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August  - 05


Kalam shares his vision of an India

equal for all Indians

NERIST conducts 2nd convocation in style

Ojing Tayeng

ITANAGAR, Aug 4: Former President Dr APJ Abdul Kalam gave the second convocation address of North East Regional Institute of Science and Technology (NERIST) today at its campus here.

Sharing his distinctive profile of India in 2020, he said the country would change manifold where the rural and urban divide would be reduced to a thin line, equitable distribution and adequate access to energy, agriculture, industry and service sector would work together in symphony. Besides, India would become a nation by that time where education with value system was not denied to any meritorious candidates because of societal or economic discrimination.

''My vision for India by 2020 is that the nation will be the best destination for the most talented scholars, scientists and investors with best health care facilities to all and a nation where the governance is responsive, transparent and corruption free,'' Dr Kalam added. He said India's success in its future missions would depend on agriculture and food processing, infrastructure development, automobile, ship building, information and communication technology, pharma, aerospace, rail-vision besides energy independence.

He further urged the graduates to go for a second independence movement which would lead to economic prosperity vision 2020 and would be remembered by all forever.

“You will be entering a new phase in your life, which will present many challenges and many opportunities to you. Equipped with knowledge, now with your hard work, sweat and strong determination, you can become a leader in the area that you have chosen said Dr. Kalam.

Kalam further emphasizing the importance of science and technology termed technology as the foundation for sustained development and called upon the technical graduates to contribute in nation-building.

He said technology was the non-linear tool available to humanity, which could affect fundamental changes in the ground rules of economic competitiveness. Science is linked to technology through applications and technology linked to economy and environment through manufacture, he added.

''We have to use innovation to generate high value added products for becoming a global player,'' he said.

Governor Gen (Retd) cum President NERIST Society Gen J J Singh briefing about the achievement of NERIST and the numbers of infrastructural development in the state said that these projects would require technically qualified manpower both during gestation stage and subsequent running and maintenance.  We should ensure that stock of quality human resources is available from within the state rather than importing it from places outside Arunachal Pradesh, he said.

NERIST, Director Dr Joram Begi, highlighting about the history of NERIST and its objectives said that the institution has been largely successful in realizing its objectives and fulfilling its vision.

He advised the students to inculcate a strong set of values and a code of ethic. The social and individual value system must be consistent with our cultural tradition and belief, without which a society or an institution takes a downward slide. At the same time, it must be remembered that transition and value system are concomitant to each other. While receiving your degree today, it is imperative that you realize the importance of these values based on culture and tradition, failing which you would just be tagged as good students, but not good leaders and good human beings, he added.

Professor Gautam Barua, Director of IIT Guwahati, who is also the chairman, Board of Management, NERIST said there has been no regular Director and registrar, however, the process of selecting a new Director is already under way and it would be completed very shortly.

He appealed to the NERIST Family not to take part in any precipitate action at this point of time.

Meanwhile, assuring all possible support from Board, Barua said funds will not be a problem as long as we have proper plans and as long as we are able to execute these plans.

Later, Kalam distributed gold medal along with certificates to Ankita Raj (Base Module), Kaumudi Singh (Diplama Module), Angshuman Modak (B. Tech), Amarjyoti Nath (B.Sc.FO), M Marjit Singh (M Tech. CSE), Radak Blange (M Tec. EE), Takum Nalo (M. Tech ESE), Guruayum Tangkeshwari Devi (M. Tech. IT), Dipankar Hazarika (M.Sc Forestry) and Moutushi Pal (MBA).

Before leaving Raj bhawan after winding up his two days visit to the state of Arunachal Pradesh, the former President of India Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam planted a flower plant popularly known as Aak Jora in the premises of the Governor House here this afternoon.


Somber Roing bids good bye to Miti Mepo

Township tense as anger against IRBn mounts

ROING, Aug 4: Two days have passed since the IRBn killing, but the situation in Roing still haven't normalized as memory of the killing is still fresh in the minds of the people. The whole town, govt establishment and market remained closed for second day. There were no reports of any violence and destruction like the previous day of bandh.

Though no legal curtailment has been enforced on free movement by district administration, the town is being secured with deployment of additional police personnel brought from neighbouring district of Lohit along with patrolling in the town by CRPF personnel.

Meanwhile the whole town gathered today at late Miti Mepo’s residence in bomb godown to offer their condolence to the departed soul.

The dead body was handed over to the family yesterday at around 11 am,  after completion of post mortem by a team of three doctors Dr LC Chuki, Dr S Singh and Dr O Megha.

As per the post mortem report, the victim died due to rupturing of spleen and liver, succumbing to injuries.

The dead body was cremated today at 4.30 pm near his residence with full dignity in the presence of all Idu Mishmi community members, student leaders, youths and general public of Roing.

Roing MLA Laeta Umbrey and senior panchayat leaders of Lower Dibang Valley were among those present. A large number of people from neighboring district of Dibang Valley also attended the burial ceremony today.

In a fresh report received today, situation in Anini also remained tense, as news of IRBn killing reach the remote district.

A procession was carried in Anini town jointly by AIMSU and public condemning the IRBn killing. Later in the day, the mood become emotive, and clashed erupted with police personnel. Reports of stone pelting at DC office were also received. Sensing situation might go out of control, MLA Rajesh Tacho and Dibang Valley district Deputy Commissioner immediately rushed to Anini from Itanagar. In a report received, a large number of paramilitary forces have been mobilized in the district.

Meanwhile several students union from the state and neighboring Assam have poured out their condolence to late Mepo, who was killed by IRBn personnel on the night of 2nd Aug 2010.  

The central executive committee of All Assam Students Union (AASU) has extended its support to Idu Mishmi community and AIMSU in their fight for justice to the victim’s family.

Dibang Adi Students Union (DASU) Secretary Vijai Damin also offered support to AIMSU.

In a statement today, AIMSU Secretary Rajiv Mihu, Lohit District Students Union President Sohailo Ngadong and Anjaw district Students Union President Jango Halai, have proposed joint action, if need arises.

 Idu Culture Literary Society (ICLS) and AIMSU earlier in a joint submission had demanded permanent withdrawal of IRBn post from Lower Dibang Valley and Dibang Valley districts.

 The organization had also demanded termination from service of three IRBn personnel accused in the killing incident.

 Expressing apprehension that situation in two districts might go out of control, AIMSU have call for immediate action from govt, while incident of killing were still fresh in the minds of people.

 AAPSU Spokesperson Tobom Dai will be visiting Roing tomorrow to take stock of the situation and will be holding consultation with AIMSU on the Aug 2 incident.

Lower Dibang Valley District Students’ Union strongly condemned the killing of Miti Mepo allegedly by IRBn personnel and demanded exemplary punishment to the culprits involved in the killing of Mepo.


Woes of trading community vis-a-vis citizens

Taba Ajum

ITANAGAR, Aug 4: The business community of state is all geared up to take up cudgel against extortion by different organizations from various shopkeepers. There is no doubt that umpteen times report of organizations or unions forcefully taking contribution from shopkeepers are being reported from every nook and corner of state. Such activities should not be encouraged and rightly, business communities have decided to fight against such illegal practice.  Seeing the spontaneous reaction of business communities against such illegal money collections, one only wished them to act like similar fashion in other matters too.

People in Arunachal often complain that trading communities always take people for ride. The prices of items attain new high once it enters Arunachal Pradesh. If someone questions, answer will be in one sentence, “Because of high transportation charges prices has shoot up.”  A friend of mine sharing his experience told me, “Recently I had gone to Guwahati for some work. I wanted to fit in some new stuff in my car. This particular item which was costing 6 thousand rupees at Guwahati, on reaching Itanagar costs 11 thousand. That’s just ridiculous and it’s a slap on the face of Arunachalee.”

Like him there are many more who complains that often trading communities makes fool out of the Arunachalees.

Most of the trading populace of state often has so much to complain about but if they commit any mistake they always try to cover up. Recently I along with two more friends had gone to Ganga market, Itanagar, to purchase some house hold items. There in a shop owned by a migrant businessman, I was offered an item which had already expired. It was sheer luck that I checked expiry date which usually we all forget to do while buying minor household items. Shopkeeper started begging me not to tell other people about it and even went on to add he has small children to take care and if I complain, authorities may fine him heavily. I somehow let him go with a warning. There are many uneducated citizens who can’t read English, if they go on to use those expired items, imagine what will be the consequences.

There are some shopping areas in Itanagar and Naharlagun where exorbitant rates are being charged from the customers. Especially in shopping centers like Takar complex and Legi complex, people often complain, shopkeepers, charge too high for poor quality stuffs.

“Most of shops owned by Tibetan community, at Takar complex, charges very high rate. To add insult to the injury, these shopkeepers behave very rudely with the visiting customers,” shares one resident of Naharlagun. While nobody supports the harassment like forceful collection, trading communities also need to change their business attitude and build better relation with ordinary citizens. As a first step they have to stop charging inflated high rate and try to win the confidence of ordinary citizens. Otherwise this gap between common Arunachalee citizen and business communities will only grow with each passing days. Business communities of Arunachal Pradesh including various Bazaar welfare committees should also rein in those shopkeepers who charges extra-ordinary high rate thereby cheating ordinary citizens.


Ziro gears up for summer festival

Ziro, Aug 4:  The Lower Subansiri District Administration is organizing the second edition  of Summer Festival  at Subansiri stadium, Ziro, from 15th to 17th August next. Among others exotic food counters, exhibition-cum-sales counters for handloom products, indigenous handicrafts, merchandise, pickles, flowers , agriculture, horticulture  products, magic show at intervals by lone Arunachalee magician Budi Tani, and competitive programmes  on ‘Your creativity and talent hunt’,  flower arrangement, archery would be on the menu.

Lower Subasiri Deputy Commissioner, Sadhana Deori , who conceived the idea, in 2008, and organized it successfully for the first time  in, while informing the people of the district to conduct the second edition of the festival,  this year, said, it is an effort at creation of  confluence of culture, custom, cuisines and attempt at free expression of hidden talents of the indigenous people. The festival could not be organized in 2009 due to hectic election schedule then, she informed.

Requesting everyone to do their bits in successful celebration of the event, she said,  Ziro with its enchanting scenic beauty complete with matching weather as well as availability of good transportation and communication facilities is an ideal locale for hosting mega events.

The scale of celebration could be heightened to the level of Budha Mahotsav, Brahmaputra Darshan or Parshurram khund Mela, as there is ample scope for improving the quality and scale of celebrating the summer festival in future. For this to happen, the willing support of local NGOs, civil society and also requisite financial support from the government are the minimum must. (DIPRO)


School drop-outs – who is responsible?

Denghang Bosai  

There are no two opinions about the fact that for parents, taking their child to the school for the very first time is the most exciting and memorable experience in their lives. They step out from their homes with prayers in their lips, holding their child’s tender hands. They silently weave a thousand dreams and visions while on their way to the school. They proceed slowly but confidently towards the school with unlimited dreams in their eyes. They quietly plan to make their child a Doctor, Engineer or a Bureaucrat. But sadly many parents’ dreams are shattered when their pampered and dotting child in whom they had reposed so much hopes, drops out of the school even before reaching class X. This is the sad story and pitiable plight of most of the parents in Tirap district. However, this is not an isolated problem of Tirap district alone but of the whole state. The society must wake up to the reality and take remedial measures. These school drop-outs eventually become a burden to the society. There may be several reasons, both big and small for this unfortunate trend. However, the question of financial constraint on the part of parents, which the school drop-outs cite as a reason, dose not arise because education is provided free of cost in the state unlike in some other state of India. The fees the government schools charge are nominal and affordable. So, the claim by the school drop-outs, blaming their parents for not giving financial support does not hold water. Therefore, the pertinent question everyone asks is, “Who is responsible for the alarming increase in the number of school drop-outs?” The ready answer is, all are responsible. Parents, teachers, students and the society, all are answerable. But sadly, they blame each other instead of making a concerted effort to address the problem which is afflicting the society.

Today, most of the parents are shirking their responsibilities and tend to leave everything to the teachers. Instead of playing a pro-active role in shaping the budding career of their wards,  the parents try to magnify the mistakes and shortcomings of the teachers. In other words, there is a total lack of working co-ordination between the parents and the teachers that ultimately puts the career of the students in great jeopardy. It is rather intriguing that the teachers in government-run schools have failed to achieve even the minimum expected academic result, especially in Board examinations whereas the teachers in private schools, especially R. K. Mission, R. K. Sarada Mission and VKVs have excelled against all odds in guiding their students efficiently by bringing out the best in them (students). This is in spite of the fact that the teachers in government-run schools are well-salaried unlike their counterparts in private schools who get less financial incentives and enjoy no pension benefits. So, the teachers in government-run schools need a serious brainstorming exercise over their performance in inspiring their students. Selflessness and a sense of missionary zeal among the teachers are the need of the hour. They must realize that teachers in private schools also have worldly wants and families to take care of but these dedicated teachers do not allow the day-to-day problems come in the way of their duty and the result in there for everyone to see.

However, I feel that the main and primary reason for the burgeoning number of school drop-outs is the students themselves. It is observed that the school-going children are too easily influenced and guided by external influence. Other than showing interest in studies, they are interested in all unwanted and destructive things. These days, students are distracted by lure of easy money and comfort. They seem to be more interested in petty contract work rather than studies. Many of them are into drugs and alcoholism right under the nose of the parents and teachers. The departmental officers and elected leaders can play their part in preventing this uncalled for trend by not awarding contract work to the students. In fact, some rules should be framed by the government to prevent students from executing contract work, at least when their academic session is in progress.

In order to motivate the teachers in government schools, there should be regular interactive programmes for teachers of private and government schools. The government school teachers can also visit the private schools as part of exchange programmes to acquaint themselves with the academic environment there. It is also a fact that the teachers have to work doubly hard in tribal areas, like Tirap district as the students have less exposure and are placed at great disadvantage.

Another glaring reason for growing number of school drop-outs is that the education environment in the schools is no longer interesting for the students. The stereotyped and routine curriculum is not attracting the students towards the school. In the past, the teachers in Tirap district (most of them Assamese) used to engage the students in kitchen gardening, flower gardening and other such activities which the students found interesting and appealing. The teachers used to be fully involved with the activities of the students in the past. With the world becoming more materialistic, today the relation between the teachers and the taught has also changed. It is no longer warm and cordial like in the past. It is imperative that the teachers make an honest effort to make the students’ stay in the school interesting by introducing attractive and meaningful programmes the school, apart from the usual academic classes. They can organize weekly debate and cultural competitions among the students. I have interacted with a number of Principals and Headmasters and requested them to invite guest speakers from different disciplines to deliver inspiring lectures during school assembly. But it has not materialized yet. The students can also be taken around to nearby villages on study tour from time to time. In this way the students who are always on the look out to leave the school on some pretext or the other, can be kept engaged and focused. Let us remember that these activities do not involve any financial cost but what is required is a will to do, the willingness to experiment in the interest of the students.

The problem of growing school drop-outs is indeed serious and the onus of arresting the problem is on every one of us. The parents, teachers, students and the society at large must realize the magnitude of the problem and contribute their mite to address it effectively. The school drop-outs will not only be unproductive but can be potentially dangerous for the society. The sooner we all realize this, the better. Our students are our best investment for the future. So, sufficient care must be taken to tackle the problems facing the students in the best possible way we can. (The contributor is DIPRO, Tirap. He can be reached at denghangbosai@yahoo.co.in)


A free trip across Dibang-Ippi Pani ghat

ROING, Aug 4: Much to the delight of the people of Dambuk Sub-Division MLA Jomin Tayeng, flagged off the Dibang-Ippi Pani (Bomjir) Ghat today.

The Dibang-Ippi Pani Ghat which is the lifeline for the people of Dambuk Sub-Division was run by private parties until recently charging Rs 50/- during summer and Rs 30/- during winter per passenger for ferrying across the river. The operation of the Ghat has been handed over to the Border Road Task Force (BRTF) which will now ferry the passenger free of cost across the river.

Tayeng while flagging off the ferry said that it was a long felt demand of the people of Dambuk Sub-Division and was one of his promises to the people of Dambuk before election. Deputy Commissioner YW Ringu, Superintendent of Police Tojo Karga, Gum Tayeng, ZPM Meka Anchal Block Mibom Pertin, were present among others. DIPRO


Languid efforts, limping hopes

Tom Simai

Three cheers, the website of our tourism department is a year old now but unfortunately, it has not been updated so far. The disappointing fact is that it has been feeding stale and fragmentary information to the world about our serene state. It’s a major mistake committed by a department revered as the most significant source after hydro-power with the capability to heal the state’s lacerating economy.

Honestly, the tourism website almost gave me a heart ache instead of pride and pleasure.  A few days ago, when I clicked on the address http://www. arunachaltourism.com/, I was perplexed to see ‘Festival of Arunachal 20-22 Feb 2009’, advertisement still featuring on the left side of the homepage, whereas the state has already celebrated the 2010 version of the festival. Apparently, it enunciates the fact that the basics to promote Arunachal tourism have been preempted and ridiculously, from this very unprofessional horde, we are anticipating miracles of transforming the state’s tourism potential into money-spinning scopes. Good joke.

The homepage error was enough to incite my curiosity to explore for more. While clicking the destination tab, another blunder appears into the screen, though it has brief information about existing and new travel circuits but only Tawang and West Kameng district tabs has the elaboration links. Staring at the desktop screen, scratching my head, I was wondering, why the department has opted to concentrate only on Tawang and West Kameng district. Why the other districts are not promoted with the same spirit and what does it takes to qualify in their good book? I really failed to understand that why such a colossal platform with global reach was utilized to promote regionalism and favoritism instead of publicizing the tourism potential of each and every districts.

With the questions still lingering, I drifted towards the festival page that was shockingly wrapped up in 615 words with four photos of yak dance, animal sacrifice, Aji-Lhamu dance and Monpa festival dance. Festivals like Losar, Reh, Ojiyale, Tamladu, and Khan begged the space of introduction but some festivals had to compromise with limited words as Mopin got 34 words, Sangken 31, and Moh-Mol 17 and other major festivals like Solung, Boori Boot, Dree, Nechi Dau, Kshyat-Sowai, Loku, Nyokum and Si-Donyi could grab space to mention their name only.

Posing the frown of the century, I clicked on the Events section, believe it or not, only six events popped up - Losar festival, Torgya festival, Saka Dawa, Dukpa Tse-Shi, Lhabab Duechen, and Ganden Ngamchoe. Except Losar, rest of the names is alien to me.

Meanwhile, I scrolled every page in search of pioneering events like Siang festival, Namdapha festival, Pangsau Pass winter festival etc. only to disappoint my expectations. It was a painful blow that such ethnical extravaganzas were ostracized from a significant site like Arunachal tourism. I honestly pity the mind who thinks Arunachal is Tawang and Tawang is Arunachal.

Evidently, it is due to such narrow concept and unimaginative mind that an income generating scope like tourism has remained a futile potential in our state.  Sad but true. How far will it amble, with languid efforts and limping hopes? May god bless! (The writer can be reached at simaitom@gmail.com)


Give change a chance

Dear Editor,

This is apropos of  the news ‘MOEF says no extension of EC for Reliance Siyom project’ dated August 1. The news is a set back to the hopes of people residing in and around the catchment area of the proposed project. People out there have lot of expectations from it. The news of delay hurts many who are in favour of project. Usually project delays are blamed on delay in environment clearance (EC). In this case EC was given way back in 2005 but Reliance failed to kick off.  If Reliance’s interest has waned then another interested company should be invited and get MoA signed. Siyom project is very much welcome by residents who are likely to get benefit from this project as with the coming of the project resident of that area are hoping a faster socio-economic development. There is no anti-dam protest from this area. Many people are even frenzy after hearing about this project. They expect that once it is completed it will be a dream come true. It will usher in a new era and bring socio-economic improvement. There will be electricity, schools, colleges, hospitals, good road communication, forest based industry, agriculture based business opportunity. For last five and half decades the people of that area have been lagging behind others in all respect except two things - honest and hospitality.

It is true there has been lot of anti-dam protest in many places of the state other than the mentioned above. Protests are not without reasons either. There are genuine reasons too. No body wants to be displaced nor let their village land, agriculture  land and forest land submerge.  If, instead of mega dams, medium type dams are considered so that displaced persons and submersible area are reduced - advantages of such project may out weigh disadvantages. At least for this region such project may be the short cut to development. I think we should give change a chance.   


Dedo  Ete (on email)



Spoilt beyond redemption

Dear Editor,

It is observed that the departmental vehicles is being misusing by the ministers and Government officials of the state for their dignified duties like shopping and vegetable marketing thereby making more traffic congestion in twin cities of Itanagar and Naharlagun. Not surprisingly, this is Arunachal Pradesh where ministers and top government officials can procure luxurious, costliest and latest top model vehicles, thereby wasting crores of public money every year.     

While we have to realize that even one departmental car is a total wastage of public money if we go through the monthly expenditure and maintenance cost of vehicle used by these ministers and officers. The rules stipulate that the use of staff cars is not permissible for journeys to places of entertainment, public amusements, parties, pleasure trips etc. Journeys for purpose of shopping or taking children to schools would also fall in the prohibited category. The use of staff cars for such purpose, even on payment, is not envisaged. The rules contemplate certain situations in which staff cars may be used on non-duty purposes but on payment, provided official requirements are not interfered with in any way, for instance, occasional journeys performed by officers from their residence to offices and vice versa and urgent visits to hospitals. But in the state like us, rules are totally in reverse state, which needs immediate attention to avoid further misuse of public money. The comptroller and Auditor general can only give his remark, but he can never recover such cumulative misuse of public money. Arunachal Pradesh has been rated as poorest of the poor as per CAG report, since its inception in terms of central fund utilization. The question is: why it happens? There are very clear-cut answers; endemic corruption and poor management of fund. The funding pattern, evolved over the year has given rise to a rich class comprising mainly of the corrupt politicians, a section of bureaucrats and some businessman in our state by so called “people first Government”.  


Taw Teri, Roing

(on email)



The post office that never delivers

Dear Editor,

People of Ruksin never get our important letters on time though we have a post office. Due to the negligence of the officials, the youth of Ruksin are affected most as we get our call letters only after the examination is over which seriously affect us mentally as well as financially.

So on behalf of the Ruksin community especially the youth I appeal the concern authorities to look into the matter in the greater interest of public.


Kerala Borang (on email)




A boy deprived of chance of a lifetime because of postal delays

Dear Editor,

Today we boast of modern technology and fast communication system making this world a ‘Global Village’. Yet we are still in primitive stage in postal services.

A delay in speed post service for nearly three weeks has deprived a bright student from attending an interview for NTSE Scholarship.  

Taru Chobin, a class IX student of Blue Pine Residential English School, Ziro passed the written NTSE Examination-2010 but he could not attend the interview in Shillong simply because he received the call letter too late, thanks to the postal delay. The call letter from NCERT for interview was received on 2nd August 2010 at 3.30 PM at Ziro, Lower Subansiri District. On opening the letter it was shocking to discover that the date of interview was on the same date, i.e 2nd August, 2010 at 9.30 AM at NERIE, NCERT, Shillong. All efforts, through phone calls were in vain. A qualified student was deprived of the golden opportunity for no fault of his.

Scrutiny of the records show that the call letter was dispatched from NCERT, New Delhi on 12th July, 2010 by EMS Speed Post (India Post) service. But the undue delay of the so called ‘Speed Post’ gobbled up the rare chance of an upcoming student.

My son, Taru Chobin has been deprived of the once in a lifetime opportunity. May be this is just one example. May be there are others who missed more important assignments for similar reasons or due to insincere and indifferent attitude of those who are in the helms of the affairs.  Losses caused by natural calamities are more bearable but losses due to other causes prick the heart and it bleed, albeit the heart grows stronger afterwards for good.

May no one a suffer similar loss. But this is  possible only if we are sincere, committed and devoted to the duties for which we are paid for.


Taru Talo

Addl. D.C.

Lower Subansiri



Justice is what we seek

Dear Editor,

It is truly observed by many that the recent killing of an innocent person Miti Mepo by IRBn boys at Roing is a sheer wrong notion of the uniformed personnel that they are bestowed with full powers to torture and kill anybody. If we critically judge, it is the lackadaisical attitude of the state government which has led to such a situation. Had the killers of the late Tachi Nguso, which may be remembered as most gruesome and inhuman atrocities by Policeman in Arunachal history, been punished appropriately, these personnel would have learnt a lesson that they too are under the obligation of law.

But what is not understandable by the innocent public is that how many more days or months will be required to enquire and submit its report on custodial death of late Nguso? This could have been done within a week’s time. The govt is on a wrong notion that they are all in all. But, why these dirty politicians forget that this govt is "of the people, by the people and for the people?

This is only because in Arunachal, there is no opposition and most of the people have already sold themselves to these dirty politicians and so called leaders. It is high time that all common people raise and fight for their rights and justice. Justice should be immediately given to these two innocent victims and this is the voice of all citizens right now.


A citizen (on email)



Repair road

Dear Editor,

I would like to draw the attention of the district administration of Lohit about the bad road condition of Tezu Tri Junction to Shivaji Nagar Entry Gate.

The condition of the road is not at all motor able or even to drive a bicycle. This road is required by the general public living besides the villages all along the road. If even in an urgency medical requirement a patient may have fatal consequences while travelling through the road. The  P.W.D road was handed over to the 48 BRTF in 2006. Since the last 4 years no repairing or even a patching has not been done by the BRTF authority.

I would request the administration to advice BRTF authority to immediately take up reconstruction and repairing of the road and save people from suffering.


Nuney Tayang

Tezu,  (on email)




Irregular postal service in Lohit and Anjaw

Dear Editor,

Because of unavailability of modern means of communication, inhabitants of Lohit and Anjaw District have to depend exclusively on the services rendered by the Postal Department.

But the services provided by postal department, in spite of presence of sufficient staffs are highly irregular and almost non-existent in some places. A letter takes about two months to travel a distance of 100 kms. Postal delay have resulted in cancellation of appointment order; joining reports get delayed; school admission are not done on time; and those who depend on money orders starve for days together.

Given this situation early intervention of the postal department is sought and it is requested to direct the concerned officials to provide postal services to the people of the districts.


Banim Kri, Anjaw,

(on email)


A suggestion for you

Dear Editor,

Congratulations and kudos to the Arunachal Times family for belting out impartial and innovative articles and also acting as a public mouthpiece for so many years! It would have been great if we could know about the people views on current topics/news regarding the state. As Readers Forum can't accommodate the views of the majority of the masses, why not take a weekly SMS poll involving the current issues and debates of the state as they do in national dailies and news channels. This would bring out the genuine public opinions relating to any current socio-politico changes of the state.


Ajoy Kamsi, Pasighat

(on email)



Make Psychological test mandatory

Dear Editor,

Arunachal Pradesh, it seems, is suddenly teeming with psychopathic armed personnel behaving just like 'serial killers' going on a killing spree. The spate of killings unleashed by them exposes more than just the inefficiency of their superiors in tethering these 'animals'. The problem could be more grave than we think. Drug abuse, Alcoholism & psychiatric problems are to name a few. The concerned police chiefs should give it a serious thought before the situation worsens. The next worse thing that could happen is these personnel killing each other. Drug abuse and alcoholism can be controlled by imposing strict discipline among the ranks. For dealing with psychiatric problems regular mental health checkups can be undertaken. The new recruits of armed personnel of certain countries have to pass mandatory psychological tests. In the Arunachal like scenario, recruits should undergo drug and psychological tests prior to induction. Adopting these, will go a long way in bringing out quality enlists and not psychopaths who think they possess a license to kill.


Bengia Abo (on email)

RIMS Imphal,






All email and surface mails must be accompanied with contact numbers and full postal address. Do keep writing but please make sure that letters are short and to the point.        


Pest infestation in East Siang

PASIGHAT, Aug 4: Mebo MLA Ralom Borang assured the farmers of East Siang district that he would take up the issue of pest infestation seriously with higher authorities for timely procurement and distribution of the required agrochemical to save paddy field.

The farmers are seeking help from agriculture authorities to save their crops as the pest infestation  affected 1000 hectors of paddy field in East Siang  district.

 The district agriculture authority distributed 200 liters of agrochemical  which is found   to be insufficient,  disclosed the DAO O. Yomso. He further said his department needs 500 ltrs more agrochemical to protect the paddy field.

Yomso further informed the ADO Pasighat Opang Moyong and ADO Mebo Borik Megu along with field staffs visited the badly affected Ayeng village of Mebo circle in order to take early control measures on Aug 2.  They identified the pests as Caseworm (Nympula depunctalis) and Rice Hispa (Dicldispa ornigera).


In-service training for extension functionaries

ITANAGAR, Aug 4: Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Tirap district organized a 2 days training programme entitled “Common diseases of pig and their prevention and control” from Aug 3 for the veterinary officers/ field level workers of Tirap district at Khonsa. Altogether 13 staff members, including 3 senior veterinary officers from department of Veterinary, Tirap participated in the training programme.

Besides, Dr. D. Longri, District Veterinary Officer, Tirap also graced the programme.

The training was conducted by Dr. Jitumoni Das, SMS (A.H & Vety.). He explained about commonly occurring pig diseases in the district with their clinical symptoms, diagnosis, prevention and control measures through PowerPoint presentation. He also discussed about the method of restraining a pig, handling of piglet and blood collection technique by showing photographs.

Dr. Das requested the trainees to disseminate the scientific information particularly the disease prevention measures among the livestock farmer and encourage them for adopting scientific farming of livestock.   

Dr Longri Tirap requested the trainees to work sincerely and dedicatedly for the benefit of the livestock farmers by overcoming all the constraints in field level. He also praised the sincere effort of KVK in organizing such training programme.

Sub: Coverage of the Laying of Foundation Stone programme for the project Development of Adventure Tourism Camping Destination Site at Jote-Poma River.


Regular principal, Sr. teachers demanded for GHSS

ITANAGAR, Aug 4: The school management committee (SMC) of Bazar line GHHS, Seppa demanded the authority concerned to post regular Principal, senior teachers and other non-teaching staff like UDC, LDC and computer operator in the school immediately.

SMC lamented that the above mentioned posts are already sanctioned in some schools which were upgraded along with GHSS, Seppa in the same year in 2008. "This kind of partiality and inequality on the part of Govt is unjust and inappropriate," the SMC said.


Union question govt

ITANAGAR, Aug 4:  If one believes in the words of All Papum Pare District Students’ Union (APPDSU),  it can be easily presumed that  Arunachal Pradesh  is  going through a phase of chaos and lawlessness.  At least for this time, the Union lost its patience and is no longer waiting for the proposed four-lane Capital road to come up.

Expressing concern over the worse condition of the capital roads, the union called upon the department concerned  to  immediately   take up road maintenance works, because,  ‘the four-lane will take more time’.

The union also has a volley of questions in its kitty for the people’s representatives.  Are the ministers and MLAs of the state blind to the present condition of roads,   are they using the helicopters to reach their respective bungalow or residents? , the union asked.

The Union further wanted to know whether the maintenance provision is for ministers’ bungalow, officers’ quarters and departmental vehicles only.  The capital road is common property of the people, Govt should take up road maintenance works first, it said.

Regarding the law and order situation in the state, the union seems to be disillusioned. “We hope the security problem of the state will improve with the initiatives of the home minister who used to conduct surprise visit to all the police stations of the capital region. But today the things are going at the wrong direction’, said union president Nabam John.

Condemning the merciless attack on Miti Mepo by the IBRn personnel which resulted in his death in Roing recently, they question whether the police personnel are trained only to resort to brutal torture.

We respect the  law of the land and home department, but the prevailing situations speaks a volume of lawlessness, it said and called upon the department take up corrective measures immediately.

However, the union did not forget to add here that it would resort to democratic movement if the capital road conditions are not improved at the earliest.


Tourism Camping Destination

ITANAGAR, Aug 4: Governor Gen J.J Singh is laying the foundation stone of the project Development of Adventure Tourism Camping Destination Site at Jote-Poma River on August 6.

Governor had visited and inspected the project site on July 24 last along with Parliamentary Secretary Tourism and Officials of Tourism Department and its Engineering Wing.


Bardekar thank Khandu

ITANAGAR Aug 4: Maharashtraian forest official Vilas Bardekar on reaching his Guhimahar, Pune home safely yesterday made a courtesy call to the chief minister Dorjee Khandu and extended his gratitude to the government of Arunachal Pradesh towards its solidarity and contribution for his safe release.   

Khandu while congratulating him and his family on his safe release after two months said he was elated by the news of safe release.

 Bardekar, an IFS officer of 1984 batch, is a Joint Director of Social Forestry, Government of Maharashtra, and had arrived on an official trip to Arunachal Pradesh. He was kidnapped from Kamengbari forest from Doimara area of West Kameng District bordering Assam on May 12 last and was released on July 31 afternoon near Batasipur Railway Station, Assam by the abductors.   (PRO to CM)


5th NE kick boxing C’ship at Kimin from Aug 7

ITANAGAR, Aug 4: The 5th North East Wushu (Kick Boxing) Championship will be held at Subansiri Stadium, Kimin from August 7 to 10. All Kimin Youth Welfare Association (AKYWA) is the sponsor of the event.


Jadi Booti Diwas celebrated  

ITANAGAR, Aug 4: Patanjali Yog Samiti and Bharat Swabhiman Trust, Arunachal Pradesh today celebrated the birth anniversary   of Acharya Balkrishnaji Maharaj as Jadi Booti Diwas.

The celebration started with the lightening of lamps and  offering of prayers for healthy life of Acharyashree at Gompa Mandir, Siddhartha Vihar, Itanagar. This was  followed by the presentation of his life sketch  and  importance of Yog & Ayurved in our day to day life. The program continued with the deliberations on Ayurved from Director, Regional Research Laboratory (Ayurved), Itanagar. Later, the members also gathered at P sector Kali Mandir, Itanagar and take part in  the plantation program. District Units  of the organisations, particularly Daporijo unit celebrated the occasion with a weeklong programme with plantation of trees  like Neem, Amla, Aloevera, Tulsi & Giloi.  The members were administered pledge on this occasion to promote  and  propagate the gardening of plants having medicinal values.


3 karatekas of SLSA to represent country in Intl. event

ITANAGAR, Aug 4: Three karatekas of Sangey Lhaden Sports Academy (SLSA) have been selected to represent the country in Wado World Karate Do Cup scheduled to be held in Japan from August 13 to 16. The selected players are Nanu Sangha, Karate instructor, Mst Likha Lej and Mst. Sinne Mikhu.

The authorities of SLSA and directorate of Sports and Youth Affairs said that their hard-work and efforts in training the karatekas and honing their talents began to bear fruits with selection of players from the academy for international event. They hoped that all three participating players will bring laurels to the state as well as country by winning medals.



PPLAWC formed

ITANAGAR, Aug 4: The Gaon Burahs, youths and panchayat leaders of Sopo, Jampa and D/Hoj, in a recent meeting, have formed Pare Project Land Affected Welfare Committee (PPLAWC) to redress the grievances of the project affected.

Gyamar Kuka, Tana Tahin and Taba Tabang were appointed president, vice president and general secretary of the committee respectively.


Union demands

ITANAGAR, Aug 4: All Tagin Students Union (ATSU) has appealed the Upper Subansiri district magistrate to take steps for immediate recovery of CGI sheets under SSA and utensils procured for residential school of the district and release of pending stipends as per the enrolment list of students.  The union further demanded action against DDSE alleging him of misappropriation of Govt resources.


Follow CBSE guidelines

ITANAGAR:  In pursuance of the CBSE guidelines, the  state Govt  has decided that no students from private schools be allowed to appear in CBSE examination through Govt schools without prior recognition/affiliation to CBSE Board.  All private schools must have affiliation of CBSE board before commencement of class IX to  XII as per CBSE guidelines,  said a notification issued by the education commissioner adding violation of CBSE guidelines may invite withdrawal of affiliation.


PR leaders retort

ITANAGAR: Panchayat leaders of the 35th Pangin Assembly Constituency have condemned ill-intention of NCP leader Kaling Jerang, who had accused the Directorate of School Education of nepotism in connivance with Deputy Speaker Tapang Taloh.

Refuting any wrong doing, it said that Directorate of School Education carries out the government decision as per recruitment rules only while adding that Deputy Speaker had no role in the appointment of 39 candidates in Group C & D posts.

On the allegation of transferring government employees violating norm, the leaders said that those employees who overstayed their tenures were transferred while adding that the transfer/posting was being carried out in every department. It further cited an example of Deputy Speaker’s wife who allegedly was transferred three times in three years.

Heaping praises on the Deputy Speaker for his able leadership, 32 PR leaders said that Tapang Taloh has brought in all round development in the area while adding that Jerang was frustrated after his defeat in the assembly elections.


Administration clears road

JANG, Aug 4: On Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu’s persuasion during his recent visit to Jang, the local administration under the supervision of ADC D Kamduk has swung into action in clearing boulders, sands and such other construction materials dumped along the road side thereby causing problems for the commuters in Jang township area.

A team comprising of CO Jang, OC Police Station Jang with the help of  BRO  & PWD labourers cleared the materials strayed along the road. The public’s support was massive as the locals themselves cleared such dumped materials from nearby their houses. Illegal construction of houses along the roads was also removed.  


ARPA demands

ITANAGAR, Aug 4: Arunachal Registered Pharmacist Association (ARPA) demanded the health department to conduct written examination for recruitment of candidates for the recently advertised two posts of pharmacists to select the genuine and deserving candidates. It also demanded the Department concerned to conduct the test for APST candidates only as mentioned in the advertisement.


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