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August  - 15


64th Independence Day

Khandu sings the tune of transparency

while Singh calls

for furthering values of freedom

Itanagar, Aug 14: Arunachal will join the rest of the country and celebrate the 64th Independence Day on Sunday. The Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu will unfurl the national flag and address the citizens at I G Park. The state awards will be announced on the day.

Security arrangements are in place all across the state. The SP Capital Chukhu Apa said that adequate arrangements have been made in state capital to contain any problem.

The Chief Minister in his message to the people of the state said that Govt. will continue to be guided by transparency and responsiveness.  

He further said that the Govt. will lay a special focus on harnessing the rich hydro-power potential and mineral resources. In its endeavour to successfully pursue the development agenda.

Governor Gen J J Singh in his message to the people of the state said  “Freedom carries different meanings for different individuals. For a child, it is simply absence of restrictions. For an artist, it is the opportunity to give expression to his art. For a manual labourer, it could be an extra day of rest. For a journalist, it is the absence of censorship. For a nation whose destiny is controlled by outsiders, it is the ability to govern itself and take independent decisions based on the collective voice of the people”. “On this day, let us remind ourselves that each individual cherishes his form of freedom and we must do our utmost in preserving and furthering the values of freedom of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship” he added in his message.


Russa tensed

ITANAGAR, Aug 14: Tension gripped Russa villages of Kanubari sub-division in Tirap district after a group of miscreants allegedly demolished two Police barracks constructed by Assam authorities at Simhokho in Kamkuh Rusa early this morning.

According to the report around a dozen unidentified miscreants, with their face covered, swooped down and damaged the Assam police barracks, one an old and abandoned and the other still under construction, at Simhokho which the local Arunachalee claims belongs to them.

Soon after the incident which took place at around 3 am, hundreds of people at Bimolapur under Sonari sub-division of Assam gheroed the APP personnel and an EAC who were heading for Kamkuh Rusa to assess the situation. Threatened and abused the team of Arunachal Pradesh police and civil administration were stranded for more 3 hours and were allowed to proceed ahead only after senior police and civil authorities of Assam intervened.

Meanwhile, the thriving daily business in the foothill area has come to a grinding halt as the Arunachali villagers, who come down to Assam to sell betel leaves and tea, have stopped all their business ventures fearing reprisal.

The local communities of the four census villages of Arunachal Pradesh have for long been protesting against alleged repeated violations of status quo by Assam, which the Arunachalis claim, has been taking up various construction works in the area which belongs to Arunachal Pradesh.



Silent prayers of Arunachal

Taba Ajum

ITANAGAR, Aug 14: This Independence Day people of Arunachal would like the state government to give utmost importance to certain major issues which may change the course of state in coming months. Issues like corruption, unemployment, dam and perennial problem of refugee need urgent attention.  This reporter spoke to many citizens who on condition of anonymity poured out their heart on various burning issues affecting the state of Arunachal. After doing lot of talking to many citizens, it has been found that corruption and unemployment are the two major problems ailing the development of Arunachal.

Matters concerning citizen most

* Corruption.

* Unemployment.

* Mega projects.

* Refugee issue

With large number of young students graduating every year from various field, need of creating job opportunities has become very important. At the moment students mostly depend on government sector for employment and to a certain point this sector is getting saturated. Also employment opportunity in government sector is slowly becoming out of reach for poor and ordinary citizens. Nepotism, favouritism and corruption are the new means of getting job in government sector. “Many of the departments never advertise vacancies in public. Does it mean that these departments never hire? They fill vacancies through backdoor policy and poor citizen like me, who does not have political link and money, remain unemployed. Situation at the moment is very frustrating,” shared one unemployed graduate. Corruption level has reached to such an extent that today no work can be carried out without bribery.  Many residents are getting agitated with rampant corruption but they all feel helpless. “If a proper research is carried out, am sure Arunachal will be the most corrupted state of India. Unless we have independent media and judiciary, corruption level will increase more in coming years. Also we need CBI in our state to pursue cases of corruption,” said a young citizen. The second issue which is disturbing citizen most is construction of large dams across the state. According to latest information, government has signed around 130 MOU/MOA with private developers to construct dam over various rivers of Arunachal. Dam issue has become very sensitive and emotional one, with section of society supporting it while another bitterly opposing. No doubt coming of big hydropower developer will generate employment avenues but constructions of many mega dams at one go may have severe consequences on ecology. There is growing fear that government of India is using dam as tool to let more outsider migrate into Arunachal, so that they can counter Chinese claim over state by showing population data(More mainland Indians residing and working in Arunachal will negate Chinese claim). “We are being made scapegoat by central government. Just to counter China, they are letting hydropower developer to build many dams in state. Also, once electricity is generated from these dams it will serve purpose of big malls, shopping complex, offices and residential complex of metropolitan cities,” told one citizen. He further added, “For each dam around 20 thousands worker are needed and of this around 15 thousand will be outsiders. So, multiply 130 dams with 15 thousand? It’s a very scary situation. We will become minority in our own land and soon our tribal culture will become a fairytale.”

Recent attack on group of Arunachalee at Diyun by Chakma shows how refugee issue has become never ending matter. Most of the present generation Arunachalee have grown up with Chakma issue and with each passing day are getting frustrated over this issue. “I was four year old when, my uncle once came home late at night hungry and injured. I vividly remember he was part of AAPSU movement against Chakma and was hiding in jungle to escape police arrest as they were enforcing bandh call throughout the state. Now am 25 year old and got married too but still Chakma issue has not been solved. It seems both state and central government is not interested to come to a conclusion on this issue,” spoke one young woman. She went on to add, “Today Chakma and Hajong refugees have become majority in many parts of Changlang and Lohit districts. Every year thousands of Chakma refugees are migrating into Arunachal without much trouble and are virtually challenging state of Arunachal with their disregard for law. Tibetan refugee in Tawang, Bomdila and Tuting are all getting schedule tribe certificates and enjoying APST status.” Most of citizens feel refugee menaces need to be urgently brought under control or else indigenous tribal’s of Arunachal may have to pay heavy price in years to come.

People of state are keeping their fingers crossed with hope that this 64th Independence Day will bring new era of development in Arunachal. They are silently praying that development should be of equal one. There should not be discrimination based on region and tribe.


Fading colours of Tricolour where it was first hoisted in NEFA

Mijum Nyodu and Ili Riba

The date: 15th August 1947. Place: Dipa (Dwpa) village, Siang District, NEFA:  An enthusiastic crowd gathers to witness the national flag being unfurled and celebrate the Independence, just as Pandit Nehru was doing the same from the ramparts of the Red Fort in Delhi. Freedom fighter and an activist in the then Assam branch of the Indian National Congress, Moji Riba and Moje Riba along with the villagers unfurled the tricolour and celebrated Independence. Historians say, this was the only place and occasion in the whole region that was later to become the state of Arunachal Pradesh.  

15th August 2010: Dwpa village, West Siang, Arunachal Pradesh : As the nation celebrates the 64th Independence Day the same old village will be quietly witnessing the same ritual being repeated in the nearby government secondary school. In the foot of the hills of West Siang district on the banks of river Singen, the occasion no longer evokes that hope and response from the people. There is no emotion; the air of festivity is lost. Freedom meant different thing to different people. People of Dipa has also lately realised this. Gone are the British and there comes a neighbour to claim your land just because the Inner Line is not properly demarcated. This poignant story of the suffering of the people of Dipa village is too well known across the state. It happens in almost all the foothill areas adjoining Assam. Not that public at large is at war with each other in the inter-state border area constantly, but what pains the people most is the attitude of the respective state governments - Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. Encroachment on our ancestral land in the name of forest laws and all that is happening every now and then. Police ‘outposts’ are being raised which bear billboards announcing the ‘date of establishment’ way back to the seventies! Atrocities of the Assam police on the people of the area is such that stories of their suffering will make a Premchand story look trivial. So inured has the people become that news of assaults by Assam police on Arunachalis appears as good as a weather news.

That it is this exploited lot of people that is defending the inter-state border in right earnest seems to fail the conscience of the state government. It is here the people are most aggrieved. While a sea of humanity dominates those landscapes where once our immediate ancestors roamed about, cultivated, and collected posa, we find it hard to even maintain whatever of land is left to us. With disturbances erupting at a rate faster than the country’s birth rate, all the concomitant troubles and responsibility falls on the shoulder of the locals. While top level civil and police officials arrive at supersonic speed from across the inner line, only a handful of circle-level officials arrive from the state government, that too after the harm has been done. And the usual phrases like ‘status quo’, ‘subjudice’, ‘friendly relationship since time immemorial’ is churned out by both the state governments. In the process, it is we whose future is being sacrificed. A vast section of our youths are frustrated and getting conditioned to be ready to fight and defend their land.  We have lost generations of youth from pursuing higher education.

Development benefits like PMGSY are not being implemented because there is confusion as to which state should do it. Consequently, despite being in a region otherwise conducive for development activities to come, the region remains one of the most backward regions in terms of infrastructure. In many villages safe drinking water and electricity are still a distant dream. These are tips of the proverbial iceberg.

And this happens to the same people who jealously celebrated the Independence Day even when the neighbouring state witnessed complete ‘black-day’ and bandhs boycotting such celebration. In one such incident, the villagers of Dipa took the help of the army to conduct the same. There has never been a corresponding step from the state government, much less an incentive.

While the eve of Independence Day opens an air of jubilation to many across the state, the people who first celebrated it way back in 1947 are a despaired lot. Haven’t the independence, modern education, and the structures of governance been instituted to fool us around? Such are the thoughts that are informing the concerns of people who once took pride in the fact that their leaders were decorated with the Tamra Patras. The same tricolour will be flying this August also, only it will stoically witness a different gathering bereft of a semblance of being independent.


Nonexistent mini stadiums find mention in I-Day speech

ITANAGAR, Aug 14:  12th Pakke-Kessang Collegian and University Welfare Committee (PKCUWC) of East Kameng district today claimed that there exist no mini stadiums at Devgolo, Ngoleko, Veo, Nangnyo and Tarayor in East Kameng district as declared by Chief Minister during last I-day celebration.

The Chief Minister during last I day celebration had declared that department concerned had completed construction works of Mini stadiums at the above mentioned places, the committee informed and expressed shock at the false declaration at the historical occasion. In a memorandum addressed to Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu,  the committee claimed that except few existing playgrounds at  Govt ME schools at Veo and Rilloh, Pakke Kessang Govt secondary school, VKV school Seijosa and Baliso Govt ME schools, no mini stadium exist as declared.

Pointing out the foundation stone of general ground Seijosa which was laid by the CM on April 19 last, the committee armed with RTI papers, said that the department concerned have no knowledge about the status of project.


Byaling lands at health centres unannounced

ITANAGAR, Aug 14: Heath department employees of Lower Subansiri district could not believe their eyes when they found the Health and Family Welfare Minister Tanga Byaling at the door steps of health Centres of the district on Aug 13.  He was alone and not even an official from the district or from the directorate escorted him when he conducted surprise visit at the Yazali and Yachuli PHCs. However, District Medical Officer S. Kakoti,  DFWO, Dr. Nani Rika and Raga ADC, Taru Talo accompanied him during his surprise visit at  Boa Simla and Raga PHCs and Godak sub-centre. While interacting with the medical officers and general public at Boa Simla and Raga, the minister said this surprise visit was also a part of the process to streamline the health delivery system.  He pointed out that Yachuli PHC has surplus para medical staff while some other centres have few or  no staff.

Assuring balanced distribution of health staff he said, there is urgent need of balanced posting of these staff to ensure proper delivery of health facilities to all parts of the state.

To contain the epidemic like situation due to malaria and other water borne diseases in some parts of the district, he asked the district health authorities to ensure presence of all medical staff at their respective posting place. The minister also asked the DMO to collect over 1500 impregnated mosquito nets from the Directorate of Health Service and take all other measures to deal with malaria cases.  

At Godak,    the minister assured fund  for sanctioned sub centre and asked the villagers to locate and donate land at a proper place  for it.

Regarding accommodation problems for medical staff he assured  to take up the matter with   concerned MLAs to give  priority  to  construction of Health  sub-centres and staff quarters from their MLA LAD fund.

 Earlier, the minister was briefed about the present status of health delivery system in the district in a meeting at Circuit house.  Minister  sought a detailed report on  all the health centres for streamlining the health delivery system.

 DC Sadhana Deori, while briefing on health scenario of the district  requested  him to give priority on construction of  a sub-centre building at Godak for its remote location from the district and huge feeder population including government employees.  DIPRO


Remembering the freedom fighters


JAIRAMPUR, Aug 14:  Remembering the freedom fighters in a function held at Jairampur School Auditorium, Finance Minister Setong Sena said that we   should not forget the sacrifices of all the freedom fighters who gave their todays for our better tomorrow.

He advocated appending the Mahatma’s vision of non-violence as the way of our life and emphasized on the role of youths in nation building.

Sena further added that young generation must not concentrate only on monetary benefit but should stress on character building to become a responsible citizen.

He lamented that inspite of attaining good rate of economic development; we are unable to develop the thought of patriotism in today’s youths. Therefore, we should concentrate to cultivate national patriotism and human value along with materialistic development in a world of science, he added.

District Youth President James Jugli said “we have to learn from the past to meliorate our future instead of depending on others or lamenting for the changes that we could have made but didn’t.

He further added that ‘as a district youth congress president, I too have a vision, a vision to enhance the graph of smiling faces by curbing their tribulations. I would like to share my dreams with all the youths and I, honestly believe we can bring the change, because we are the change’.

Ex-chairperson zilla parishad Izmir Tikhak also encouraged the youths to participate in nation building.

Various schools of Nampong and Jairampur presented spellbinding patriotic performances.

The function was an initiative of the local administration to promote the significance of Quit India Movement among the younger generations.


Don Bosco alumni reach out to jail inmates

ITANAGAR, Aug 14: Don Bosco Alumni, Itanagar in their efforts to reach out to the Young People at Risk organized tree plantation and fruit distribution at District Jail, Jully and marked the Independence Day celebrations.  The tree plantation in the district jail complex was led by MLA Techi Kaso.  

Kaso spoke on the need to educate the youth so that they don’t end up in the situation the inmates of the district jail are.  

Don Bosco Alumni can do much in the form of prayer and awareness to spread this message among the youth of our state”, said Kaso.  

Vice Chairperson, AP State Commission for Women Mepung Tadar Bage, who is an office bearer of Don Bosco Alumni thanked everyone for taking up the noble task of reaching out to the inmates of the jail, the majority of whom are young people.  

On the tree plantation drive she said, “Don Bosco Alumni would like to join hands with the Governor of Arunachal Pradesh and the Distirct Administration in their efforts for a Green and Clean Arunachal.”


NSS orientation at NERIST

ITANAGAR, Aug 14: NSS Cell of NERIST held Fresher’s Orientation Program this morning. The program was highlighted by tree plantation camp and motivational talks. This year there are about 220 newly enrolled students volunteers.

Around 100 saplings of evergreen trees were planted inside the NERIST campus. The saplings were provided by the Forestry Department.

While welcoming the newly enrolled volunteers of NSS, the co-coordinator, Dr. T. Tiuthung elaborated on the motto of the NSS “Not me but You”. She also emphasized on the role that has to be played by the youths in nation building.

State Liaison Officer, Dr. V.N. Sharma also talked on the occasion. He stated that some section of the society regarded the present youths as careless and useless, whereas he is of the opinion that youths are cared less and used less. He also stated that education is complete with the sense of responsibility to the society along with the knowledge earned inside the class rooms.

The newly enrolled student volunteers took a pledge to devote some of their time for the service of the society, nation and humanity as a whole.


KKWS felicitates IPS officer

ITANAGAR, Aug 14: Kargu Kardi Welfare Society felicitated former Deputy Inspector General of Police, Raksap Yomcha, IPS, here yesterday.

Yomcha narrating his tale of dedication and sincerity towards his duty in the Police Department urged upon the Govt. Servants to be more attentive towards their duty and do justice to their post and position.

Taking strong exception of the members politicizing the Society’s Activities, Yomcha felt that none is above the Society and each and every member must wholeheartedly support the cause of the Society. Mixing the activities of the Society with Politics was detrimental to the very cause of the formation of the Society.

KKWS Secretary, Dedu Poyom, while going through some loopholes and limitations of the Society, appealed for support from its members for successful conduct of other task in future.

Former Director of Education, P. Potom and the Former Director of Health Services, G. Yomcha urged upon the younger officers of the Society to have compassion towards its members, particularly to the students and the unemployed youths. Calling for special attention towards the girl education and matrimony, they also warned all to stay away from polygamy.

The other speakers included the Director, Panchayati Raj, B Gadi, General Manager, Transport, R Ronya, Additional Superintendent of Police, Y Boje and Under Secretary (Finance), G Yomgam.

The speakers urged upon the students and the unemployed youths to have a single goal towards their study and hard work. They opined of bleak future for those candidates, who are depending on political favours and back door entry. They also cautioned not to pressurise the man in position for job without self sacrifice and hard work; for the present days of RTI and Court refrains illegal appointments and favouritism.

In his Presidential Address, the President, KKWS, Dr. Rejum Ronya announced that society would organize Medical Camps in the interior areas, Felicitation to the Meritorious Student, and Financial help to the needy people for Medical Treatment and poor student for Education. Stressing the clarion call of “Save Mithun”, he informed that KKWS Executive Members has banned the slaughter of Mithun for any of its Official even till date.


Police arrests  absconding manager

ITANAGAR, Aug 14: The Motor Vehicle Dealers Association of Arunachal Pradesh (MVDAA) has lauded the police personnel of Naharlagun Police station for arresting the absconding warranty manager of ‘Ave Maria’ recently.

The Association in a release said that based on the complaint lodged by proprietor of  Ave Maria, the police team led by  SI M Geyi conducted a search operation and succeeded in arresting the manager from Guwahati. The warranty manager had siphoned off money amounting to Rs 10 lakh and has been absconding for the last three months; the association said and demanded exemplary punishment for the accused.

Meanwhile, the Association appealed the various auto dealers of the Capital Complex to strictly verify the identity of the employees and follow uniform policy in recruitment of candidates in various posts.


Nyari Welley Open Women’s Football Tournament

MDFC continue winning streak

Staff Reporter

ITANAGAR, Aug 14: MDFC of Banderdewa drubbed Chimpu Girls Football Club (CGFC) 3-0 to carry on their winning streak in the First Nyari Welley  Open Women’s Football Tournament played at Rajiv Gandhi Stadium, Naharlagun, today.

The Banderdewa outfit went ahead as early as in the 9th minute through Saraswati Das’ fine kick from inside the ‘D’. Binita Khalkho doubled the score in 38 minute with a fine shot that struck the right goal post and kissed the net. Saraswati completed the drubbing by scoring the third goal a minute before the final hooter. The scoreline could have been different had it not missed numerous scoring opportunities, including a penalty kick that came in MDFC’s favour.

Both the semifinals matches would be held tomorrow and the final would be played on August 16.

PWD Minister Nabam Tuki would attend the final day of the tournament as chief guest while Tadar Yadir, Member, Arunachal Pradesh State Commission for Women would be the guest of honour.


Encroachment of school land

ITANAGAR, Aug 14:  The School Welfare Committee (SWC) of the Govt Hr school, Itanagar has expressed concern at the rampant encroachment of the school land.

Meanwhile, based on the FIR lodged at Itanagar Police station, Town magistrate along with police team inspected the encroachment site and took immediate action, claimed the school captain today.

Meanwhile, Students Welfare Committee of the school prohibited use of school play ground for driving practice and warned of penalty against violators of the prohibition.


Union organize district level essay competition

ITANAGAR, Aug 14: Darshana Bagabel of Aalo Govt. Hr Sec School, Karter Kamsi of Govt Nehru Memorial School, Aalo, and Mumyi Panor of Govt Hr Sec.  School, Rumgong secured the 1st, 2nd and 3rd position respectively at higher secondary level essay competition on the topic “Global Warming and its effect”.  

West Siang District Students Union (WSDSU) with logistic support of the district administration organized the district level essay competitions in three categories on three different topics in order to explore the latent talent of the students of the district at Govt Hr Sc School, Aalo on Aug 6.

At secondary level, Vedya Kumari, Govt Hr Sec School, Rumgong, Bomjin Yomgam, Govt Sec School, Yomcha and Yomge Poyom, Govt Hr Sec School, Aalo won the 1st, 2nd and 3rd position on the topic “Changing Pattern of CBSE exam and its effects.”

On the topic “preservation of culture and identity” at middle level essay competition, Gepi Loya, Govt Hr Secondary School, Rumgong and Terngam Gamlin, Govt Hr Sec School, Yomcha snatched the  1st and 2nd position respectively. The 3rd position was jointly bagged by Minkar Loyi, Govt Middle School, Pakam and Jumrik Tao, Likabali middle school.

All the winners of the competition will be felicitated at  Aalo general ground, on Aug 15.


East Kameng gets treasury office building

ITANAGAR, Aug 14:  East Kameng Deputy Commissioner has inaugurated the permanent treasury office building at Seppa  today.

The long-felt desire of the people has been achieved with the inauguration of the office building, the DC said in his addressed.

This is the first treasury building in the state completed so far, said Tope Bam while exhorting the Treasury Officer to discharge duties with utmost dedication and sincerity. No false bills should be entertained, if such practices are found the administration will initiate appropriate action, he said.

On security measures of treasury office, the DC suggested modification of the Strong Room. He also called upon the implementing agency PWD to look into the matter.  He also directed the treasury officer to persue the Govt. for construction of permanent concrete boundary wall of the office.



IYC Appointment

ITANAGAR, Aug 14: Rizwan Arshad from Karnataka has been appointed as IYC secretary and incharge of Arunachal Pradesh recently. Newly appointed Arshad will address the extended meeting of the Arunachal Pradesh Youth Congress at its office at Naharlagun on Aug 19 next. All the members from district, city, block level Youth Congress are expected to attend the meeting.


Social service

ITANAGAR, Aug 14: Chimpu Urban Area Welfare Committee (CUAWC) has conducted a mass social service under the theme cleanliness drive at Chimpu bazarline, Soriok, RWD colonies, CWC, VKV, WRD Gazetteer complex today.

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