have risen across India. In the name of cow protection, Muslims are being repeatedly targeted. So far two people have been murdered by the vigilante group. There is growing insecurity among the minority communities. Sadly union government has not taken any steps to dispel the insecurity gripping minorities.








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Polluting the air

Dear Editor,

With due respect, I would like to draw the attention of all the responsible people and concern authority of capital city regarding air pollution caused by burning of house waste (plastic/bottles) in their respective compound.

They think that it is their compound, their property, their waste. But they are forgetting that it is a very serious offence.

I just want to tell these wrongdoers through that they are not doing something great. They should know when and where to burn these waste or try finding alternate ways.

It’s a humble request to all wrongdoers please try to understand the meaning of civic sense and be human. Stop burning waste, we live near you.

Moreover, I wonder daily what if everyone starts committing this offence at regular interval. I think our place will be exactly as the imaginary hell. Therefore, I earnestly would like to urge responsible people and concern department to control this act of wrongdoing and stop the wrongdoers from doing it.

Clean City, Green City, My City,


B. Lee, Itanagar




Together we are Arunachal

Dear Editor,

Through the columns of your esteemed daily, I would like to convey a small message to the people of my state. It’s not actually conveying a message but a feeling that I experienced being an Arunachalee. It was the day when I attended a meeting with some board members from an organisation on the capability to create something innovative for the community or for the country. As the meeting was going on they were showing the various sectors they have covered. It was that, their organisation had no sign of Arunachal Pradesh in any innovation. It was really a disappointing.

   There are many students with ideas who are capable of doing something extraordinary for our state. Not only for our state but for the whole nation, we would not want that idea to fade away just because we lack funding, mentoring and proper channeling of the idea. We must come up with something new.

This is a message for younger generations of Arunachal Pradesh that we are the future of Arunachal. Do the best in which you are the best. Always follow your profession because no one can be like you. Everyone has a unique capability of doing something great and truly it’s our duty to take out our state forward. Alone, we are nothing but together, we are Arunachal.


Kalen Darang







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