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August  - 22


Kanubari circle bear the brunt of economic blockade

Orgs call on AASU to desist from provocation  

ITANAGAR, Aug 21: After the All Assam Students Union sponsored economic blockade in Kanubari circle, the area is facing acute shortage of essential commodities. In the aftermath of the border skirmishes in Kamku- Russa, Hasse-Russa and Ranglua villages bordering Sivasagar district in Assam, economic blockade was imposed by studenst. The situation was so bad that a team of Food & Civil Supplies officials headed by Amit Bengia, DF&CSO rushed to affected area with trucks of food grains for distribution to the affected villagers yesterday.

Meanwhile, Arunachal Citizens’ Right (ACR) while expressing concern over the imposition of economic blockade against Tirap by All Assam Students’ Union (AASU) said that the decision was immature and a step not expected from an apex students’ body of a State. Assam and Arunachal Pradesh have a record of very cordial relationship since the time of NEFA and the people of both the states are interdependent in many ways. It is very natural and understandable that certain disagreement crops up between neighbouring states, but it is not appreciable to draw hurried and rash decisions, ACR said.

Meanwhile it called on All Arunachal Students’ Union (AAPSU) and All Assam Assam Students’ Union to sit together and come to an amicable and agreeable decision which would safeguard the interest of the people of both the states, rather than resorting ways which may worsen the situation.

ACR further appealed the North East Students’ Organisation (NESO) to intervene into the border scuffle and the economic blockade. The umbrella body of all the students’ bodies of the North East is expected to be unbiased and matured enough to defuse tension before it engulfs the relationship of the two neighboring sisters.

On the other hand, All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union (AAPSU) has expressed serious concern at the economic blockade in Kanubari area by All Assam Student Union (AASU).

 AAPSU president Takam Tatung has appealed to AASU and North-East Student Organization (NESO) to intervene and end this humanity crisis. “Imposing economic blockade, AASU district unit is only making the situation worse for people living in both sides people. We appeal AASU district unit to immediately lift this economic blockade,” Tatung said. He further added, “Though Congress government is in power at Assam, Arunachal and centre surprisingly there seems to be no coordination at all. The three government need to come out with solution urgently to end this decade old boundary issue.”

Tatung has further took a dig at human right activists over their silence on this human saga emerging out of economic blockade imposed at Kanubari. “Even minor incident of Chakma-Hajong issue are taken seriously by human right activists based at Delhi. Now Arunachalee people are being denied their basic human right by this economic blockade. But all these human right activists of Delhi are keeping mum. This is complete double standard adopted by them.”



Home Minister warns of NDFB designs

NAHARLAGUN, Aug 21: Addressing the people of his constituency in Namey village today, Home Minister Tako Dabi have warned all the villagers residing adjacent to the Arunchal-Assam inter-state boundary about the presence of ultras, particularly the NDFB cadres, who are keen to jeopardize the social fabrics by their nefarious design. Hence all of us should remain vigilant so that their evil acts are nipped in the bud, he said.

The Home Minister further advocated the necessity for inter-dependency amongst the people of Arunachal Pradesh and Assam, particularly along the inter-state boundary areas. He said that, neither Arunachal Pradesh nor Assam can progress in all fronts without peaceful co-existence. He said that the North East Region will progress in all fronts with mutual trusts and beliefs, sharing equal responsibilities in respect of infrastructure, education, health etc.

In his address, he further urged upon all to nurture the dignity of labour, which should be the ‘mantra’ to overcome all the failures and sufferings of human beings. During the visit, Home Minister inaugurated the Ramle Academic Campus at Telam Government Higher Secondary School and the Gomik Dabi rest House building in the school campus. The Rest House has been named after Gomik Dabi, who was the first public leader during the NEFA days and was the founder member of Adi Parliament Bogam Boka in early ‘40s.   

On way to Namey village, the Minister inaugurated the Shiva Temple at the Police Station, Nari and performed puja. DIPR


Corruption – a way of life

Tom Simai

Last night I had a weird flabbergasting dream, which almost gave me my first heart attack at such a tender age. Thankfully, I realized that it was only a dream, a horrific dream of Arunachal Pradesh being liberated from the traditional reign of corruption.  

Now fully awake, I focused hard to interpret the dream, whether it was a sign of dooms day revealed by religious tome or a speculated threat of a hallucinating mind. Poor me, as the reasoning maze began to clarify, my frown intensified, knowing the fact that I’ve desecrated the time honored regulation by dreaming to exist in a corruption free Arunachal Pradesh. No matter, how hard we may deny but here, downfall will commence if we consider ceasing corruption. In point of fact, corruption being an integral part of contemporary culture of Arunachal, it’s like, “loss of culture is loss of identity.”

So I can’t disgrace my revered culture by daring such revolutionary dream. Honestly, if we shuffle the pages of history, we find it’s the only global culture that has endured the test of time since the age of God, witnessing the rise and fall of countless civilization. Is not it inspiring that even God has demised but this small habit of greed and favor of human has survived the ordeals of time,  bamboozling the greatest thinkers of all civilizations.

Interestingly, what I see is that corruption prohibition will only lead to socio-economic chaos. It’ll completely halt the motion of our daily life because corruption is not only part of our system but it has become a part of our life. In fact, corruption is in our heart and begins from our home. When we wake up in the morning the first thing we do is bribe God by committing him cash in return of a favor. In the office Rs 50 can buy wings to the pending files and under the table favor can empower brooding officials to work diligently. It is so easy to say abolish corruption but so hard to let the habit go off.

Since ages, corruption has been motivating our system to function properly, that lure for extra bucks has been inspiring to add extra working hours.  It has also fueled the competition of stacking government money’s in individual bank accounts. The mounting latest cars on the deteriorating highways of the state, the mushrooming state of art private buildings and low grade government sponsored infrastructures signify where the development resources are channelized and how rampantly corruption is blended in our system. The situation is so worse that today’s youth, including me, believe more in recommendation process then our talent or abilities. Sadly, the appetite for opulent life has corrupted the entire generation of Arunachal Pradesh.

Above all, the elevating graph of grinning crorepatis in a state that rely on central charities and most of the government employees reveling the luxuries that their salary can never afford, confirms that corruption is here to stay. In such lacerating milieu, it’s wise to thrash the idiotic idea of corruption free ambience or else it will barricade the excelling options of our state and individuals.

Truth pricks, but in contemporary Arunachal we have no other option but to accept corruption as the way of our life. (The write can be reached at simaitom@gmail.com)


Judges shortlist 44 for Mon-Sergeling

ITANAGAR, Aug 21: Someone from Mon region is one step closer to becoming an Idol and winning a cash prize of Rs. one lakh and drive home a  Chevrolet Spark.

The Mega Singing Hunt show Mon-Sergeling is organised and coordinated by Film Federation of Monyul. After the completion of Audition at West Kameng and Tawang on Aug 20, the Judges have short listed 44 singers out of 351 contestants. These 44 talented singers shall now perform on stage from Aug 30.

Mon-Sergeling, the mega singing hunt will also provide a platform for the Monpa folk singer from numerous village of Monyul.

The board in its meeting convened at Tawang under the Chairmanship of Pema Khandu, the Chief Patron of Film Federation of Monyul has decided to award the best Folk singer with a cash prize of Rs One Lakh and a trophy.

During the ongoing event the FFM board has decided to felicitate those people from Monpa community for their extraordinary contribution towards preservation of culture and tradition and bringing prestige to the Monpas.


Association demands night patrolling in Hollongi

ITANAGAR, Aug 21: Hollongi Nyvgam Youth Association has appealed the state home department to start night police patrolling for safety and security of the indigenous people of Hollongi area.

Pointing out that uneasy situation arose during Hollongi market area bandh inside Arunachal territory in protest against the alleged  intimidation and extortion in Hollongi area  on Aug 18, Association claimed the situation could have taken an ugly if  it was not for timely intervention of the police personnel in presence of Lower Balijan ZPM Kabak Takam.

The association appealed for intervention of the authorities to find out lasting solution to such unwanted problems for peaceful co-existence.


Contractors for early clearance of HTS bills

ITANAGAR, Aug 21: All Arunachal Contractors Welfare Association (AACWA) has endorsed the views expressed by All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union (AAPSU) and All Nyishi Students Union (ANSU) regarding urgent release of pending bills of public distribution system (PDS) in Arunachal.  Association has urged both state and central governments to release pending HTS bills on priority and not victimize contractors. With carriage contractor threatening to stop PDS supply in far flung areas of state till pending bills are cleared there is growing fear that it may affect poor and needy people. AACWA has demanded authority to release bills of contractors within 30 days failing which they will take their own due course of action.


Committee calls for action against Satyam industries

ITANAGAR, Aug 21: After a visit to the Satyam Group of Industries situated at Banderdewa today, Banderdewa Circle Environment Pollution Control Committee (BCEPCC) has called on concern authority to take necessary action against and direct the industries for close down or shift to the other suitable places.

The Committee said that as per Technical expert, Satyam Ispat is operating without installation of Pollution Control system since its establishment while adding that it is also violating the Norms of Environmental Protection Act 1986.

The Committee was accompanied by three technical member of Arunachal Pradesh State Pollution Control Board. General Secretary BCEPCC Taniang Kipa said that the Industries is operating 24 hrs thus creating a bad environment and emitting bad smell, thereby affecting local residents.


Orgs condemn assault on DDK staff, demand arrest of assaulter

ITANAGAR, Aug 21: Arunachal Artiste Forum has condemned the assault on Itanagar DDK staff Bhimlal Sharma yesterday allegedly by one state Govt employee Neelam Tatar.

Terming the intimidation of DDK employees shameful, the Forum appealed the state Govt to award exemplary punishment to the assaulter and appealed the Doordarshan Kendra not to stop its programme  in greater interest of the artiste community and general viewers.  

Arunachal Pradesh Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Board (APB&OCWWB) chairman Jalley Sonam also condemned the assault on DDK staff and  demanded punishment to the assaulter as per law.

While condemning the attack on DDK staff, All Arunachal Pradesh Public Transport Federation (AAPPTF) has appealed the Chief Minister  Dorjee Khandu to  deploy adequate security personnel at DDK as per his commitment.

A Govt employee can not enquire about tenders; the Federation pointed out and demanded state Govt to take legal action against the assaulter to instill a sense of security in the DDK staff.

Extending its solidarity to DDK staff, the Federation also appealed the DDK authority not to discontinue its programmes.


ABK appeals for postponement of assembly session

ITANAGAR, Aug 21: Adi Bane Kebang (ABK), in a letter to Legislative Assembly Speaker, urged him for postponement of the forthcoming assembly session as dates of the session clash with Solung festival.

Postponement of the assembly session would enable the MLAs and government servants of the community to participate in Solung celebrations as per their prior commitment, and on the other hand, their failure to turn up for the festival to be celebrated at various places due to the forthcoming assembly session would not only hurt the 1.5 lakh Adis of Arunachal Pradesh but also dampen the spirit of celebration, the letter said. Solung is the major festival of Adi community and is celebrated from September one to five.


The intricacies of Assam-Arunachal relation

Taba Ajum

ITANAGAR, Aug 21: Like refugee issue, Arunachal-Assam boundary problem is another never ending subject which has been dragging on since time immemorial. Situation along the boundary is always volatile and even minor incident can lead to bigger incident. Though boundary issue is the major cause of dispute between two states, but if we deeply study, there are other problems which divide the two neighbouring states.

Though being immediate neighbour, Assamese people, have been found to be ignorant about cultures and traditions of Arunachal. This lack of knowledge about Arunachal often led to misunderstanding and thereby fuelling the anti-Arunachalee sentiment. “During my college days at Guwahati, my Assamese friend’s only use to ask me about Bomdila and Tawang. They don’t know anything about other places and hardly know about tribes of Arunachal, which is quite shocking,” shared one student.

Though Arunachal has large number of Assamese populations who are making a living out here yet relation between two neighbouring state has never been cordial. Large number of Arunachalees are quite well versed with Assamese language and people of this state always celebrate Bihu festival with their Assamese brethren.

Despite sharing so much in common, often Arunachalee citizens are at the receiving end of the big brother attitude of our neighbouring state.  Citizens living in areas which share boundary with Assam like Ruksin, Likabali, Bhalukpong, Kimin, Gumto, Balijan, Russa and many more, are often  been harassed by citizens and police officials of Assam without any reason. Moment a vehicle bearing Arunachal registration plies through Assam, hostility welcomes them.  It is popularly believed that if Assam police notice any Arunachal registered vehicle, this sentence comes to their mouth, “Lakshmi ahi gol  (wealth goddess has arrived).” Without any valid reasons, Assam police officials always try to squeeze money out of the poor Arunachalee citizen passing through their road. “If Assam police happen to spot an Arunachal registered vehicle, suddenly with their eyes wide open they becomes pro-active. Especially at Laluk and Harmuty section they always harass Arunachalee citizen unnecessarily. Even if we are travelling with children and wife still they behave very rudely,” shared one Itanagar resident who often travels through Laluk.

What hurts Arunachalee residents most is the constant harassment meted out to them whenever they travel through Assam. “During reality show like Indian Idol, Dance India Dance or any other we Arunachalee vigorously vote for Assamese contestants. Being from same north-east region, we regard them as our own people. But our Assamese brothers and sisters never reciprocate it,” told another resident of Itanagar. Some citizens attribute Arunachal’s dependency on Assam for every little basic item for this big brother attitude. “With relation between India and China getting better with each passing year, we need to explore the possibility of opening border trade with China to end depending on Assam for every products. If international trade can be done though Nathula at Sikkim, then why not in our state,” told one citizen of Naharlagun.

To find out reason why Assamese people love to hate Arunachalee, I spoke to one resident of Guwahati who is currently working in Itanagar. He gave an interesting angle to the whole issue. “Arunachalee people have to understand that many outsiders including illegal Bangladeshi migrants have settled in Assam. In most cases it has been found that it is these migrants who create unnecessary troubles including those border skirmishes and also harassment of Arunachalee citizens’.

Assam and Arunachal shares many things in common. Both like other North-Eastern states has for long been neglected by central government.  Together there is need to stand up and take up the cudgel against Delhi government for mistreating NE region. People of Assam and their officials need to quickly understand that Arunachalee citizens are not their enemy.  Just because we depend on Assam for certain things they should not take us for granted. After all they should not forget that majority of their citizens also depend on Arunachal for survival. High time they stop harassing Arunachalee citizen!


Lower Dibang Valley gears up for proper enforcement of  law

ROING, Aug 21: The first ever meeting of the recently constituted District Level Monitoring Committee (DLMC) for proper Enforcement of Cigarette & Other Tobacco Product (Prohibition) Act, 2003 was held in the office of the Deputy Commissioner, Lower Dibang Valley District here yesterday.

District Medical Officer cum Nodal Officer, Dr Atlok Yirang, who is also the member secretary of the committee in his introductory speech has informed that the Cigarette and other Tobacco Products (Prohibition of Advertisement and Regulation of Commerce & Trade, Production, Supply and Distribution) Act, 2003 has been enforced by the state govt. in order to protect the public health from the harms of cigarettes and other tobacco products. According to this act, smoking in public places, advertisement, sponsorship and promotion of tobacco products are banned and Sale of tobacco products to and by Minors below 18 years of age is prohibited. Sale of tobacco products within a radius of 100 yards from any educational institution  is also prohibited as per this act. As per section 21 and 24 of the act, the smoker in public places and selling of tobacco products to & by minors and selling within 100 yards of educational institution is a punishable offence and will be fine up to Rs 200 for violation. As per section 22, the direct and indirect advertisement and promotion of cigarettes and other tobacco products is also a punishable offence with imprisonment for two years or a fine of Rs 1000, or both. In the case of second conviction, the fine would be Rs 5000 and the term of imprisonment five years. The enforcement officer can seize and confiscate the advertisements under section 13 & 14 of the act. It is also mandatory to have statutory warning labels on every package of cigarettes and other tobacco products. The non-compliance with the provisions on labeling are liable for imprisonment for a term which may extend to two years, or a fine of up to Rs 5000, or both. In the second conviction, imprisonment for a term which may extend to five years and with a fine of up to Rs 10,000. For one who sells or distributes unlabelled tobacco products imprisonment for a term which may extend to one year, or a fine of up to Rs 1000, or both. In the second conviction, imprisonment for a term which may extend to two years and with a fine up to Rs 3000.

Superintendent of Police, Tojo Karga suggested for creating mass awareness before implementing the act stringently stating that in this tribal state the law enforcement authorities/persons are often targeted by some as they are discharge their duties in the interest of general public.

Lod Gambo, SDO (SADAR) chairing over the meeting has also emphasized in organizing mass awareness programs involving panchayat leaders, compulsory displaying of notice board by all the head offices and educational institutions.

The committee also resolved to check the excessive inflow of other tobacco products like Tirangga, Gutka, in the district and announcement of the enforcement of the act through Public Address System in and around the Roing township once it is notified.  

The members of the committee includes Deputy Commissioner of the district, Y W Ringu as chairman, A Yirang, DMO cum Nodal Officer as member secretary, Tojo Karga, SP, K. Zirdo, Superintendent of Tax & Excise, A. Saring, DIPRO, Vijai Linggi, Secretary, Bazar Committee, Dilip Dev, Treasurer, Ezelie Lions Club and U Pertin, Principal GHSS Roing as members. (DIPRO)


Sonam on district tour from Aug 22

ITANAGAR, Aug 21: Arunachal Pradesh Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Board Chairman Jalley Sonam and Secretary Ojing Darung are visiting Lower Subansiri, West Siang and Upper Siang districts from August 22 to conduct awareness campaign and meeting with workers and Heads of the Departments.

The objectives of the tour are to highlight the various benefits provided by the boards and to enroll workers in the board.


Anganwadi Workers and Helpers Union meeting held

ITANAGAR, Aug 21: Arunachal Pradesh Anganwadi Workers and Helpers Union conducted its general meeting at Naharlagun recently.

The meeting was presided over by AAPAW&HU President Jalley Sonam.

During the meeting various issues of the union were discussed and Papum Pare District Unit of the Union has been formed with Nyakam Riba Gollo and Kino Mella as its President and General Secretary respectively.


Call on streamlining land possession

ITANAGAR, Aug 21: The Nationalist Congress Party, West Siang District unit has appealed the district administration and general public to streamline the land possession system for religious purpose in the district.  

NCP District unit president Yomkar Riba in a release today observed that rampant possession of land from private individuals for religious purpose may lead to chaos instead of serving the main purpose of spreading spirituality. He suggested that the district land allotment board should take up the matter and also stressed on the need of public debate involving political and spiritual leaders, intellectuals and students of the district on the issue.


36 Bn CRPF opens training centre for women at Zedua

KHONSA, Aug 21: The 36th Battalion of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) headquartered at Khonsa has opened a tailoring training centre at Zedua village under the banner of Civic Action Programme yesterday.

During the occasion Sanand Kamal, Commandant 36 BN, CRPF handed over sewing machines and its related accessories and training materials to Zedua Women’s Society.

While speaking at the function Circle Officer Longding K. Goiba lauded the role being played by the CRPF to uplift economic condition of women in the village by providing a chance for their livelihood.

President of Zedua women society, praised the CRPF for opening a job oriented training centre and  expressed the hope that it training centre will cater to the need of nearby villages as well.

While addressing the gathering Kamal revealed that financial help will also be extended to the training centre and urged the people to keep pace with the security forces in their endeavour to maintain peace and security in the region so that desired goal of developments can be achieved. In his speech he asked the people to actively participate in such kind of civic action  programmes run by CRPF and to take utmost benefits of it. He also interacted with the people in a bid to reach to their legitimate grievances so that it can be addressed meaningfully in the welfare oriented civic action programmes which will be conducted immediately.

The 36th BN, CRPF conducted a similar function at Bera Gaon on 18/08/2010 and will undertake such kind of events in Khonsa by which it intends to distribute sewing machines and study materials in the coming days. The Commandant also revealed that a fifteen days training session will be arranged at the Battalion Hear Quarter, Khonsa for the familiarisation and training of the beneficiaries of Bera Gaon, Zedua village and Khonsa.



Solung festival

ITANAGAR, Aug 21: Arunachal Pradesh Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Board chairman Jalley Sonam, All Arunachal Pradesh Public Transport Federation chairman Takar Goi and  BSNL general manager Shyam Narayan have consented to attend the  Solung festival  as chief guest, guest of honour and special guest respectively at Kaying in West Siang district on Sept 1.  A mobile tower will also be inaugurated on the occasion at Kaying the same day.


Foot and mouth disease

ITANAGAR, Aug 21: Parang Panchayat Youth Welfare Society (PPYWS) has appealed to the state Govt to provide immediate financial compensation to those people who have lost their Mithuns due to foot and mouth disease in Parang circle under Sagalee division.

Claiming outbreak of foot and mouth disease in their area, it also urged the departmental concerned to dispatch veterinary staff with adequate medicine for proper treatment of the disease.


Society programme

ITANAGAR, Aug 21: NN Charitable Society (NNCS) is going to organize programme for recently formed 18 farmers club at Sagalee on 26th of this month. The members comprises from Sagalee, Leporiang and Parang circle. General Manager, NABARD regional office, Itanagar will be chief guest whereas circle officer Sagalee wil be guest of honour.



ITANAGAR, Aug 21:  Nabum Moni, Kipa Achok and Tok Tabin have been appointed chairman, vice chairman and general secretary respectively of the  Nirjuli Market Welfare Committee (NMWC) in its annual general body meeting held at Nyikum Niya Hall, Nirjuli today.


National Science Day

ITANAGAR: Arunachal Pradesh State Council for Science and Technology is going to celebrate the National Science Day with the theme “Gender Equity for Prosperity with Peace” at Arunachal Pradesh Science Centre,    I G Park here on Aug 25.

Apart from lectures by resource persons on the theme, quiz, debate, extempore speech, painting competitions and film show will be organized to generate awareness among the students and general public on science and technology  to mark the occasion.


Matmur Jamoh memorial football final on Aug 23

ITANAGAR: The closing ceremony cum final match of the 3rd Matmur Jamoh Memorial Football Tournament would be held on August 23 in Pasighat.

AAPSU president Takam Tatung and Bogong anchal chairperson Yade Tamuk would be the chief guest and guest of honour of the function.

The football tournament is conducted every year to commemorate freedom fighter Jamoh, who fought valiantly against the Britishers in the famous Anglo-Abor war in 1911.

This year, the tournament began at Pasighat on August four last.

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