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August  - 26


Apang arrest slap on INC govt: NCP

ABK questions arrest procedure

ITANAGAR, Aug 25: Terming the arrest of former Chief Minister Gegong Apang by SIC as a slap on the face of Congress led government, the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) has said that Congress led government in Arunachal should resign to smoothen the ongoing investigation process of PDS scam without fear and favour.

Terming NCP as an alternate to corrupt INC Government in Arunachal, NCP state VP Tad Tana in a statement termed the entire episode as “black hole and Mike Tyson slap” on the face of the corrupt Cong-I led state govt.  

For the common public who are still suffering for want of essential commodities such as salt and rice in far flung area, it is late but welcome revelation by judiciary, the party added.

Terming the revelation as a tip of the ice berg, the party Vice President appealed the public, Journalist fraternity, intellectual forums, students and religious organizations, NGO's and all relatively less corrupted legislatures and parties to stand united and voice out to weed out the cancerous germ of corruption. Terming Cong. Govt. and its leadership as root cause of all evils in the infant state of Arunachal Pradesh ; Tad urged the SIC to arrest all other 40 accused in the scam irrespective of their position and the status. Unless this is done, everything would look to be politically motivated move and would tarnish the image of the police department too, he added.

The party asserted that the ruling party is flooded with Harshad Mehtas and therefore it is time for the public to realize the fact that our share of resources are siphoned off at source and latter the same is used as their own hard earn money to create an image of saviour and philanthropists. Unless this hard reality is realized by one and all it would be time taking and painful for few radicals to bring revolutionary changes in the system, he added.

Tad further expressed firm hope that in days to come many more such scams of even bigger magnitude shall come to lime¬light - be that in procurement of Hydro Power Turbines, procurement of supplementary Nutrition items and numerous expensive vehicles, huge upfront and processing fee as well as off the record public control fee (PCF) given per Mega Watt of Power to various Water Merchants by the private power company’s and latest in misuse of fund under PM Package, RGVS, Border Village Illumination Programme, SPA and series of illegal appointments in almost all Govt. Departments.

Meanwhile, Adi Bane Kebang (ABK) expressed its strong resentment on the procedure in which former Chief Minister was arrested.

It however said that since arrest has been made  government should provide adequate security and also to instruct the concern authority to treat him humanely as per his stature with required amnesties.  

 Further ABK appealed all the Adi Community not to panic as this will be tackled by the ABK Executive members.

ABK is scheduled to convene a meeting of senior members of Adi Community along with the district unit soon.

Meanwhile ABK District unit Presidents from Upper Siang, Lohit and Lower Dibang Valley have also strongly condemned the manner in which arrest was made to a very senior citizen of Adi Community who was also the Chief Minister of the State for more than 20 years. The ABK units also expressed apprehension of prejudiced handling of the case by the concerned authority as the SIT head M S Chouhan was put on suspension when Gegong Apang was the Chief Minister of the State.  

On the other hand, All Adi Students Union (Itanagar) has strongly condemned the state government for harassing former chief minister Gegong Apang. Union in a press statement claimed former CM’s arrest smacks of political conspiracy and a pre-planned one. It wanted to know if SIC has been constituted only for Gegong Apang while questioning about other PDS accused.

Union has asked government to hand over the case to CBI for fair probe. SIC is not competent authority to probe this case and few people at the helm of power is using SIC to take out political vendetta, union claimed. It also questioned the SIC officer MS Chauhan.

“We can’t trust a man of his character to carry out such case of huge magnitude,” union release added.


After Tirap, Assam impose economic blockade on Changlang

AAPSU questions ULFA involvement, NESO on peace mission

ITANAGAR, Aug 25: After Tirap, Changlang has become next district to be imposed with economic blockade by Assam. This time it is pro-talks section of ULFA which has imposed economic blockade against Arunachal.

In the meantime, the situation in Charaipung does not seem to subside thanks to uncalled for and inciting statements made by Assam Ministers and false and fabricated news churned out by Private TV channels.

Today, another public meeting was held at Khonsa under the aegis of Nocte Chiefs Council.  The meeting resolved to depute a delegation to Joypur in Assam to request AASU and other organizations to lift the economic blockage imposed by Assam.  Seeing the fuel crisis, the 19th Assam Rifles has decided to give petrol and diesel to the District Administration on loan basis.    

Meanwhile, all Arunachal Pradesh Students Union (AAPSU) has taken exception to the involvement of Assam based militant group in boundary issue. AAPSU has been requesting AASU to immediately withdraw economic blockade imposed in Kanubari area following boundary skirmishes on 14th of this month.

“With mediation by NESO, we were hoping   that AASU would lift economic blockade imposed at Kanubari. But with the involvement of militant group, this whole issue has taken a new turn. It seems there is large plan behind this boundary skirmishes,” said AAPSU president Takam Tatung.

He further questioned why central government is so silent on this entire issue.

“Prime Minister of India Dr. Manmohan Singh represents Assam in Rajya Sabha. So, Assam is his home state and we expect him to be pro-active in matters related to North-East”, said Tatung. Further he urged all tribal Member of Parliament to support Arunachalee people in this moment of crisis. “The tribal dominant Arunchal is suffering now because of economic blockade. We appeal all the tribal MPs to come out and rescue us from this crisis.”

AAPSU president has further requested state governor JJ Singh to intervene to bring a solution to this crisis. “We appeal appeal our governor to immediately visit Tirap district and take stock of situation. Human crisis is evolving there cause of economic blockade and our governor has always been with people of Arunachal whenever a crisis developed. Now, we are hoping on him to end this crisis,” said Tatung. He also asked state government to learn something out of this whole crisis. “Our state government should pursue central government to explore possibility of border trade with China,Myanmar and Bhutan. We should develop ways to stop depending on Assam. Then only Assam will start respecting sentiments of Arunachalee or else their big brother attitude will continue to make life tough for Arunachalees,” said Tatung.

He further dismissed involvement of underground group in Tirap on border issue as reported in Assam media. “Assam media is distorting facts and biased reporting is being done.

AAPSU president urged all political leaders, social activists and ordinary citizens of state to support people of Changlang and Tirap in this hour of crisis.

Meanwhile, Currently on a peace mission’ to the violence-hit areas in Tirap district bordering two Upper Assam districts of Sivsagar and Dibrugarh, the North East Students’ Organization (NESO) secretary general Gumjum Haider made a fervent appeal to the warring leaders of all the organizations of Assam to lift the ongoing economic blockade against Arunachal, particularly Tirap, “on humanitarian ground”. Since its launch on August 21, the blockade has already completed the fifth day today, disrupting the flow of food and other essential commodities along three different routes linking the eastern Arunachal district.

“Given the untold sufferings being faced by the Arunachal people following the indefinite economic blockade called by you since last Saturday, I humbly appeal you to lift the blockade soon on humanitarian ground,” said the NESO secretary general while addressing a joint meeting of representatives of all 13 agitating organizations, including All Assam Students’ Union (AASU) and Assam Jatiyatabadi Yuva Chatra Parishad (AJYCP), at Charaipung (as called in Assam and Russa, in Arunachal under Kanubari circle) this evening.

Responding positively to the NESO plea and informing that they will sit together to ponder over it, the AASTGA president, backed by an ASSU leader, said, “Since the inter-state boundary matter has been pending with the Supreme Court, and we were fully honouring the status quo along the border areas, the bunkers erected by Arunachal Police here in our territory should be removed first and the Naga militants’ frequent threatenings to our people be stopped immediately.”

Haider, who leading a three-member delegation is heading toward Joypur along Deomali-Khonsa road bordering Dibrugarh to have similar peace talks with the agitating student leaders of the district tonight, told the agitating organizations, “With the top brass of AASU along other indigenous organizations of Assam are away in Delhi concerning the NRC update matter, a joint meeting of AAPSU and AASU leaders will be held under the supervision of NESO, at Charaipung before September 10 to have detailed discussion.”


A state where common citizens endure

Taba Ajum

ITANAGAR, Aug 25: In the last few days way things are evolving in Arunachal, people of this state, have been compelled to wonder whether Arunachal is heading towards becoming a ‘failed state’.  Already citizens on daily basis were battling against problems like corruption, unemployment and never ending refugee issue. To make matter worse, our neighboring state Assam has adopted new method of imposing economic blockade against Arunachalee on every possible occasion. Ever since border skirmishes broke out on 14th August at Russa villages under Tirap , Assam based organizations has been using every means to punish Arunachalee citizens.

Even as situation in Tirap remains tensed, it is citizens of capital complex who are bearing another kind of economic blockade.  For last few days transporters have refused to operate tankers carrying petrol and diesel into Arunachal after some local boys beat up one truck driver inside IOC campus at Doimukh. Everyone condemns such act and administration has to make sure that such acts are not repeated. But it is ordinary citizens who are getting harassed because of the strike by transporters. Most of the petroleum depot of capital has run out of the stock and those few depots where petroleum products are still available, vehicles can be seen queuing whole day.  This has led to huge traffic jams where such depots are located. Many citizens of capital who were struck in traffic jams for hours are angry with way authorities dealt with whole situation.

“This is absolute terrorizing of citizens. If transporters have security issues, they should pursue the case with state government. The strike has caused so much of trouble to the citizens and public will only get angrier,” said T Tahin, a resident of Naharlagun who too was caught in jam. He further warned government not to test patience of ordinary citizens. “This strike has been going on for last 4 days. Why has not government done anything to end it? For last 2 days life has been virtually crippled with traffic jams and non-availability of petrol and diesel. The state government should take notice of people’s pain and anger,” continued Tahin.

Many citizens have questioned the capability of present government to handle crisis. “Today whenever our neighbouring state wants they impose economic blockade against us. Anybody can declare bandh call in any parts of state for even minor reasons. There is complete chaos everywhere. I feel we will become a failed state very soon,” shared another citizen. The mood of entire citizen is that of anger and there is strong feeling that government does not seem to care for ordinary citizens. “During such kind of strike or blockade, it is poor citizens who are worst sufferer. Economic blockade has made life difficult for Tirap people. Capital complex citizens too were tortured by this strike. Why can’t our government tackle such case with deft,” expressed an angry resident.  Also in recent year, Refugees are slowly becoming masters in places like Diyun and Tawang but government can’t do anything. “Tibetan refugees are getting schedule tribe certificate and enjoying all facilities at places like Tawang and Tuting. Chakma have become majority in parts of Changlang and Lohit district. But government has not been able to take any concrete steps,” said a resident of Itanagar. He further added, “Where are we heading from here? There is complete disarray everywhere. Government need to take up urgent steps to make citizen feel secure.


Assamese community comes out against economic blockade

ITANAGAR, Aug 25: A group of Assamese government employees serving in Tirap District met the leaders of AASU Unit, Joypur at Joypur today and discussed at length on the prevailing situation because of the border dispute in Charaipung area bordering Kanubari circle.  In a letter addressed to the President of Joypur Unit of AASU, the Assamese employees expressed that the local people of Khonsa and the Assamese populace are staying in perfect harmony and that there is no bad blood or misunderstanding whatsoever.  The letter adds that the malicious and baseless campaign carried out by some private news channels has no basis and devoid of any fact.

Meanwhile, Kristi-Kendra, Naharlagun, Arunachal Pradesh appealed to the All Assam Student’s Union (AASU), Assam Jatiyatabadi Yuva Chatra Parishad (AJYCP) and other student organizations of Assam to consider lifting of economic blockade on humanitarian ground and take all possible steps to diffuse prevailing tension along Assam-Arunachal border. It further urged AASU to sit together with its Arunachal Pradesh counterpart All Arunachal Pradesh Student’s Union (AAPSU) and North East Students Organization on the economic blockade and discuss with common public for early and amicable solution.

"We feel that such economic blockade serves no purpose rather it will aggravate the situation and create more misunderstandings between the people of the two sisterly states. Instead of imposing economic blockade, student organizations should make all out efforts to restore normalcy in the trouble-torn area and people to people dialogue at all levels are the need of the hour," a Kristi-Kendra release said.


BSC lift Matmur Jomoh Football Trophy

Pasighat, Aug 25: Boggong Soccer Club (BSC) lifted the 3rd Matmur Jomoh Memorial Football Tournament defeating Rengging Football Club 3-1 in a thrilling final at General Ground here on Monday.

Kaling Dabi, BSC goal keeper, proved nemesis for the RFC players as the hefty yet agile goal keeper deflected or collected all the RFC attempts on the day. Even the well coordinated moves from seasoned mid-fielder Olom Darin and striker Matuni Padung, who became the highest scorer with 9 goals, could not invade BSC fort.

However, in the first 15 minute of second half, Matuni Padung, after collecting a well measured pass and edging past two BSC defenders netted the first goal for RFC. However, RFC’s joy short-lived as Kangkiram Moyong’s superb header rested in the net in 20 minute. Another goal from Ote Komut in the dying minute sealed victory for BSC.

With this win, BSC owned the running trophy by winning all the editions of the Tournament. Along with the trophy, the winner went away with a cash prize of Rs 30,000 and commendation certificates while the runners up bagged a cash prize of Rs 20,000 and commendation certificates.

In individual category, the best player award went to Johny Darang of APP team, the higher scorer to Matuni Padung of RFC and best goal keeper to Kaling Dabi.

Earlier, All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union president Takam Tatung, who was the chief guest of the closing ceremony, remembered the historical contribution of Matmur Jomoh and asked the State Government about the last days of the late freedom fighter.

"Late Matmur Jomoh was a great freedom fighter from our State but last days of his life are mired in controversies. Some says he was sent to Andaman and Nicobar (Kala Pani) while other says he was lodged in Calcutta prison. The State Government should try to find out the truth and acknowledge his supreme sacrifice".

He encouraged the players to take up games and sports seriously and told them about the 5 percent job reservation for sportsperson in various State Government departments.

The final match was witnessed by Nanom Jomoh, Advisor to CM, Biki Maad, Convenor All Nyishi Students Union, Yade Tamuk ASM chairperson, Boggong.

The tournament was organized by Nino Welfare Society under the aegis of East Siang District Football Association.


144 Cr PC imposed in East Siang

PASIGHAT, August 25: 144 Cr.PC has been imposed in entire East Siang after AdiSU called a 24 hour bandh starting from Aug 26 to protest against the Lower Siang Hydro Electric Project. The district administration has further declared the bandh illegal.

The Deputy Commissioner Onit Panyang along with SP Aloke Kumar convened a coordination meeting today which was attended by Israel Perme GS AdiSU, Nong Tapak, Oyin Nonang, members, Olik Komut, President, All East Siang District Student's Union, Ajay Darang, President, Pangin-Boleng Student's Union, and local administrative officers.

 In the meeting, the Deputy Commissioner appealed to the students leaders to call-off the proposed 24 hours bandh.

Panyang appraised that the Secretary Power in a letter (No. PRS/W-1405/2006 dated 13/08/2010) has confirmed that the Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh will  have a meeting tentatively on September 7 next at Itanagar on development of Lower Siang Hydro Electric Project. All the Ministers and MLAs of three Siang districts are scheduled to attend besides the representatives of AdiSU, project affected families and other concern people having connection with the development of the said project. The DC also appealed the students to respect the sentiments of Adi community who are preparing to celebrate Solung.

He further added that such bandh interrupts ongoing progress causing destruction to public properties, inconveniences to general public, particularly to the student community and the patients.


Techi in CWG team

ITANAGAR, Aug 25: Indian Weightlifting Federation joint secretary Abraham K Techi has been appointed as the National Technical Official for the Delhi Commonwealth Games, 2010.

Techi, who is also adviser to CM and president of Arunachal Weightlifting Association,  represented India as manager of Indian weightlifting team at international events on several occasions.

"His appointment as National Technical Official will boost the morale of sportspersons and people associated with sports in Arunachal Pradesh in particular and North East region in general," Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee said in a congratulatory message. It hoped that Techi will discharge his assigned duty with utmost care and sincerity.


PM, Sonia apprised of Tirap situation

ITANAGAR, Aug 25: The Arunachal Christian Forum (ACF) apprised the central leaders of the grave situation prevailing in Arunachal Pradesh due to imposition of economic blockade in parts of the state by certain organizations of Assam.

Describing the present situation in Tirap district that arose after a boundary dispute followed by economic blockade very ‘serious’, ACF in its separate memoranda submitted to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and AICC chief Sonia Gandhi, said that thousands of poor innocent people of the district have been facing great hardships due to acute shortage of essential items. While urging the leaders duo to address the issue of border dispute between Assam and Arunachal Pradesh and initiate confidence building measures in the trouble-torn area to restore peace, ACF sought the Centre’s intervention to end the crisis at the earliest.

While urging the leaders duo to address the issue of border dispute between Assam and Arunachal Pradesh and initiate confidence building measures in the trouble-torn area to restore peace, ACF sought the Centre’s intervention to end the crisis at the earliest.


AATA to participate in Sub-Jr. National

Taekwondo C’ Ship

ITANAGAR, Aug 25: All Arunachal Taekwondo Association today announced a 28-member team for the 28th Sub-Junior National Taekwondo Championship scheduled to be held at Tarun Ram Phukan Indoor Stadium, Guwahati from August 28.

The team comprising 24 players and four officials (coaches and managers) would be leaving here tomorrow for Guwahati, , according to a AATA release.

Meanwhile, AATA expressed gratitude to Parliamentary secretary Sports and Youth Affairs and Member Secretary of Sports Authority of Arunachal for extending financial support to the participating team.


MLA inaugurates office

ITANAGAR, Aug 25: MLA Techi Kaso inaugurated Arunachal chapter of  Agel Head Office today at P.K Commercial. Agel is a fruit supplements from US based Gel Taechnology – Gelceuticas. He said that “Agel will usher in a new concept of health in Arunachal Pradesh. The fruit supplement product from Agel will provide relief from tones of medicinal intake and nourish the body and mind for better life”.


VKV Students felicitated

ITANAGAR, Aug 25: Vivekananda Kendra Arun Jyoti Lohit District unit felicitated students who topped in the AISSE -2010 in the district.

The Additional Deputy Commissioner W. Khimhun gave away prizes and certificates thereby facilitating the students.

The students facilitated were Sashank Pandey (9.8)  Zenith Child School Namsai, Pooja Nair (9.8) Govt. Hr. Sec. School Namsai, Manish Kumar Rai , (9.6) Govt. Hr. Sec. School Tezu, Aditya Ranjan (9.4) Govt. Hr. Sec. School Mahadevpur, Pranjal Prasun 9.4) govt. Hr. Sec School , Namsai, Pooja Kumari (9.4)  Chow Nanda  Memorial School Chongkham, Akash Singh,    (9.4)  Chow Nanda  Memorial School Chongkham Aparna Drivedi  (9.4) Govt. Hr. Sec. School, Tezu, Jitul Khutiya  Deori  (9.4)   Chow Naine Maio, (9.4), Priyanka mansai (9.4)                  

Khetinjing Moungkhong (9.4), Genyir Ado (9.0) of JNV Mahadevpur.

The Principal Indira Gandhi Govt. College was also facilitated on the occasion. (DIPRO)


36Bn CRPF carries out plantation of saplings

ITANAGAR, Aug 25: The 36th Battalion of the Central Reserve police force (CRPF) which is deployed in the state of Arunachal Pradesh have conducted a mass plantation programme on Aug 25.

The event was formulated by the CRPF’s Wives Welfare Association ( CWWA ) in collaboration with the Zee TV.

Besides the force members, their spouses and children staying with them at Khonsa enthusiastically took part in the programme.

Commandant 36 BN, CRPF Sanand Kamal, inaugurated the function by planting a sapling. While delivering his inaugural Speech Kamal stressed the need for shouldering responsibility to preserve the environment.

Addressing the gathering, Dr. Abha Kamal emphasized for nourishing a friendly attitude towards the environment and requested to eschew cutting down the trees blatantly on the pretext of developmental and constructional activities. She praised the concerted effort under taken by the president CWWA CRPF Soni Srivastava in conjunction with the Zee TV for spreading environmental awareness by conducting a nation wide programme for plantation of sapling.  She acquainted the gathering the social activities carried out by the CWWA like dissemination of Aids awareness, lending a helping hand to disabled persons etc since its establishment in 1995.

Apart from organizing plantation at 36 BN headquarter, Khonsa all of its companies deployed at various places of Arunachal Pradesh have also undertaken a similar job exemplarily.




ITANAGAR, Aug 25: Adi community residing in Capital Complex is all set to celebrate Solung Festival in a grand manner at Solung Mopin Ground here.

Various cultural programmes are being organized by Itanagar Solung Festival Celebration Committee as part of the celebration from August 29 to September two.

Assam’s popular Mishing singer Toru Lota Kutum will enthrall the revelers at a musical nite on August 31 at the festival ground.

Local MLA Techi Kaso, who has consented to be the chief guest of the festival on September One, would release an Adi film titled Yaken Ke Binyat’ by Delong Padung and an Adi audio cassette produced by A Jongkey.

A Ponung party from Ledum village of East Siang district will also perform during the festival.

Further, Adi Bane Kebang will felicitate Class X and XII toppers of last examination of Adi community on the occasion.


Cleanliness drive

ITANAGAR, Aug 25: A cleanliness drive was organized at Doimukh market area by NSS unit of Doimukh GHSS School along with Doimukh Students Union, All Papum Pare District Students Union and Market Welfare Committee, Doimukh today.

They disposed of garbage dumped in the market areas and also cleared the gutters (road side channel). They expressed gratitude to the ZPM and panchayat leaders for extending all necessary help in the social service.


BCC meet held

ITANAGAR, Aug 25: The first meeting of the newly elected body of Liromoba BCC held on August 23 stressed for further strengthening the Congress party at grassroot level.

BCC president Yami Tamuk exhorted the party cadres to maintain unity and integrity in order to carry forward the ideologies of Congress party. He also praised Minister Jarbom Gamlin and his initiatives for all round development of the area.

The meeting was attended, among others, by all the newly elected BCC office bearers, panchayat leaders and veteran party leaders of the area.


KSU president resigns

ITANAGAR, Aug 25: Karga Students’ Union (KSU) president Sijum Rilo has resigned from his post, claimed a signed statement.



ITANAGAR, Aug 25: Borum Panchayat Youth Welfare Association (BPYWA) has selected Taba Thomas as president and Taw Peter Tara as general secretary for three years.

Meanwhile, All Tali Area Students’ Union (ATASU) in a meeting constituted a 4-member advisory board headed by Tagru Tame as chief advisor.



ITANAGAR, Aug 25: Senki Valley Colony Welfare Committee (SVCWC) has elected new executive body with Tagru Tago, Toko Doni and Likha Shakty as chairman, vice-chairman and general secretary.


Orgs decries bad road conditions

ITANAGAR: All Aruna-chal Pradesh Transport Federation (APPTF) Tawang Branch and All Tawang District Students’ Union (ATDSU) has decried the bad road conditions in Tawang.

It said despite being strategically located, the roads in the district have not been given enough attention.

It called on the centre and state government to look into the matter and take up with the Border Road Organization (BRO).

It said that even though the state government is giving  enough money for the development but it has failed to keep a tab on BRO’s works on Tezpur-Tawang road.


DC cautions bumper housie organizers

ITANAGAR: The Deputy Commissioner cum District Magistrate, Itanagar Capital Complex cautioned those people involved in organizing Bumper Housie games to refrain from such unlawful activities

"In contravention to govt order, some people are regularly organizing  Bumper Housie games in Capital Complex causing  a breach of public peace and tranquility," the DC observed. ‘Violators would be booked under appropriate section law.’ it added.


ABK appreciatesANSU gesture

ITANAGAR: Adi Bane Kebang (ABK) has welcomed the decision taken by the ANSU to defer the proposed bandh call from 30th August to 6th September in view of ensuing Solung Festival in compliance with formal request made by the Kebang.

It said that good gesture extended by ANSU shall go a long way in cementing the communal harmony in the state. But at the same time ABK expressed its resentment over the State Legislative Assembly’s silence over the request made by ABK to postpone the coming Assembly Session scheduled on 3rd September 2010 in view of Solung Celebration all over the state.



‘Citizen of the year’

Dear Editor,

Darak circle administration selected the right persons for “Citizen of the Year” Award. Both selected persons for this prestigious award Bade Potom, J/T Govt Secondary School, Darak and Markar Bogo, ASM of Potom-Bogo have been conferred with “Citizens of the Year Award” on the occasion of Independence Day by Darak Circle officer Lijum Ete.

This a great recognition to Bade Potom for his excellent performance as a teacher. On the other hand, Markar Bogo, a panchayat leader of Darak circle has proved his mettle as an able and dynamic panchayat leader. He also contributed lot towards development of Govt secondary school, Darak as secretary of the school management committee.  Therefore, he was right person for this Award.

I, on behalf of the Darak youth and elite group and as a member of KKSU congratulate both the awardees with a  hope that they maintain the same spirit in future too.

I do also appreciate the young officer Ete for his administrative capability.


Somach Bogo,

GS, Galo Students’ Union

RGU, Doimukh



Thanks to all

Dear Editor,

I on behalf of Arunachal Akademi of Fine Arts would like to extend  our sincere thanks to First Lady of State Anupama Singh for encouraging the artiste of the state  while inaugurating the   four-day   art exhibition at Itanagar recently.

I also extend my gratitude to media fraternity and sponsors Arunachal Pradesh AIDS Control Society and Society for Welfare of the ST of Arunachal Pradesh for making the event a grant success.

Let art speak in its own language, for, it speaks to our emotion, intelligence in the universal language of colours, lines and forms.

It was a great honour for us in felicitating international footballers like Indrajit Namchoom and artist Takar Riba during the event and hope the achievement of Gumpe Rime, a professional footballer will get recognition in the state.


Yumlam Tana



What is going on here!!

Dear Editor,

I express my ardent respect for all the men who are teachers by profession.

The bragging about teacher absentism is nothing but a sense of disrespectfulness to the profession. The noblest of all profession, teaching is a job less preferred by the people who criticize the profession and the men in the profession.

I've been a student taught to write this letter today, by the teachers and so respect them. I've been a student taught to be good citizen right from the heart, by the teachers. I've been a student taught to be truthful in my duty, by the teachers.

So, why the hell are these bickering about my teachers, your teachers and above all, the nations' teacher?

Please read this piece between the lines to understand the problems faced by the 'next-to-God' men called the teachers, who spend 50% of their life moulding a child into a big man, being paid no extra buck but their meager salaries. They expect no criticism of their job but salutation for their sacrifice.

May you live longer, Sirs!


Kada Tabu (on email)




Best wishes to Khatajis, Peetajis Letajis

Dear Editor,

I would like to throw some light on the present scenario in the mismanagement of PDS in the state.

The other day I was shocked to see the news headlines covering the veteran figure of the state Gegong Apang's involvement in the multi-crore PDS scam. The first thought that came to my mind-How come a man of his stature stoop so low!! A second thought came to my mind-After all he is a human being; more than that he is a neta and you know all stuffs about the netas of these days.

Netajis of today have reduced themselves into-Letajis (because take bribes), Khatajis [because they gobble up multicrore public schemes] and Peetajis (because they drink the blood of the common man like parasites).

But be careful other netas and corrupt babus-A dangerous Black Hole has been created. God only knows how many of you will be sucked into this black hole. Best wishes for sleepless nights.

There was a time when the netas and baboos steered the law according to their ways and fancies. It’s true that the Indian law is flexible, moldable and stretchable but take it for granted its unbreakable too.

Unhealthy bellies and chameleons, whatever colours may you camouflage, your days are numbered.

They ought to know that it’s no more the Arunachal of the nineties. It has shacked the shackles of slumber, a more vibrant more conscious and more enlightened Arunachal is ushering into the future.

Come on bretheren lets join hands together for another "operation clean drive" .This time not for Chakmas and Hajongs but for much more dangerous corrupt politicians and baboos.

From great think tanks to the common man, our non biased media fraternity to the enlightened students, lets try to stop the corruption according to our capacity.

Letajis, once again best wishes for sleepless nights.


Khioram Bagang

Maharastra (on email)



The beauty of Upper Subansiri

Dear Editor,

It is my privilege to discern beauty of Upper Subansiri district in particular and Arunachal Pradesh in general.

Telecommunication, oh it’s so amazing! All the lines in this route are busy, please try after sometimes. The subscriber is not reachable at the moment, the dialed number doesn't exists please check the directory (which leads to the deletion of many contact numbers), call cannot be completed at the moment, try after sometimes etc. All these are irritating tone that no one wants to hear when dialing any mobile subscriber within Daporijo telecom circle. To make a successful phone call, we have either to wake up early morning or wait till late night. We do not hope to make a successful phone call during an emergency.  

Wow! Its superb service!

Roads, it is another beautifier. If you dare to walk on the streets, you'll happen to see an army of Cows, Dogs and Pigs marching across the length and breadth of roads in Daporijo town. You'll find more holes and potholes than smooth surfaced road. Garbages, litters and household product scrapes are damped on the road. These entire cumulative scenes add colour to the ambient of upper Subansiri district.  

Refilling an LPG gas cylinder is like winning a war. All the consumers of Upper Subansiri district are dependent on lone and malfunctioning gas agency. You'll see a long queue standing outside gas agency. Some of them reach at gas agency as early as 4 am. Pregnant women, little girl, old citizens all queue up. Sometimes it goes in vain due to absence of officials, shortages in stock.

Water water everywhere water but not a single drop to drink. Some individuals and colonies are still devoid of water supply from PHED.

Tourism, we would better not like to invite any tourists. What do we have for the tourists? Cow dung with decent scent, Taj Mahal pig excreta, India Gate of litters.

Education, Alas! If anyone ask any young student what a computer is, they would probably reply, it is a TV like structure with ABC & 123 written on plastic frame and box with wires coming out of it and it is used to watch filom (movies! Why these young students are deprive of necessary and modern educations like computer education. More leaves and less class is general rule in our district.

Who do we blame for these?

The Student's organisations, Government officials, NGOs, and people of this district themselves are the protagonist and whole credit goes to them. We do not hope to have better decorated district since crows are never white on washing.


Tasing Jeke Nilling

(on email)

University of Delhi



Give us the privilege due to us

Dear Editor,

This is in regard of the long delay in solving the grievances of the SSA teachers.  I want to ask some very straight and simple question, the answers to which are eagerly and desperately awaited by the SSA. Teaching fraternity.

My first question is that when the government has already issued a notification regarding regularization of jobs of the SSA teachers back in August 2009 why has it not taken any concrete steps towards regularization of their jobs. May a times it has come in the papers that our job will be regularized but we are yet to see any action. Simply making tall claims will not help. What we want is early action, which speaks more than words.

My second question is regarding the mode and procedure of regularization of job. I question as to why we had to undergo an interview for regularization of job when we have already been properly screened though written and viva – voice test. Also we have undergone a month long training at DIET before joining our duty. There are so many examples of contractual jobs being regularized without re-interview. In the period from 2005 to 2008 so many contractual jobs under education dept. were regularized without re –interview. To cite some examples, the OBB teachers, the Hindi language teachers, the state sponsored contractual teachers, and not the least of officiating teachers. I am compelled to ask why the rules books are different. Why one section of the employees is getting the privileges while the other is being deprived of it?

Even if the Govt. is hell bent on conducting re-interview, I question what will happen of the teachers who have crossed their maximum age limit to face an interview. What will happen to those teachers who have served eight years and do not get through the re-interview? These are some unanswered questions, the only solution to which is regularization on the basis of seniority of service.

My last question is why has our salary not been hiked despite announcement from the Minister of education that the hike will be done from the month of June. There was so much publicity that the SSA teachers salary will increase from the month of June and it had brought a little relief to the SSA teacher, but the failure in fulfilling the promise has caused us great pain. If you make a promise you have to live up to it.

All these unanswered question and the way in which the Govt. is delaying is solving the SSA teachers problems has caused a great unrest among the SSA teachers. The frustration of eight long years and the way our problems is being handled is much too a burden to bear. We are losing our patience, tolerance, zeal, and hope. God forbid that we may not resort to democratic agitation or desperate measures to secure our future and to claim what is ours.

So, I on behalf of the SSA teachers earnestly request the concerned department and the Govt. to take immediate steps for our welfare. We are doing our duty, so give us our privileges.


Tuter Rupuk (on email)


Upper Subansiri District



Who is next?

Dear Editor,

I would like to express my view on, the recent arrest of former Chief Minister Gegong Apang which has been a sweet sorrow experience for us all Arunachalees. Given the fact that, all the main honey suckers are roaming free and the veteran Apang has been made the scapegoat.

This is just a side show to distract the general public from the main issues that really matters. Bad roads, delayed wages, illegal appointments, pre-fixed tenders, police brutality, raising unemployment, border disputes both national as well as international, Hydro- power miss management, back stabbing tax policies are just few main issues.

My main reason to write this mail was not to show what we are doing wrong but what we are not doing at all.

I just hope a general public like me don't get arrested for writing this mail in our so called democratic system.

Jai Dorjee Khandu, Jai Nabam Tuki and Jai all Politicians.

I really doubt Jai Hind will please them.

God save us all.


XYZ (on email)



Is Apang the only one?

Dear Editor,

I would like to awaken the people of Arunachal Pradesh regarding the unconditional arrest of former Chief Minister Gegong Apang that, no wonder, PIL is for the benefit of the citizen of the state, but it should be done very carefully and through proper procedures. The PIL may be regarding anything, but what I feel is, if it is at all about corruption in Public Distribution System, how could the former CM be blamed. There must have been some departments and officers to take care of it. Being the most peaceful state in North-East, the concerned authority should have taken it very carefully and acted systematically in order to maintain the dignity of the state. Whoever may be involved in arresting Mr. Gegong Apang, the senior citizen cum the oldest politician, should have at least arrested some of the contractors involved in the scam first. After interrogating the culprits, if at all found guilty, Mr. Apang in way, should have been accused first, given arrest warrant, then arrested. Not like a terrorist. Let's agree that, there has been a scam, but was then the Chief Minister busy supplying of Rice? If he was doing business, then who ran the Government? Is there any firm belonging to then CM and/or any Ministers involved in the scam? If proper inquiry takes place, all the firms and the contractors involved in the scam during that time should be nailed down instead of accusing the head of the State. In that case the Prime Minister should be behind the bar for anything happens in India like the Common Wealth Game Scam.

Therefore I would like to request all the sensitive citizens of Arunachal Pradesh to raise a voice altogether to stop this kind of unlawful activities done by so called law keepers.

Further, I would like to request the concern authority of both the states Arunachal Pradesh and Assam to make proper demarcation of the boundaries at the earliest in order to bring back peace & harmony between the states.


Chao Robin Phukan

Sibsagar (On email)



Waitlisted candidates can’t be accommodated if the vacancies are filled

Dear Editor

It is in response to the articles repeatedly published in the reader forum by some Waitlisted candidates of the recent recruitment examinations for the post of J/T, S/T (Hindi), A/T etc in the Department of School Education, Arunachal Pradesh claiming appointment as Teachers.

I would like to caution the waitlisted candidates that the assurance extended by the Minister of Education is a fly-by-night. The reason is that all the vacant post advertised has been filled up by the duly selected candidates and under what circumstances, the Education authorities of Arunachal Pradesh have assured the waitlisted candidates for appointing them in phase manner or otherwise? If at all new posts are available, those have to be advertised in accordance with law. Waitlisted Candidates cannot be recruited in new post OR back log posts which has not been advertised.

If the Hon’ble Minister of Education and Commissioner of Education are not informed of recruitment laws, I take the privilege to summarize few laws relating to the appointment of Wait Listed Candidates in simple language.

1.UPSC guidelines for the ratio of wait listing candidates which is followed by our state Service Commission is maximum 1:3, not more. Means three candidates can be kept in waiting list against One post.

2. Waitlisted candidates can be appointed against the advertised post only, not otherwise under the following circumstances.

(a)If a selected candidate fails to join in the post in time due to Voluntary refusal, death etc.

(b)Subsequent to the selection process, if any selected candidate is found to be unqualified and any consequential vacancy arises thereof.

(c)If within one year from the date of the declaration of result, after joining in the post any selected candidates, dies, quits or is dismissed or found disqualified.

3.Under any circumstances, force of waiting List panel expires after one year, signifying that if the waitlisted candidates are not absorbed within one year from the date of the Result, even if any appointee dies, dismissed, quits, terminated, dismissed etc, resulting vacancies of such exigencies shall be treated as new vacancies, for which fresh recruitment process is required. After one year, wait listed candidates cannot be accommodated in such vacancies.

Therefore, we strongly caution the Waitlisted candidates not to be taken by the sweet words of the Education department, for the reason that they can never be given appointment when all the advertised posts has already been filled up by duly selected candidates. Further, in no circumstances, should they ever venture to pay bribes and gifts to any authority for their appointment for the reason that even if they are appointed, that appointment shall be illegal and Hon’ble High Court shall surely interfere and declare such appointment null and void and render all their efforts futile. Sweet dreams of many adventurous aspirants who were illegally appointed have very often been seen shattered in the premises of  High Court. Many land mark decisions have been rendered in this field by the  Gauhati High Court, Itanagar Bench and Principal Bench Gauhati. It can be taken for granted that if hundreds of wait listed candidates are illegally appointed in new post or vacancies not advertised, rest of the educated aspirants of our state shall surely be aggrieved because their opportunity for competing for the posts shall be deprived. However, if there are un-filled vacancies from the post advertised, the authorities should immediately appoint from the Waitlisted candidates on merit basis..


A deserving aspirant

(On email)



Come forward instead of tarnishing our image

Dear Editor,

This is in response to letter “When Govt. Office encourage corruption” by one Sanjay Debnath published on Aug 24.

After reading the letter, I immediately carried out an enquiry on the very matter. After making a thorough enquiry I have come to know that none of the dealers/applicants including Sanjay Debnath has been harassed by any of the staffs for payment of such illegal fees. The office record reveals that Mr. Sanjay Debnath has never been registered under APGT Act' 2005 and CST Act' 1956 which further reflects that he has never even appeared in this office.

In this context, I ask Sanjay Debnath to appear in person and lodge complain in the office as it is not appreciable to tarnish the image of the Govt. Revenue

earning office like Superintendent Tax & Excise, Zone-11, Itanagar which had earned the revenue to the tune of Rupees 14 ( Fourteen) crores against the Govt. target of Rs. 5 ( Five) crores in the financial year, 2009-2010.


Karbom Riram (on email)

Superintendent Tax & Excise

Zone -II, Itanagar,






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